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Found 22 results

  1. Hello community, Here is the issue - right now in Admin -> Product page -> Associations tab and in Accessories field I can add a product that is related to this one but it works in only one way. It is not creating relation between each other in both products at one time - I have to go to another product, edit it and create association again. Is there is any way to force Presta to do it in both ways?
  2. Bonjour à tous, je viens vers vous car je saisis actuellement mes articles et dans "Associations" > accessoires lorque je recherche des articles à associer, le menu dérouleur ne m'en propose que 20 alors que j'en ai au moins 40. Il y a t'il une limite à paramétrer quelque part ? Je parle bien du choix et pas du nombre enregistrés. Merci par avance pour votre aide.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to only add related products trough the webservice and have some difficulties. Every time I try to PUT following content to the webservice endpoint, trying to add product 7 + 10 to product 4, my products disappears in the backend. Here my body request: == PUT /api/products ====================================== <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <prestashop xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink"> <product> <id>4</id> <price>66.030000</price> <associations> <accessories> <product> <id>7</id> </product> <product> <id>10</id> </product> </accessories> </associations> </product> </prestashop> ============================================================ Any idea? I read in some documentation that PUT should only update the product. Fetching the product via webservice works. Also important, what's the minimal set of required product properties to only update the product without side effects? Thx in advance /david
  4. Hi, I wonder if it is possible to use combinations (i.e. colors) as separate products on PrestaShop? It would be extremely useful especially on fashion stores, where different colors are visible on product list as separate items. Here is an example of what I have in mind: https://www.everlane.com/collections/womens-luxury-tees - (product list) you see the same t-shirt in different colors; https://www.everlane.com/collections/womens-luxury-tees/products/womens-v-navyblue - (product page) you see different colors combinations which updates the thumbnails (Presta does it similarly). Everlane is obviously high budget and custom solution but nonetheless, is it possible to achieve this on PrestaShop, using either product combinations or products associations (selecting different color would redirect to another product)? Is it complicated to implement such feature or maybe there are already module what does exactly that (either free or premium)? P.S. I am aware of the Product Accessories feature, but ideally it should serve for something like "you might be also interested in..." instead of "See other variations..". All ideas & tips would be appreciated, thanks. Cheers.
  5. Hi! I recently moved a shop with 2 shops to a new domain. I basically copied all files to the new domain, copied the database, and changed all URL settings. Everything seems to be working fine, but i have run into a strange problem with shop associations. If i for example create a new category, i could, on the old domain, select shop associations. The shops are missing on the new domain. It still says "default group", which i can select, but i cannot select individual shops. The same issue is present for tax rules and basically anywhere where shop associations are available for select. Has anyone run into this issue and know how to fix it? This is for PS16.1.11, btw. Cheers!
  6. Bonjour à tous. je suis en Ja Marketplace. Mon probléme est le suivant : Quand un client désire mettre un nouveau article, dans la partie "Association" il doit écrire dans un champs dans quel catégories il désire mettre l'article. Comment je dois faire pour qu'au lieu décrire il puisse simplement cliquer dans des cases? J'ai vraiment chercher et je ne trouve pas l'endroit où choisir cette option. Merci de votre aide.
  7. Hi! I have an issure with PS - search for related products (in product page in BO) doesn`t find anything among published products. I see, it works in demo BO. Maybe reason of that is russian localization? I see that problem on Debian (remote) host and localhost and this is theme independent. Please help or advice what files or logs I should inspect. Solved! That was an error in tiny.mce.js. After resolving ajax search works fine!
  8. Hello everyone! So I was peacefully adding categories to my site and then figured I'd do a test product and see how it turns out. I went ahead and added the product, going down the tabs, until I hit "associations" tab. It started to load (longer than usual) and within 5 seconds a popup screen displays the following: Tab : Associations (500) A server error occurred while loading the tabs: some tabs could not be loaded. Please try again by refreshing the page. If you are still encountering this problem, please check your server logs or contact your hosting provider for assistance. First thing I can think of, Console Log, and out spits this message: - Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help, check http://xhr.spec.whatwg.org/. - http://aaronsautosport.com/modules/labcustomfooter/ajax.php Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) - http://aaronsautosport.com/(admin path)... Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) All other tabs work the way they're supposed to. And hopefully this doesn't come in the way... but I also have like well above 1,000 categories... if not more... Please let me know guys I appreciate all your help in advance.
