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  1. Hi everyone, As title says, sometimes adding to cart does nothing - not even a pop up window with confirmation of it opens up. I sometimes manage to test-buy something with newly created users, but after that order buying from that user doesn't work anymore. Can't buy anything with unregistered users either. Tried everything basic - cleaning cache, cookies, etc. Also tried incrementing AUTO_INCREMENT value in ps_cart (answer written here https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/392573-solved-empty-cart-problem-1609). Doesn't change anything. Shop url is http://www.avesa.lt/ ( if you test it, try buying something from section 'Perkamiausi' under 'Populiariausi Pasiūlymai' ). Theme is called 'Wiser Pets Store Template' I'm at my wit's end here guys, will appreciate any help. EDIT: The debug mode on the site is always turned on, because whenever I turn it off, Back Office crashes and becomes unavailable. Could the main problem be related to that?
  2. Hi, does the Carrier module or the Advanced Shipping Cost module allow you to add shipping costs (for different countries) that are not based on product weight, but on the packaging method? Note* The packaging method is specified for each product. Thanks
  3. first of all sorry for my english i just did styling of my product page for prestashop 1.5 it looks OK but I would like to have "indivitudal product" that looks very different than all other products in my prestashop (different in css/positions of everything) i know there is possibility to single out products by id but it is not css and looks like javascript or something that i can not do. Can someone help me? I can manage small changes in tpl files too but for now i have no idea how to do this.
  4. Bonjour, Je cherche à afficher un breadcrumb (son background) différent selon que l'on se trouve sur la page home ou sur telle ou telle page CMS. Le header.tpl de mon thème contient la section: <header id="header" class="header-center"> <section class="header-container"> ... </section> </header> Mais la fonction breadcrumb ne débute qu'après cette partie, comme ceci: {if in_array($page_name,array('index'))} {capture name='displayTopColumn'}{hook h='displayTopColumn'}{/capture} {if $smarty.capture.displayTopColumn} <div id="slideshow" class="clearfix"> {if isset($fullwidth_hook.displayTopColumn) AND $fullwidth_hook.displayTopColumn == 0} <div class="container"> {/if} {$smarty.capture.displayTopColumn} {if isset($fullwidth_hook.displayTopColumn) AND $fullwidth_hook.displayTopColumn == 0} </div> {/if} </div> {/if} {/if} {if $page_name !='index' && $page_name !='pagenotfound'} <div id="breadcrumb" class="clearfix" style="background-image: url('/img/cms/bandeau.jpg');height: 280px;"> <div class="container"> {include file="$tpl_dir./breadcrumb.tpl"} </div> </div> {/if} Que j'ai modifié ainsi: {if in_array($page_name,array('index'))} {capture name='displayTopColumn'}{hook h='displayTopColumn'}{/capture} {if $smarty.capture.displayTopColumn} <div id="slideshow" class="clearfix"> {if isset($fullwidth_hook.displayTopColumn) AND $fullwidth_hook.displayTopColumn == 0} <div class="container"> {/if} {$smarty.capture.displayTopColumn} {if isset($fullwidth_hook.displayTopColumn) AND $fullwidth_hook.displayTopColumn == 0} </div> {/if} </div> {/if} {/if} {if $page_name !='index' && $page_name !='pagenotfound'} <div id="breadcrumb" class="clearfix" style="background-image: url('/img/cms/bandeau.jpg');height: 280px;"> <div class="container"> {include file="$tpl_dir./breadcrumb.tpl"} </div> </div> {else if $page_name !='$26_cms'} <div id="breadcrumb" class="clearfix" style="background-image: url('/img/cms/bandeau2.jpg');height: 280px;"> <div class="container"> {include file="$tpl_dir./breadcrumb.tpl"} </div> </div> {/if} Mais c'est sans effet... Merci beaucoup de vos lumières et de votre aide
  5. Hello everyone, I hope my question will not get ignored after all... but do you know guys how to change the rendered HTML/content according to the hook the modue or the template is attached to? I thought about something like this : {if hook=displayNav} {*HTML content*} {/if} {if hook=displayTop} {*Different HTML content*} {/if} Thanks a lot, have a wonderful day.
