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  1. 1. when placing an order as a guest and choosing to pay by bank transfer after clicking on the order confirmation, an error 500 pops up after refreshing the page, normally the order confirmation page is displayed after activating debug mode something like this is displayed Fatal Error: Uncaught error: Call to member function setTemplate() on null in /home2/diamopl1/public_html/moskitiery24h/config/smartyfront.config.inc.php:97 Stack trace: #0 /home2/diamopl1/public_html/moskitiery24h/classes/Smarty/SmartyLazyRegister. php(81): smartyRender() #1 /home2/diamopl1/public_html/mosquitoes24h/var/cache/dev/smarty/compile/bentrizlayouts_layout_full_width_tpl/66/ec/04/66ec04ba1f332eff464356f30a4a1d16bab4f95c_2.file.order-confirmation.tpl.php(193): SmartyLazyRegister->__call() #2 /home2/diamopl1/public_html/mosquito24h/vendor/smarty/smarty/libs/sysplugins/smarty_internal_runtime_inheritance.php(248): Block_20147842964b63e982aec99_71957917->callBlock() #3 /home2/diamopl1/public_html/mosquitoes24h/vendor/smarty/smarty/libs/sysplugins/smarty_internal_runtime_inheritance.php(184): Smarty_Internal_Runtime_Inheritance->callBlock() #4 /home2/diamopl1/public_html/mosquitoes24h/vendor/smarty/smarty/libs/sysplugins/smarty_internal_runtime_inheritance.php(156): Smarty_Internal_Runtime_Inheritance->process() in /home2/diamopl1/public_html/moskitiery24h/config/smartyfront.config.inc.php on line 97 When you place an order while logged in and choose to pay by bank transfer, you are immediately taken to the order confirmation page and no error is displayed. When you place an order, whether you are a guest or logged in, and choose to pay on delivery, a message pops up: Error - The following email template is missing: cashondelivery For payment we currently use the Wire payment module from prestashop. 2. the messages about the order are not sent to the customer either, this applies to the guest and the logged-in person. Things I have tried: 1. - Uninstalling and reinstalling the Wire payment module - Increasing max_execution_time to 3000 - I uninstalled and reinstalled the Cash on Delivery module - I generated email templates through the admin panel I copied another email template, renamed it and it appeared in the templates, but in the statuses it was no longer possible to choose to associate it with a specific order status. - I have chosen another selectable email status and after that, when choosing payment on delivery, the same message appears as in the case of an order with payment by bank transfer. 2. - I changed the email address associated with the store - I wanted to try ways from other forums, but there are no paths on the server such as: /tools/swift/Swift/ /tools/swift/Swift/Plugin/ The version of prestashop I am using is 8.0.4 and the version of PHP is 7.4.5. Does anyone know how to solve the above issues?
  2. I had version, use hostgator hosting, I updated the weekend to, but now it gives me problems, when I go to modules, facet navigation block, new template, check my subcategories and filters, it appears this error: Oops! An Error Occurred The server returned to "500 Internal Server Error". Something is broken. Please let us know what you were doing when this error occurred. We will fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file: /home1/wisem/public_html/modules/blocklayered/blocklayered.php:1452 Call to undefined method DbPDO :: autoExecute () Please help me or I will be fired
  3. Buenos Días, Tengo un problema a la hora de exportar los datos que obtengo a través de una consulta SQL de mi base de datos. Resulta que cuando visualizo el contenido de la consulta en PrestaShop el contenido está correcto pero cuando lo exporto a un CSV el código de caracteres en el que se exporta no es correcto, los acentos... etc. Los exporta mal. Hay alguna forma especial de hacerlo o...? Gracias de Antemano
  4. It seems that the most straightforward things in Prestashop dont work. Too many third party modules are needed to be purchased to make everything work which should be standard for an e-commerce application. Simple taxes without any modifications don't work with any combination of rules. Why they don't work out of the box is unknown. Simple expectation: Taxes should be applied according to the country where the product is to be shipped. Actual Behaviour: A single tax for USA is applied to customers from all countries. This is totally unacceptable, I think i made a mistake with prestashop. Should have used something else.
