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  1. Hi, i encountered an issue on catalog search in backoffice. No matter which search you make, all products are returned to me as a search result (see attachment). I also noticed that if I go to see the SQL Query that is processed on the basis of the search, it is not modified by entering the search key used. Informazioni sul server Linux #1 SMP Thu May 27 10:10:44 UTC 2021 x86_64 Versione software del server: Apache Versione di PHP: 7.2.34 Limite di memoria: 1G Tempo di esecuzione massimo: 10000 Dimensione Max. dei file da caricare: 256M Versione di PrestaShop: URL negozio: http://schepismodel.com/ Percorso negozio: /home/ijplfryu/schepismodel.com Tema attualmente utilizzato: mega_parts_store
  2. Hello everyone i hope you all doing well. Today when i was adding new products to my website suddenly BO Products tab stopped showng the price for only combined products (in green mark) but normal products (in yellow mark) are okay. The thing is that happened after upload a product without touching anything else. Front end all works as it should just in BO the price is missing. When i add fixed price only to the product it does showing by the way. Any help would be really appreciated, thank you in advance. Ive tried to delete the attributes add them back again and still nothing ...
  3. Hello I have Prestashop with a paid theme for current. But i want to translate some texts from default theme. When i go to translations / front office translations, i cannot see on dropdown the classic theme but only the paid that i have. I try it with and seems ok. PHP version 7.3.25 Thanks
  4. I recently manually upgraded a site from 1.6 to 1.7. There was a laundry list of complications I dealt with (including that the theme work had all been done in default_bootstrap and was thus essentially lost/had to be redone) but only one, at present, that continues to vex me. Specifically, when I attempt to view product categories on the main shop I am presented with a 500 error. So, if I went to https://<shop-url>/<category-name> I would get a 500 error. Turning debug mode on reveals the full extent of the error as: [PrestaShopException] No template found for [PROJECT_WEB_ROOT]/themes/[PROJECT_THEME_DIRECTORY]/category.tpl at line 73 in file classes/Smarty/TemplateFinder.php 68. return $tpl; 69. } 70. } 71. } 72. 73. throw new PrestaShopException('No template found for ' . $template); 74. } 75. 76. private function getTemplateHierarchy($template, $entity, $id) 77. { 78. $entity = basename($entity); TemplateFinderCore->getTemplate - [line 1403 - classes/controller/FrontController.php] - [4 Arguments] FrontControllerCore->getTemplateFile - [line 1294 - classes/controller/FrontController.php] - [3 Arguments] FrontControllerCore->setTemplate - [line 106 - controllers/front/CategoryController.php] - [1 Arguments] CategoryControllerCore->initContent - [line 281 - classes/controller/Controller.php] ControllerCore->run - [line 511 - classes/Dispatcher.php] DispatcherCore->dispatch - [line 28 - index.php] Now, I went into the Smarty engine and added a few debugging lines to see what's what (hence why the exception isn't being thrown on line 68 as it ordinarily would), and here's where I found out why it can't find the template. It's looking in the following three paths: [PROJECT_WEB_ROOT]/themes/[PROJECT_THEME_DIRECTORY]/templates/en-US/[PROJECT_WEB_ROOT]/themes/[PROJECT_THEME_DIRECTORY]/category.tpl.tpl [PROJECT_WEB_ROOT]/themes/[PROJECT_THEME_DIRECTORY]/templates/[PROJECT_WEB_ROOT]/themes/[PROJECT_THEME_DIRECTORY]/category.tpl.tpl [PROJECT_WEB_ROOT]/public_html/themes/[PROJECT_THEME_DIRECTORY]/templates/[PROJECT_WEB_ROOT]/themes/[PROJECT_THEME_DIRECTORY]/category.tpl Above omitting specific directories in lieu of bracketed placeholders. Essentially, it appears that there's a full superfluous file system path being fed into the template finder. Like, rather than appending something like [templatename].tpl, it appends [full-path-to-template-plus-template-name].tpl, when it ought not. Does anyone know what could cause this and where to look and adjust to correct it? I'm not exactly familiar with Prestashop specifically, so tracing it back and finding a root cause is proving really time-consuming. I hope that someone in this community knows more about the software and can give me pointers as to where to look to find the source of this misbehavior. Additional information if it helps - this only seems to occur (I say "seems" because I haven't done a full accounting, but have definitely found lots of places it doesn't occur) for category view. So Smarty is being fed the correct template file paths under other circumstances.
