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  1. Hi! I am wondering if anyone who has used advanced stock management in 1.6. has moved to 1.7 and is using PrestaShop ERP - Advanced Stock Module https://addons.prestashop.com/en/stock-supplier-management/32549-prestashop-erp-advanced-stock.html. If yes, how is it working out? I am using 1.6. and with advanced stock management and random errors in product quantities seem to increase over time and have become quite annoying, so I have to look for another solution. I would prefer to do all inventory in Prestashop instead of connecting with some other software. Appreciate your insight!! Helen
  2. Hi, Im searching for a module which can save the inventory of my catalog and export them in CSV (like Web in Color module, I think its one of the best module to do this). The difference comparing with that module, is that I need to have also the sale price of the products, not just the wholesale inside the module and at the exported CSV. Does anyone know a module which can do this? Im using ps Thank you.
  3. Hi, can I obtain the annual inventory statement (stock dated over two months back) from backshop´s Statistics section? When I go to Available quantity and select specific date I still can get only current quantities displayed.. Can anybody help please? PS Version Thanks! Stanislav
  4. Hello, I am building a store to use as a way for our distributors to order marketing materials from us. I am using advanced stock management because of how/where these items are stocked and ordered. I have run into an issue that I need to find a way to override. Prestashop does not allow me to add stock to items with a "0" price. However, there are many things we offer for free to our distributors, but we still need to track their stock levels. does anyone know of a way to allow adding stock to these items?
  5. Most of my products have size/colour combinations. The problem I have discovered is on the backend when I want to check stock quantities. Under Catalog > Products i get the display of my products with the quantity column which only shows the total number each product combining all of its combinations. How can I quickly see if any particular combination is running low or is out of stock without having to click on each product to check quantities? For example: I have a shirt as a product with the following combinations: colour:red, size:small, stock quantity: 10 colour:red, size:medium, stock quantity 0 When I check under Catalog > Products it lists that product as having a stock quantity of 10. In order to see the out of stock combination I have to edit the product and look in "quantities". That's a pain! I would really appreciate any help and advice. Many many thanks
  6. Hi I have a problem related to (Orders with 0 inventory).. So i'm getting (on backorders) which allows customers to order a product of 0 inventory although I already set the (Behavior when out of stock: Deny Orders). Here's the scenario when the problem occurs: 1- The product quantity is available (greater than 0). 2- A customer (John) adds the product to the basket, but not completes the payment. 3- All the quantity is sold to other customers. (now the stock is 0) 4- John returns to the basket and completes the payment. 5- I receive (On Backorder) .. How can we fix this problem ???
  7. In our store we do not keep any inventory. We only order based on what customers order. So all my product Quantity stock is 0 at this moment. When our customer orders an item, the stock becomes negative. Suppose the customer order with 11 items of product A and 1 item of product B When we create a supply order for that item, if we enter 0 in Automatically Load Products box, then the prestashop picks all items with 0 quantity. However we need only Those Items which are Ordered by the Customers ( i.e. the products with -ve stock) in this case A -11nos and B -1nos and It should order A 11nos and B 1 nos How to do this. can anyone guide Thanks
  8. Hi, i've been using google sheets so far to keep track of my inventory so far. in order to do that i've had to do everything on google sheet: create a sheet with the DB and the another sheet with formulas calculating and showing the available quantities. (i've attached some screenshots to show these sheets) is there a way to retrieve those data from prestashop so that i can easily and quickly have a look at what products are available opening a singe webpage from my mobile phone, for instance?
  9. Moved recently from Shopify to PrestaShop, but don`t want to neglect my store on Shopify either. So now I`m looking for a decent ERP with a proper inventory management possibilities which could help me to operate both stores. Of course, firstly, started digging through google, and found a ton of articles like this on the first pages: https://easyerp.com/blog/shopify-inventory-management/ But those don`t seem legit to me, as nearly all of them are ad-posts advertising their ERPs (aforementioned too, BTW). And as I`m lazy bastard and don`t like to read through a whole forum so I would like to ask you guys for a suggestion. Could you please share some experience? Do you know some really good ones?
  10. Hi all, How can I suspension of trade? For example, by reason of the inventory. I want to keep store as it is. All goods will be seen. Not only the possibility to buy goods. Will not be option add to cart. Thank you for advice. Sorry for my bad english. Jaroslav.
