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  1. Hello community i have an issue with my module blockwishlist the problem is that when i installed a module and it works but when i create a wishlist and i add a product on that wishlist it shows it twice in the wishlist i selected and i can't figure why do you have any tips to change this also it does this with only some product not all and when i delete one of the two, the two of them disappear...
  2. This module is basically a Favorite products module for customers. Customers can select products that they like and have a nice overview of their selected products. It automatically adds a button in the customer's account with an overview of the selected products. When a customer adds a product to his/her Order List it it will show up in the store as "Already in your Order List". The entire module is easily translated in the back office. Github: https://github.com/NKoonen/OrderList Download: orderlist.zip 1.0.1 (15/10/2020) added widget, to easily add to a hook
  3. Actually I am here to take help from experts. As currently I have a store with Prestashop And the theme "Huge Sale" by template monsters I am using. but the theme don't have wishlist itself. I can see in modules section from FTP, there is a folder "blockwishlist". I want to know for what purpose this block is there. I could not see any module from Back office for wishlist. then how to use this block for my template. If i need to add any code, can you please provide me. so I can add that wishlist code to display the button on product tpl file. I don't have any modules at the moment for the wishlist, but this block for wishlist is a question for me. Guide me please.
  4. i have an issue i want to change the position of a button of the blockwishlist module in prestashop and i didn't find the css file to change it, in the chrome debugger it says that it is in "..." that is generated in the html file but i cannot find where to change it. Thank you for help in advance.
  5. Yesterday I downloaded the latest version and I started to play with the default theme. My problem is that I can't change the position of the Wishlist Button in the product lists (product miniature) - (I could do it with CSS but that's not the point). In the file: themes > classic > templates > catalog > _partials > miniatures / product.tpl there is no code for the wishlist button. I thought that might be use some hook but none of the available hooks there is responsible to display the wishlist button module!!! Any help would be very much appreciated.
  6. Advance WishList Module Wishlist is one of the must-have features for the eCommerce stores. Wishlist allows the customers to save the products of their choice in their favorite list so that they can access these items later without wasting their time. The Wish List Module also allows the store admin to display the Recently Viewed and Recommended Products blocks which is a secret ingredient to your Upselling strategy. More info and purchase here: Advance WishList Module FRONT DEMO BACKOFFICE DEMO The Advance Wish List Module offers following features: 1) Wishlist: Allow customers to save the products to the Wishlist. 2) Recently viewed: The Wishlist Module allows the store admin to enable the "Recently Viewed" section. All the products viewed by the customer will be saved in this list. It helps to improve the user experience. 3) Recommendations: The "Recommendation" block helps to take your Upselling strategy to a higher level. The admin can display the banners of the popular categories or the products based on the Related/selected products. 4) Product Analysis Report: The store admin can check the report on the products which most of the customers have added to their WishList. This can help the store admin to plan the marketing campaign. 5) Customer Analysis Report: The store admin can also export the reports for the products added by the customers in the Wishlist. 6) Order Analysis: Order analysis tab of the Wishlist Module allows the store admin to check the customer wise report for the orders placed by the customers. 7) GDPR Compliance: The WishList module is GDPR compliant. Module link: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/wishlist-gift-card/18276-knowband-prestashop-advanced-wishlist-save-for-later.html
  7. Hello. I have bunch of problems with a freshly installed prestashop. I started working on some modules developed by myself and the goal is to create a theme of my own. I have programing experience but still i am facing a lot of problems. First of all i haven't been able to find a good tutorial creating a theme from 0 to 100%. The information is rather ambiguos or else there are many problems with Prestashop. For example. My current scenario is like this: I tried to make a theme folder, followed all the information with config yml and so on and when i try to switch to my theme usually i get some errors about cache. I will return with another post regarding this specific subject. I hate cache - so in my case anything related to cache is disabled. i do not use cloudflare yet and still i have cache issues. Even if i delete the var/cache folder there are still errors. I cannot figure it out from where the problems are coming - so instead i tried to take the classic theme and create a child theme. All the same - some other problems appeared - which i overlook because i didn't had the time to look into. SO my final solution was to copy the classic theme folder modify it and use it as my theme. From this point this is my actual problem: In my theme I have used the EXACT config from the default theme and the shop is not the same as in the prestashop demo (classic theme) some modules are misbehaving. For example: I am on the index, on the main page, and if i scroll juuuust a little bit there are some modals which are not allowing me to use the elements on the page (links,button etc). The module that causes this, is the wishlist module which creates some modals asking me to sign in in order to see the wishlist. In the same matter for example in the links in the footer were not displayed like this by default. but rather collapsed or hidden. I could see just the title and everything else collapsed or hidden. ON inspection there were classes used to make the accordion in the mobile version. (hidden, collapsed, fade in etc) Could it have to do with the fact that i am using the last bootstrap version? 