  9. That one category seems to fetch no products from the database, while all other categories fetch all their products as intended. When I check from the back-office, I come across this weird behavior: If I look up a product that should be in that category and go to the Associations tab, I can see that it indeed belongs to the category in question. If, however, I look up the category from the Catalog>Categories page, it brings up no products associated with it. I checked the database directly and I see nothing obviously off. This is a record that DOES NOT show up (top), versus one that DOES show up (from a different category): (cont'd) (cont'd) (cont'd) (cont'd) (cont'd) (cont'd) I tried to output the sql query executed in Category::getProducts() and run it independently in my database console, and it fetches 1 product, as there is a "LIMIT 0,1" statement appended at the end of the query. Three issues with that: 1. "LIMIT 0,1" appears in the query for every category, even the working ones that fetch more than 1 products. 2. "LIMIT 0,1" should still return 1 product (and it does when run directly in the console), which is never displayed. 3. If I remove the LIMIT statement, I get 29 results in the query result, but still nothing is displayed in the category page.
  10. Ik heb meer dan 100 producten ingevoerd in mijn shop, als ik de associaties bij sommige producten wil aanpassen krijg ik een blanco pagina en blijft de pagina maar aangeven dat hij aan het laden is. Ook krijg ik de boodschap. Het product is wel zichtbaar onder de categorie in mijn winkel. Hoe kan ik dit verhelpen? 2 errors Products must be in at least one category. This product must be in the default category.
  11. Hi, PS Version: Theme: Default with slight customization of Color and width Background: I am using www.appery.io to create a mobile app for my website. For this I have activated the WebService in the PS. I am able to access the data perfectly but facing some issues where I need some guidance. Kindly note, I am not a developer and am using the standard webservice features of PS Issue: As understood for PS, Category or Sub Category both are equal. Based on the XML I saw through the webservice, the SubCategories are also stored as Categories but associated using associations. So far I have managed to access the Categories but I am not sure how to access the Sub Categories. <prestashop xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink"> <script id="tinyhippos-injected"/> <categories> <category> <id>...</id> <id_parent xlink:href="http://www.abc.com/api/categories/2">...</id_parent> <level_depth>...</level_depth> <nb_products_recursive notFilterable="true">...</nb_products_recursive> <active>...</active> <id_shop_default>...</id_shop_default> <is_root_category>...</is_root_category> <position>...</position> <date_add>...</date_add> <date_upd>...</date_upd> <name>...</name> <link_rewrite>...</link_rewrite> <description>...</description> <meta_title>...</meta_title> <meta_description>...</meta_description> <meta_keywords>...</meta_keywords> <associations> <categories nodeType="category" api="categories"> <category xlink:href="http://www.abc.com/api/categories/36"> <id> <![CDATA[ 36 ]]> </id> </category> <category xlink:href="http://www.abc.com/api/categories/35"> <id> <![CDATA[ 35 ]]> </id> </category> </categories> <products nodeType="product" api="products">...</products> </associations> </category> </categories> </prestashop> In appery.io I am using the below code the access the Webservice. The below code gives me the header level Categories. Now I want to have the SubCategories. http://www.abc.com/api/categories?ws_key=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&filter[id]=[3,5000]&filter[active]=[1]&sort=[id_ASC]&filter[id_parent]=[2] Appreciate if anyone can guide on how to achieve the same. This issue also applies to Products, Product Images etc. basically anything that is tagged under the associations tag. I tried to access the api with http://www.abc.com/api/associations/ but unfortunately this does not exist.
  12. Bonjour, Veuillez m'excuser si ceci n'est pas un bug confirmé et que je poste au mauvais endroit. J'utilise Prestashop et lorsque j'essaie d'ajouter un accessoire à un produit je rencontre un problème. J'ai lu les discussions sur le forum, mais j'ai l'impression qu'il manque quelque chose à ma page (un bouton vert sur lequel cliquer avant d'enregistrer) et la façon dont le nom du produit s'affiche est étrange aussi. Je joins deux captures d'écran pour que vous compreniez mieux. Merci de bien vouloir m'aider
  13. Bonjour, Je suis en train de créer mon catalogue et je voulais associer certaines fiches produits entre elles. Hors lorsque je créé des associations dans mon back office, celles-ci n'apparaissent pas sur mon site. Il y a bien le terme accessoires qui apparaît mais pas les photos des produits. J'ai installé un thème pour ma boutique, ce n'est donc plus celui par défaut. Quelqu'un a t-il une solutions ?
