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Found 21 results

  1. I was wondering if is difficult to make a shipping module which would actually calculate weight with price and not reading the preset numbers in fields which I have to manually fill? We have a shipping for example which is calculated per 100g up to 30kg and each country different values. Kinda hassle , especially if getting half way , the DB response when filling the numbers in boxes , is very slow. Also too much work. So I'm looking for a shipping module where for each country or zone I can set , for example : 1st. 50g-3$ , following each +50g - 0.5$ ,( means 100g - 3.5$ ) then also add an additional fee 2$ to that parcel for example ( means total would be 5.5$ ) . Each shipping method should have the limitation , so I can set it up for example only up to 2 kg . ( like EMS e-packet ) PS 1.6 As each country has different shipping rates, I couldn't use the zones ( I don't know why shipping can't be set on individual countries ) . So I ended up to make a zone for each individual country and assigned it. Like America assigned to the zone named America ...so it shows up in shipping set DB list as an individual country. Another question , if that has to be calculated by some formula , does it slow the shipping module, the ordering process ? If not possible this way, would be possible just make some import module which can convert xls file ( because I can generate that DB of numbers in excel ) ? I know it is somehow possible to import it via MySQL , but I'm afraid to mess up something there , so just simple module with button "Add xls file " would be the best. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone! I'd like to add a pickup point option to an existing shipping module. Successfully added the map to the DisplayCarrierExtraContent hook, and when the customer select a pickup point i'll call a frontController of the shipping module and pass the address of the pickup point to him. In the frontController, I extract the current id_address_delivery from the $this->context->cart... and update the delivery address with the pickup point data. I use the default Prestashop checkout. The problem: I am in step 3 (Shipping method) when I send the pickup point address to the controller and change the deliveryAddress. When I press Next, it does not jump to step 4 (Payment) but jumps back to step 3 (Addresses). I think this is because the deliveryAddress has changed in the meantime. How to solve this? Shouldn't the address be changed during the ordering process? In this case, when should the deliveryAddress be changed? After the order was successful placed (orderConfirmation hook)? in the module frontController postProcess() $deliveryAddress = new Address($this->context->cart->id_address_delivery); $deliveryAddress->address1 = 'New address'; $deliveryAddress->city = 'New city'; .... // it works well without this line -> pressing Next in step3(Shipping method) will jump to step4(Payment). // that is, in case I didn't save the address changes $deliveryAddress->save(); Thanks for the help! Prestashop 1.7.6
  3. Hi, I am developing a carrier module and using API call to get carrier cost from Bigpost Shipping, i am getting results from bigpost using api call but the problem is request taking too much time to get results, my code's are public function carrierCost($id_address){ $cart = Context::getContext()->cart; $products = $cart->getProducts(true); //print_r($products); foreach($products as $key => $product){ $products_array[] = array( 'ItemType' => 0, 'Description' => $products[$key]['name'], 'Quantity' => $products[$key]['cart_quantity'], 'Height' => $products[$key]['height'], 'Width' => $products[$key]['width'], 'Length' => $products[$key]['depth'], 'Weight' => 10, 'Consolidatable' => true); } $address = new Address($id_address); $url = "https://www.bigpost.com.au/api/getquote"; $ch = curl_init(); $headers = array( 'Content-Type: application/json', 'AccessToken: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' ); $data = array ( 'JobType' => 2, 'BuyerIsBusiness' => true, 'BuyerHasForklift' => true, 'ReturnAuthorityToLeaveOptions' => true, 'JobDate' => '2020-08-14', 'DepotId' => 0, 'PickupLocation' => array ( 'Name' => 'xxxx', 'Address' => 'xxxx', 'AddressLineTwo' => 'string', 'LocalityId' => 0, 'Locality' => array ( 'Id' => 0, 'Suburb' => 'xxxx', 'Postcode' => 'xxxx', 'State' => 'WA', ), ), 'BuyerLocation' => array ( 'Name' => $address->firstname." ".$address->lstname, 'Address' => $address->address1, 'AddressLineTwo' => 'string', 'LocalityId' => 0, 'Locality' => array ( 'Id' => 0, 'Suburb' => $address->city, 'Postcode' => $address->postcode, 'State' => 'WA', ), ), 'Items' => $products_array, ); $data_string = json_encode($data); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, $headers); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST, true); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $data_string); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, True); $server_output = curl_exec($ch); $_error = curl_error($ch); curl_close($ch); if ($_error == '') { return json_decode($server_output, true); } else { return FALSE; } } and i am using this function inside public function getOrderShippingCost($params, $shipping_cost) but that taking too much time if i open cart page, increase qty in cart, change address etc. what should i do, please help and thanks in advance. Prestashop
  4. Hi - am looking for a shipping module for South Africa - OR assistance to set up a Courier Module ... Thanks!
  5. hi, i am creating my own shipping module. what is the varible for the order total? how to call it? thx!