5.0? and the latest Jquery 3.6.0 ? Is there a compatibility problem? On the backend, i tried to refresh a module which should have used the method uninstall and install and the module should have reverted to default settings, but instead nothing happend. I Tried to uninstall the module WITHOUT deleting the folder (that checkbox) - at first it showed on the list BUT there were no options available at the checkbox to the right (To install, uninstall configure and so on). No as i am writing this post, my wishlist module (the default one from prestashop) (even though it was uninstalled not deleted, and appears in the folders on the FTP) it doesn't appear in my module list in order to reinstall it. Does anyone else have simmilar problems with this version of prestashop? what is the solution? EDIT2 :Another problem: for example the main menu on hover shoul show the subcategories: in my case : Nothing. On inspect :
  8. Problem when installing the wishlist module in Prestashop ver. the module is from https://github.com/PrestaShop/blockwishlist Download the zip file and extract and change the filename to without "-dev" Zip it again and upload via Prestashop Here's the error shown Attempted to load class "Install" from namespace "PrestaShop\Module\BlockWishList\Database". Did you forget a "use" statement for e.g. "PrestaShopBundle\Install\Install", "PrestaShop\AccountsAuth\Installer\Install", "PrestaShop\Module\PsAccounts\Module\Install" or "PrestaShop\Module\PsEventbus\Module\Install"? [Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\ClassNotFoundException 0] After I move the Install class and uninstall class to under blockwishlist.php, the installation can be processed, but another problem shows on. When I try to enter the module configure page, the error pop up... The controller for URI "/modules/blockwishlist/configuration" is not callable. Class "PrestaShop\Module\BlockWishList\Controller\WishlistConfigurationAdminController" does not exist. [InvalidArgumentException 0] I've tried to clear the var/cache but still.. Can anyone help on this? Thx in advance! PHP ver. 7.3.2 Prestashop ver.
  9. [MODULE] Advanced Wishlist|Favorite|Save for later|Buy later Pro Overview Add products to favorites (wishlist), customers can check the products they need to buy in the future,set favorite categories, promote and share favorite links, built-in customer favorite statistical behavior analysis reports. What this module does for you headset Build customer loyalty We provide a professional collection module. Customers can manually create multiple favorites catalogs, support products to be favorited to multiple favorites at the same time, and set the favorites to be public or private. Once set to public, then customers will get a promotion link , This promotion link can be shared with his friends, which greatly increases the customer’s marketing efforts and stickiness to the platform. In addition, the public promotion and sharing of favorites links are recorded with the number of views, and we have a variety of statistical reports in the background to analyze the behavior of customers' favorite products, which is conducive to the targeted improvement of products and customer relationships by merchants. What your customers will like Feel free to create your own unique multiple favorites catalog and promote to share with your friends or buy products later for memorization. Other Please visit developer's modules page for other amazing modules: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/2_community-developer?contributor=1197421 Please leave your feedback and rating after using the module. It helps us to make better modules and provide better service to you and others:http://addons.prestashop.com/en/ratings.php Software quality is officially certified by PrestaShop Features Collection products Set favorites love icon color Create a favorites directory Set favorites as public or private Promote and share favorites for SEO search or share with friends Count the number of visits to the publicly shared favorites directory Built-in analysis of customer favorite product behavior data report Support multiple stores Support multiple languages Long-term technical support What's New in Version 1.0.0(03/10/2021) Upload the module for the first time. Support and updates You automatically get 3 months of support for this product. For 90 days after your purchase, you can enjoy technical and feature support, as well as access to updates available for this product. Make sure this product runs well on your store for 12 months with Option Zen! With Option Zen, you get access to ALL updates for the product for one year following purchase. Support from the product developer is available by email to answer all your technical and feature-related questions. What is Option Zen? Option Zen includes two services: Unlimited after-sales support during the period covered by the option Access to all updates for the product during the period Option Zen is available at a discount when purchasing this product, but, if you miss out, you can also buy it via your customer account later. It is valid up to one year following the date of purchase of your product. The earlier you buy it, the longer you can enjoy it! What does it include? The following are included in Option Zen: questions about using the module/theme; solving technical problems related to the module/theme; access to all module/theme updates. The following services are not included in Option Zen: customization and special development; installing and updating the module/theme; solving problems concerning third-party services, hosting, the server, or the PrestaShop software. [MODULE] Advanced Wishlist|Favorite|Save for later|Buy later Pro
