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  1. Hi, Within the framework of Brexit here is the version for PrestaShop 1.7. This module will therefore manage VAT for orders of more or less £135. Because yes, the Brexit agreement has imposed a different management of taxes according to a fixed amount in Pound Sterling. This requires you to install this currency in your store and to set up the automatic update of exchange rates. You can deactivate this currency so that it is not displayed to your customers, but it must be installed. Tutorial (french) : https://www.mediacom87.fr/comment-installer-la-livre-sterling-sur-prestashop-17/ All this to announce that I have completed my tax management module for the United Kingdom as part of the Brexit for PrestaShop versions 1.6 and 1.7. Download on Prestatoolbox: https://www.prestatoolbox.com/international-localization/448-brexit-prestashop-17-module.html Download on Addons: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/price-management/50761-vat-management-united-kingdom-brexit.html Compatibility: PrestaShop 1.6 PrestaShop 1.7 PrestaShop 8
  2. Hey there! I have a question. I have about 9 thousand products imported from a CSV file. In the CSV file, there is an NVS column. If the item has N, then only 1 shipping cost is charged, even if 5 units are ordered. If the item has V or S, there is one shipping charge for each unit, which adds the shipping cost to the order. Shipping cost is importing without a problem, but the problem is that NVS. If the product has an N value, only one (1) shipping cost will be charged, even if 5 units are ordered. If the product has a value of V or S, then a shipping cost is charged for each unit of the product, which adds the shipping cost to the order. But the value of these N, V and S classes can be different. That is, for one product with S class it may be 8 euros and for another it may be 10 euros and for a third it may be 13 euros. It is necessary to be able to specify this NVS column when importing products. When importing, the N, V or S parameter would go into the product and the "Additional shipping price" would be related to it. That is, if N and 5 euros is specified, then at least for 20 units there will be 5 euros extra. And if V or S is specified, then for each unit of the product will be added 5 euros. Question. How can this be done? Any way will do, even if it is an out-of-the-box module.
  3. For globally shipping products the customs need a HS (Harmonised System) code and a Country of Origin. I still have no idea why this is not a default feature of Prestashop, so i created a module for this. After installing the module you can find a HS code and a country of origin field in the back office for each product. (as show in the image above) Afterwards you can easily add the HS code and country of origin on your delivery slips and/or invoices. Installation You can install this module on any Prestashop 1.7 and Prestashop 8 shop. After installing the module you would have to manually edit the invoice/delivery slip template. (because Prestashop does not allow this with the module installation) In the module there is a folder called 'pdf' if you place this folder in your /themes/YOUR-THEME/ folder you are done. Github link Download: hscodes.zip Updates: * 01-08-2023 add country of origin to the module for reach product
  4. Hi! This is an odd one. I noticed that "{carrier}" is used in the order_conf.html email template and new_order.html email template and when emailed, shows the name of the carrier selected for the order. I'd like to include that info in a couple of other emails the customer receives when I update order status, including the shipped.html template. Well, I figured it would be as easy as typing in "{carrier}" just like "{shop name}" etc., but for some reason it doesn't work. I'm using PS 1.5.3, is there something I need to check or edit in order to be able to do this? Thanks in advance! Elaine
  5. Hello, Version I have a problem regarding the shipping cost for single and multiply items. I have 4 shipping options created, I use the weight of the cart to decide what carrier is selected and what cost is charged. Shipping Options are: Regular Postage = 0-2kg £3.20 charge Courier = 0-30kg £6 , Additonal Shipping Cost Disabled, 30-60kg £12, 60-90kg £18, etc,etc up to 6 parcels 180kg 1/2 Pallet Delivery = 20-500kg Additonal Shipping Cost Disabled £30 Full Pallet Delivery = 20-1000kg Additonal Shipping Cost Disabled £60 Example: For some of my products I have an Additional Shipping Charge of £2 added to cover the cost of the packaging. This is generally on items over 13kg So when a product of 14kg is added to the cart the shipping cost will be £6 + £2 additional shipping cost. Cart total will be the cost of the item and £8 shipping. If I add 2 x 14kg items to the cart total weight is 28kg. Cart total will be cost of the item and £10 shipping cost. This is how i expect that to work and I have no problem with it. My issue is on the 3rd and 4th Pallet Delivery option, I have the Additonal Shipping Cost box disabled. But when i add the items to the cart it is still adding in and charging the Additonal Shipping Rate of £2 Example: I add 20 items x 20kg so a cart combined weight is 400kg, the cost for shipping should be £30. But it is displaying the shipping cost of £70. Has anyone come accross this issue and is there a simple fix.? Thanks in advance
  6. Where are the translations located for the word "Free" in the Ajax Cart and on the Checkout pages. Looked everywhere, but I could not find it. How to change "Free" to something else, and keep this when upgrading? Thanks for the help. Version used of PS: Prestashop (stable branche, or so they say...)
