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  1. Hello, We are looking for a reliable and experienced company or developer to perform the upgrade of our multi-store Prestashop for version 8.1.1.. We intend to apply version 8.1.1. Basic edition that contains the Prestashop marketplace module, comes with the new look of the black and white backoffice (basic edition) and new v2 backoffice product page. The warehouse theme should also be updated, we provide the files (we believe this is the easiest part of the whole process). We use the warehouse theme, and some other modules. We had a preference for carrying out the service this week or next week (if possible). Please only send proposals if you already have experience with Prestashop multi-stores. We await proposals, Thank you very much!
  2. Hello to everyone, I am facing the following issue. I have a multishop with two shops: - Shop 1 has languages GR and ENG - Shop 2 has languages HR and ENG I have added all the neccesary languages (Shop 1 -> GR + ENG, Shop 2 -> HR and ENG). For shop 1 everything works fine with the languages. For Shop 2 I believe I am facing problems as when I choose my profile to have Croatian language in the BO, the language turns to Greek. Also it doesn't bring my products in any of my categories and sub-categories in the Front office. Any help please/thoughts please?
  3. Hello, I am testing the multi-store with groups configured to share customers, but registered customers are not shared. When I go to another store in the group I get the login form on the customer account page. Indeed session_status() returns 1 on all front pages.
  4. Hi All, Greetings of the day. This module helps merchants to showcase social media links of Facebook, GooglePlus, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest in the side menu on all pages Social media is considered the most popular media in the world and is quickly becoming a MUST to include in a company’s marketing campaigns. Social marketing is very new, and companies must stay on top of how to use these tools to improve their positions in their industries. Social media pages are indexed by the search engines, allowing greater search engine optimization and leading to more cross-promotion in other social and email marketing channels Social media profiles work perfectly well with your website to promote your online business. Using links on your website plays a major part in its search engine rankings. Google, for example, will automatically associate your social media pages with your company when recognizing the links on your website. Creating your own website is a great way to reach a number of people in order to promote. This module helps to increase exposure to potential customers lower marketing expenses, reach a targeted audience, build brand loyalty, increase store traffic, and boost SEO. The module is easy to use and install. Social media is considered the most popular media in the world and is quickly becoming a MUST to include in a company’s marketing campaigns. Social marketing is very new, and companies must stay on top of how to use these tools to improve their positions in their industries. Social media pages are indexed by the search engines, allowing greater search engine optimization and leading to more cross-promotion in other social and email marketing channels This helps to increase the popularity of your store among people. Features: - Helps in Search Engine Optimization. - Boost Your SEO by Using Open Graph and Twitter Cards Tags. - Helps in improvement in ranking in all search engines. - It helps in an increase in web traffic. - Helps to get targeted traffic and related store products and services. - Provide greater information to search engines to improve their understanding of your business and of the content on your website. - It can act as an authentication for a business address if it matches the - Google Business Listing, in doing so improves local SEO. - Implementing rich snippets can have a huge impact on how your pages perform in the search engines. - The module is easy to use and install. - Fully responsive 100%. - Lightweight. (Smaller file size which loads faster.) - SEO-friendly. - Increase sales, conversion rates, and product promotions. - Maintain existing customers & Attract new customers. - Lower marketing expenses, exposure to potential customers, and reach targeted audiences. - Compatible with PrestaShop 1.5.x, 1.6.x and 1.7.x. - Multiple browsers compatibility (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and Edge). - Mobile, Tablet, and all devices compatible. - Multi-language and Multi Store compatible. - 24*7 Support - Good Documentation - YouTube videos regarding module installation, configuration, and how to use are available on our YouTube channel. - Module works without doing any change in the existing PrestaShop file so that existing customization and theme change do not affect. Benefits to Merchants - Higher Chances of Ranking on SERPs - Better Click through Rates - Better Marketing Opportunity - More Qualified Leads - More Credibility - Reduce expenses - Increase sales - Improve customer service and loyalty - Customer convenience - Competitive advantages - Expand market reach - Proactive outreach - Reports and analytics - Real-Time Convenience to Customers - Cost-Efficient - Stand out Among Competitors - Eye-catching results => drawing a search user’s attention from your competitors’ listings to your own result. - Potential CTR increases => Possibly increasing click-through rates and lowering the chance of the user ‘bouncing’ as they see more information about the page before clicking through (there is also the potential to deter users if the additional rich snippets of information show something they were not looking for). - Providing ‘quality’ results => offering results that could match the user’s intent more closely. On the downside, if the informational benefit of the rich snippet satisfies the user's search query, it might eliminate the need