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  1. I have a feeling this will be quite a simple one but I need to pull the the delivery address to a theme file (more specifically the country or country id) and I'm not sure how to go about doing that. I found this topic that explains it in some detail but I'm not sure where exactly in the cart file the code needs to be added: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/372465-get-id-country-value-from-cart-id-address-delivery/ And I also found a thread where someone wanted to add it into the payment hook: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/243717-get-shipping-address-in-payment-module/ Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. If you'd like some context on why I need this, I'm using a cloudflare CDN and because of the nature of CDNs it is interfering with the way prestashop handles geolocation, it doesn't seem to stop the right currency from being displayed however it does effect the right tax rule from being applied to that country. I've managed to resolve this for the most cases as Cloudflare passes on the location information in the http header which can be called in smarty with {$smarty.server.HTTP_CF_IPCOUNTRY}. With this I can correct the tax however if for example they are in the US but set their delivery address to be in the UK prestashop would normally update the taxes on the site to reflect the new country however my solution does not do this so I need to add an extra if statement that checks for a delivery country before displaying prices.
  2. How to get delivery address state id variable in pdf/ invoice.tpl file, I have tried State::getNameById({$addresses.invoice->id_state}) but it is not working ... I want to check the customer's delivery state I am using PrestaShop version: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Solution:- delivery & billing address is same you need to assign this $invoice_address->id_state; in HTMLTemplateInvoice.php delivery & billing address differ you need to assign $delivery_address->id_state; in HTMLTemplateInvoice.php . and catch the variable in invoice.tpl
  3. Αγαπητοί φίλοι, Έχω ψάξει αλλά δεν βρήκα κάτι που να με βοηθήσει. Έτσι, αποφάσισα να ρωτήσω μπας και βρω κάτι... Έχω φτιάξει ένα eshop το οποίο παίρνει παραγγελίες από όλον τον κόσμο αλλά παραδίδει μόνο στην Κύπρο. Αυτό που ζητάω είναι να βρώ ένα τρόπο ώστε ο πελάτης να καταχωρεί απαραίτητα ένα Τοπικό Αριθμό Τηλεφώνου (Απαίτηση από τον Currier). Εάν κάποιος είχε παρόμοιο θέμα ή αν κάποιος γνωρίζει κάποιο τρόπο να μου πεί, θα το εκτιμούσα ιδιαίτερα. Ευχαριστώ πολύ.
  4. Hi everyone! I'd like to add a pickup point option to an existing shipping module. Successfully added the map to the DisplayCarrierExtraContent hook, and when the customer select a pickup point i'll call a frontController of the shipping module and pass the address of the pickup point to him. In the frontController, I extract the current id_address_delivery from the $this->context->cart... and update the delivery address with the pickup point data. I use the default Prestashop checkout. The problem: I am in step 3 (Shipping method) when I send the pickup point address to the controller and change the deliveryAddress. When I press Next, it does not jump to step 4 (Payment) but jumps back to step 3 (Addresses). I think this is because the deliveryAddress has changed in the meantime. How to solve this? Shouldn't the address be changed during the ordering process? In this case, when should the deliveryAddress be changed? After the order was successful placed (orderConfirmation hook)? in the module frontController postProcess() $deliveryAddress = new Address($this->context->cart->id_address_delivery); $deliveryAddress->address1 = 'New address'; $deliveryAddress->city = 'New city'; .... // it works well without this line -> pressing Next in step3(Shipping method) will jump to step4(Payment). // that is, in case I didn't save the address changes $deliveryAddress->save(); Thanks for the help! Prestashop 1.7.6
  5. Hello Comrades, When i turn on in cPanel ModSecurity on my prestashop domain, my customers can't add new delivery address for their order! and... if options is ON, customers will be see this screen when tray to add delivery address: Please all, can you help how can i use modsecurity for my prestashop store ?