  7. Product Availability Check By Zip Code Module Product Availability Check By Zip Code Module allows the store admin to display the availability of the products based on the location of the customer. The admin can also define the number of days in which product will be delivered to the zip code entered by the customer. After enabling this module the store admin can display a "Check Availability" option on the product page. The customer can check the availability of the product by just entering the zip code of his/her location. More info and purchase here: Product Availability Check by Zip Code FRONT DEMO BACKOFFICE DEMO Features of the Product Availability Check By Zip Code Module: 1) Easy to use interface. 2) Admin can add the multiple zones for the different zip codes. 3) At the time of creating the zones, admin can enable the option to display the number of days in which the product will be delivered. 4) Admin can enable the setting so that if the product delivery will be available in the customer's location then only customer can add the product to the cart. 5) Admin has the option to disable the module for the selected products. 6) Admin can map the products to the zones. The Product Availability Check By Zip Code Module allows the store admin to map the products via CSV or one by one.
  8. Hello, I need to set different shipping costs for Corsica which is currently included in France, how can I do this?
  9. Preferred Delivery Time Module Preferred Delivery Time module allows the store admin to display the delivery time slot at the checkout page so that customers can pick the preferred date and time for the delivery. This module is really helpful to increase the customer experience. In case you sell the products like Gift Card, Flower Bouquet, Cake etc then this extension is one of the must-have extensions for your store. More Info and purchase here: Preferred Delivery Time Module FRONT DEMO BACK OFFICE DEMO Key features of the Preferred Delivery Time module: 1) Admin can set the number of days after which the delivery will be available. 2) Admin can enable the time slot so that customers can select the preferred time slot. 3) Admin can even select the time slot range like 2 Hrs, 4 Hrs. 4) Admin can disable the delivery for a specific day for e.g. Admin can disable the delivery option on Sunday. 5) Admin can send the order confirmation email with the details of the order and preferred delivery time. Module link: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/delivery-date/26189-knowband-preferred-delivery-time.html
  10. I have created a cart rule in which I choose a product that has free shipping. When I add that product to the cart everything works fine and the free shipping appears, but when I add a product without free shipping in which I should add the shipping price of that product, they both appear as free shipping. I have tried to create two rules one for the "Not free" and for the "free" products and it still works the same way. I have tried to create a carrier for the free shipping, but I am not interested in that operation. If someone can help me I would be grateful. Best regards.
  11. So recently our shop has integrated a TA system for more efficient logistics. Many of our products consists of multiple parts/they come in multiple boxes (example: couches). For our TA module to be more efficient, it requires dimensions for each part. However, the product editing page (on the Shipping tab) only has the option to add dimensions & weight for only one package/for the overall product. Is there a solution that can provide what I'm looking for? I've tried exploring the back office to see if Prestashop has already this option but it seems it does not. Any help would be appreciated!
  12. HI I am new here. I just did a reset my whole prestashop website because i have had a bug in Carriers module from prestashop. I could not save the configurations as such my website soes not work. THe save button wasn't seen in the admin. SO i reinstalled it and.. Same. Can someone please help me? Pretty please?
  13. hello this morning I discovered that on the checkout page it does not let me proceed to the shipping method after entering my address. https://www.cosmeralda.com/en/order Any ideas on how to solve this problem?
  14. hello, as shown in the image, the text is not fully translated, how can I solve this issue? the screenshot is taken from the cart preview on the home page.
  15. SCENARIO I sell precious metal and semi-precious metal jewellery. When shipping gold or platinum pieces, I am required to have the customer sign for their package before it is released to them. It is an insurance requirement, as it protects both me the seller and my customers from mail fraud. When shipping domestically, the carrier offers a signature option for a particular shipping method. However, when shipping across the border or internationally, the same shipping method no longer has the option for signature requirement. In order to require a signature, I must use a different method, which is almost twice the cost. This is not justifiable to me to force the higher cost method on my customers. iNTENT Similar to how we can choose specific carriers by product, I would like to be able to choose by a specific attribute value. That way, when a customer from across the border orders gold or platinum, the higher-priced signature required carrier will be selected, and if there are no gold or platinum items in the order, then the lower-priced no signature required carrier will be available. HOW TO ACCOMPLISH THIS I plan to have a look at the structure of the modules in place which allow for carrier by product, and investigate and research on how to amend the structure through overrides or through a new module to accomplish this. If you are struggling with the same issue, keep visiting this question, as I intend to update it with my findings in order to help others fulfill this same or similar requirement. If you have ideas which may assist with this, or if you have already accomplished this successfully, please share.
