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  1. Bonjour à tous, vous avez peut être vu la dernière nouveauté de prestashop : https://addons.prestashop.com/fr/seller-blog.php?article=1114 Mais c'est quoi exactement ? c'est quoi un plan ? avez vous des informations ? perso j'ai posté un message qui risque d'être sans réponse comme les autres messages... mon message sur le devblog : Bonjour, Pourriez vous donner un cas concret ? avec un exemple précis de module, là je ne vois pas trop les avantages apporté par PrestaShop Billing. Ca coûte entre 1440€ TTC et 4320 € TTC par an, c'est par module/service ou par vendeur ? On doit payer tous les mois ou c'est à payer intégralement au début avec un prix de reviens mensuel de 120 à 360 € ? C'est quoi un plan ? là pour l'instant c'est extrêmement flou, vous comptez présenter ça de manière plus détaillée et concrète ? sur le forum ou autre ? Cordialement, Vincent
  2. Hello people, I have a module that allows to issue different types of documents integrating with another platform. In the installation of the module I create some tables and when configuring the module I save the configuration in these tables. One of those fields is the type of document to issue. From the module configuration I can enable up to 4 different modules and I want to be able to show in this form, using a select the active documents to be issued. Currently I am adding a simple field which I alter with a JavaScript when loading the form, but this generates multiple incompatibilities with other modules that modify the Prestashop checkout. I would like to see what would you recommend me to do in these cases to be able to intervene this form keeping to a minimum the possible incompatibilities with other modules.
  3. Good morning to all, I've got a simple question. Over here in the Netherlands it's customary to first fill in the billing address and later on supply the delivery address. I want to switch these addresses so that customers if either creating an account or buying products through our guest checkout will fill in the billing address first and then specify the delivery address. Is this possible and if yes. How. Looked for tons of sollutions but haven't found anything. Yours sincerely, Dennis Wijkmans
  4. It's time to power a subscription business, from A to Z on Prestashop website! What do you need? Integrate PayPal Api -> Create the Subscription Plans -> Starting your subscription business. We would like to invite you to try our new Prestashop module - ChargeMe, to start selling subscriptions & subscription products via PayPal for your Prestashop Website. Features: Many type of subscription plans: Start immediately, set the start date... Flexible billing periods: Daily, weekly, monthly, annual. Automatic recurring payments via Paypal. Generate a new order on the next automatic payment. Manage subscribers and the billings status easily. Enable/disable option to cancel the subscription on your store. Add the subscribers to some special groups after subscribed. Thanks to ChargeMe, now you can assign the subscribers into multi groups after subscribed to the setting of customer's permissions. For more information, please visit our page: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/recurring-payment-subscription/22911-chargeme.html We also would like to invite you to join our Referral Program at PrestaSOO to refer your friends and download our Prestashop Modules for free (Logo Slider, Page Speed, DeleteX ... - this list will grow up)
  5. Hi everyone, When proceeding through checkout at the 3rd step, shipping and billing addresses appear, my problem is that i need billing address box aswell as some other buttons to be invisible for the customer and billing adress would alway be the same as shipping. Is it possible to do so? heres a screenshot: Things I am trying to remove are marked with red crosses. Thanks, for your help.
  6. Hello! My problem is that firstname and lastname fields are required at the billing address validation. People who need a different address to billing usually want to add a company without any personal name. But sometimes they want to add a person instead of a company. As I see in the class I can only modify basically the required flag for the firstname and lastname fields. So I want to leave them required for shipping and not required for billing. I haven't found a solution yet. Can anyone please help me? Thank you very much!