  6. Hello, I am facing a problem with the gender. I am selling flowers and the delivery address is mostly different then the customer address. When it comes to give another delivery address there is no possibility to add a gender. For exemple Mr White orders flower to Madam White and the delivery address will be for Madam White but the system does not ask for the gender for the delivery address. How is it possible to add the gender to the delivery address ? Thank you for your help. ____________________ Bonjour, J'ai un problème avec les salutations. Je vends des fleurs et l'adresse de livraison est souvent différente que l'adresse du client. Les salutations (Monsieur, Madame, Mademoiselle etc...) sont demandées à la création de l'adresse du client mais pas à la création de l'adresse de livraison. Comment faire pour ajouter les salutations à l'adresse de livraison ? Par exemple Monsieur Dupont achète des fleurs à Madame Dupont. L'adresse de livraison doit contenir Madame comme genre. Merci pour votre aide.
  7. Hello, I am facing a problem with the gender. I am selling flowers and the delivery address is mostly different then the customer address. When it comes to give another delivery address there is no possibility to add a gender. For exemple Mr White orders flower to Madam White and the delivery address will be for Madam White but the system does not ask for the gender for the delivery address. How is it possible to add the gender to the delivery address ? Thank you for your help.
  8. I get the address delivery like name, first name, address, postcode whits this code: $address = new Address($this->context->cart->id_address_delivery); $state = new State ($address->id_state); $country = new Country ($address->id_country); And i can print with this echo $address->firstname; echo $address->lastname; echo $address->city; echo $address->phone; echo $address->postcode; But now i want to get order details like product name, quantity and weight, how can get this?
  9. Hello, I would like to hide first name and last name from delivery address on one page checkout (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9D-IZmHyImGZExFN1l0SkJqZTQ/view?usp=sharing). These fields are filled automatically when client types his first name and last name in New Customer. Which php file need to change and how? Thanks
  10. Hi, I need help. There are two kind of products in my ecommerce, virtual and standard products. In the checkout process I would need to show 'The delivery address' only for standard products and not to show it for virtual products. Is any way to get this? I've put the condition "if $cart->isVirtualCart()} style="display:none;" in order-address.tpl file for not showing the delivery address, but it doesn't work. The delivery address is shown for virtual products. Any suggestion? Thanks in advanced.
  11. Hi all, I have been testing my site and the checkout process using a Sandbox PayPal account. Orders have been going through smoothly with 2 exceptions: 1) If I have tax enabled the order won't actually go through (if it is shipping to a taxable state). I can go through the whole PayPal process and the charge will show in my PalPal account, but rather than taking me back to the confiirmation page it takes me to the Guest tracking page and the items are still in my cart and there is no order present in Prestashop. 2) If I set-up a separate Delivery and Invoice address, only the Invoice address transfers into PayPal for payment. This has cause 2 issues - A) if it shipping to a taxable state, PayPal does not register this and does not calculate/charge for shipping after entering credit card information (using guest checkout in PayPal) you are taken to a review page which shows teh shipping address as your Invoice address (not delivery address). Is there a configuration somewhere I may have missed or over-looked? Is this an issue with the PayPal module possibly? Thank you for any insight!!! I am excited to get my site live and this is my final step!
  12. Hello, I've just finished building my new store in Prestashop 1.6. I own a digital goods store, so billing/delivery address is not needed at all. I've been able to disable Prestashop asking for address on registration, but when the user is going to checkout, it keeps asking for billing/delivery address. I have tried disabling the countries and states on Localization, with no success. I just want it to skip to the payment method selection, without asking for a billing/delivery address. Everything else is working properly on my Prestashop 1.6, it's just that thing. Could anyone help me? Thank you!
