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  1. Advance Product Attribute/Field Module The Advance Product Attribute/Filed module allows the store admin to add the additional fields on the product page. By adding additional fields on the product page the store admin can provide more relevant information to the customers regarding the product. By using this module the admin can add the additional fields like - TextBox, Checkbox, Radio Buttons, Date fields etc. Admin can enable the setting to display the custom fields to the invoice. More Info and purchase here: Advance Product Attribute/Field Module FRONT DEMO BACKOFFICE DEMO Benefits of Custom Product Attribute/Field Module: The admin can display additional information regarding the products to the customers. This additional information helps the customer to make their purchase decision. In case you sell some specific items which need more details then this module is the best solution for your business. This module also allows the store admin to gather the customer inputs. Admin can select the option to display the customer response on the invoice. Features of the Advance Product Attribute/Field on Product Page Module: 1) User-friendly interface: The store admin can install and configure the module with ease. 2) Admin can add multiple fields on the product page to display the additional information to the customers. 3) Admin can add the fields like TextBox, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Date etc. 4) Admin can make the custom fields mandatory. 5) Admin can add the custom fields to selected products or all products. 6) This module allows the customers to input their choices. 7) Admin can enable the setting to display the customer inputs in the invoice. 8) Multilingual Module link: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/combinaisons-customization/30327-knowband-advance-product-attribute-field.html
  2. Prestashop product options customization problem I am having a problem with the Prestashop product customization option. Please see attached pics. The options of the last customer are showing on the product page (on my website, front office). The 2nd image I have attached is a screenshot of my back office product-options-customization. I am using Prestashop version Anyone have any idea what is going on, and how to fix it? Thank you! : )
  3. Hey, I have a field on my product page to let users upload a file. I'm going to sell LED Panels and I am offering the service to print custom images on it. It works as intended, however users are only allowed to upload .jpg, .png and .gif. As I'm going to be printing these images I would also like for the option to be able to let them upload a pdf file with the image into it. I found a little bit of code regarding the uploader and added the .pdf extension to it as seen below, however this still blocks it from allowing PDF uploads. I suspect that there are their more checks in place to prevent pdf upload or that it might cancel because it tries to convert the pdf to an image and fails? It doesn't display an error on my page even though debug mode is on (maybe because of my theme). I found this in the same file and I suspect it doesn't work because PDF is not being converted to an image and therefore cannot convert? I know that there are modules out there to allow for different file uploads but I think that such a small thing as allowing an extra extension shouldn't be paid for. Does anyone know how to do it? I am using prestashop
  4. Hello Everyone, You want to show additional single product information to your potential customers from the product tab, but PrestaShop's default product tab has limited options to do that. We bring you an amazing module to help you overcome this limitation. You will no longer be limited in your ability to add an extra tabs with this module. Prestashop Customize Product Page Module helps you to create an unlimited numbers tab to your PrestaShop product details page. PRO FEATURE OVERVIEW Show Extra Tabs For All Products Show Extra Tabs For Specific Products Show Extra Tabs For Specific Categories Auto Complete Selection Show Extra Tabs For All Products You can display an unlimited number of tabs for all product detail pages. Show Extra Tabs For Specific Products You can show an extra tab for specific products. There is no limit to creating an extra tab. Show Extra Tabs For Specific Categories Show off your specific category products' information in the unlimited number of product tabs. There should be no limitations here. Auto Complete Selection If you have a huge amount of products, don't worry Just type a character of your product or categories this autocomplete feature will generate the suggestion in real time. You can also display your product video information in extra product tab HTML editor - More Amazing features of Classy Product Extra Tab you should know. Facility to add an unlimited number of additional tabs. You can update the positions of your tabs with a simple drag and drop. Compatible with any PrestaShop Theme. Increase product promotions, sales, and conversions. Interactive product offers and promotions at the front office. SEO Friendly. Easy to Install. Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices compatible. Lightweight Module. Multistore supported. Cross Browser Compatible. Compatible with PrestaShop 1.7.x Premium Updates. Dedicated Premium Support. Well Documented. Installation Requirements: PHP version 7.1 or Higher PrestaShop version 1.7 or Higher 👇 Get this module from here (FREE VERSION AVAILABLE) DOWNLOAD CLASSY PRODUCT EXTRA TAB PRO LIVE DEMO DOCUMENTATION VIDEO TUTORIALS Get now this module to increase your sale. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve module features and performance. Cheers, ClasssyDevs Team
  5. Hi, I would like to move the position of the Product Customization Block on the product page. So, is there any way to move this block without causing problems - at best directly above the cart-button? Btw. I am not using the standard theme but one named "Grey Look", if that matters. I already know, that I have to edit the product tpl and I already found it. But what do I have to change in there? Any help and tips would be appreciated!