to click through for further engagement. - Develop Deeper Customer Relationships - Increase in Conversions and Average Order Values Installation : Step 1: Upload the module zip file from the back-office Module & Services menu tab. Module Manager area using the upload button. After the successful installation module menu, the link will appear in the left menu or top menu in the back-office more area. Step 2: Install the module using the install button. Step 3: Visit the module management page from the back-office "More" area (section) in the left menu in the back-office. Step 4: The module installation process is very easy, how module configuration works can be seen in the demo instance. Step 5: Please visit our demo instance for module configuration and usage demo. - Module works without making any change in the existing PrestaShop file so that existing customization and theme change do not affect. - We provide free technical and feature support in installation, and configuration, as well as access to updates available for this product. - Free support on installation, configuration, and customization as per store requirements, for example, new hook addition to your store. Recommendation : Please visit the developer's modules page for other interesting modules https://addons.prestashop.com/en/2_community-developer?contributor=301729 Other : Please leave your valuable feedback and rating after purchasing and using the module. This will help to increase self-confidence, improve service, and enhance the module as per requirements to make it better for different online stores. What's New in Version The enhancements for left,right side show menu,JQuery conflict,Z-Index,menu and QA testing on versions 1.5,1.6 and 1.7.Show social menu on the home page,products,cms,category,manufacturer, supplier,price-drop,new-products,best-sales,login,contact,sitemap,quick-order,blog,reviews,store details,stores and all other pages of the multilingual(single and multi-store,single-shop and multi-shops) websites.Multiple devices compatibilities.(Mobile,Tablet,PC and other devices) Module Link => https://addons.prestashop.com/en/social-widgets/28880-social-media-side-bar-links-buttons-on-all-pages.html Front-office Demo URL => https://www.hrms-systems.com/presta-addons/en/ Back-office Demo URL => https://www.hrms-systems.com/presta-addons/admin619j6kpbb/index.php For a demo on version 1.6.x visit the below links Front-office Demo URL => https://www.hrms-systems.com/presta-apps/en/ Back-office Demo URL => https://www.hrms-systems.com/presta-apps/admin539fyipwq/index.php
  5. Hello, I'm in the middle of redesigning my site on a test version and currently, I'm adding the multishopt. I want to display different buttons on the product pages of each store. For example: - on the product page of store 1, I just want to display an add to cart button. - on the product page of store 2, I want to display another button for click and collect in this store. How can I make the buttons display differently depending on which store I'm on? I looked and tried with $id_store == store id number but it was not conclusive. Thanks for your help,
  6. Hello Everyone, I just created a group for my multishop, and would like to display a new set of image sliders ONLY for the multishops on my site - For example, I want images "A,B,C" to display on the image slider on the default shop, and Images "D,E,F" to show on the multishop sliders . However, after selecting the multishop group from the "List of Modules", and changing the images to the ones that I wanted, it affected the ones on the default site too.. in other words, slider for all shops is affected. Is there a way to set prestashop to display certain images on multishop sliders?
  7. Hi, I'd like to change the display of my backoffice. Indeed, when I log in it's the button "All Shops" which is selected at the top right. But I'd like to come to a specific shop and not to "All shops". For information, I have already selected my shop as a default shop in Advanced Parameters > Multishop Thanks for help. Have a good day, Axel
  8. Hello , I use multishop on prestashop and I want to check shop_id number on tpl file , I need shop name or shop id cam someone help me please? Thanks
  9. Hola que tal, tengo el siguiente problema, cree una multistore en mi tienda principal, al crear la url www.midominio.cl/nombre-de-nueva-store y cargar la pagina, me aparece la estructura de la tienda sin imagenes, sin diseño (imagen adjunta) y a la vez una infinidad de errores de consola con "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()" Que paso pudo faltarme en la creación de esta multistore? Será algún problema en el htaccess? Agradezco sus respuestas
  10. Hi i am new to using prestashop multistore. There is one problem that i do not understand. So here it what i did. 1. I setup one main store. 2. I setup one in multistore and sharing orders and so on but not all categories. 3. So i want to publish a product and category form the main store to my new multistore. Category shows but when i try to activate a product in the new store i get a message: Unable to update stings, and the price tab is highlighted red, but i cant figure out what is wrong. So how this is working now, it is ok when i make a product when i am in All Shops, but if i am making a new product i one shop and later will share it it will not save. Is this how this will work? I am using prestashop
  11. Hello All, I just created a group for my multishop, and would like to display a new set of image sliders ONLY for the multishops on my site - For example, I want images "A,B,C" to display on the image slider on the default shop, and Images "D,E,F" to show on the multishop sliders . However, after selecting the multishop group from the "List of Modules", and changing the images to the ones that I wanted, it affected the ones on the default site too.. in other words, slider for all shops is affected. Is there a way to set prestashop to display certain images on multishop sliders?