  5. Hello, yesterday I had a strange issue with my eshop. A client created an account without adding an address during the registration form which the address fields are mentatory. I tried by my self to check if the shop changed the configuration settings that I did to make the address during an upgrade but the address was required. Is there any bug with the prestashop registration form? I'm using prestashop v1.6.1.1
  6. Hi, I have a really strange issue and i dont know where to start looking for a solution. So this behavior started yesterday. We did not change or update anything. But somehow prestashop started by creating orders with a strange (not the normal id which i configured in the beginning but one with letters instead of a number - see screenshot 1). This only happens, if the customer buys the last item(s) on stock of a specific product. In the order itself there are no items listed. (see screenshot 2) so i dont see which product the user ordered. (I have to go into the user and check his cart to see what his last cart was, which is not so conviencing.) I really don't know where to look for this issue. i dont know how i can find out which module causes this problem, maybe it's some kind of missconfiguration of products. I hope someone can give me a hint where to start looking deeper into the problem to find a solution for this. My Prestashop version is:
  7. I'm having trouble with the export function on the backend order page. I'd like to export all orders within a certain time period. But for some reason prestashop only allows me to export what is on page 1, while I want all 20 pages of orders that's within my search parameter. If anyone knows what code to modify I'd appreciate your expertise. I'm using Prestashop
  8. Hi, I installed newest version of presta, I also installed template. All worked smoothly until I did copy in "/ app / themes / theme1" of "_dev" and "assets". I just wanted to have a copy of this catalogs and files files (so I had _dev-copy and assets-copy). After that I got 500. In the admin section I get ... see attachment. Nothing else was changed there. Any idea what can be cause of issue? Appreciate any help.
  9. Bonjour à tous, Ayant cherché sur les forums, sur le GitHub et sur internet je n'ai trouvé aucune information relative à mon problème. J'espère tout d'abord être dans la bonne section afin de ne déranger personne qui ne serait pas concerné. Configuration : Prestashop : PHP : 7.2 THEME : PRS005 Alors voilà mon problème : Depuis quelques temps, il m'est impossible d'utiliser une réduction (pourtant effective) dans mon process de commande. C'est un bug qui apparait seulement sous Firefox car en ayant testé sous Chrome je n'ai eu aucun problème. A force d'essayer de trouver la source du problème, je me suis rendu compte de la différence de comportement entre les deux navigateurs. En effet sous chrome, à la saisie et validation du code promo, la requête XHR est directement appelée et la page recharge en affichant la réduction. Alors que sous Firefox aucune requête n'est effectuée avant le chargement de la page, et en activant le mode débug au début du rechargement de la page on voit un "AJAX error" (screen ci-joint). Je ne comprends pas comment le panier/checkout AJAX fonctionne sans problème sous Chrome mais ne fonctionne pas sous Firefox... J'ai également essayé en navigation privée et en supprimant toutes les données de mon cache, mais rien n'y fait. Je pensais que ce bug était due au nouveau module Paypal "PrestaShop Checkout", mais non car lorsque je vais sur mon site test j'ai essayé les choses suivantes : - Désactivé le nouveau module PayPal - Désactivé l'ancien module PayPal - Enlevé le "onepagecheckout" en remettant un ancien module que nous avions "The Checkout" - Supprimé le hook paypal de displayHeader - Enlevé les lignes de codes relative au "non affichage" du champs de discount dans le checkout (ancien problèmes des versions 1.6 et antérieurs où le champs de discount n'existais pas). Je reste disponnible pour fournir toutes informations pouvant aider à la résolution ou du moins à la mise en avant du problème. Merci d'avance à tous les lecteurs.