  16. Hello all, I signed up a new shipping carrier to my store but I have over 1000 items in store, what do I do to have the new carrier showing up with the old one without editing each product to unselect all/select all under shipping? Thanks
  17. Hi everyone! I have a problem with orders with more than one carrier in a PrestaShop 1.7.6. I have configured several carriers for different zones and products and PrestaShop divides them into several orders in the Back Office (so far it is correct). The problem is that it also does it with products that cannot be sent to some zones. I give you an example: Product A can be sent to all zones and has a generic carrier. Product B can only be shipped to some areas and has a specific carrier. If I create an order only with Product A or Product B alone, PrestaShop works correctly. If I create an order with both products, PrestaShop allows me to create the order and send the products, even to the areas where one of them is not allowed. Should PrestaShop not prevent it? Or show a warning stating that one of the products cannot be sent to that place? Moreover, by dividing the order in two, the product that cannot be sent has no shipping costs!
  18. Hello everyone! I would like to know why the function `$module->getPackageShippingCost()`, from the Cart class, it's been called so many times. I have 2 carriers added. The calls come from Cart and Carrier classes. I attached a screenshot of the function calls doing echo's following the calling trace. Thank you in advance for your help. Best!
  19. Hi, I was wondering why the {total_shipping} variable is set to the order's shipping tax-inclusive value in the order confirmation email. Based on https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/blob/develop/classes/PaymentModule.php Line 335 $order->total_shipping = $order->total_shipping_tax_incl; Line 810 {total_shipping}' => Tools::displayPrice($order->total_shipping, $this->context->currency, false) This has a confusing result, see attached image. The end result is indeed correct, which is 29.74. However, if you sum those, you get 32.04, that's because the tax is there twice, once under Shipping, and then again under Total tax paid. The expected behaviour (in my opinion) is to have shipping set to its base value, which in this case would be 10. What am I missing? PS: To clarify and avoid answers such as total means tax-inclusive in any system, {total_shipping} is just the placeholder's name. An end user/admin sees a simple Shipping label. If Products does not display the price with taxes, why would Shipping?
  20. Advanced Delivery Date Pro This is a powerful and functional module for organizing a more convenient choice of delivery date and time with support for delivery date and time in invoices. With the help of the module, you can set up time intervals, with the ability to disable delivery on weekends and holidays and create your own schedule, as well as with the possibility of deferred shipment of goods. Advanced Delivery Date Pro is fully compatible with the latest version of PrestaShop 1.7.8 Buy module via PrestaShop Addons Demo Front Office Demo Back Office Login: [email protected] Password: demodemo Front Office: Features: Each courier and each day of the week can have their own schedule. You can also set the time display mode to 12 or 24 hours. Whether to display the calendar in mobile and desktop versions or not. The ability to select the day of the report and the ability to completely disable delivery on certain days of the week. And also many other functions. We are constantly improving the module and you can send a request to add new functions. We also have the ability to immediately add new features through extended paid support. Back Office:
  21. Hola Escribo de parte de la empresa de paquetería iVoy Mensajeria Express, estamos buscando algun interesado en probar nuestra nueva función que incorpora nuestros servicios de entrega Same Day, Next Day o Inmediata desde su Ecommerce Solo tenemos 2 requisitos: Que tenga entregas en Ciudad de México, México o Guadalajara, México Y que esté dispuesto a abrir una cuenta B2B con nosotros De ante mano, muchas gracias.
  22. Hello everybody, my prestashop version I would like to add second variable for free shipping by price into the Admin Shipping Preferences controller. I have created custom module and decided to decorate/extend the PreferencesController into the Prestashopbundle/Controller/Admin/Improve/Shipping folder. But as i saw the controller - it does not declares the variables for handling tab in Shipping in BackOffice. So how or where can i find this variables - which file creates them, so i could create a new variable by extending the file/controller. I have only found that these variables are validated in the PreferencesFormDataprovider.php file in the Prestashopbundle/Form/Admin/Inmprove/Shipping/Preferences folder. But where is the file that creates them (what type is it in this version) and can i extend it from my module to add the custom variable?