  14. After create a new product or try to edit a product, when I define the Associated Categories I had 4 errors as show in attached image. An error occurred while setting priorities. An error occurred while saving product attachments. An error occurred while attempting to delete previous tags. An error occurred while linking the object. product To categories I'm tried a solution that I saw here in forum, executing 2 lines in SQL with no success. Sometimes I have this error message, sometimes a 500 error, and in a very few times (5%) it works. The product is saved, all works fine in front office, except that all these products stay in Home category instead of the right one. Prestashop default theme with some changes
  15. Hello i have a e shop with prestashop (www.card-singles.com). i have more than 1000 products listed in it. i like to change some of the products (about 400) the categories position (associations) from one to another but is very time spending to do it one by one... Is any one know a way to do it all together?? for example one product is in 3 associations and i like to remove them from one of the 3 they is any way to do it FASTER than one by one?? thank you in advance Pavlos
  16. Everything working GREAT in my Prestashop until I went to Back Office and changed some product associations. Changes did not show up in browser. I cleared the Firefox cache, went to Back Office - Advanced Parameters - Performance - Smarty and changed to 'Force Compile' and 'No cache'. Still no changes showed in Firefox. So I viewed the Shop in IE, Chrome, Opera and Safari. (after clearing their caches) Still no changes showed. So I tried disabling a product to see if that would show up. It didn't. Why are changes in product associations and product disabling not showing in browsers? All helpful comments greatly appreciated! http://www.foodandmedicinegarden.com/
  17. Hi i'm new to PS and i love it so much. well i used to work with wordpress, WooCommerce etc ... and i'm missing one thing in prestashop right now, it's that i can't associate selected products to one category instead i should go to each product and associate it to a category or more. if there is any way to add this feature to PS please . Thanks by advance.
  18. I have a store in english and spanish, and I have created a multistore so I can assign a different domain to each of them. Other than that, both share everything: products, customers, categories... The problem comes when I want to modify the associated categories of an existing product. Having selected "All shops" in the top shop selector, I enter the product edit page, go to Associations and change the Multistore selector to "YES" (that enables the categories tree) and start assigning categories. Now if I save (or save and stay), it shows the "Update successful" message but nothing changes: all the associations I made are ignored. The funny thing is that if instead of "All shops" I select one of the shops (i.e. the Spanish one) and I modify the categories of a product, not only does the change stays but it spreads to the other shops. To summarize: Product 1 assigned to category 1. All shops I click category 2. Save. Nothing happens, still assigned only to category 1 Spanish shop: I click category 2. Save. Now assigned to category 1 and 2 English shop: Already assigned to category 1 and 2 Back to All shops Product assigned to category 1 and 2
  19. Bonjour, Est-ce que quelqu'un pourrait me confirmer si je faits juste, je suis entrain de faire un site pour ma femme qui vends des produits de beautés, Pour moi un produit à plusieurs catégories, (Un produits peut être utilisé pour les mains, le visage, mais devrait aussi apparaître quand on recherche par type de peaux, grasse,...), donc: Catégorie de base 1: Domaine d'utilisation, sous catégorie 1: Soins du visages, soins des mains, ... Catégorie de base 2: Type de peaux: Sous catégories 2: Peaux grasses, sèches, ... Gamme de produits: Marque 1 , marque 2,... Mais est-ce que c'est juste, car j'ai acheté le module "Advanced search 4" et je n'y comprends rien ... Voir la photo ci-dessous: si vous désirez voir la partie shop... http://shop.babor-beautyspa-centre.ch J'utilise Prestashop depuis un mois environ... Merci d'avances pour votre réponse. JEan-Pierre
  20. Hi I have been having problem when I try add accessories to my products in the Associations section of products nothing shows up when I start typing I have ran a viewed source code and I found that on the site that I am having problems with there is missing code but I don't know where that file is located at so I can edit it Below is the code of the site that is not working <p style="clear:both;margin-top:0;"> <input value="" id="product_autocomplete_input" type="text"> Begin typing the first letters of the product name, then select the product from the drop-down list. </p> and below is the code from a working site <input class="ac_input" autocomplete="off" value="" id="product_autocomplete_input" type="text"> Begin typing the first letters of the product name, then select the product from the drop-down list. and I made a video http://youtu.be/teCM93_AvyM
  21. Backoffice -> Catalog -> Products -> [choose any product] -> [change to, for instance, associations]: The upgrade from 1.5.2 to 1.5.3 worked flawlessly but when I try to update a product and click on any other tabs than the main info page in the left column, like associations, price, combinations or shipping, the url is adapted, but always the same main info page is reloaded. Does anyone else have this problem with the backoffice of 1.5.3 ? UPDATE: maybe inspect element -> console can make me wiser? admin-products.js : line 781: Uncaught ReferenceError... if ($('#active_on').prop('checked')) { showRedirectProductOptions(false); // that's line 781 Uncaught ReferenceError: showRedirectProductOptions is not defined showRedirectProductSelectOptions(false); } else showRedirectProductOptions(true);
  22. I have over 500 products in my store. 5 Categories and maybe 30+ sub-categories. Currently more than 400 products are set to home under the category list. I was wondering if there was a module or plugin that will allow me to give click in the product list and change the assoicated category right there as opposed to going into every single product one by one to change them. As a reference, the Opencart site has something similar here: http://www.opencart....ension_id=10814
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