  10. I am using prestashop In Customer Service menu, it is not possible to configure a gmail account. See error below, I tested as well with the option validate=yes OR novalidate=yes. I followed carefully all suggestions on gmail site about configuration. Tested with different email accounts, same result. Tested with different computer clients and users. Same account, with same configuration, can fit on Thunderbird and Outlook without problems!! Is there any other configuration to set on server?
  11. Hi everyone, I just activated the gift wrapping option in Prestashop's back office for Christmas (I have an e-shop in French), and I realise the "I WOULD LIKE MY ORDER TO BE GIFT WRAPPED" text is in English-only, even if all the rest of the website is in French. I saw on the following topic where to find this text to be translated: It's in International > Translation > Theme Translation and there I'm supposed to find it inside Shop > Theme > Checkout. However, there is no such text to be found. Even using the search bar, it doesn't return any result matching the beginning of this text Can it be found somewhere else? Or is it trickier than I thought? For info, I'm on Prestashop Thank you for your help.
  12. Prestashop Add to cart Button and Cart in the top don't show any more I don't now why it's really confusing because I haven't do any change or modification and today I discover this issue help plz
  13. I am the Web Designer for LOCKOUT TAGOUT Ltd. I have been tasked with solving some of the issues of our company website https://lockoutdirect.com/ . The website has a couple issues starting with the Search bar function not working to its fullest. An example of this would be if you were to search for a product such as a Padlock, the search results should show around 8 pages of products however at the moment it may only show around 1 to 2 products. The version of PrestaShop the website is using should be I am relatively new to the PrestaShop platform so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi, where to start ? - Installed PrestaShop - got little issues installing but made it (error 500) - bought couple of modules - theme, invoice, captcha,Amazing filter , etc. - installed 2API integrations with invoice service and email service (CZ/SK) - added products, set-up theme, profiles, filters, categories all set After i installed Google Analytics plugin it started to roll out with issues - error 500 after installing module for analytics Ok - erased cache folder (renamed) and dissabled module After installing Amazing filter the issues are still hapenning but i can at least make it work ISSUES - - appParameters.php in ssome casses are not having permissions set - no permission that leads to issues on the screen = webpage = + bootstrap issue on line 87 www.vipfashion.sk [Wed Oct 21 09:08:03.383041 2020] [php7:error] [pid 665] [client] PHP Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/data/6/e/6e5f593f-a820-4097-8872-4184a29c2039/vipfashion.sk/web/var/cache/prod/appParameters.php' (include_path='/data/6/e/6e5f593f-a820-4097-8872-4184a29c2039/vipfashion.sk/web/vendor/pear/pear_exception:/data/6/e/6e5f593f-a820-4097-8872-4184a29c2039/vipfashion.sk/web/vendor/pear/console_getopt:/data/6/e/6e5f593f-a820-4097-8872-4184a29c2039/vipfashion.sk/web/vendor/pear/pear-core-minimal/src:/data/6/e/6e5f593f-a820-4097-8872-4184a29c2039/vipfashion.sk/web/vendor/pear/archive_tar:.:/usr/php73/lib/php') in /data/6/e/6e5f593f-a820-4097-8872-4184a29c2039/vipfashion.sk/web/config/bootstrap.php on line 87 - issue with continue instead of continue 2 ? - When installing new module im getting issue like in image issue3.png - when exporting whole php DB im getting error Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 5 passed to PhpMyAdmin\Export::getFilenameAndMimetype() must be of the type string, null given, called in /var/www/html/export.php on line 380 and defined in /var/www/html/libraries/classes/Export.php:270 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/html/export.php(380): PhpMyAdmin\Export->getFilenameAndMimetype('database', '', Object(PhpMyAdmin\Plugins\Export\ExportSql), '', NULL) #1 {main} thrown in /var/www/html/libraries/classes/Export.php on line 270 - couple screenshots from debug symphony tool ? - debug 1 and 2 image ----------------------- For reference i was searching there might be a couple of issues like these but did not make anything from it - i looked it up leaded here - - Settings - all cache settings are turned off even opcache in hosting provider - webpage is in debug mode and maintenance - i did little tweaks to email templates and css files in theme Can anyone help me ? investigate ? help for $ anything I need to make it work = It is working but there are these pain in the ass issues that are happeing sometimes and thats not good Thank yu for helps issue1-.txt issue2.txt
  15. Hi everybody, i'm getting a issue with homeslider module, its just installed but when logout and come back to module listing the module is uninstalled, and show for install againg, is working normally with the setting i did, but i cant configure anymore. I did tried delete the file config_es.xml and works normally untill the file is created again. Sorry for my english, but i need help. Thanks a lot for your help!