  7. Good morning all, I am curious. I have edited various PS 1.7 files to switch off the ability for a customer to specify a different delivery address than their billing address. This all works fine, so I shall stay on topic, but I wanted to make sure I explained I had done all this first. I am not worried about people logging in to their PayPal accounts, when paying. It's more for customers wishing to pay by credit / debit card without creating a PayPal account. The webpage pushes the billing info to the PayPal page as I expect. But there isn't as far as I can see any way to stop you changing the details to match whichever card they wish to pay with and it then confirming back to the site whether these details match? I tested it earlier, and it allowed me to place an order with a different delivery address which came through on the PayPal email to me. Now, I understand that from PayPals point of view, they've verified the address on their end, but if it isn't talking back to my site, what's to stop them using a wrong address on my website? So I therefore have to double check each other against each invoice? Unless there is someway to change this, that I am not aware of? Any help in this matter would be gratefully received. Kind Regards, Brian
  8. Hello to everyone !!!! I am using PrestaShop for the first time and I have a problem with the Invoices numbers. I want to have different prefix in invoice number according to the billing address of customer More precisely, if a customer has inserted Company and VAT number in billing address, I want the invoice to be labeled with a different prefix than the one that hasn't inserted those values. I guessed, I could hardcode a simple condition that changes the prefix somewhere in order,php file, but then another problem occurs: The numbers will not be sequenced! For example I may have invoices like these: ------------------------------------------------- Invoice 1 ------> prefix1_001 Invoice 2 ------> prefix1_002 Invoice 3 ------> prefix2_003 Invoice 4 ------> prefix1_004 Invoice 5 ------> prefix2_005 ------------------------------------------------- But the desired result is this one: ------------------------------------------------- Invoice 1 ------> prefix1_001 Invoice 2 ------> prefix1_002 Invoice 3 ------> prefix2_001 Invoice 4 ------> prefix1_003 Invoice 5 ------> prefix2_002 ------------------------------------------------- After days of searching all I found was modules and partially fixes when using multistore. Nothing similar to my problem I would appreciate any help you could give me!! Thank you in advance!!!
  9. I have a customer that is trying to do something that I can not figure out how. They had a person create an order. After the order was created they went in and edited their ship to address. Between the order and the editing my customer had printed everything out and created a label and shipped. I am looking at a few options of what they would like. 1) not able to edit an address after order has been placed 2) only display Bill To address and remove all options to have a ship to address 3) Open to any kinds of suggestions. Version
  10. Hope someone can advise. We only accept shipments within South Africa at this time, so delivery address country dropdown should only contain South Africa in checkout. But, what about international customers who have billing addresses which are not in South Africa...the country dropdown field in the billing address only shows South Africa. So an international client wishing to send a gift to someone in South Africa will not be able to do so. It seems the billing and shipping address is linked to the ps_country table with activations managed in the Admin. Look forward to some sound advice.
  11. Hi there I want to create a virtual product (a mobile phone price plan) that I can charge a customer for every month for 12 months (and, ideally, allow them to cancel early for a fee - but this is a nice-to-have). Is Authorize.net the best official/free module for this? They have a rather high £19/month charge (plus a transaction fee), so I'd prefer to find one that offers the same recurring billing features but without a monthly fee (just a reasonable transaction fee). This one looked ideal, but I think it's only supporting US and Ireland: https://www.prestashop.com/blog/en/set-auto-recurring-billing-online-store/ From what I can see, Skrill doesn't support recurring charges and neither does Ingenico, but I'm not 100% sure about that. Any experience of any other paid modules to achieve this would also be much appreciated. (eg. Stripe Pro II?) Many thanks in advance Steve
  12. First of all, sorry for my english. I'll try to explain it. I have set weight ranges. It will define the total price billing. But I want when total price is $150 at least, the shipping will be free, overruling billing by weight. For example: - Total weight: 20 lb; Total price: $50; --> Shipping: $40 (supposing it is for 19-25 lb weight value) - Total weight: 20 lb; Total price $160; --> Shipping: free (because total price > $150. Total weight doesn't matter in this case ). How can I do this? Thank you
  13. Hi all I know that you can print single invoices from Prestashop BUT how can you print a Statement for your client with all their monthly orders on??? Please could anybody help explain or know of any module please?? Thanks Gary
  14. Hi all. I'm looking for a payment module for Network Merchants that has AVS as well. I already have a module that collects the Full name, card type, number, exp date and [spam-filter]. The only thing extra that I need is the billing address associated with the card: Address, city, state and zip code. If anyone is able to do this, please let me know and pricing. I'm running Prestashop Have a great day all!
  15. Hello, I just installed version 1.5.5 (upgraded from 1.3.X) My issue is that in version 1.3.X i could make an order with a shipping address to one person and the billing address to a different one (with Orlique module). In version 1.5.5, I don't need an extra module. The system allows me to input an order with no problem if both the shipping and billing address are the same. But if I want to set one customer for shipping and a different one for billing, this is what happens: I chose a customer and the system automatically sets it to both shipping and billing. Then I look for the second customer and the system takes away the first customer and substitutes both fields with the new customer. I cannot find an option to set one customer for shipping and a different one for billing. Can someone help me? Much appreciated any help you can give me. Thanks, Sylvia.