  6. Hello I was wondering if anybody could have any idea that can be of help. The problem is the following: When I put a name of a product then this name is automatically copied as the caption of the image of the product. i.e. image caption=product name As far as I understand it, the caption of the image is used like the ALT derscription of the image and this ALT description is the one that are used by the image search engines for their results. I would like to have different name of the product, lets say the name will be a catalog code name like BA115F and at the caption I want to use other name (more descriptive) like basket for bicycles. i.e. image caption different than product name Is this possible? If it is not possible though the back office, is there any knowledge if this is achievable thought mysql, meaning changing the appropriate cell at mysql database without risking damaging the database? Thank you
  7. Hi everyone! I'd like to know if there is an easy way to have different images in a category that is shared in two stores (having the multistore feature active). So if I have two shops A and B, and a category C that is shared for those two shops, is there a way to have an image for the category C in store A that is different of the image for category C in store B? Thank you for your time and suggestions.
  8. Bonjour, J'ai un problème sur mon prestashop 1.6.2 j'ai activé le mode multi-boutique, donc j'ai 2 boutique maintenant. Mais je n'arrive pas à avoir 2 mises en page de facture différentes (header, footer et invoice). J'ai essayé de chercher une variable smarty qui pourrait à l'aide d'un IF faire les modification voulu d'un shop à l'autre mais rien y fait, je n'arrive pas à utiliser un variable qui serait différente et utilisable dans la partie TPL des PDF. Auriez-vous une astuce? Merci d'avance
  9. Hi there, Im using Prestashop Im not good coding, but working hard to learn Im trying to use a background for header in homepage and a different one for the rest of the pages. I've found a post talking about how to change for categories and I guess the solution could be similar but can't make it work. Anyone knows a way to make it work editing CSS? I've created a CSS for modifications already linked in header.tpl and working for all the changes I've been doing, I would add the CSS code there to use a background image for header in homepage and a different image for the rest of the pages. Thank you in advance for your help.
  10. Hi all, I'm working on the Prestashop standard theme. I was wondering if it's possible to have a different background in each page of the website. I understand it's possible to modify the CSS to have specific colours in body/header/footer/etc. However ideally I would like to have something like: shoes > pink background t-shirts > image.jpg belts > blue background and so on. I'd be even better if it was possible to have a different colour for some specific product pages. Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. I'm trying to find a way to allow a customer to pay us whatever price the customer chooses to type into a box. I guess a module would do it somehow, but I can't find anything that does this. Background: I have customers who must pay me different sums at irregular times, according to an invoice sent them. I don't want to set up lots of 'products' one for each invoice to allow payment. I need a single module or method where the customer can type in what they want to pay, then go through checkout. It saves them having to send a bank order (which costs) or cheque. It's for convenience for the customer. Is there any way to achieve this in 1.6? A module (that so far I have not found)? The ideal would be fields for someone to fill in: Name, Invoice no or some other field to allow an ID, and Sum paid (and then checkout charges for the last of these).