  5. Hello, I have to say that I'm really disappointed with Prestashop 1.7. I couldn't use the 1-Click Update module because it got stuck on disabling modules, and after upgrading manually, following these instructions: https://www.prestashop.com/es/blog/actualizar-prestashop-1-6-a-1-7, I have lots of problems with the new version: When upgrading modules, the following appears: Error! Exception thrown by module blockreinsurance on upgrade. Class Core_Foundation_Database_EntityManager does not exist Plus, a similar error occurs when I try to access the translations page: Whoops, looks like something went wrong. ReflectionException in Container.php line 111: Class Core_Foundation_Database_EntityManager does not exist in Container.php line 111 at ReflectionParameter->getClass() in Container.php line 111 at Container->makeInstanceFromClassName('advancedeucompliance', array('advancedeucompliance' => true)) in Container.php line 160 at Container->doMake('advancedeucompliance', array('advancedeucompliance' => true)) in Container.php line 173 at Container->make('advancedeucompliance') in ServiceLocator.php line 60 at ServiceLocator::get('advancedeucompliance') in Module.php line 1091 at ModuleCore::coreLoadModule('advancedeucompliance') in Module.php line 1071 at ModuleCore::getInstanceByName('advancedeucompliance') in Module.php line 1118 at ModuleCore::getInstanceById('94') in AdminTranslationsController.php line 2163 at AdminTranslationsControllerCore->getListModules(true) in AdminTranslationsController.php line 220 at AdminTranslationsControllerCore->initMain() in AdminTranslationsController.php line 117 at AdminTranslationsControllerCore->initContent() in Controller.php line 205 at ControllerCore->run() in Dispatcher.php line 428 at DispatcherCore->dispatch() in index.php line 96 Ah, and when I try to access the Front-end, a 404 Not Found error occurs.
  6. Hola. Tengo un problema en la tienda desde hace una semana y es que ahora "NO APARECEN LOS AJAXS" pero, solamente en la "página del producto", y por tanto, no aparecen las flechitas para incrementar o decrementar la cantidad de artículos, y tampoco funciona el Agregar al carrito, (te redirige al carrito pero no agrega nada a éste); tampoco aparecen los resultados en el textbox del "buscador en catalogo"; tampoco el ajax de un CHAT LIVE (Smartsupp). Ahora bien, en la Home Page, y en el resto de páginas todo funciona normal. El problema repito de los Ajaxs sucede solamente en las páginas de producto, y en la versión mobil es aun peor porque ahí no te muestra tampoco el LOGO de la tienda por tanto no tienes opción de volver a la HOME estando en la página de producto. Otra cosa, si limpio el navegador de Cookies y el historial estando la página de producto activa, ahí si que se muestra correctamente pero para el resto de URL de los productos NO, a menos que vuelvas a realizar otra limpieza con ese producto activo, lo que haría que el producto al que se le hizo la limpieza anterior de cookies, volviera a presentar el problema de los ajaxs. Si alguien conoce del problema, le agradecería que me echara una mano por favor. Saludos. P.D.: El link de la tienda es: https://labatata.com.ve
  7. Hi! I am translating my shop to Basque (https://lovetruk.eus/eu/) but I can not translate some words from the footer links: New Products Stores Delivery Personal Info Jarri gurekin harremanetan Orders Where or how can I translate them? I try it with the translation tool of the Back Office, but they do not change... I really do not understand what is happening because I have translated the rest. Thank you!
  8. Hi, Doing a quick few tests - I see Preston (onboard) is not working on I have done a fresh install (three times to confirm) . The problem is that when you click either START or RESUME it gives an ERROR 404. I see the web address has doubled up on the admin page (eg /admin4567frezy9/admin4567frezy9/index.php/product/index.php?controller=AdminDashboard&token=f4fd66dfc76d02d13bd95263e5db5d38...)
  9. Hi, I will have a supplier that is going to do an incremental upload everyday through our ftp using our csv file set up, will this process overwrite products as it should or will it just duplicate what is already on the web site? I would prefer not to have duplicates for the simple reason I don't have the time to go in an delete them off especially when it is a daily upload and there are quite a few products.. Is there something I need to do in the backoffice first to help with this issue? and if so what do I need to do? Can anyone help? is there a simple answer? Many Thanks Susan
  10. Hi. Im new on PS and i`ve being working on a page and the client was asking to place the filters on top of the products, so i tried to use the hook positions and couldnt find any... but when i tried to place it back on the "Displayleftcolunm" it didnt show anymore i even reinicialized it and nothing. Anyone has an idea of what could happend.
