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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, What could be more annoying than a module difficult to configure with a long documentation like the Parisian directory (for the older ones). When I develop my modules, I always try to remove any element that could make their configuration difficult. Here again I applied my principle but beyond everything I've done so far. Thus, you will avoid configuring 7 elements that can complicate your task since they correspond to color chords between them. A pleasant configuration for a graphic designer or a designer but certainly not for a merchant. The module integrates a counter on all products on promotion with an end date. You can deactivate it or display it only on the last X days of the promotion. Of course you can customize the color of the counter, but instead of having to choose 2 complementary colors to keep the effect of the start counter and also to match the color of the typography, my module will calculate the right colors by itself, so you only choose the main color. The counter has an option to boost your promotions at the end of the countdown, so you can define 2 levels from which your counter will change color to appeal to the customer present on the product sheet that he must hurry if he wants to take advantage of this exceptional offer. To further motivate your customers, this counter will start flashing during the last minute of your promotion. To inform your customers more precisely without disturbing the display, you can activate a tooltip that will appear when the mouse passes over the counter. This tooltip contains the basic counter in text format that you can frame with custom phrases in all the languages of your store. You can also frame the counter with an HTML message before and after to customize everything for your store. Images Video Download Prestatoolbox : https://www.prestatoolbox.com/front-office-features/449-the-perfect-countdown.html Addons : https://addons.prestashop.com/en/private-sales-flash-sales/51081-perfect-countdown.html
  2. Ever typed a crapload of stuff into your pages only to have the system time out on you without notice? Yeah...happened to me. Total flaw in the system. It should have one or both of two things: Autosave draft (recoverable upon re-entry login) Notification of session ready to time out (should have an opt button to continue with session) So, I guess it's "don't trust the system" and type it all up in word, then copy/paste. Isn't it 2018 already? Can't we do stuff like turn our stove off over the internet and other crazy previously unimaginable stuff? Come on developers...time to get with the times already !
  3. I am trying to find a way to add a basic countdown clock/timer and text to a banner on the PS 1.7 homepage. I have purchased 4 modules that were either specific to a homepage banner countdown, or that included a countdown banner as a feature in the module and I have not been able to get one of them working. I have contacted the developers for help, but I haven't heard back from any of them. I actually heard back from one, but they said that their module wouldn't do this properly in PS 1.7. I just want a single line banner under the homepage full width slider that has a countdown clock and room for me to add text to explain what the timer is for. That's it. I have been searching and researching this for days and I still cannot find any PrestaShop specific help. Is there a way I could add JavaScript to an html block that would allow me to display a countdown timer? The countdown clock has to be separate from the product countdown features. The countdown I need has to be able to display a countdown clock that has nothing to do with any sales in the shop. Please help Thanks
  4. Modul ini memungkinkan Anda untuk menampilkan penawaran terbatas-waktu sebagai countdown timer. Dapat ditampilkan pada halaman produk, produk, homepage, halaman tertentu countdown, atas halaman dan kolom dengan gulir. Modul dapat menonaktifkan secara otomatis kadaluarsa produk atau produk di mana aktif menawarkan datang hari mulai (pilihan ini dikonfigurasi dari modul) . Fitur: Pagination untuk produk-produk di back office Gambar untuk countdown Warna teks Jumlah produk untuk menunjukkan Pagination Pilihan semacam Ukuran font Lebar dan tinggi Perbatasan jenis Warna latar belakang Mengaktifkan atau menonaktifkan produk kadaluarsa otomatis Kompatibel con Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera Link http://catalogo-onli...wn-spesial.html v2.7 - sekarang dapat menambahkan homefeatured (Anda perlu menonaktifkan modul dalam rumah dari konfigurasi modul)
  5. Questo modulo consente di visualizzare le offerte di tempo limitato come un conteggio alla rovescia. Può essere visualizzato sulla pagina del prodotto, elenco dei prodotti, la Home page, una pagina specifica, conto alla rovescia, superiore delle pagine e le colonne con una pergamena. Il modulo può spegnere automaticamente scadute prodotti o prodotti dove offriamo l'active arriva un giorno di partenza (questa opzione è configurata dal modulo) . Caratteristiche: Impaginazione per prodotti in back-office Immagine per il conto alla rovescia Colore del testo Quantità di prodotti da mostrare Impaginazione Scelta dell'ordinamento Dimensione carattere Larghezza e altezza Tipo di confine Colore di sfondo Attivare o disattivare automaticamente prodotti scaduti Compatibile con Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera Link http://catalogo-onli...a-specials.html v2.7 - Ora è possibile aggiungere in homefeatured (è necessario disabilitare il modulo in casa dalla configurazione del modulo)
  6. Hello everybody, we are willing to make some changes at our shop and looking for professionals to achieve this, the changes are next: Change the display of products when you are inside a category, now it shows as product-list.tpl, and we want to display products as product.tpl. Install a module for setting up time each products, for example, we want a product to be active 24h, or a single day, then the product has to be moved to another category, all of this must be automatically once setted up. I would like to know how much time it will take make this all and a close budget for doing the job. Thank you in advance. Kind regards.