  12. Hi guys, Hope someone can help! I added a new font to be used across the site. Which works on most pages, home and product pages. But some pages it reverts to the original font (times new roman, and comic sans). This seems to be on the https secure pages. Is the font-face call not working correctly?? For example I've attached pictures of a correct page: http://www.banditbirds.co.uk/ and an incorrect one. https://www.banditbirds.co.uk/login?back=my-account If I debug on Chrome for the CSS, I can see: media="all" .block .title_block, .block h4{ padding: 12px 0 12px 12px; border-top: 0px; border-bottom: 0; color: #666; font-size: 30px; font-family: 'Amatic SC Bold', cursive; background: #FFF; } This is displayed on all pages...so why isn't it picking up the font? My global.css has the link to the font: @font-face { font-family: 'Amatic SC Bold'; font-style: normal; font-weight: 700; src: local('Amatic SC Bold'), local('AmaticSC-Bold'), url("../fonts/IDnkRTPGcrSVo50UyYNK73hCUOGz7vYGh680lGh-uXM.woff") format('woff'); } Thanks for help in advance! Simon
  13. Bonjour, Après plusieurs tentatives et recherches sur internet je me résous à solliciter votre aide pour un problème qui me dépasse Le montant TTC indiqué dans le panier est différent de celui indiqué partout ailleurs (fiche produit, liste produits, produits phares). Exemple : J'ai appliqué une réduction de 5 € sur un produit valant 50 € HT soit 60 € TTC. Le bon résultat après réduction devrait donc être de 45 € HT et 54 € TTC. Mais il m'affiche 55 € TTC au lieu de 54 (sauf dans le panier) Dans liste produits et produits phares il affiche 55 € TTC : Dans la fiche produit il affiche 55 € TTC : Dans le panier il affiche 54 € TTC : C'est étonnant qu'il ne calcul pas de la même façon pour le panier que pour le reste du site. Voici les codes présents sur mes pages : product.tpl <span itemprop="price" id="our_price_displayttc" class="price" style="color:#858585 !important">{convertPrice price=$product->getPrice(true, $smarty.const.NULL, 2)} {*lyoHTBOF*}</span> {if $tax_enabled && ((isset($display_tax_label) && $display_tax_label == 1) OR !isset($display_tax_label))} <span style="color:#858585 !important">{if $priceDisplay == 1}{l s='tax incl.'}{else}{l s='tax excl.'}{/if}</span> {/if} product-list.tpl et homefeatured.tpl <span class="pricettc">{if !$priceDisplay}{convertPrice price=$product.price}{else}{convertPrice price=$product.price} {*lyoHTBOF*}{if !$priceDisplay && Configuration::get('LYO_isProductList')==1}{literal}<style>#product_list .right_block {height: 50px;}</style>{/literal}<div>{convertPrice price=$product.price_tax_exc} {l s=' tax excl.'}</div> TTC{/if}{*lyoHTEOF*}{/if} TTC</span> Est-ce que la modification du fichier product.php pour produire cela ? Quelques précisions sur ma situation : - Je suis sous PS v1.6.0.6 - Je suis en mode B2B - Tous mes groupes clients sont programmés pour un affichage des tarifs HT J'ai essayé d'être le plus complet possible mais n'hésitez à me demander si j'oublie un élément qui peut aider. Pourriez-vous m'aider svp ? Merci
  14. Hello, I have a problem with prices. In the backend everything seems to be correct, but when I go to the frontend, the catalog and product listings display the correct price (let's say 35€) but when going inside the product page to see more details, the price inside is 35.01€. And finally, when added to the cart, it is 35 again... Can anyone point me where the error might be? Thanks See attached links to check the error: https://www.myvintageshoot.com/home/libro-de-firmas.html https://www.myvintageshoot.com/accesorios/marcos-y-albumes/
  15. Hi, Suppose I have a product .Let's say T-Shirt. For english language I want to show two color combination white and black but while user click on Russian I want to show same T-Shirt in red and blue color. Is it possible ? If no, what would be next idea ? Thanks for reading my issue and your suggestion are warmly welcome. Regards Devil Themes
  16. Hi Prestas I have noticed a strange error i have on a shop. If customers buy 2 different products, from 2 different Categories. They will receive 2 different order mails, which contain a single product. As well in back-office there will be 2 orders under "order". But the orders have same Reference number, but diffrent order ID Have anyone experience a bug like that?
  17. Ciao a tutti ho un problema da risolvere . ho bisogno che quando si registrano con partita iva possano vedere i prezzi diversamente , prezzi da me fatti per vendere all'ingrosso. e chi si registra senza partita iva, veda i prezzi normali da me fatti. ora il punto e' se e' possibile fare una cosa del genere ....
