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  1. I have installed a fresh PS and noticed that some tables have different encodings: 230 with utf8mb4_general_ci and respectively 49 utf8_general_ci. Which is the default enconding for I want to perform a manual upgrade and concerned about the migrated tables. Which encoding should i use? Should I change all tables to utf8mb4_general_ci? Any ideas?
  2. Buenas tardes! Me gustaría saber si existe alguna posibilidad de organizar manualmente la posición de los productos en grupo. Hasta ahora, solo puedo hacerlo uno a uno, al ser una gran cantidad de productos, es una tarea muy lenta hacerlo de esa manera. He buscado algo de información por internet pero no he dado con nada concreto así que pregunto por aquí. Quizás exista algun plugin o algo, la verdad es que no lo se, pero si alguien ha tenido el mismo problema y sabe alguna solución me ayudaría muchísimo! Muchas gracias!!!
  3. In the Prestashop Manual 1.7.X you will find the information you need to start from scratch with your e-commerce and launch your business on the web. Link : https://amzn.to/2va6VNh Tank you
  4. Hi everyone! I'm creating my first prestashop e-shop, and now, among other things like theme customization, I've learned in practice the basics of module development, including settings page, front- and backoffice hooks and so on. But I still cant understand how to create an Admin***Controller for my module. Now I know how to create admin menu item (tab) and make my controller just to exist (in other words - my controller page can be opened without errors), but now I'm just using redirect in my Admin***Controller.init() to my module settings page, because that's the only (ugly) way I found to call my module backoffice page from admin menu. So, the question is: is there some step-by-step guide, where the admin controller creation basics described like the module creation described in official PS docs? the only thing I found in PS docs about controller is short description about some fields of frontend controller (but it just helped me to understand the concept of usinc controller - create tpl, fill some magic data, call display*** methods - and happyness will come), but nothing else... Thanks in advance for your help
  5. I tried to use 1-click-upgrade and other documents to upgrade from to 1.7.x but all my efforts failed. now I think I have just 2 option: manual migration. use 3rd party tools like "MigrationPro" which is comercial module. I prefer to do it manually. here is my questions: is there any other way to migrate? what is the steps of manually migration?
  6. I made a fresh install of Prestashop with Softaculous and Manual, and have the same problem, The installation process is all normal and sucesfull, and the website loads, but when i try to go to backoffice i get: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE, from all browsers i tried, cleared all cache, still the same, i curentellly have php 5.5, but i also tryed php 7, but all the same, don't know what to do, any one had this problem and solved it?
  7. Good evening everyone! New to the presta community, so a big greeting, you've all been proved extremely useful to a full amateur on presta platform and ecommerce projects generally like me. I recently set up my first project from zero to a complete eshop. It was bilingual and the main language was Greek. So, the theme I used had its own modules installed for almost everything and because they were very nicely designed and with many options, I used them instead of native presta's. In fact it had them preinstalled when I chose the homepage and I start modifying them. I assume that is what happens with every theme in general(?). Thing is that, when I installed Greek very few front pages and modules were translated, so basically I did it all manually. At least the ones I used in the front end. Now I plan to use the theme for further projects since it let me very satisfied, seeing the final result, but of course I have no intention of endless hours of translations again. So, the question is how can I backup the translated theme so the next time I install it, it plays in Greek day one? One solution would be to backup the entire project and then for a new project install that instead of the original theme and start modifying it but I would really rather not. I'd like a blank template if possible. Sorry for the long introduction, looking forward to hearing and thanks in advance!