  7. Hello everybody, I am looking for a module to enable or disable products by time, for example, enable a product from Monday 00.00 and disable it on Tuesday 00.00, Countdown special timer is only for product sales and it is not exactly what I'm looking for, does anybody know if exists something like that? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Mates, I have a PHP code which is working with PS Its a countdown timer which provides difference between current time and 15th hour that day. Its a process which works daily. Herewith providing the example link. http://www.old.unikmobil.dk/iphone-5-biltilbehor/2411-usb-billader-12v-24v-sort.html Here is my code: {php} $todayDate = date("j"); $todayMonth = date("n"); $todayTime = date("G"); $todayYear = date("Y"); $leapYear = $todayYear/4; $leapYear = strpos($leapYear, "."); if(empty($leapYear)) { } if($todayTime < $this->_tpl_vars[special][PS_DELIVERY_COUNTDOWN_TIME]) { $date = $todayDate; $month = $todayMonth; } else { if($todayMonth == 1) { if($todayDate == 31){ $date = 1; $month = 2; } else { $date = $todayDate+1; $month = $todayMonth; } } elseif($todayMonth == 2) { if((empty($leapYear)) && ($todayDate == 29)) { $date = 1; $month = 3; } elseif(($todayDate == 28) && !empty($leapYear)){ $date = 1; $month = 3; } else { $date = $todayDate+1; $month = $todayMonth; } } elseif($todayMonth == 3) { if($todayDate == 31){ $date = 1; $month = 4; } else { $date = $todayDate+1; $month = $todayMonth; } } elseif($todayMonth == 4) { if($todayDate == 30){ $date = 1; $month = 5; } else { $date = $todayDate+1; $month = $todayMonth; } } elseif($todayMonth == 5) { if($todayDate == 31){ $date = 1; $month = 6; } else { $date = $todayDate+1; $month = $todayMonth; } } elseif($todayMonth == 6) { if($todayDate == 30){ $date = 1; $month = 7; } else { $date = $todayDate+1; $month = $todayMonth; } } elseif($todayMonth == 7) { if($todayDate == 31){ $date = 1; $month = 8; } else { $date = $todayDate+1; $month = $todayMonth; } } elseif($todayMonth == 8) { if($todayDate == 31){ $date = 1; $month = 9; } else { $date = $todayDate+1; $month = $todayMonth; } } elseif($todayMonth == 9) { if($todayDate == 30){ $date = 1; $month = 10; } else { $date = $todayDate+1; $month = $todayMonth; } } elseif($todayMonth == 10) { if($todayDate == 31){ $date = 1; $month = 11; } else { $date = $todayDate+1; $month = $todayMonth; } } elseif($todayMonth == 11) { if($todayDate == 30){ $date = 1; $month = 12; } else { $date = $todayDate+1; $month = $todayMonth; } } elseif($todayMonth == 12) { if($todayDate == 31){ $date = 1; $month = 1; $todayYear = $todayYear+1; } else { $date = $todayDate+1; $month = $todayMonth; } } } $target = mktime($this->_tpl_vars[special][PS_DELIVERY_COUNTDOWN_TIME], 0, 0, $month, $date, $todayYear); $curTime = time(); $nextReset = $target-$curTime; if((date("l") == 'Friday' AND $nextReset > 43200) OR (date("l") == 'Saturday') OR (date("l") == 'Sunday')) { $this->assign('mandag','True'); } else { if($nextReset <= 43200) { $sendDay = "I DAG"; } else { $sendDay = "I MORGEN"; } } {/php} {if $product->quantity > 0} {literal} <script type="text/javascript"> var nTime = {/literal}{php} echo $nextReset; {/php}{literal}; function countDown() { var nH = Math.floor(nTime/3600), nRest = nTime%3600, nM = Math.floor(nRest/60), nS = nRest%60; if (nM<10) nM = "0" + nM; if (nS<10) nS = "0" + nS; oTime.firstChild.nodeValue = (nH+" time(r) "+nM+" min "+nS+" sek"); if (nTime==0) { window.location.href=window.location.href } else { nTime--; setTimeout("countDown()", 1000); } } var oTime = null; window.onload = function() { oTime = document.getElementById("timeDisplay"); countDown(); } </script> {/literal} {/if} {if $product->quantity > 0} {if $special.PS_DELIVERY_COUNTDOWN == '1'} {if $special.PS_DELIVERY_COUNTDOWN_MSG != ""} <div class="timeleft">{$special.PS_DELIVERY_COUNTDOWN_MSG}</div> {elseif $mandag == 'True'} <div class="timeleft">Hvis du bestiller nu,<br /> sender vi pakken <strong>MANDAG</strong> ! </div> {else} <div class="timeleft">Hvis du bestiller inden<br /> <span id="timeDisplay"> </span><br /> sender vi pakken <strong>{php} echo $sendDay; {/php}</strong> ! </div> {/if} {/if} {/if} I need this code to implemented in PS Please help me in this. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello! I've been trying to understand smarty for a while now and I still don't get it. I'm trying to create a module that will show up in the left column, the module will display a timer that will count down to a specific time. I got my PHP-script, my javascript and the html code that is necessary for this. It works if I run it on a .html page. The problem now is to get this to work within a .tpl file which I have no clue how to do, I've read alot of threads and tutorials without any success. This is my .tpl file: <script> var millis = "12222222"; function displaytimer(){ var hours = Math.floor(millis / 36e5), mins = Math.floor((millis % 36e5) / 6e4), secs = Math.floor((millis % 6e4) / 1000); if (hours > 0){ document.getElementById('count').innerHTML = hours+':'+mins+":"+secs; } else { document.getElementById('count').innerHTML = mins+":"+secs; var nFilter = document.getElementById('count'); nFilter.setAttribute("style", "font-weight:bold;color: #E00;float:left;"); } } setInterval(function(){ millis -= 1000; displaytimer(); }, 1000); </script> <h2 style="margin-bottom:20px;">{l s='Countdown' mod='welcome'}</h2> <div id="delivery"> <p style="float:left;">Time left: </p> <p id="count" style="float:left;font-weight:bold;"></p> </div> This shows a module, that is hooked to the left column. The output right now is like this: Time left: 3:23:41 3:23:41 = 12222222 (milliseconds) And yes, it counts down as it should. I got this PHP-function to get the time: <?php $x = time(); $tre = mktime(14); if ($x < $tre) { $y = strtotime('today 14:00:00'); } else { $y = strtotime('tomorrow 14:00:00'); } $result = floor(($y - $x) / 60); $s = $result * 60; $ms = $s * 1000; ?> I want to pass the variable $ms to my .tpl-file, how do I do this? Where do I put the script? Like this: <script> var millis = "{$ms}"; I've tried the $smarty->assign("ms", $ms) But I don't know where to put that code. Thankful for any help! :-)
  10. Un modèle avec offre délai de première qualité, le module de curseur, 4 décors au choix du gestionnaire et plus encore ! Ce thème comprend le module compte à rebours Specials, qui montre votre prix baisser avec minuterie de compte à rebours, idéal pour l'augmentation de vos ventes avec beaucoup d'offres (configuré dans la produc - > Prix). Vous pouvez ajouter des images dans les colonnes, maison ou haut, avec le module exclusif de curseur Aero (peut être ajouter des images différentes pour chaque lenguages). Ce modèle comprend un panier flottant et 4 images de fond (peut être modifié d'un module exclusif). Caractéristiques: 2 colonnes Multilingue Offre de temps limité Curseur Aero pour diapositives d'images Menu horizontal (configuré de back-office) Panier flottant Aller au bouton haut de la page Partager à facebook et twitter sur le pied de page Module de changeur de fond Croix de navigateur Démo live http://prestashoptemplates.com.ar/test74/ Link http://catalogo-onlinersi.net/fr/modeles-14/365-magasin-de-vente-ps-14.html
  11. Does anyone know of a module that I could add to have a sale countdown timer appear next to an item for sale? This is for 24 hour sales and the like, ideally the item could be made unavailable after that time but that is not crucial. Any suggestions?
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