  6. Hello guys, This is my very first post in the community. I am a Web Developer mainly working with Laravel as a framework and I have got a task in a Prestashop module. Our client - a shipping company asked to migrate their shipping module for merchants from Prestashop 1.6 to the latest version. Could you please recommend any tutorial to get up and running in a short time with Prestashop? Many thanks, Zeyad
  7. Ik heb een verzend module die ik na de upgrade van 1.4 naar 1.7 wil blijven gebruiken omdat deze niet te vergelijken is met welke andere module dan ook. Per products kan je aangeven met welke vervoerder deze verstuurd wordt en boven een bepaald gewicht schakelt deze over naar de volgende vervoerder. Hierdoor kan hij perfect gebruikt worden voor producten die tot een bepaalde gewicht als brievenpost verstuurd kunnen worden en boven een bepaald gewicht per pakket. Of een combinatie van producten waar briefpost en pakketpost producten tussen zitten welke dan alleen vanaf een bepald totaalgewicht per pakket verzonden worden met de bijbehorende verzendkosten. Degene die hem heeft gemaakt heeft geen updates gemaakt. Hoe kan deze geupdate worden naar de laatste versie van PS?
  8. Hi guys, I am wondering if you have a solution for comprehensive shipping method. I have several conditions & factors for shipping, such as: Where do they live What product category: may need to disable it for some product categories Weight Quantity Prestashop default shipping can't detect where do they live to determine the shipping cost. I also want to disable this shipping if some factors are not matching the criteria. Seems like area & product category are essential to determine the shipping. Is there any recommendation? FYI, the location is in Australia.
  9. I have following question:in caseif I have 2 carriers with different rates for different country zones. When I signed up for account in country A, and after that I would like to have delivery to the address in country B shipping module shows only options for country A. Does it mean that delivery is tight up to IP adddress and I can't send to country B in this case?
  10. UPS requires (7) API Keys to integrate their services with Prestashop. You have to: Follow the UPS Developer Guide - which says you have a high degree of familiarity with URL Programming, SLL, XML and SOAP Review the requirements for each API Key (more than 7 if you're shipping internationaly) Dowload the SDK Write all the XML files in preparation for UPS' testing environment Submit your API Keys to UPS for access to their testing environment Test all your XML files in their' testing environment - except (2) that need separate approval Obtain certification from UPS' Certification Team for the Shipping API after it's been tested Then add the API Keys - one by one - into Shipping Module And the only UPS paid module I can find is for tracking packages. Am I the only one with this problem? If anyone knows an easier way PLEASE let me know!!!
  11. In setting up my new store, I have run into an issue with setting up any shipping modules. All I can do is to create a flat rate carrier from scratch, but want to use USPS and UPS modules. With each module, after entering my credentials and API keys I get the following message: I have verified that allow_url_fopen is ON with my host. Is there some other setting that needs updating? Want to get the shipping modules set up before I go live. Thanks!
  12. The details: Prestashop version Free "Connect to USPS" Module Item is showing as "Free Shipping" in the cart ("No Carriers Available" in checkout until an addresses is added) I have Free Shipping set to $10,000 (to get rid of $0 setting it off) Carrier is assigned to the warehouse I've tried selecting and unselecting carriers for this item Yes, I did contact USPS to get my API activated & it's been confirmed ;-) Any way to change this - is there a module that I'm missing (or at least something that says "you need to provide an address before we can give you a shipping estimate)? Thanks
  13. So I have enabled the UPS shipping module. I have multi store enabled. One of the stores is US and the other is GB. The UPS shipping module is enabled on the US store only and I have populated the configuration of the shipping module with the US address of where the products will be shipped from. All looks good except the shipping estimates are astronomical when the order needs to be shipped somewhere in the US. Also UPS ground is not available. So this tells me that it is trying to ship from some where else. Is there an issue with UPS and multi-store? PrestaShop™ Thanks, Don
  14. Hey there, I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to set weight limits to price ranges on shipments. Up until recently it was only working on price ranges but i had a couple orders where the merchendise was so heavy that lost my money on shipping cause i could not set the weight limit so the program would automtically pick up an overweight order and give a customer an option of either cancelling the item or putting items in another parcel that they would pay for. Is there an option in the built-in module or perhaps there is a paid module that would take care of this issue? Thanks
  15. Does anybody have a simple example of a shipping-module for prestashop 1.5x ? Prestashop is really nice, but the DEVELOPMENT DOCUMENTATION is still VERY POOR !!!