  16. Hello, New Prestashop fellow, I'd like to know how to create a payable service linked to a product. For example, i would like to propose some specific chemical treatments on some specific products of my catalog. This is a service as there is no stock associated. So, As I understood, it can't be an attribute of the product, because each combination must have a stock value. Is it possible to define products combination without stock management? Or is there any other solution to buy services linked to specific products? Hereafter an example : -I sell a product "Product1" at a price of "Price1" -Quantity in stock is 10 -I want to add 1 service "treatment1" which increase the price of the product of 2€ On the product sheet I'd like to select the service like a combination in a list box containing "No service" or "Treatment1". If treatment1 is selected, product price is recalculated. In all case, stock calculation is done on the product stock level. Thanks in advance for your help.
  17. Good morning, I'm creating my one prestashop theme for a website I'm developing, and I'm using the guest checkout for the purchase process. I'd like to have two address forms, one for the delivery address and another one for the billing/invoice one. I've been looking the default template and I don't see how to do it and there is just a select to choose among different addresses, but I don't want that. Is there any way to do it with a form in the same purchase process and not with a select? Can I find an example in how to do it? Regards, Dani.
  18. Buenos días, Estoy creando mi propio tema de prestashop para una web que estoy desarrollando y estoy usando el guest checkout para el proceso de compra. Me gustaría tener dos formularios de dirección, uno para la dirección de entrega y otro para la dirección de facturación. He estado mirando el template por defecto y no veo forma de hacerlo y sólo aparece un select con las diferentes direcciones disponibles para elegir una. ¿Hay alguna forma de realizarlo mediante formulario en el mismo proceso de compra y no mediante un select? ¿Puedo encontrar algún ejemplo de cómo hacerlo en algún sitio? Saludos, Dani.
  19. Hello all, Does anyone know of a module or method that would allow you to bill the customer once an order has shipped rather than when the order has been placed? I have a client that is losing customers because his products are custom made and take a few weeks to manufacture and his customers don't like the fact that they are being charged before the product is ready. Any help would be awesome! Thanks! Kyle
  20. Is it possible to use the guest checkout and have a separate billing address. Currently using and transactions fail when shipping address does not match credit card.
  21. Hi My problem is that I would like for my clients using guest checkout to be able to give different billing and delivery addresses and also add a customer message, things available only to registered clients by default. I've seen those things added to one page checkout modules, but is there a way to simply add that without purchasing custom modules? Cheers,
  22. Hi, I have problem with billing and invoicing module. I can't setup the taxes for all states, it only applies for one product. I just want to setup the tax according to the address of the customer so the system wil charge them by states.
  23. Hello, I have a running shop using PS 1.3.1,with one carrier to deliver in home city, that uses price range as billing type. Now i was trying to set up a new carrier, to use weight ranges as billing type. The problem is that in my BackOffice I cannot do that selection, as i've seen in others. Is that a version issue? It is not available in 1.3.1? Can it be done modifying the files? I leave a print of what i mean. On the left is my actual BO. On the right is the change wanted. Can anybody help me, please? Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi. I wonder if someone can help me on this. The courier that I use is Royal Mail and all the prices already include VAT on. When I created this carrier I selected the option to "no tax". However on the shopping cart it still ads tax on the shipping. I am aware that I can disable the tax in general but I actualy like to see the price displaying tax included. Is there a way I can remove the tax only on the shipping? My website is www.seewtdreamhome.co.uk Thank you for any possible help
  25. When proceeding through checkout, shipping and invoice address are standard equal. The checkbox: "Use the same address for billing" is automatically checked. For my client we have imported all clients with seperate billing and shipping addresses, I would like the checkbox to be automatically unchecked. So standard two addresses, client still has to be kept the option to check it and use one address. Do i change this in order-address.tpl? Line 139: <p class="checkbox"> <input type="checkbox" name="same" id="addressesAreEquals" value="1" onclick="updateAddressesDisplay();{if $opc}updateAddressSelection();{/if}" {if $cart->id_address_invoice == $cart->id_address_delivery || $addresses|@count == 1}checked="checked"{/if} /> <label for="addressesAreEquals">{l s='Use the same address for billing.'}</label> </p>
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