  11. Hello! I'm the new guy at the office, and the first job I got was upgrading "ye olde shop!", and a week later, I have no success whatsoever >_< Their shop is in version, (hosted at http://www.photoboothparts.com/prestashop/ ). We were so confident in the 1-click-update that we tried it on the live version without even a single ounce of thought or remorse, and reverting that disaster took most of my first week. At the very least, we could restore that. Now, I have a copy in my computer. I'm using Linux (never used this OS before), installed LAMP, had tons of problems installing phpmyadmin, but finally got it. I have a completely (almost) functional copy of the store. The cart is not working... but that's the least of my problems (and I read around here that it won't work in localhost for some reason) Ok, now I try to 1-click-upgrade my copy. There is that big Configuration checklist at the backoffice that I managed to get all green (URL rewritting, Browse cache & compression, etc...). I install the 1-Click Upgrade tool, go to Tools > 1-Click Upgrade, I manage to get that other laundry list in green. In Backup Options I chose to keep both my files and database and my images, and in Upgrade Options I chose not to Disable non-native modules, Upgrade the default theme, Switch to the default theme -> no, upgrade the default e-mails -> no, step by step mode -> no (Tried this once, a lot of clicking for no results :S), and Display PHP errors (I tried both yes and no) Then you click on Upgrade PrestaShop now! and it looks like everything is fine, until we get to the end and we get a laundry list of errors (mostly SQL, I think) And the frontend doesn't work. I get an error 500 (wich I know is just a generic "PHP screwed up but I don't want to tell you why" error, but I don't know how to extract more info there. At the backend, all the products seem to be gone, and in the section Advanced Parameters -> Configuration Information there is this error: Required parameters: Please fix the following error(s) Some PrestaShop files are missing from your server. (/override/controllers/front/index.php) TL;DR: Upgrade with 1-click update from 1.4.6 to 1.6. - errors o'plenty, frontend Error 500, backend has no products . I've attached a file with the errors the 1click updater shows when working on it. Thank you in advance for all your potential help with the issue! error updating Edit: Found the problem for the error 500. The theme was not saved when updating, so I just copied it again and pasted it in the themes folder, and now I can navigate the website. Just... No items in any category :/
  12. Ciao ragazzi, ho alcuni problemi nella configurazione del mio e-commerce qualcuno potrebbe aiutarmi? Come vedete dalla foto, pur visitando il sito come ospite, mi escono le voci, "Ordini-Inidirzzi-Informazioni personali" io vorrei che per chi non è registato al sito ci fosse solo la voce accedi/registrati" come posso fare? Un'altra domanda, quanto istallo la lingua inglese e la valuta in sterline, mi appaiono sempre in quel riquadro, io invece vorrei metterle il Menu nel display top, mentre il carrello, l'omino e la scelta della lingua e della valuta nel display nav2, però nella pagina posizioni non vedo la voce display top, forse il template non lo permette? Aiutatemi
  13. Hi to everybody Is the first time working with Prestashop and I try setting up a website in version I encountered some problems: In the home page everything works well. The quick view , add to cart button, everything… https://depo-materiale-constructii.ro When I go to products page in any category, quick view disappears and when I click the add to cart button send me to checkout instead to show layer_cart_product_info https://depo-materiale-constructii.ro/140-produse-metalurgice If you get on the "more info" everything it's fine again: https://depo-materiale-constructii.ro/teava-rectangulara/116-teava-rectangulara-6m-60x40.html Quick view button is set to on in theme configurator module v2.1.2. Thanks in advance for any help
  14. Hi everyone, I have the same problem as a lot of people concerning the carriers. I had a look at most of the topics concerning this subjects and it still doesn't work. "There are no carriers that deliver to the address you selected" I configured my own carrier, because I want to send my products to France with the Hong Kong Post Office (I am based in Hong Kong) I fixed everything. Created a new zone just for France, billing according total price, well configured price ranges, ... I have two carriers: - one for faster deliveries - one for cheaper deliveries Please it would be lovely if you could help me, it has been 4 days that I'm trying to solve this issue... Thanks a lot Alex
  15. Hi, I've recently launched my website but I've come to realise that my server's RAM is exploding ( it never goes bellow 1.6Gb.) and the website is very slow.. I'm not sure why this is happening, it happens even at 2am, when no one is online! What could be the cause of this? Some info: Prestashop Compile files only if they're changed Cache: yes Type of cache: files Clear cache: never CCC -> no Depth of cache: 1 *** Num of products: 6494 Num active products : 4400 Num online ppl last 30 mins : always around 30 thanks in advance for your help! Carolina
  16. Hi! I am working on prestashop and creating a jewelleryshop. I am having problems with product features. When I add a new product it somehow has already some tailored features which I have not put there. If I leave the features empty, it automatically fills those empty fields with text in tailored features. This text is used in some products tailored feature yes, but not all and it shouldn´t do that automatically? I have to check out every product one by one because of these tailored features mystically pop up. If I have to change for example the price and then save the new price, these mystic tailored features have popped up again. Even if I have not done anything for the features, just changed the price. This is very annoying. Can anyone help me, please? How do I get rid of this annoying feature? My shop is not yet open, I am hoping to open it at May and it is Finnish. Maybe this attached png.file clears up my problem. On the left there is no features -- and on the right you see the text on every features the same text. (it is on finnish, nevermind that)
  17. estaba haciendo modificaciones en mi plantilla y desaparecieron dos elementos de ella. 1. Las opciones de ingreso para el usuario en la TopBar 2. Los banner que habían en la parte central de la pagina , ente el menú principal y el footer cómo las regreso a su lugar?