  8. Os habréis fijado que el backoffice busca por separado las palabras, haciendo de una búsqueda que debería ser más restrictiva y concreta, obtenemos resultados más generales, justamente lo contrario de lo que cabría esperar. Este tutorial es aplicable a backoffice y front office, al fin y al cabo solo es modificar la consulta a la base de datos y la forma de realizar la búsqueda (y de llamarla). Pues bien, explicaré aquí cómo mejorar esto modificando dos archivos. Buscamos estos dos archivos: controllers\admin\AdminCustomersController.php Classes\Customer.php En AdminCustomerController.php, buscaremos la función ajaxProcessSearchCustomers() *Tenéis que vigilar si tenéis la carpeta NOadmin, de hacer lo mismo en controllers\NOadmin\AdminCustomersController.php simplemete debemos comentar el primer for each. Quedando más o menos así (puede variar ligeramente según la versión de PS). public function ajaxProcessSearchCustomers(){ $searches = explode(' ', Tools::getValue('customer_search')); $search = Tools::getValue('customer_search'); $customers = array(); $searches = array_unique($searches); //foreach ($searches as $search) if (!empty($search) && $results = Customer::searchByName($search)) foreach ($results as $result) $customers[$result['id_customer]] = $result; if (count($customers)) $to_return = array( 'customers' => $customers, 'found' => true ); else $to_return = array('found' => false); $this->content = Tools::jsonEncode($to_return); } En Customer.php, buscaremos la función searchByName($query), y le modificaremos la consulta para que nos lleguen resultados más precisos y más apropiados a lo que estamos buscando. Quedando así: public static function searchByName($query){ $query2 = str_replace(' ', '%', $query); return Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_)->executeS(" SELECT * FROM "._DB_PREFIX_."customer WHERE ( email LIKE '%".pSQL($query)."%' OR id_customer = ".(int)$query." OR concat(firstname, lastname) LIKE '%".pSQL($query2)."%') ".Shop::addSqlRestriction(Shop::SHARE_CUSTOMER)); } Todo esto ha sido testeado en prestashop, y hecho de forma expresa para buscar clientes al crear pedidos manuales en el backoffice. Lo mismo es aplicable a cualquier otro campo de búsqueda extrapolando las funciones a las que correspondan, o haciendo lo propio en versiones distintas de prestashop. PD: Es posible (y probable) que afecte a otros campos de busqueda del backoffice, pero no lo he probado aún. Adjunto imágenes del antes y el después, para que veáis la diferencia. Saludos!
  9. Aquí post mejorado --> https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/517757-tutorial-mejora-de-las-b%C3%BAsquedas/ Saludos!
  10. Hi, does anyone know how or if there is a module already made to create a product by entering the ID manually? When you import from csv through force ID you can assign the id. I want to do even when I create a product from the backend in classic mode ... I need this opportunity because I have a php file that updates My database quantities and prices automatically and is based around the ID ... Thank you all
  11. Whenever someone buys something from my webshop and payment is recieved, prestashop sets "Payment accepted" but does not send the payment accepted mail with the invoice. However, when I go into the specific order and change the status to anything else and then back to "Payment accepted", then the payment accepted mail with the invoice is sent. Does anyone know why it has this behavior and how to make it so it automatically sends the payment accepted mail without my manual input? - aftertherobes.dk
  12. Buenas, me gustaría saber si es posible actualizar PrestaShop a una versión determinada (, no a la ultima, no se si esto es posible, pero he buscado y no he sido capaz de encontrar nada, solo he encontrado con respecto a actualizar a la ultima versión con el modulo 1-Click Upgrade. Saludos.
  13. Hi Folks, I'm trying to integrate a XSD/XML Schema into my prestashop but I can't seem to find a suitable module to assist with the installation and with my limited IT experience i'm unsure how to make the installation manually. Can someone please help? Would be truly grateful. Thanks, Justin.
  14. Hi Version When I am manually entering an order I would like to alter the price as I add the item. It will let me do it but does not record the change. Just looks to give a random figure Is this normal? Thanks in advance. G
  15. Hi, I am trying to manually install fresh Prestashop I unzipped prestashop files on my local machine. I created a new directory "Prestashop" in subdomains directory - as I want it to be on subdomain. I copied all unzipped files into it using Filezilla. I created a database and a user. I visited the subdomain to start installation - it starts OK. Install starts - In "Choose your language tab" I choosed English language and hit Next. It opend "License agreements tab" where I ticked "I agree" and hit Next. It checked green the "System compatibility tab" and skipped to "Store information". Problem occurs here - I filled in everything in "Store information" tab and hit Next. It starts loading and this is where it gets stuck. It finishes loading, stays on the same tab and changes "main activity" select box to its default state "please choose your main activity" and then does nothing. If i hit Next again, it is the same thing. Do you have any idea what is going on? I tried deleting browser cash, disable Mozilla addons, restarting browser, deleting all files from ftp and uploading them again, even downloading new .zip file directly from prestashop.com and unzipping it directly on ftp using web2ftp - nothing helped. Important thing - I already have prestashop running the same way on subdomain at the same hosting, so the problem should not be in the hosting service. Thank you in advance!