  11. Greetings, I am trying very hard to set up my shop that sells kratom powder in the most efficient way. I sell bulk kratom in 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000 gram bags and want to track the inventory from a common stock of grams in a warehouse. Currently I have created a product like: "Green Malay Kratom" with combinations based on "weight in grams" (50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000) and then specify the quantity of each combination. The problem is, If I have 1000 g in real inventory I will have to specify these quantities of each combination to cover all possibilities: 50g = 20 100g = 10 250g = 4 500g = 2 1000g = 1 But, if someone orders the whole 1000g the other combinations do not automatically adjust (in this case to 0) based on that purchase. If someone buys the 1000g then there really is no more product in inventory. ---- As a solution, I have attempted to create a product called "Gram of Red Bali - Kratom" and then created another product called "Red Bali - Kratom Test" which is a "pack of existing products" made of 50 units of "Gram of Red Bali - Kratom". I figured that I could just associate "Gram of Red Bali - Kratom" with a warehouse and control the amount of grams available by adding them to the warehouse and then create a "pack of existing products" for each of the 5 quantities I want to sell. BUT, this would require me to have 5 different "pack of existing products" for each type of kratom I want to sell instead of having only one product with a dropdown listing each combination and its price like it is now. ??? HOW can I create ONE product that has a dropdown menu with 5 different "packs of existing products" for each of my 5 weights??? --- With my goals in mind: have each sale of X number of grams automatically decrease my inventory of other sizes of grams based on ONE total number of actual grams in stock be able to control each product's stock of total grams in a warehouse that automatically updates the product's inventory of "pack of existing products" What are your suggestions (step by step if you don't mind?) as to a best practice for this type of store? Thank You for Your Time and Effort and Attention, Aaron rhizOHM.co "Connect to the Source!"
  12. I have been struggling with trying to find a method to simply update inventory levels on a frequent basis (3-4 times per week and approx 700 products). The changes from 1.4 to 1.5 in the way the database makes this much harder because quantities exist in multiple database tables, especially with products that have combinations. I have tried store manager but even with that, you need to get another addon module to get it to work properly. Maybe I am missing something but as an ecommerce shopping cart, accurate inventory is a must for customers and not having a method within Prestashop to do this basic yet VITAL function is disheartening. I have had others from the forum also contact me about this and things I have tried to get this simple task accomplished so I know others are struggling with this. Is there not a simple way, even if I have to create a custom excel sheet that can be uploaded into mysql database outside of prestashop to be able to accomplish this? I have set up a spreadsheet with vlookup functions to upload product inventory levels to amazon and it take about 15 minutes to update. Doing it through prestashop, as it stands now, takes hours and hours doing them one at a time in the Back Office product page. Thanks for any input from others who have been down this road and more experienced than I am
  13. I am using Advance stock Management in my newly re-launched website.. what I have noticed is that lets say I have 100 qty's of a item, a customer comes and adds 10 to the cart, it reduces the qty to 90, and if the customer never places the order, the available qty of the item stays at 90 because 10 of them are sitting in someone cart. How do I get over this problem, as these abandoned carts can really cause me reduced sales as customer who really want the items will not be able to add them in the cart. Please let me know the best solution possible.
  14. Hi, I'm looking for someone to supply a quote to build a module where I can create parent/child relationships (combinations) from exisiting items. I import from an inventory program which imports parent & child products as separate items. I would like to somehow link the child variant to the parent (so it still maintains it's code and individuality as a product) but only have the parent listed on the website which drop down boxes to choose size and colour. ie. Parent: Dog Collar [DC] Children: Yellow, Large [DC-Y/L] Yellow, Small [DC-Y/S] Blue, Large [DC-B/L] Blue, Small [DC-B/S] The result is that I end up with a massive web shop which is hard to navigate (http://www.rubycube.com.au/index.php?id_category=65&controller=category). I'd really like one item Dog Collar [DC] (parent) and then when you click on it an option for a drop down box, radio button etc which links to the various colour/size (children). Unfortunately, I have to to be able to link them in Prestashop otherwise the sync from Erply (my inventory program) will not work and keep the items up to date. Please contact me if you require further information, or know of a module that already exists. Thanks, Jade
  15. Hi, since I updated to and enabled Advanced stock management my stock situation is a complete mess. When I actived Advanced stock management all products/attribute combinations got ZERO stock... I don't understand why but the main question is how to get the right quantities back in the system again. There has to be a smarter and quicker way to do this than to go into Stock Management, open up every product+attribute combination, update and save? I have about 1000 products and many of them have 5 or more possible attributes. It would take me forever to that. I've found some modules but they don't work with Advanced Stock management activated. And I have not seen a way to Export/Import CSV with attributes. Someone please help me... tell me that I'm an idiot and this is really simple to do.... and PLEASE show me how to do it!!??!?!?!