  6. Hi, I am look for a basic module which will allow me to add the option of having a product engraved (personalized). I need the module to offer the following; 1. For selected product, I would like to ask the customer if they would like their item personalised (Yes or No) 2. If 'Yes' is selected, a fixed price would be added to the cart and 2 text fields should appear allowing the customer to add 2 lines of text. 3. I do not want the personalised text to be display overlaid on any images, just that information passed onto the shopping cart. Does anybody know if this exists? I am using v1.6.0.14 Thanks
  7. Hola tengo una tienda y he querido empezar a utilizar las personalizaciones de producto. He creado el producto "Camiseta" con varios tamaños S/M. Posteriormente he querido añadir 2 campos de customización/personalización. Nombre y Número. A la hora de ver los productos en la cesta, aparecen personalizaciones asociadas a un producto que no toca. Estos son los pasos que he seguido: 1) He añadido una camiseta de talla "S" (nombre: nombre1 / numero: numero1) 2) He añadido una camiseta de talla "S" (nombre: nombre2 / numero: numero2) Hasta aquí todo bien. Me aparecen en el checkout 1 líneas de producto: CAMISETA "S" con 2 customizaciones de producto, una con nombre 1 / numero 1 y otra con nombre2/numero2 La del producto que añade el valor de las customizaciones sobre las 2 camisetas anteriores 3) ahora añado una tercera camiseta de talla "M" y la personalizo nombre: nombre3 / numero:3 Ahora en la cesta, además del producto anteriormente comentado, junto con sus 2 personalizaciones, me ha añadido un nuevo producto: CAMISETA "M". Pero, en lugar de únicamente aparecer la personalización nombre3/numero3 junto a la CAMISETA "M" me aparecen también las personalizaciones de la camiseta "S". En definitiva ahora, los dosl productos: CAMISETA "S" y CAMISETA "M" tienen 3 combinaciones, cuando deberían ser 2 para la "S" y 1 para la "M". ¿Le ha ocurrido esto a alguien? ¿se puede solucionar? Agradezco vuestro tiempo y colaboración Trabajo en prestashop Muchas gracias de antemano
  8. I want my customers to upload file (svg, png, psd, ai, eps etc.) to on my product page. Currently the customization options in product creation system allows text. How can i add file upload system here (with a certain limit of size, of course )
  9. I added product customization option to my product page. I can save it and proceed to the check out. However, in the shopping cart there is a link for product customization which doesn't work. When clicking on the link screen fades and thats all nothing else. Do you know why this happens.
