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  1. Δυσκολεύομαι να βρω εξειδικευμένους επαγγελματίες που ασχολούνται αποκλειστικά με εγκαταστάσεις Prestashop για τεχνική υποστήριξη, επίλυση προβλημάτων και άλλες υπηρεσίες στο eshop μου. Ανοίγω το νήμα -όχι για διάλογο- αλλά ο καθένας που προσφέρει τεχνική υποστήριξη Prestashop να αυτοπαρουσιαστεί, δίνοντας στοιχεία επαφής, περιοχή, το website του, ώστε να υπάρχει και επαγγελματική συνεργασία των μελών της κοινότητας.
  2. Hi all, I am looking for someone to create a PrestaShop module and I am willing to pay £50. I think this is a fair price as I am experienced with PHP / SQL myself, the only issue for me to not make it myself is I cannot figure out PrestaShop's module/api, and I no longer code regularly so it is much better off I pay someone else to do this for now. What I need? A admin module I can install on my site (Presta > Which has a PHP script which gets data from a SQL table, and exports it into a .xml feed. (See attached for example feed, and example data in my SQL). > Also must use PrestaShop API to convert my 'Product_ID' to the full product URL. That is all I require. No fancy logs or interface, just a button I can click on (from my admin back-end), which will run a PHP script, export a .xml file. Please see attached for my data and what I am looking for. If you think you can do this, please message me, I would like to get this done as soon as possible! Thank you all.
  3. Hi, I am new to Prestashop. I feel like i traveled all the web for an answer but couldn't find it so i thought i'd come here. I'd like to know how to add an affiliate type module where i could reward sponsors (customers that brought other customers) with something else than discounts on orders or money but instead Coupons coming from other websites/businesses. If it is impossible, could i instead make rewards as "points" so that when i see a user having say like 10 points i'll send him manually a coupon by mail. I'd much more prefer the first solution. Thanks a lot !
  4. Hi, I am new to Prestashop. I feel like i traveled all the web for an answer but couldn't find it so i thought i'd come here. I'd like to know how to add an affiliate type module where i could reward sponsors (customers that brought other customers) with something else than discounts on orders or money but instead Coupons coming from other websites/businesses. If it is impossible, could i instead make rewards as "points" so that when i see a user having say like 10 points i'll send him manually a coupon by mail. I'd much more prefer the first solution. Thanks a lot !
  5. We are not able to export products to Cdiscount.We have not received enough support since we bought the module. Common Services support team wants some screen-shots at the end of the day , even if we send the login information to you. Because of this it takes time to solve the problems. When we export products to Cdiscount, we are getting an error saying that there is no product to send. The settings the updates are checked many times. At the last mail, support team says that folder permissions are not correct. Common Services Amazon module is running at same server at same site and do not have any problem. All folder permissons are 777 and module is able to create files as you can see the attached zip file. The module has been purchased for about 1 month and we spent hours as a team to solve the problem by ourself.If we work some we will code a new module for Cdiscount. Now we update all modules- themes and Prestashop to the latest version and getting same error. We are still keeping send screenshots for 10 days. We paid but not getting any service or support. CdiscountErrors.rar
  6. Hello ,guys today i buy modules - Advanced Invoice Builder v1.2.1 - от Globo Jsc But after i installed modules modules wont work i downloaded version for 1.6.X version that is my ps version i configure themes and general settings but pdf is stay same and in preview i get this error : Fatal error: Call to undefined method PDFGenerator::setCurOrientation() in /home/user1123/public_html/modules/gwadvancedinvoice/controllers/admin/AdminGwadvancedinvoicetemplateController.php on line 208 Please help me to solve this problem
  7. Dear Community, I'm looking for a web-master who could re-design our existing digital merchandise online shop. We sell only digital downloadable content on our website but its design is a bit aged and probably over complicated too. So, what I need is someone who can change the old design with a much more simplistic polished one without changing the core online shop features of the site. Regards, Tamas Nemeth CEO/Nemeth Designs
  8. I´m writing because in my opinion there is many confusion and a huge lack of information on the last movements of the Prestashop Team into the "Mobile Themes" subject. Between PS 1.4 and P1.5 we have seen born 3 differents options to add mobile support to our online stores. But.... What are differences ? Are fully reliable for production use? A) Official "Mobile Template" PrestaShop 1.4 (MODULE) Never get this one to work nicely on Android Devices. It comes with a nice "backend module configurator" Official "Integrated Mobile Template" Prestashop 1.5.1 (INTO THEMES FOLDER) It seems similar to the above option, but it´s not installed as a Module, so you can´t configure anything (except by code) Its a folder into each theme named "mobile" You don´t have a backend, and can´t make any traslations under "Translations" because this "mobile theme" is not there. Don´t this theme have a configurator? Is this a step backward after the module of the version 1.4? Official Prestashop "Mobile App" Paid option. Works as a module and Prestashop Team support? What advantages does it has on the PS 1.5.1 integrated topic? It would be perfect that someone with knowledge on this, or preferably a member of the Prestashop team, will explain this closely or write a post on the topic, because I am sure we are thousands the interested parties.