  16. So lets imagine the following scenario. There are 3 separate users who each have access to changing the stock of products in the backend. Is there any way for the main admin to see which user has which product quantity and also by how much? The reason for this is to make sure nothing is stolen from the stock by tampering stock levels, since everything is 'logged' In Advanced parameters > Logs, it does state which user has edited a product, but it does not state the amount and by how much Any ideas how to have insight in this? Thank you in advance
  17. We are looking to implement Tradegecko.com with our Prestashops for enhanced inventory control and procurement. Tradegecko is planning to create a module in the future but most likely not within a year. If other Prestashop users are interested as well, they might speed up the process. Otherwise we'll end up creating a custom connection to their API. Is anyone else interested in a Tradegecko module for Prestashop? http://tradegecko.com/prestashop-inventory-management/
  18. If I have two products that share the same physical inventory. Is there a way to share the inventory in the system between the two products. For example. I have unisex t-shirts that I sell in both the mens and womens categories. I need to share the base inventory with the two products in order to have an accurate inventory count. I can't seem to find out how to do this.
  19. I am looking for a solution and I am not sure PrestaShop can do what I am asking of it. I am currently selling online through another e-commerce solution. However I also sell in a physical location. There is no dedicated stock for online. The online stock is the stock from the store. Can Prestashop communicate with a pos solution in the store? Ideally I would like a pos in store that updates prestashop's online stock levels. I would also like this to tie into an accounting solution of some kind. Is this possible through modules and other software?
  20. Hi, I'm developing a website of football products but I have one big problem with the inventory. The store will sell personalized football jerseys, but I can't find the way to give a quantity to the attributes. For example, I'm going to sell the Premier League jerseys and one attribute of these products is that they can be personalized with name and number, and also with badges. In this case, I want to find a way to make that when a client buys a jersey and pick for example the Premier League badges and the name of an specific player, the system removes the quantity for all the products with the same attribute. Example: A client bought a Chelsea's home jersey in size S and he customized it with the name Hazard, number 10 and Premier League badges. In this case I need two things: That the inventory of Hazard and number 10, removes one piece of the name set on the jersey that the client bought and also in other jerseys that have the same attribute (away and third jerseys). The second thing I need is to remove the pair of Premier League badges for all of the team jerseys from this league. This is the first time I make a post, so I hope you can understand what I'm trying to explain. Thank you so much for your help, I'd really appreciate it! Diego
  21. Good morning, I need a module for: - PS - Multistore - Advanced Stock Management I need it to do: - show products in a table with distinct quantities for the different stocks ex: EAN13 | Reference | Name | Price TE | Wholesale Price | Total Stock Qt. | Stock A Qt. | Stock B Qt.| At the end of the table --> Calculate total value of the Stocks (Price TE) - Search products from EAN13 / Reference / Name - Edit stock quantities directly in that table - Print that table with custom header/footer - Export to CSV or Excel with custom header/footer I could pay around 200-250€ and you can resell this module (I think it would become very popular). Anybody interested?
  22. Hi guys, I having some weird kind of issue with my Prestashop inventory stock quantity update. It goes like this- count of available products in back office category list is different form when actually entering product card or on front office of store - please see images. For example if one looks in categorie list store shows that its 5 bags available but when entering same product quantity shows 85 and same 85 is on front office. This is product with no combinations. If I wanna change item count to lets say 3 following things would accrue - in category list count would show 3 but product card and front office would say that quantity is 83. For whatever reason prestashop thinks it 80 more in particular example. Now I am not able to edit my inventory any more because Presta would make its own quantities. What could be problem? link to store if it helps - boniz.eu I been browsing forums for a day now - havent found anything similar to my issue. please help
  23. We want purchasers of an item to select two attributes, and each attribute option has a limited quantity. When I try setting this up in 1.6 Prestashop tries to combine them so the quantities do not work. For example, we are selling a bus ride to an event. We have two Departures, each of which can take 30 passengers -- call them Departure_1 and Departure_2 We also have two Returns, and again are limited to 30 passengers each trip -- Return_1 and Return_2. If I set the quantity available to 30 for each attribute option, the product display shows a quantity available of 120 (30*4), which is not a correct number. How should we handle this situation? Thank you -- Tony
  24. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows where I can print an inventory list with product name, # and quantity? I found a list in the stats section but it seems that I cannot export it to excel like many of the other stat reports?? Thank you Jason
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