  12. ich möchte einen zweiten Shop für einen anderen Kunden anlegen: der erste Shop - ein clickandbuilt - Prestashop bei IONOS : acelo.net - funktioniert gut; der Zweite Shop soll über shop.aweng.org erreichbar sein; Ich habe eine zweite Multishopgruppe angelegt "aweng" - aber der zweite Shop ist nicht erreichbar? Welche Einstellungen bei Prestashop und ggf bei IONOS (Domain) sind erforderlich?
  13. Hallo, ich habe Prestashop in der aktuellsten Version und als Multishop eingerichtet (mehrere unterschiedliche Firmen mit unterschiedlichen Waren in jeweils einer Shopgruppe). Weiterhin habe ich je Shopgruppe entsprechende Pages angelegt (Impressum, Datenschutz, Widerruf, etc.). Mein Problem ist, dass ich nicht für jede Shopgruppe einen spezifischen Footer anlegen kann (Auswahl Shopgruppe, Desing -> Template und Logo -> Pages Configuration -> Footer -> Linkliste), alles was ich hier ändere schlägt sich auf die anderen Shops durch. Parallel dazu habe ich das Modul "Rechtssicherheit Legal Compliance" installiert, versuche ich dem Modul in der Konfiguration Seiten zuzuweisen, werden alle Seiten aller Shops angezeigt, obwohl nur eine Shopgruppe ausgewählt ist, da die Seiten immer Impressum, Datenschutz, Widerruf, etc. lauten, weiß ich nicht, welche Seiten wozu gehört. Wo ist mein Fehler?
  14. Hello, I'm having a multishop and in one language everything is fine but in the second I got errors and stats graph is not displaying (BO). Errors in console: rocket-loader.min.js:1 A preload for 'https://website_url.com/js/vendor/d3.v3.min.js' is found, but is not used due to an unknown reason. t.activateScript @ rocket-loader.min.js:1 nv.d3.min.js:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: d3 is not defined at nv.d3.min.js:1 at nv.d3.min.js:6 index.php?controller=AdminDashboard&token=d25d0128e8614c0f000122d307a09efd:1 The resource https://website_url.com/js/vendor/d3.v3.min.js was preloaded using link preload but not used within a few seconds from the window's load event. Please make sure it has an appropriate `as` value and it is preloaded intentionally. dashactivity.js:28 Uncaught TypeError: nv.addGraph is not a function at pie_chart_trends (dashactivity.js:28) at data_chart (dashboard.js:18) at Object.success (dashboard.js:1) at j (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2) at x (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:4) at XMLHttpRequest.b (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:4) dashtrends.js:10 Uncaught TypeError: nv.addGraph is not a function at line_chart_trends (dashtrends.js:10) at data_chart (dashboard.js:18) at Object.success (dashboard.js:1) at j (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2) at x (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:4) at XMLHttpRequest.b (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:4) Any ideas what happened or how to fix it? ps. when isnpecting in chrome, sources tab top>website>js>vendor>d3.v3.min.js in both examples is present, but is blank in not working one. Also top>website>index.php?controller=AdminDashboard&token=(...) is blank
  15. Ciao, se abilito il multishop, cosa succede agli addons installati? ad esempio l'addons "All-in-one: fedeltà, multi livelli sponsorizzazione, affiliazione, Facebook..." funzionerà anche sugl'altri negozi? Grazie
  16. Hallo, leider finde ich zu diesem Thema im Internet nur jede Menge unbeantwortete Forum Einträge, daher versuche ich es einfach mal direkt selber in der Hoffnung, dass jemand ein ähnliches Problem hatte und es gelöst hat. Ich habe einen zweiten Onlineshop im Backend eingerichtet über die Multishop Funktion von Prestashop 1.7.6 eingerichtet und im Backend sieht auch alles korrekt aus: Schritt 1: Einrichtung Multishop mit neuer Shopgruppe Schritt 2: analog Hauptdomain, mit funktionierendem Shop, die neue Domain auf den Domain Root der Hauptdomain gesetzt (Root der Prestashop Applikation, keine