  23. Kedves fórumtagok! Elérhető a GLS szállítási módokat implementáló modul: https://presta.hu/prestashop-modulok/29-gls-api-automata-rendeles-bekueldes-es-csomagpont-valaszto.html A modul segítségével automatikusan és manuálisan is beküldhető a csomag a GLS API-n keresztül, valamint egyéni és tömeges címirat letöltésre is lehetőség van.
  24. Shipping Options Pack - Preferred Delivery Time, Store Pickup & Shipping Cost by ZipCode The Shipping Option Pack module offers the combination of the 3 modules to enhance the shipping related services at your store. The pack of Shipping Options Pack offers 3 modules: 1) Preferred Delivery Time Module 2) Store Locator & Pickup Module 3) Shipping Cost by ZipCode Module Get the Pack of three modules: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/shipping-costs/42766-knowband-shipping-options-pack.html Preferred Delivery Time Module: Allow customers to select the delivery date and time as per their convenience. This module offers the following configuration options to the store admin: Delivery Days Gap: The store admin can set the number of days after which the delivery will be available. Allow time slot: The store admin can allow the customers to select the specific time slot to get the order. Time Slot Range: The store admin can set the time slot range as per the convenience of the customers. Delivery Time: The store admin can set the hours during which the shipment delivery will be available. Delivery Not Available (Days): The store admin can select the specific day when the delivery services will not be available. Email Template: The store admin can send the email with the preferred delivery date details. For more details please click on the link below: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/delivery-date/26189-knowband-preferred-delivery-time.html Store Locator & Pickup Module: The store locator & Pickup module allows the customers to pick up their orders from the nearest physical store. The customer can select the nearest physical store at the time of placing their order. The store locator module also helps the customer to locate the store. The store admin can add multiple stores to the module. There 4 settings in the Store Locator & Pickup Module: General Settings: From the General Setting Tab of the module, the store admin can configure the Store Locator option, Store Pick Up option, Google Map API, Enable Stores etc. Pickup Time Setting: This tab of the module allows the store admin to configure the pickup time settings like Pickup Days Gap, Maximum Pickup Days, and Pickup Time Slot etc. Email Notification: This setting is to inform the pickup store regarding the order. Import Store Contact: The store admin can import the store details via CSV. Download Delivery Slip: The store admin can download the delivery slip for the previous orders. For more details click on the link below: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/collection-points-in-store-pick-up/39822-knowband-store-locator-and-pickup.html Shipping Cost by Zip code Module: The Shipping Cost by ZipCode module allows the store admin to set the different shipping cost for the different zip codes. By using this module the store admin can easily handle the shipping charges based on the distance and delivery services. For more details click on the link below: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/shipping-costs/29200-knowband-shipping-cost-by-zip-code.html Click here to get the Shipping Options Module Pack.
  25. Shipping Cost by Zip code Module Shipping Cost by Zip code Module allows the store admin to set up the shipping cost based on the location of the user. By using the Shipping Cost by ZipCode module the store admin can charge the shipping cost on the basis of the ZipCode of the buyer's locality. This module is the best tool to manage the shipping cost. More info and purchase here: Shipping Cost by Zip code Module FRONT DEMO BACKOFFICE DEMO The Shipping Cost by ZipCode Module offers the following features: 1) Easy installation and configuration. 2) Shipping Cost by ZipCode Condition: a) Zone settings: In order to configure the module the store admin first need to select the zone. The Shipping Cost by ZipCode module also allows the store admin to add the new zones. b) Country: Admin can select the country from the drop-down line list. c) Multiple ZipCode: The Shipping Cost by ZipCode module allows the store admin to map the multiple zip codes with a zone. By enabling this option the store admin can enter the range of the zipcodes. 3) Import CSV: This option allows the store admin to upload the CSV file with the required details. Admin can download the sample CSV file and as per the instructions in the CSV file, the store admin can upload the CSV file. 4) After mapping the zip codes with the respective zones the store admin can define the shipping cost for the different zones by navigating to the Shipping >> Carriers. Here, all the shipping methods are listed and admin can enable the specific shipping cost for the different zones by clicking the individual shipping methods. Module link: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/shipping-costs/29200-knowband-shipping-cost-by-zip-code.html
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