  16. Hola a tod@s, Por favor, alguien me podría recomendar un manual, o varios, que contenga toda la información que se necesite para controlar prestashop tanto a nivel usuario como para desarrolladores. Muchas gracias y un cordial saludo.
  17. Hello, Following a refused credit card payment, the administrator has validated the payment manually in PrestaShop as remote payment. Unfortunately validated 2 times the payment. The customer has paid once but 2 payments are recorded in PrestaShop. How can I correct? thank you
  18. Hi guys, I would like to ask you if there is chance to set up one delivery method only for manual orders? I´ll explain my case : returned goods, customer was not home. I want to send it again but now with extra fee. From this reason I have created new product that is not visible for others only for me. I have created manually new order in back office with this product that is called - new shipment for products or smth like this with no fee cause this is not product. Well and then I should see shipping method I have also created. But it doesn´t offer me this method I have already created. See pls screens. Isn´t it problem that I have not marked them visible? But I don´t want to be this shipping method visible for anyone, cause it has to be visible only for me and for this reason. Do you have any advice? Thank you
  19. Hi folks, Does anybody know how to add a new theme in the "theme configurator" and how to set a different color theme manualy? I mean new theme in the admin/my shop (right top corner)/theme configurator (displayed on the left). There is a choice from 8 color combination. I'd like to add a new color combination and set it manualy not by user because I've disable this icon. Thank you.
  20. Hola, he estado intentando por todas las opciones que encontré en el Foro, cambiar el titulo del modulo "marcas" por "Bodegas" y no lo consigo. Quisiera saber como lo cambio de forma manual, ya que es la única opción que me queda... La opción traducción de modulos es imposible, me aparece este mensaje. ¡Advertencia! La configuración de PHP limita el número máximo de campos para enviar en un formulario 1000 = max_input_vars. Por favor solicite a su proveedor de hosting que aumente el límite a 1483 al menos o edite el archivo de traducción de forma manual. Hay alguna otra opción para cambiar esto ?? Gracias !!!
  21. Buenas soy nuevo en ps y estoy empezando a programar, pero no encuentro ningún manual ni ninguna referencia de las funciones que más se utilizan. Por ejemplo: Tools:: Validate:: Mail:: Aunque muchas de ellas son bastante evidentes, no encuentro ningún lugar donde estén todas y por ejemplo los parámetros que necesitan, etc.. Alguien me puede decir si existe esta referencia en inglés o español? Ya sé que puedo leer directamente las clases, pero busco algo en plan más didáctico.
  22. Amigos, gostaria de saber como encontrar material de treinamento do usuario final [Administrador, Vendedor, Expedição, ...] Quando entregamos uma loja para o usuario, ele tem dificuldades iniciais de todo usuario que se depara, pela primeira vez, com um novo programa. Muito embora com o treinamento aplicado, esse material poderia servir para o Lojista consultar posteriormente. Grande abraço.
  23. Estoy siguiendo el tutorial oficial de actualización manual : http://doc.prestasho...?pageId=3506389 En el paso "Mover la carpeta “prestashop” a su servidor FTP" no se que hacer exactamente, si borrar lo que tengo en la carpeta "public_html" (donde tengo todo de la pagina) y pegar la nueva versión con mis configuraciones o tengo que ponerlo en una carpeta especifica. En este tutorial no dice nada al respecto y no se que hacer, me da miedo borrarlo todo. PD: Estoy intentado la actualizacion de a 1.4.9
  24. It happens almost every time after I have tried to update translation manually. Request denied by WatchGuard HTTP proxy.Reason: IPS matched signature "WEB-MISC Hashtable Collisions", id='1056078' Method: POST Host: grandcoralaustralia.com.au Path: /psadmin/index.php?controller=AdminTranslations&submitTranslationsFront=1&token=01845ab57e5b86d522b71172534cf81 First resolution : delete language then add new under the localization > not work and the image thumbnail has lost. Second resolution : I tried to solve the problem by importing language pack manually > not work. Any idea please.
  25. Hello, One click upgrade failed, due to MD5 checksum error. So I'm doing a manual upgrade to on a server which is not running it's personal MySQL. I'm following this guide: http://doc.prestasho...ortheNewVersion - Made a backup (FE + BE) - Unpacked the zip in temp folder - Copied my settings file ( settings.inc.php) any my images Now I try to run the upgrade.php script, but the server gives a socket error. Can anyone give me some pointers. Google and a search on this forum have not brought any results. Ragards, Jeroen
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