Weiterleitung) Schritt 3: im Multishop Backend für den neuen Shop den neuen Domainnamen eingetragen: - Ist das die Haupt-URL des Shops? - JA - Aktiv - JA - Physikalische URL - / (analog Hauptdomain) - Virtuelle URL - (leer gelassen) Schritt 4: Cache gelöscht (nur um sicher zu gehen) Schritt 5: Prüfung der .htaccess Datei (neue Domain wurde eingetragen) Sowohl alle meine Domains als auch die Applikation laufen beim selben Provider (IONOS), aber wenn ich die neue Domain meines zweiten Shops (SSL aktiv) aufrufe, komme ich immer wieder zum ersten Shop, als wäre ne Weiterleitung aktiv. Wenn ich im Backend in "MULTISHOP-OPTIONEN" meinen neuen Shop als Standard festlege, funktioniert der alte noch einwandfrei, aber im neuen bekomme ich dann folgende Fehlermeldung: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS Wo könnte dieser Umleitungsfehler stecken? Was mach ich bei den Prestashop Einstellungen falsch? Bin dankbar für jeden Hinweis, denn ich habe schon einige Vorbereitungen gemacht, damit der neue Shops vor Dezember online geht und dieser Weiterleitungsfehler blockiert alles.
  17. Salve, ho un'installazione di prestashop, in multistore. Li uso per le lingue ma anche per prezzi e gestione separata utenti. Ne avevo già un paio di funzionanti (es, fr), e adesso devo aggiungere aggiunto il de e l'en. Il problema è che inspiegabilmente ad es. sul de, mi viene aggiunta in forndo all'url un'ulteriore particella della lingua: www.example.com/de/it Dove www.example.com/de/ è l'url salvato e leggibile in admin per quello specifico shop, mentre www.example.com/de/it è ciò che compare poi quando navigo in frontend. Che ne pensate? Qual'è il problema? I settaggi dei vari shop li ho sostanzialmente copiati. Ah, e cosa più curiosa: /it viene aggiunto in firefox. Se navigo da chrome, mi aggiunge /de (quindi www.example.com/de/de). Ho anche provato a rigenerare l'htaccess ma si comporta sempre così. Che fare?
  18. Hi, I have a prestashop 1.6 installation. I have multistore configuration. I have some stores already ok, but now I created a 'german' store with /de url, and have the following issue: - the shop url is something like www.myexample.com/de - when I navigate to www.myexample.com/de, automatically I'm redirected to www.myexample.com/de/it/ I really cannot understand the reason why... All the other shops (fr, es) do work properly. This one does not. No way to keep it /de. I already setted a default language for it, I just copied all the settings from the other shops, seems all the same. I cannot spot the error. Could you please suggest me why it is behaving that way? Thank you, regards
  19. Hello, I have a problem with product indexation on multistore. When I save a product in one of the shops the product is shown in the search results in that shop but not in the all others shops. If I save the product in root shop the product is displayed in the search results in all shops but only the first time. If I search the same product again it would not be displayed. I've tried to deactivate and reactivate the indexing option for all subshops and for the main shop but with no results. Any ideas? Thanks!
  20. Bonjour à tous, J'ai configuré mon Prestashop afin de faire une multiboutiques. J'ai déposé les deux noms de domaine de mes boutiques. Je possède donc une URL de boutique dite "principale" et une seconde URL qui me servira comme site de façade. J'ai acheté la template Worldwide Footwear en la téléchargeant avec l'URL de ma première boutique. Sur mon backoffice, on me propose d'utiliser cette template pour mes deux URL (ce que je souhaite). J'ai coché la template afin de l'utiliser pour mes deux URL, sauf qu'elle n'apparaît que sur la première. Sur la seconde, j'ai donc uniquement la template par défaut proposée par Prestashop. Je ne trouve pas de solution, alors si jamais vous avez déjà rencontré ce problème, je serai heureuse d'en connaître la solution ! Cordialement.