  18. Hola!, tengo una nueva duda y problema: Necesito que existan H1 en cada categoria y que se muestre. Ahora mismo, mi prestashop hace mas o menos eso, pone un H1 con el nombre de la categoria. Pero lo que hace es que coje el nombre de la categoria en la pestaña de nueva/editar y lo pone en H1. Necesito que no coja ese nombre y que me permita poner lo que quiero yo que ponga, y que lo muestre que no lo muestra (esta el h1 pero no sale en la web). ¿Existe alguna opcion o manera? Ojo, ya tengo metidos los meta-title y meta-descripciones, necesito solo lo del H1. Tengo el theme Warehouse por si sirve de referencia.
  19. Bonjour, J'utilise PS et j'ai comme thème, modshop. Gros point d'interrogation pour moi, dès que je me connecte ou que je m'inscris avec un profil test, mon affichage change radicalement ! Plus rien dans la top bar Plus rien dans le top-footer Plus rien dans le footer-primary Plus rien dans le footer-secondary Et j'ai un bloc qui apparait sur la droite avec les moyens de paiements paypal... Et même pas de bouton de déconnexion... Méthode bien lourdingue que j'ai trouvé pour revenir à la normal, c'est de supprimer le client via le FO et d'écraser mes fichiers online par un backup... Je ne comprends pas d'où ça vient (mais bon, mes compétences, sont plutôt... limitées ^^), j'imagine que pour les pros, mon problème est ridicule et j'en rirais bien aussi si ça ne me faisait pas autant #*!&~*# Merci à qui peut comprendre et me filer un tout p'tit coup de pouce
  20. Hello, I work for a little software company, and one of our customers asked us to create a multi-shop, with two different ordering processes (from the point where one clicks on the cart to the payment step). Is it possible or do I need to create two different stores? AFAIK, it seems to me that this is possible by creating two modules overriding the standard ordering process (whichever case we have to create our own modules since we do not want the basic ordering process of PS), but I wish your confirmation or invalidation if necessary. Thank you in advance. Aymen
  21. Hello, I just installed version 1.5.5 (upgraded from 1.3.X) My issue is that in version 1.3.X i could make an order with a shipping address to one person and the billing address to a different one (with Orlique module). In version 1.5.5, I don't need an extra module. The system allows me to input an order with no problem if both the shipping and billing address are the same. But if I want to set one customer for shipping and a different one for billing, this is what happens: I chose a customer and the system automatically sets it to both shipping and billing. Then I look for the second customer and the system takes away the first customer and substitutes both fields with the new customer. I cannot find an option to set one customer for shipping and a different one for billing. Can someone help me? Much appreciated any help you can give me. Thanks, Sylvia.
  22. Good night, I am setting up a site where I have the latest version of prestashop 1.5.6, and I need to perform transactions through SSL, but my insurance this site in another domain (virtually), and ex meusite.com.br meusite.websiteseguro.com all occurs normally but when I add a product to varinho and will finalize the purchase indicates that the cart is empty Someone has gone through this problem?
  23. Hi, Basically, I had a test order go through. Paid for the item (cost of 2 gbp plus postae of 6gp = 8). This went through fine and the money hit my paypal. When I went into back-office to observe the order, it said that the TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT SINCE REGISTRATION was 12.10 gbp. This is completely rong and I have no idea where prestashop got this figure from. I've seen on google that numerous people have this problem, yet no one seems to have resolved it. Attached is a screenshot. Any help?
  24. Hi there community, i got a question where google couldn´t help me so i decided to ask you. Can you tell me if it is possible to do different themes / layouts on different CMS Views / Pages. A theme per CMS view? I know that it is possible with categories and found instructions on how to do that but it seems there is no information on how to do that for cms pages. Any Ideas? Thx a lot Toby
  25. Good Day, I'm from Malaysia. In Malaysia we have West Malaysia (WM) and East Malaysia (EM). The same product but different price for WM and EM because of geographical/ different location. Example as below. Product A for WM is 10 MYR Product A for EM is 15 MYR The question is how can i display a different price for the same product? At the end the system will calculate the price based on the delivery address selected by the customer. Also i attached picture for your convenience. TQ
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