  18. I recently had to re-install my store as I had problems with backend access. Everything went fine apart from the product images! I can download them and they appear in the product list, but on the front of the store there is just a question mark where the image should be. There is probably an easy fix for this but I just can't find it. Can anyone suggest anything which doesn't involve coding as that scares the hell out of me!! TIA x
  19. Hi! after migrating from my store prestashop to the server, I'm having problems with the images of new products. When introducing a new product not I upload images appear, I have noticed that the image path is the type / img / p / 1/3 ... but the last number of the route (the last directory) in which the image should be saved does not exist and therefore the image is not stored in that directory. If anyone knew it may be because I would appreciate your answer because I have several days with the matter and have not yet managed to solve. Thanks in advance
  20. Look at the picture does not show the name of the module,Enter the module configuration is also displayed a mess. Who can help me thank you
  21. Hello I have two questions regarding the setup of PS 1 What defines the status of an order? What is used to trigger the status? Is it a module that calls for a status? Are these created when a payment module is installed? Can you deleted and modigy them without any problems? I can'r seem to find where I hook a status to a certain event. Bit 'shady' for me somehow... 2 [huge problem] the invoices are not correct and some random amount is added to the invoice Now this takes some explaining I think. When someone places an order and pays with iDeal checkout, they get a nice confirmation email with the correct amount (html, not the pdf). So do I, and the order is paid correctly... however, in the backend it says in red: too much paid. There's sometimes 300$ added to the invoice (but bot to the clients payment). Seems like the order is processed correctly, the payment is done correctly and an invoice is made. Only there is another invoice made wit 0 items a second later. So when I print the invoice it will show no listing of items, only a false total. The amount paid is (for instance) 20 US$, but the invoice without description says its 320 US$ in total. If this is not clear enough, and it probably isn't, please ask what you need to get the picture. I'll include a few screenshots to clarify. Also, the status says the order got canceled somewhere, but not by me... Thanks for any help!
  22. Buongiorno a tutti, ho provato ad attivare il modulo Social Sharing in oggetto ma, continua a dirmi "non hai i permessi per configurare ...." tutto questo anche dopo disinstallazione e reinstallazione del modulo che comunque non si riusciva ad attivare.....
  23. greetings. i am having issues getting the contact email set up. when i test it, the email gets to my inbox fine, but when i use the contact form, or when someone places an order, no email is sent out at all. why is it not working by default and what fine-tweakings need to be set, in order to receive order and contact emails directly into my gmail inbox account? i have checked my spam folder. it is empty. i can only check emails and orders when logged into the backend of the shop, where i see them. i am used to joomla and wordpress, but this system is new to me and it's unusual how it handles email requests. please advise. thank you.
  24. greetings i have been using the paypal module successful with quick check out, but inside the cart using registration process, the module does not function and leads to an error page. 2 screen shots attached - pls. see ... hope someone understands what i can do about that? thx
  25. I have just installed prestahop and going through the set up process. I am editing the CMS delivery page but keep getting problems. 1. Unauthorised to re-write. I deleted the original content and added my own. I kept getting an unauthorised to rewrite message. so I decided to delete it and to recreate it 2. Having recreated delivery options I then saved and got token error messages. I logged out and reloged in but that hasn't solved the problem. I am now without delivery information. How can i correct this?
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