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  1. Hello, I'm trying to modify the layout of the frontpage and have for example two columns (hooks) inside the main container where I could attach modules. On the footer or the header it's easy because there are .tpl files (footer.tpl, product.tpl,...) I can edit and change the layout with bootstrap. But for the main container (where the carrousel and the products are), it's different. I located the "displayHome" hook in a controller and I don't know how to edit this...😬 I've spend hours trying to add new hooks on the homepage organized in multiple columns. The "displayHome" hook would be one of them. Has anybody an idea on how to add hooks on the homepage and change the layout easily (with bootstrap for example) ? 😀 Many thanks in advance for your help
  2. Hi friends, First thanks to all fot the help you gave me. Im not a programmer, only kind of advanced user. I have a shop who some of the products have references like "s-01" or "T-01" this is with a "minus" character in the middle. This searches works well on back office, but in fron office it appears the code erases the minus and the first character "s" or "t", giving the search of the numbers only. I tried to manage the search options, keywords weight, word lenght, re-build index. (no result) I tried to edit classes/search.php to change some code that i think can delete the miinus character, but no results. Tried to edit aliases, and rebuid (nothing happens) I think is possible to add the backoffice search to the front. (I find an older threat with something from presta 1.4 but the code is significally different) In the code, the prestashop team let a note who says /* Copied from Drupal search module, except for \x{0}-\x{2f} that has been replaced by \x{0}-\x{2c}\x{2e}-\x{2f} in order to keep the char '-' */ I've searched in drupal and prestashop forums, i tried to put some unicode chars in the exceptions list. (no result) Can someone add some light to this? Sorry for my bad english. ---- Config: Linux #1 SMP Wed Feb 12 16:04:42 MSK 2014 x86_64 Apache PHP: 5.3.3 512M MySQL: 5.1.67 InnoDB PrestaShop:
  3. Hello, I read several tutorials on how can i can I set up a meta description for my shop front page. I found that I must go to the General MetaTile and MetaDescription in tab Shop Parameters -> Traffic & SEO and modify the index page and it may take some time for the edit to be displayed in the google page. I have more than a week that I made the modification, but nothing has changed in the google page! it displays a text that I don't know its origin below the shop name. Is there anything else I need to do so that the new text I add in the index page will be displayed? Thanks a lot in advance for your help. Regards, Jihen
  4. Hi i need some help. I just downloaded prestashop latest version and installed it, after installation is done it do not show my frontpage. i tried to do a new install and it happend again, tried to delete catche and that do not work. Have used prestashop before but newer had theese issues before. Now im thinking i might have to find another platform instead since this is getting redicolus, so i hope someone here can help me. backend is fine.
  5. Hola, mi pagina ya no aparecen los productos en la pagina de inicio. para q aparezcan se debe hacer click en los tabs NOVEDADES, PROMOCIONES... ETC. Y Se depliegan los productos., al cargar la pagina, no se muestran por defencto Ya re instale los modulos, newproducts, futereproducts, etc.. , revise los hooks (q no los he modificado), cambie los dias q los productos sean "nuevos", actualice prestashop.. ver_ Y nada.... Alguna idea de q pasa?? www.c-electronics-store.com
  6. Greetings! I have a small problem with my prestashop website. I have a lot of different products with different combinations. The problem is whenever I change the combination (size) on the frontpage, it will not change the EAN code in the URL and neither on the front page. The reference code does change on the URL and frontpage for different combinations. I tried switching to default theme to see if this problem still occurrs, and it does. Link to my website and an example product: https://www.dekbeddengoed.nl/sleeptime-dekbedden/4125-sleeptime-3d-air-micro-touch-mono-dekbed-8719242011508.html#/46-materiaal-micropercal/28-formaat-140_x_220_cm It's a huge problem for me at the moment because multiple affiliate site's require a valid EAN code for every attribute or combination. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance. Enclosed are two pictures to make the problem more clear and to show my URL rewrite settings at the moment. Note: this problem hasn't always been around. I don't know since when this problem occured. Greetings!
  7. Hello everyone, just finished migrating to 1.7 got everything pretty much in place, products etc. get someone to install payment module for C/C processing etc. Then all of a sudden i get a strange border around the mainage, which also takes up space so now only 3 products fit per row instead of 4. Screen shots attached for your viewing pleasure. i can setup my site etc, but editing something theme related like this is beyond me. any help is appreciated. thank you derek. --->>> The solution was to edit and or remove the css file from the module..
  8. Hej forum, Jeg sidder med lidt af et problem. Jeg vil gerne have at min webshop får en blok som ser ud lidt ala ligesom nedenstående billede. Altså en blok hvor jeg har mulighed for at evt. smide billede og tekst i. Jeg bruger version og bruger er et købt theme. Min hjemmeside er: https://brandsoutlet.dk/da/ PS: Har prøvet med kunde genforsikring men er ikke vild med udseendet samt kan den kun stå nede i footeren.
  9. estaba haciendo modificaciones en mi plantilla y desaparecieron dos elementos de ella. 1. Las opciones de ingreso para el usuario en la TopBar 2. Los banner que habían en la parte central de la pagina , ente el menú principal y el footer cómo las regreso a su lugar?
  10. Hi, i'm noob on prestashop so, i want to create a new page for a specific category but with the same structure as the frontpage as is a range of special products. Is there a module that helps, or how can I do this? I searched for several days but found nothing explicit. is attached an image with an example of the frontpage.