  10. Hi, I need a product configurator for my eshop, something like the Attribute Wizard module (where you can pick up the products by parameters). I've been looking for a module or a solution for a long time, and that's why I turn to you. For your responses, I'll be dare.. thx
  11. I recently added 3 custom fields to my shop for customers to provide some data before check out. However, I cannot tell where the data is recorded for admin view. Where am I missing it? Help
  12. Hi, i've a problem with prestashop customization field upload because where customers upload there's image and click save the page refresh with a corrupt thumbnail link like as the screenshot below: When i click on this link and select "open image as a new tab" i see the following url and a 404 page: On my server (winserver2008r2) in the upload folder i find the file without extension. Where i can fix this problem? Thanks in advance Regards
  13. hi i'm having a trouble in my prestashop front office i set a file field at the catalog -> product -> product customization -> but when i check it in the front office the upload file form is missing but there is a product customization tab. thank you for those who will help
  14. Hi Fellows!!! I run a customized products store, so every product has at least one customizable image field and 2 or 3 customizable text fields. Uploading customized images under 1.6MB works fine, but over that value, the customer gets the error "An error occurred during the image upload process." . I've spent a couple of days on it without any success. Let me tell you what I've tried: BO: Maximum file size of customer's pictures is set on 8MB My hosting provider already set php.ini values as follows: post_max_size = 20M upload_max_filesize = 20M max_file_uploads = 10. (These values are oversized, of course) Server permissions are not the issue because all files smaller than 1.6MB are correctly uploaded and they appear in the upload folder. My theme is a manual derivation from default-bootstrap, and I went back to the original product.tpl . My store is on version, and I'm keeping it under maintenance due to this failure. Thanks for your help!!!!
  15. Hi all, I've looked through the forums and not found a solution for Prestashop to add a Date Picker Calendar within the Product Customization tabs of the product page? This would be very helpful for customers to pick a delivery date that would be saved with the order. Hopefully someone may have a quick tip to just add a calendar? It would also be great if all the required fields in Product Customization saved when you added to cart, rather than having to save first, and then add to cart. I can't see all customers doing that and so would need to start again. Thanks in advance, Matt.
  16. Witam Nie otrzymałem odpowiedzi od autora modułu Product Customization i postanowiłem zadac pytanie tutaj. Kupiłem ten moduł i zainstalowałem w sklepie testowym http://projekt.server7.easpi.pl/ Jest skonfigurowany jak na sklepie testowym firmy która stworzyła moduł, ale na ich sklepie dodając modyfikację produktu pojawia się ona w koszyku, na mojej stronie testowej nie trafia do koszyka. Sama modyfikacja nie będzie płatna, ale problem w tym że po dodaniu zmodyfikowanego produktu nie można go usunąć z koszyka, trzeba wejść powtórnie na stronę produktu i usunąć dodaną modyfikację. Używam nie standardowego szablonu, czy to możliwe że konieczna jest zmiana w tym szablonie aby produkt pojawiał się w koszyku , czy problemu szukać w innym miejscu ? Link do modułu http://addons.prestashop.com/en/front-office-features-prestashop-modules/8037-product-customization-40.html
  17. Hi all i am wanting to know if its possible to move the Product Customization tab within a lytebox (i am comfortable with using greybox - http://orangoo.com/labs/greybox/). I have managed to move it from the bottom of the page but can't seem to figure this out..any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  18. hi, I am installing a fresh PS 1.6. On the BO, we are able to disable the display of Add To Cart when a product has attribute (Preference>Products>Product Page). Is there a way to do the same for product that has customization fields to fill in? At this moment, if a product has customization text fields, clicking Add To Cart gives no response. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. With regards,
  19. I've noticed that when you maually set a product's quantity via the Quantities tab, it resets the 'customizable' column in the ps_product table to 0 if it was set to 1. Has anyone else experienced this?
  20. I've a website where my client sells personalized bracelets. So, this is a personalized ordering website so visitors have option on product page that they can add customization like text and images. I want there a feature by which visitor can see the realtime change in the main image of product when he add customization text or image to that product. I found a plugin/module but it is serving an extra image for customization not the main image. Plugin I found is: http://addons.prestashop.com/demo/FO6548.html Is there any other way to do that inexpensively? Site is: mattgeo.com
  21. Hi, Does anyone know of a really good product customization module which allows you to add text and images to products so the customer can see a visual representation of the product with these additions? I have been trying http://www.itemstyle.com/en/ which I like, but it has a few limitations which my client is not happy with. I have spotted this one too, http://www.configurateurvisuel.fr/ does anyone have any experience with this? Many thanks, Richard.