  13. I am using prestashop 1.6 i wan to remove two field from delivery adress company and vat. however i am not using b2b but still it showing on deliver adress form
  14. Hello, In the "Checkout" process (Step1 and Step3) I would like to display only one single Address . In step1 "Summary" i will like to show (DELIVERY ADDRESS) and i will like to hide the (INVOICE ADDRESS). In step3 "Address" i will like to show (DELIVERY ADDRESS) and i will like to hide the ( BILLING ADDRESS). I guess that what i'm asking it can be done only editing some code. Some one can kindly point out which files I should edit. thanks marco
  15. Hi, it is possible to get "id_country" value from current cart delivery address? This is working $cart->id_address_delivery -return id_address correct this does not return nothing $cart->id_address_delivery->id_country $cart->id_country Thank you for help
  16. Hi, Is it possible to control the delivery address countries in customer registration page? I have an online shop and I created a separate store for each country using multi store function. I want to restrict the customer delivery address at customer registration page. Example, I have created the 4 shops names as Japan, US, India, Bangladesh. I want to restrict the customer delivery address based on the shop they choose. if they choose India, then I want to show only India at registration form and not other countries. I have tried to control it by enabling and disabling countries per each shop, but it seems that function is not shop dependent. Is there any way to achieve this? Please anyone help me. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi Guys I was just wondering if it was possible to have a delivery method change the delivery address during checkout? I'm asking this because of the different VAT rules that need to be applied on customer's from various countries. The scenario would be a customer from say, France, orders some products but would like to pick them up, or have somebody else pick them up, at our factory in South Africa. They would then choose the "pick-up at factory" delivery method, and I would then like them to be charged South Africa's 14% VAT, instead of the VAT amount applicable to France. I hope that makes sense, and I really hope someone can offer me any kind of suggestion. Thanks in advance. keith1024
  18. Hi Prestashoppers, I have some problems with my site, if I want to register as a costumer, I can't specify a separate invoice address. There is no checkbox for different addresses. On checkout I can't choose between different addresses for delivery and invoicing. I can put the data in the fields and the two addresses are made, but it isn't processed properly. Also on the invoice address field in onepagecheckout the company and vatnumber fields are not shown. I have the same problem with another website, different download of prestashop package, but same version. PS Please help, Thanks in advance! Kind regards Bart
  19. Hello, I am having problems with my Mail Alerts module as it is not sending the delivery address to Merchant. PS Mail alerts 2.3 So, when the order is placed the mails are sent to customer and merchant. Customer recieves the complete email with address but merchants mail is missing {delivery_address_block} and {invoice_block_html} . As you can see in picture. I've checked translations themes mail alerts and root mail alerts, it all seems fine. Does anyone has a solution??
  20. Hello, We are new to Prestashop and apologies if this is a simple solution. Our site is pretty much up but when someone tries to buy something they are unable to select a uk address. At the moment it is stuck with just US. the site is at http://pop-up-gallery.co.uk/presta Thanks in advance for any help. Jim
  21. Hello! I have encountered this strange problem while working on a new e-shop: Even though I have made the phone number mandatory at registration (from the admin), if the customer only fills out the second field (mobile phone), and not the first, NO phone number will be displayed in the delivery address form. (See screen_shot.jpg) Can anyone please tell me how to make it display the mobile phone number too? Thank you!