  9. Hello.... I need som help please I have to to add a email attachment... 2 pdf files to the email, sent to the customer when the order is "paid" like the "invoice.pdf" file are added can any help me with this big problem ... its some "terms" i have to add.. Best regards Jonas from Denmark )
  10. Hello, What I need to do is kind of the same functionality thats already in presashop for the PDF invoices, As I understand, when the order becomes paid, somewhere a fucntion is executed and the PDF is generated with the order data. I need to do that, and also parsing the data to another function which I intend to develop that creates invoices in an API webservces apart from presatshop to host invoices out there. The problem is I cant find where it is or how to achieve this... I read about hooks, and creating my own module, but all my efforts were overdue.. Thanks in advanced... Nicolas
  11. I have noticed on two occasions where I have rated a mod with two stars that they never appear as such on prestashop. I would have expected a mod which has zero stars when purchased and installed and rated as being worthy of only two stars would appear as such, but they do not. Why is this? This is obviously deliberately done in order to sell more mods, regardless as to how crappy they are. There is no customer feedback published anywhere so informed decisions cannot be made. Not impressed with the prestashop. Shoddy to say the least. Edit: I see some mods are rated as two stars and below, so perhaps it requires more than one vote to take a zero star mod up to two stars? Regardless, there really should be a feedback/ discussion section within the prestashop to discuss openly issues with various mods, rather than having to rely on searching this forum.
  12. Looking for a developer to help make some adjustments on a new website. You must be well versed in Prestashop and able to work immediately. Need some work with product display, and some work on taxes for specific states/products. A few other things as well. Future work would become available if candidate is competent and willing. Please contact me for more details - thanks!
  13. hey, im looking for some one to go through and do all the fiddly jobs i cant such as adding html that certain things need (google analytics etc) ensure everythings up to scratch and flows easily. really getting fed up now. cheers cherie www.devineattractions.co.uk
  14. Hi all; I'm trying to setup a dev site (prestashop 1.4.7) on the same (dedicated) server as my live site, and need help! The dev site will be used to test an update to 1.4.11, as well as ongoing tinkering. My host has copied over the files and database from my live site to a separate directory, and I have the dev domain registered. But I have no experience with what to do next... and am very wary of experimenting as I don't want to affect the live site. I need to: - redirect the site to the correct (dev) domain (Frontend still redirects to live site, and BO is just giving me a white screen) - create database user (?) and ensure the dev site is using the dev rather than live database (very important!) This apparently involves an edit to the /config/settings.inc.php file of the new "Test" site to point to the new Database, otherwise it will be pointing to the same database as the live site, and mess up the tables. - Using phpMyAdmin), locate the "ps_configuration" table for the new store and then make sure the values for PS_SHOP_DOMAIN and PS_SHOP_DOMAIN_SSL have been changed to the new URL. - fix permission issues for FTP (I can't FTP any files to the dev right now) - any other steps needed so we can get up and running, with special care to ensure the dev site is not interfering with the live site in any way. For someone who knows what they're doing I'm sure this is a fairly straightforward process. Please let me know if you're interested and how much you would charge. Best regards, Rory
  15. Hi guys, I'm in need to create a payment method plugin for my Prestashop that uses the VPOS payment platform to accept credit cards. Title of petition: Interdin Payclub Web Payment Plugin Type of project: Prestashop payment plugin/module Development type: Online Proyect description: Using generated private and public keys we are gonna send an XML array to Interdin's VPOS platform which is gonna return us a response with the status of the credit card transaction and if it's a success then we are gonna process the transaction in our Prestashop. Budget: $200 Offer time: 3 days So if you interested please contact me. Email: [email protected] Regards.
  16. Hi all! Our previous dev failed to create the functionality wanted, so we have to start from scratch and finish a complex project in very short time. We need to have this: http://www.frames.co.uk/made-to-measure-picture-frames but in Prestashop 1.5 version. Please send me your quotes in PM and some samples of your work. It's quite urgent, so we will hire immediately the right freelancer. Feel free to ask any info you may need.