  22. Olá comunidade prestashop, Migrei no ano passado para o magento, pois na época ele estava mais completo que o prestashop para as funções que necessitava, quando lançou a versão 1.5 , mais exatamente a 1.5.4 , resolvi migrar para o prestashop por ser mais prático e por ter mais conhecimento, principalmente pelos campos de personalização que havia mudado onde eu utilizo muito... mero engano, ele continua no lugar mais escondido da página e "por abas", sem contar que tem q apertar o botão "salvar" para gravar os atributos.. O caso é, minha loja precisa de 2 campos personalizaveis (texto) e como vocês sabem, eles ficam lá embaixo nas abas de "descrição", reviews e etc, bem escondido.. Tentei posicionar logo acima/abaixo da "quantidade", mas sem sucesso, até consigo transferir o lugar, mas as funções desabilitam, no caso o botão de salvar não funciona e não consigo fazer a compra.. Para posicionar os campos, me baseei neste post da nadie: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/259774-product-customization-tab-can-i-move-the-field/?p=1294697 No lugar onde ela posicionou até funciona o botão, mas acima, perto do campo quantidade não, o ideal seria remover esse botão.. Minha dúvida é, e com certeza a de muitos usuários prestashop: Como posso transferir os campos de texto para perto da descrição, como todas as lojas convencionais sem o botão de salvar? ou alguma solução parecida ? Uso o ps 1.5.4
  23. I see how I can add customization fields to a product, such as Engraving Text. But how can I do the following? 1. Flat Charge: If any text is entered into the Engraving Text, then I want a flat charge added to the current product price. 2. Per Letter Charge: For every character entered into the Engraving text field I want a charge per letter added to the current product price. Thanks!
  24. Hi I have a problem in PS1.5.3 with product custom fields. i want my customization fields to be just a text fields not a text area fields. my current code is <textarea type="text" style="width:50px; height:17px;" name="textField{$field.id_customization_field}" id="textField{$customizationField}" rows="1" cols="10" class="customization_block_input" />{if isset($textFields.$key)}{$textFields.$key|stripslashes}{/if}</textarea> and i have changed this to <input type="text" style="width:50px; height:17px;" name="textField{$field.id_customization_field}" id="textField{$customizationField}" rows="1" cols="10" class="customization_block_input" value="{if isset($textFields.$key)}{$textFields.$key|stripslashes}{/if}"/> to make all the fields as just a text filed. it displays the data from the db but am unable to Save or Update the custom data's. if i revert it to the textarea code its working fine. Please help me to fix this.... and also want to know, how can i make this Customization part common for all of my products (not interested in any modules but through code). is there any way to do this. my products are all having the same customization it would be a lot easier to refer the same custom part instead of adding it each time when you add the product... Thanks...! Any helps Please
  25. Hallo, bin mir nicht ganz sicher ob es als bug eingestuft werden kann oder ob es einfach nur ein fehlendes komfort feature ist. Es handelt sich um Shop Version Folgender Fall. Wir haben ein Produkt das es in verschiedenen Varianten (Farbe, Größe usw.) gibt. Das selbe Produkt kann man aber auch mit Text und/oder Bild individuell anpassen lassen. Hierfür verwenden wir die Individalisierung des Shops für Text und/oder Dateiupload. Wenn man jetzt die gewünschte Variante des Produkts auswählt und danach erst den Text oder die Datei für die Individulisierung speichert, springt die Auswahl für die Variante des Produkts wieder auf die Default Werte zurück. Käufer die dies nicht bemerken, würden nun das Produkt in einer falschen Farbe/Größe in den Warenkorb legen und evtl. sogar bestellen. Wie seht ihr das, ein BUG oder einfach fehlendes feature. Hoffe ich habe mich verständlich ausgedrückt. Grüße
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