  10. Bonjour , Je travaille sur Prs Je cherche à déplacer le btn Wishlist dans la partie centrale de la fiche-produit , sous le btn 'Envoyer à un ami' ou 'Imprimer' Actuellement il est placé sous le btn 'Ajouter au Panier' dans la partie droite de la fiche. Je n'ai pas trouvé mais j'imagine que ce n'est pas compliqué pour un vrai programmeur 😊 Quelqu'un aurait-il la solution ? Merci d'avance pour le soutien Pasccual
  11. Zdravím vespolek, nevíte jak bych mohl nastavit u modulu WB Feature, aby byl jen jeden wishlist? Ve výchozím nastavení je možné vytvářet seznamy, toho bych se potřeboval zbavit. Předem díky za nápady. Martin
  12. Hi guys, I'm having some trouble trying to find the compare button in the code on the server. I think I have removed all references to the compare button (as I have no use for it on my shop). But the button still remains there. Can anyone let me know where this can be located in the code so I can find and delete? Shop address for reference is: Click here! The button I want removing is highlighted (the red box) in image below. Thanks in advance for your help
  13. Bonjour, Je bloque sur le problème suivant : J'ai activé la wishlist et elle fonctionne bien mais quand je clique sur "Envoyer cette liste" pour transmettre la wishlist à quelqu'un, il me ré-affiche le bouton "Envoyer cette liste" alors je reclique dessus et le bouton disparait ! Et il n'envoie rien à personne, évidemment... Please help :o) Site www.lasourisdesbois.com Thème JMS_Cake
  14. Bonjour, Je suis sous Prestashop 1.6, j'ai le theme JMS_Cake. Site www.lasourisdesbois.com Lorsque je veux ajouter un produit dans ma liste de souhaits, il ne se passe ...rien (cf copie d'écran) Lorsque je vais dans le menu du compte client et que je clique sur wishlist, il essaie d'atteindre la page suivante : https://www.lasourisdesbois.com/index.php?fc=module&module=blockwishlist&controller=mywishlist et me renvoie une erreur 404 Je pense qu'il y a un truc qui n'est pas activé quelque part. J'ai bien un répertoire blockwishlist dans mon /mon_theme/modules/. Par contre si je cherche "wishlist' dans les modules sur le BO, il me propose d'installer Wishlist block v1.3.2 - par PrestaShop. Alors installé ou pas installé ? Je sais pas par quel bout le prendre. Si j'installe ce module, ça va pas me mettre le dawa avec l'existant ? Il devait déjà y avoir un module fourni avec le thème. Mais si je n'installe pas ce module, je fais comment pour faire fonctionner la wishlist ? Bref, votre aide sera grandement appréciée ! Merci Yan
  15. Hallo, möchte den merkzettel vom kundenmenu entfernen, da er nicht eingesetzt werden soll. konnte den link nicht finden, weiss jemand wo das ist https://i.imgur.com/0hXkCJH.png ps: 1.7.x im Einsatz Danke
  16. Good afternoon. I have the Prestashop version installed. The wishlist function is not working. When the customer clicks on wishlist, no event occurs, that is, the article is not added to the list. I already uninstalled the module and reinstalled, but it did not work. Do you know how to solve it? Loja em: https://livros.liturgia.pt
  17. Hello everybody! I have a problem with my wishlist. First question - stock theme in prestashop does support 2 or more wishlists? If it support - then there is a problem with add products to wishlists. If I click on button "wishlist" the product add is not the one I chose. Always add the last item on the page. It is bug. How can I fix it? Thanks! And It is happens if I create only 2 or more wishlist in account Thanks for the help!
  18. Hola a todos, necesito ayuda con el botón de favoritos. Me gustaría que al hacer click y añadir un producto a favoritos, se cambiara automáticamente a "eliminar de favoritos". He leído varias respuestas sobre el tema pero corresponden a versiones anteriores a la de Prestashop. Muchas gracias de antemano, un saludo.
  19. Hello everyone! Please help me on how to display price in wishlist module when I click the wishlist that sent to me by a friend. Help me please. Thanks in advance!
  20. For more sees I attached the screenshot which I am in troubles. And my wishlist is not working.
  21. Bonjour je recherche un module gratuit ou payant permettant de créer une liste de mots clefs qui si ils se retrouvent sur le site dans un produit avertiront par mail le client en lui donnant les liens des produits concernés (même si ce produit n'avait jamais été sur le site) Merci
  22. Hola, Tengo la última versión de Prestashop con el tema default-bootstrap que estoy modificando y estoy trabajando en local. Estoy intentando configurar el módulo Bloque de wishlist, pero no consigo que funcione correctamente. Cuando le doy a añadir a la lista de deseos en la lista de productos, se me añade a la lista y además se cambia el icono del corazón para que puedas saber que productos tienes añadidos a la lista. Pero cuando entro en una página de producto esto no ocurre, al añadir el producto a la lista de deseos el icono no cambia. He mirado todos los archivos y veo que el botón en esta página es diferente al de la lista de productos y no se comporta igual, pero sustituyendo este botón por el mismo de la lista tampoco funciona. ¿Alguien sabe como solucionar esto? Muchas gracias.
  23. Hola Alguien sabe como funciona la lista de deseos? es decir cuando voy al panel del usuario veo los productos añadidos https://www.screencast.com/t/tdqDWukF pero cuando intento ingresar a ellos no aparecen con los atributos seleccionados y tampoco me da la opcion de comprarlo
  24. Bonjour, Il y a possibilité de créer plusieurs liste dans le blockwishlist, par contre je ne vois aucunement comment changer de liste ou transférer les produits d'une liste à l'autre. Est-ce un oubli dans le module ou est-ce que je manque quelque chose?? Quelqu'un sait?
  25. Hello community, Situation: Prestashop Template :. default I am despairing. If you log in as a user/customer in the shop with a mobile device and surf to a product site, the button Wishlist always slips. (See appendix / picture) Does anyone know the problem or has a solution for me? best regards Robert
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