  16. Hello, i have an issue with product add to cart button. When i add a product to cart. Ajax fires twice, but product only adds once. Im checking another installations and ajax only fires once. I have store with multistore. Someone have any idea why this happens? Store version
  17. Hi, I'm having an issue when assigning related products to a product. When I click to add a product it appears twice until I save and refresh the page. Is anyone having this issue as well?
  18. I am using prestashop 1.6 I am using the same CMS image inserted Inside the description section of the product page of many products with our store. I need to update this image with new content and I need this new image to appear as a replacement of the original one inside all the products descriptions were it was originally inserted. However when I replace the original image with a new one located in the same folder in the server and using the new name, this new image does not appear on the products page, the old one is still displayed. I have closed and empty all the caches but it does not change anything. The original image is the only one appearing on the front and back end despite the fact it was deleted / replaced with another one what can Indi please ?
  19. Just upgraded to from and now I cannot seem to configure any installed modules. Only options are to disable, uninstall, disable mobile and reset. I've tried resetting but same issue. Anyone else having the same issue, or have an idea how to fix? Thank you in advance
  20. when I'm logged in back office in few minutes i hit for example "orders" then redirect me back to login back office. i must always clear history in my browser then BO works for few minutes. Im tried Safari, Chrome in iPhone safari same issues. PS
  21. Hello, we have a problem with our checkout proceedur and unfortunately we didn´t found an answer in this forum yet. So we will ask by ourself and hope there is an expert, who will share his knowledge with us. Sometimes (And this is the big problem! We can´t replicate this issue at anytime) our customer can´t checkout because he have no payment option. When the issue appears, there is the normal checkout process and at the point where the customer have to choose the payment option, there is .... nothing. The payment selection does not appear and the checkout process can´t be completed. If we notice the problem and then clear the cache of our PS in the BO, the checkout will work normally for some time. We run a PS Ver.: We use for the payment following modules: -Bank transaction / Prestashop Module Ver. 2.0.4 -PayPal / Ver. 5.0.2 -Cash on delivery / Idnovate Ver. 3.3.4 We are grateful for every idea!
  22. Guys, Pls help to reolsve the issue. Unable to open the Admin pancel from Laptop / System browser but its opening on mobile without any issue. Admin panel prompt to enter the credentials after giving credentials its just spinning for 2 mins and shows the below error. Note: no issues on mobile browser. ============ Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator at [email protected] to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. ==========
  23. Bonjour, J'espère être dans la bonne section ! ^^ Alors voici mon problème, j'ai activé l'option multistore car la boite dans laquelle je taff à besoin d'un site pour les particuliers(prix TTC) et un autre pour B2B (prix HT), J'ai donc 2 store (j'ai créé le second depuis "Parametres avancés>Multiboutique", ils sont bien dans le même groupe). Lorsque je sélectionne le magasin qui devra gérer le B2B puis que je tente d'activer le mode B2B via "Paramètres de la boutique > Clients> Activer le mode B2B > OUI" et que j'enregistre, la page charge puis remet l'option "Activer le mode B2B" sur "NON" !!? Aurais-je omis quelque chose ? Merci d'avance ! :) edit : Prestashop
  24. Need Prestashop experts help ... Issue: Cart page shows an empty white screen even products are added. Thanks
  25. Hi all! On Prestashop when I active groups, in home page only the head is displayed. If I disable groups all is OK. I want prices displayed without VAT everywhere. TNX in advance. Ilic
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