  17. I have been search on google for a good prestashop affiliate module for some time. There are some modules available but they are not what I am after. I am happy to pay up to $100 for a good affiliate module. This module should have following functionalities and compatible with PS1.5.x : BO: 1. the affiliate program can be assigned to one or more groups 2. configure participate affiliate program requirement – how many orders must be placed, could be 0 3. the commission rate can be different based on group 4. configure minimum amount of commission can be withdraw 5. list each participant user account, should have total balance, 6. view details for each participant account, list all orders, is able to make a payment 7. User’s affiliate account can be disabled by admin 8. Some reports show clicks, orders, commissions etc by each affiliate account. FO: 1. The user who belongs to the group that has assigned to affiliate program will be automatically join the affiliate program. 2. There are 2 menus on user accounts, one is “affiliate links” and another is “affiliate orders” 3. “Affiliate links” displays what is the links for this affiliate account, it can be include simply link (eg. www.myshop.com/?affid=3), text links, image links or list of products links (just like that one is selling on addon shop). 4. “Affiliate orders” need to display the order details (not showing the personal info), including order number, total order amount, commission amount and status. 5. If only if the order was shipped, the commission can be withdraw; however, if the order was refunded, the commission will be cancelled. 6. The user is able to make a payment request Email: 1. When a user meeting the affiliate program requirement, send an email to the user 2. If an order was placed from the affiliate account, send an email to the user 3. If the order was shipped, send an email to the user 4. If the order was cancelled, send an email to the user 5. If a payment request was make, send an email to the shop 6. If the payment was made, send an email to the user The module should be working even the user disabled cookies.
  18. The project is my current Prestashop site. We sell top product accessories.We do drop ship ordering. Currently our site is very slow. It takes about 15 seconds to load. I personally have built what it is today. I understand some of Prestashops quirks, however, I would like to have the layout and design look better. I would like the page loading down to 1 second. I also envision loading multiple products at once. Right now it is manual and takes a very long time. I have modified my site quite a bit and I do like parts of it. But I would like to see a professional make some other modifications. I would like to find someone that can work with me on a per-task project. I'm looking for a professional that can cover just about all areas and report back with details. As I am somewhat knowledgeable enough, I just don't have the time. Thank you!
  19. The scope of this project is to develop a Prestashop Module/Addon to enable Prestashop selling digital content (video, audio, ebook, software, etc.) by using an external platform for content delivery and DRM. Shop operators using Prestashop should be able to easily add the “Module/Addon” to be created under this project to their existing PrestaShop shopping cart and this way be able to utilize the Prestashop for content sales and delivery. For a detailed project description and description for the SOAP API of the external service to be used please PM.
  20. Hi there, we already have the site online and it basically works. However: 1. we see that the shop is offering FREE POSTAGE on our drop down menu but not in checkout. 2. Uploading new products (pictures and text) is extreamly slow and not efficient due to the amount of products we are wanting to sell. So a bulk uploading solution is needed, and / or csv template file needs to be created for us to uploaded that way. 3. We also want a permant (easy to find) shopping cart that stays on the screen, as a lot of our customers are older people and we need to make it easy for people to see the shopping cart etc. Please email me or [email protected] or contact DVD Movie House at +61 0249342265. Will pay an hourly rate. The website can be found at www.classicmovieheaven.com
  21. Is it possible to change the design (I mean for example background color, font..) of a paid template created by the official prestashop developer team (wich is Template Monster)? In particular I'm going to buy this template: http://addons.prestashop.com/it/fashion/7175-responsive-wrist-watches-store.html but I want to change the background, the font and so on.. thank you! Carlo
  22. Hello Guys! I need a skilled themeist or programmer who can help me redesign a theme I have. The theme is originally PRS030057 or electronics. But a friend of mine had a go and he came up with a cool design! So I need this implemented=) See the attached file for design info. Also link to the page as it is now: www.morrostuff.no I need the top "banner" to be changed, menu bar. aswell as the products and some minor things=) Thanks!
  23. Hello, I need a PS Expert to do the Upgrade from to 1.5.3 (or latest) properly and professionally. Please send me PM with your price for the job and estimated time to complete. Thanks! Adam
  24. Hi I am using prestashop and recently installed the update to Paypal in order to utilise the Mobile Template module. After having a whole host of problems with the upgrade I now have another issue. Previously, I was able to track the sources of each order on the 'Order Sources' box on the OrdersAdmin page in the Back Office. Since this upgrade, the Order Sources do NOT appear any longer. Can someone please help me - how can I get this to reappear? It shouldn't be a major job - please get in touch Thank you in advance Simon
  25. Hi! I have a number of images each of that matches an exact product position. I need this image to be shown in history of purchases field in customer's personal account after he pays the product. Is there any module for that? All products considered as physical (not downloadable) since I need an Attribute options to be used. (In PS 1.5. Attribute options are not available for the downloadable products). Thanks for the help.p.s. I use Prestashop 1.5.2
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