  16. Module JNE Carrier version 1.2.6 (new) Module JNE Carrier untuk menghitung ongkos kirim berdasarkan kelipatan berat JNE di Indonesia. Berbeda dengan Indonesian Shipping Module yang pernah saya buat berdasarkan tweak Core Prestashop, module ini dirancang khusus tanpa merubah Core Prestashop. Feature: 100% pure module, tidak merubah Core Prestashop, bukan override ataupun tweak (modifikasi) Tidak berpengaruh dan dipengaruhi module shipping lainnya. Gratis instalasi Penghitungan ongkos kirim langsung dilakukan oleh module ini sendiri, bukan dari class carrier.php Otomatis menambahkan 33 propinsi (atau 497 kota/kabupaten - opsional) di Indonesia dalam tabel: country, menambahkan 6623 zone baru dalam tabel: zone, mengganti tabel: state menjadi 6745 state (termasuk 6600 kecamatan / distrik). (Daftar kecamatan bersumber dari wikipedia, jumlahnya lebih banyak dari jumlah kecamatan dalam daftar harga JNE). Otomatis mendeteksi module pembayaran (bankwire/paypal) yang aktif dan menambahkan 33 propinsi (atau 497 kota/kabupaten - opsional) ke "Countries restrictions". Mencegah munculnya error saat checkout menggunakan country baru. Integrated JNE Services: OKE - REG - YES (3 service dalam 1 module) lebih simple dan hemat memory Tersedia juga JNE SS Service Module ini sudah ditest dan berjalan stabil di PrestaShop - - - - - - - Kompatible dengan PrestaShop 1.5 Gratis Update Additional administration fee, biaya administrasi tambahan - dalam rupiah [baru] Additional cost rate, biaya tambahan - dalam persen [baru] Support Multi Currency dengan mata uang default selain Rupiah [baru] Automatic Volumetric [baru] KOTA ASAL PENGIRIMAN: Jakarta (REG, OKE, YES, SS) Denpasar (REG, YES) untuk kota lain segera menyusul. Harga hanya: Rp 200.000 saja (untuk 3 Basic Service: OKE, REG, YES) untuk SS + Rp 50.000 More Info | Demo Site Origin Jakarta Silakan SMS/Telp di 021 9950 8108 atau 0853 1999 8788 untuk info lebih lanjut
  17. I have regular Canada Post choosen for shipping. I don't want to set up an account with Canad Post or give customers option of carriers. Tried to turn it off, but shipping needs a default apparently, In check out I get this error: There are no carriers available that deliver to this address. Is it possible to do without shipping options all together? Thanks Karen
  18. Hoping someone can help me. I am currently setting up my first Prestashop site. Having trouble with the shipping estimater. I have read and followed the steps found online here: http://doc.prestasho...naging+Shipping I have also read the shipping set up info in the book: PrestaShop 1.3 Beginner's Guide. (although I have 1.4.8) I have completed the following steps: Zones - changed North America to USA and added Canada as a zone Countries - enabled all of them and changed Canada's zone from USA to Canada (not sure why it was like that in the first place - lol) Carriers - created my own carriers for the US, Canada and International Price Ranges - Created the necessary price ranges Fees - Filled in all the necessary fees Default Country - I currently have this as USA, but I have tried it with Canada and UK as well But the "Shipping Estimater" is not offering the correct results to the customer. When I put the Default Country as USA: USA carrier and pricing shows correctly. All other countries show the correct carrier but "free" for the price (this is only half way right as the international shipping is not free). When I put the Default Country as any other country ie UK: All countries show the correct carrier and pricing scale, but Canada and US become "free" for all (this is only half way right as there are a few paid options for Canada and US). The shipping estimater gives different results depending on the Default Country that I choose, but none of the choices are making the thing calculate ALL SHIPPING COST correctly. Please help! I have been working on this for days. I have read everything I can find and tried every combo I can think of, but I am at an impass. My temporary site url is: Please throw an item into the cart and try the shipping estimater and let me know if you know what I have done wrong!! Thank you, Ronda
  19. I'm configuring my USPS module as I am trying to migrate from Zencart over to Prestashop. When placing our USPS User ID as requested and origin zip code, when testing we show only 2-9 shipping option for $5.79 regardless how much an order weighs, where it is going, etc... We have 2-9 day, 2-3 day, overnight checked... unfortunately only 2-9day shows at a flat $5.79 regardless. Any ideas? I've gone through configs, made sure all our product weights are correct...etc.
  20. I'd like to offer local pickup as a shipping option only to customers who live within a certain distance or within a postcode range of my location. Is there a way of doing this? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  21. I have a client with a PrestaShop store that is almost ready to go live. He wants to offer some items with free shipping via USPS Flat Rate boxes, some items shipping USPS Flat Rate that are not free, and some items shipping UPS Ground at standard shipping rates. He wants all these options available on the same online order, so if a customer chooses 3 products on one purchase, Product A it will appear in the cart as shipping USPS for free, Product B will appear shipping UPS Ground for $6.98 and Product C would appear as USPS Flat Rate at $5.20. In order to get some items to ship for free, he assigned free shipping via USPS for anything over 1,000 lbs., then applying a fictional weight of 1,000 lbs to anything he'd want to ship for free. That works until the customer adds an item to the cart that ships UPS Ground at standard shipping cost. Then Prestashop combines the items into one free shipment with the option of either UPS or USPS. That is not going to work for him. Only certain items can ship for free or ship via USPS. Most would require UPS Ground. So, does a module exist that might separate the shippers by item or by category, and maintain that separation in the cart at checkout? If not, and I assume not because we have searched pretty relentlessly on this, is there a programmer out there willing to take this on? I am sure others would benefit from such a feature.
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