  21. Hello everyone! I was asked to check one interesting issue in PS_1.6.1.17 store: in ps_order_detail table for one order some products have id_shop value = 1 instead of 2. Some facts that I checked so far: 1) multi-store option is on, shops are separated (i.e. not sharing carts, product quantities or customers); 2) order was created from BO for the shop with id = 2; 3) in the order there's one product that was added twice - with id_shop and other values from shop with id = 1, and second time - from the shop with id = 2; 3) I tried to reproduce the issue, but order I created with same products looks okay in Db; 4) for order that I created, price (in total and for some products) differs from the one where issue appeared. So imo, products were really pulled from shop with id = 1 to shop with id = 2. I don't have any clue how it could be possible to put product from one shop while creating order from another shop. Maybe someone have any idea about it? I'll be grateful for any insight. Thanks in advance!
  22. Hello guys , hope someone can help me. I'm running prestashop(1.5) with multistore configuration, the default currency is EUR but I set some additionnal currencies for each shop everything is working fine. The only issue I have is that I want to keep all currencies enabled on the back office regardless of the selected shop I know it somewhere here : public static function setCurrency($cookie) { if (Tools::isSubmit('SubmitCurrency')) if (isset($_POST['id_currency']) && is_numeric($_POST['id_currency'])) { $currency = Currency::getCurrencyInstance($_POST['id_currency']); if (is_object($currency) && $currency->id && !$currency->deleted && $currency->isAssociatedToShop()) $cookie->id_currency = (int)$currency->id; } $currency = Currency::getCurrencyInstance(Configuration::get('PS_CURRENCY_DEFAULT')); if ((int)$cookie->id_currency) $currency = Currency::getCurrencyInstance((int)$cookie->id_currency); if (is_object($currency) && (int)$currency->id && (int)$currency->deleted != 1 && $currency->active) { $cookie->id_currency = (int)$currency->id; if ($currency->isAssociatedToShop()) return $currency; else { // get currency from context $currency = Shop::getEntityIds('currency', Context::getContext()->shop->id, true, true); if (isset($currency[0]) && $currency[0]['id_currency']) { $cookie->id_currency = $currency[0]['id_currency']; return Currency::getCurrencyInstance((int)$cookie->id_currency); } } } return $currency; } thank you
  23. Hallo Berechtigungen Ist es möglich, im Multi Shopsystem Berechtigungen so zu vergeben, dass Nutzer nur auf das Backend von einem Sub-Shop und die entsprechenden Artikel Zugriff hat? Abrechnung Kann der Besucher im Multi Shopsystem Bestellungen aus verschiedenen Sub-Shops in einer Bestellung zusammenfassen und bezahlen? Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe und Gruss Aschi
  24. Hello everybody, As part of my internship I have to create an e-shop for a company in the eastern coast of France. This company offers products and services related to boats such as boat maintenance. They would like to offer a wide variety of products, some of which do not necessarily belong to them (eg: A restaurant's catering service). They have asked me to find a way of making the following scenario happen: Client chooses the following products: Boat maintenance (belongs to the Harbor), Pizza (belongs to the restaurant). Client adds both products to cart and proceeds to checkout. Client pays for both products using a credit card. The money that belongs to the Harbor goes straight to the Harbor's bank account, the money that belongs to the restaurant goes straight to the restaurant's bank account. I've tried suggesting the use of a multishop but the problem is that with a multishop the client has 2 different carts and has to go through 2 different checkout processes, which isn't exactly what my bosses are looking for. Has anybody ever achieved this? I'm open to any and all suggestions or alternatives to take them up to my supervisors.
  25. Hello I want to install multi store in my prestashop 1.7. I have two physical stores, one online shop, and a warehouse. I would like the warehouse and the stores to have their own stock sharing clients and the online store to have all the stocks so I can sell from the website everything I have no matter where. It is that possible to do with multi store? It is possible to move stock from one store to the other one if necessary? Thank you!!!
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