  22. Hi, How do I remove the delivery address and delivery method from my shopping cart checkout for both the website and mobile site? Any help would be great! URL: http://oahuadventuretours.com/ Version: Prestashop
  23. Hi Guys, How can i show the selected delivery and invoice address on the bankwire confirmation page? I'm using Prestashop Thanks in advance
  24. Hi, Here is my issue for a shop established in Switzerland but close to the French and German borders. If users choose pickup in store (Switzerland) the but have their delivery address in France or Germany then the VAT is not included but it should as they pick it up in Switzerland. So, my thinking is to add the Store address as delivery address for the users when theychoose pick up in store option. It my thinking right? Can you guide me as to which hooks and functions to use? Thanks Nicolas
  25. Hi, I hope someone could help me and point me to the right direction, I am using one page checkout of ps I noticed that in the default one page checkout, in the new customer field (new registration), the first name and last name after email address and password are being automatically copied to the first and last name fields in Delivery address (just below new customer). Now logically, the customer will change the first and last name in the delivery address fields to the name of their recipient, and so to say complete the form with the details of their recipient. And continue to create an invoice address with the name and details of themselves (sender). And this should be the right process if I am not mistaken. The problem of doing this process: 1. After doing the above steps and save the registration, when the page refreshes and shows the addresses. The delivery address shows the name of the sender but has the address filled in the delivery address area of the registration form. And the billing address also shows the name of the sender and has the address filled in the invoice address area of the registration form. Therefore the name of the recipient is missing (and this is the name from the Delivery address of the reg. form) 2. To replicate the issue and try to look for a fix: In the new customer registration, a. I used senders email address b. Sender’s password c. Recipient first name (this time to check if it will be show properly in the addresses page) d. Recipient last name e. In the delivery address area, the first and last name of the recipient has already been automatically filled. So I just finished the delivery form with the rest of the recipient’s details. f. I continued the registration by filling up the invoice address form with the details of the sender. g. After saving the registration and the page reloads to addresses page, the delivery address now shows the complete billing address details, and the billing address shows the complete delivery address details. The only problem now are: g1. The details are being shown in the wrong address areas or being shown under the wrong address title. g2. The user info in the header shown that the account is under the recipient name since we used the recipients’ fname and lname in the new customer area to fix the details in the addresses page. 3. The fix I created to properly assign the correct details to their respective areas are this (this is what I thought logically the right fix) : A. I edited order-opc-new-account.tpl (themes/order-opc-new-account.tpl) a1. Under New Customer change the following: - Email to Sender Email - Password to Sender Password - First Name to Sender First Name - Last Name to Sender Last Name This is to make sure that the account would be under the sender per user info in the header, and that the billing / invoice address will show the correct name. B. Under h3 heading "Delivery address": - Change the heading title from ‘Delivery address’ to ‘Sender Information Billing Address’ This is to make sure that details in the new customer fields especially first and last names will correspond with this fields properly since fname and lname are being copied automatically from above fileds. And it seems that the system is using the fname and lname of this area as well the new customer area to show the correct details in addresses page. - Delete First Name label (no use anymore because the field is being filled automatically) - Hide First Name input type (no use anymore because the field is being filled automatically) - Delete Last Name label (no use anymore because the field is being filled automatically) - Hide Last Name input type (no use anymore because the field is being filled automatically) C. Change invoice_address checkbox title to "PLEASE CHECK BOX TO CREATE YOUR DELIVERY ADDRESS". To make sure that user will not be misled. D. Under h3 heading "Invoice address": - Change the heading title from ‘Invoice address’ to ‘Recipient Information Delivery Address’ - Change label of First Name to Recipient First Name - Change label of Last Name to Recipient Last Name To above changes from A – D, is to make sure that the user information will be properly pointed to the sender’s name. To continue with the fix. E. I edited order-address.tpl (themes/order-address.tpl) - In about line 103 change the value of get address titles function. Basically I just swapped the address tiles: 'invoice': "{l s='Your billing address'}", to 'invoice': "{l s='Your delivery address'}", 'delivery': "{l s='Your delivery address'}" to 'delivery': "{l s='Your billing address'}" This is to make sure that the recipient and sender details will be shown the correct address areas and details or address title. And it works! The only problem now is, I noticed that after placing a successful order: 1. in BO (orders) and in my email order confirmation, delivery address is showing the exact details of the billing address including the sender's name. - Checking the order in back office, it shows that the delivery address details created during registration has been saved, because it is available in the dropdown menu of shipping address. But was not being used by the system. The question now is what can be the fix for this problem? Sorry for the long story but has a tiny problem and a short question. Thanks very much
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