  11. Hallo, Ik heb een vreemd probleem en ik weet eigenlijk niet waar ik het moet zoeken om dit op te lossen. Ik heb de producten vergeleken met producten die wel goed zijn en kan het verschil niet zien of vinden, Het probleem is: Op de frontpage en categorie pagina's staat bij sommige producten de prijs 0,00€ zodra je na de productpagina gaat staat er wel de juiste prijs. Dit gebeurt enkel bij een paar producten, bijgevoegd een 2-tal screen shots. Graag hulp......
  12. I need each multistore admin / email to be able to see only 1 product that they upload or I (admin) can upload. And only view/modify orders for this 1 product so shopA can only see ProductA and orders on ProductA in admin I have only one shop / domain name customers / users on this domain name need to be able to see all the products and all the categories is this possible? Can I change any code? or is there a module for it? currently when multishopA puts up a product, it does not show up on the main homepage Thanks for any help appreciated Trev
  13. Hey y'all, On the site I'm working on - www.zeliahorsley.com/shop - there's a bunch of links to CMS pages (as you'd expect) on the frontpage of the site, both in the header of pages and in the footer. Unfortunately, for some reason they're currently redirecting to the homepage and I just can't figure out why. I've recently changed the URL settings but can't say for sure whether this change happened then. All i know is that customers can't access customer reviews, return policy, delivery information - basically the essentials that need to work. I'm kinda desperate so if anyone can help, please do!!! Thanks, Paul
  14. Bin ein ganz neuer hier und freue mich auf Hilfe: Ich suche den Zugang bzw. möchte die Telefonnummer in der Frontpage korrigieren (class=shop-phone) Die Änderung bei der eigenen Firma habe ich vorgenommen und ist mir gelungen. Sage schon Danke und Gruß Atze41
  15. Hi everybody, I have some problem with the prestashop 1.6. My homepage displays a different theme, but when I click to one of my categories, the default-bootstrap theme is displayed. I did not know about this problem because in my theme tab, there is only one them and it is default-bootstrap theme Does anyone know this problem ? My homepage: One of my category pages:
  16. I have hosted a site and this displays error of config.inc file in front page as well as administrator login page. any solution will be great appreciated. @ini_set('display_errors', 'off');define('_PS_DEBUG_SQL_', false);$start_time = microtime(true);/* Compatibility warning */define('_PS_DISPLAY_COMPATIBILITY_WARNING_', false);/* SSL configuration */define('_PS_SSL_PORT_', 443);/* Improve PHP configuration to prevent issues */ini_set('upload_max_filesize', '100M');ini_set('default_charset', 'utf-8');ini_set('magic_quotes_runtime', 0);// correct Apache charset (except if it's too lateif(!headers_sent()) header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8');/* No settings file? goto installer...*/if (!file_exists(dirname(__FILE__).'/settings.inc.php')){ $dir = ((is_dir($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']) OR substr($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], -1) == '/') ? $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] : dirname($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']).'/'); if(!file_exists(dirname(__FILE__).'/../install')) die('Error: \'install\' directory is missing'); header('Location: install/'); exit;}require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/settings.inc.php');/* Include all defines */require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/defines.inc.php');if (!defined('_PS_MAGIC_QUOTES_GPC_')) define('_PS_MAGIC_QUOTES_GPC_',get_magic_quotes_gpc());if (!defined('_PS_MODULE_DIR_')) define('_PS_MODULE_DIR_',_PS_ROOT_DIR_.'/modules/');if (!defined('_PS_MYSQL_REAL_ESCAPE_STRING_')) define('_PS_MYSQL_REAL_ESCAPE_STRING_', function_exists('mysql_real_escape_string'));/* Autoload */require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/autoload.php');/* Redefine REQUEST_URI if empty (on some webservers...) */if (!isset($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']) OR empty($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])){ if (substr($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'], -9) == 'index.php') $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] = dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']).'/'; else { $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] = $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']; if (isset($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']) AND !empty($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'])) $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] .= '?'.$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']; [spam-filter]/* aliases */function p($var) { return (Tools:($var));}function d($var) { Tools:($var);}function ppp($var) { return (Tools:($var));}function ddd($var) { Tools:($var);}global $_MODULES;$_MODULES = array();/* Load all configuration keys */Configuration::loadConfiguration();/* Load all language definitions */Language::loadLanguages();/* It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings, and this would generate a PHP Strict Standards notice. */if (function_exists('date_default_timezone_set')) @date_default_timezone_set(Configuration::get('PS_TIMEZONE'));/* Smarty */require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/smarty.config.inc.php');/* Possible value are true, false, 'URL' (for 'URL' append SMARTY_DEBUG as a parameter to the url) default is false for production environment */define('SMARTY_DEBUG_CONSOLE', false);
  17. I looked all over but couldn't fin anyone who explains how the homeslider width works. I set the width in the module configure form, I checked the field HOMESLIDER_WIDTH was updated (to 980px) in the Configuration table. But all this seems to do is make the img element have that width but the li and ul element stay 920px. Can't figure why, and where is this width set? Thank You in advance
  18. Hej Hvordan kan jeg ændre sproget til dansk på nedenstående tekster? Jeg har forsøgt, at søge på forumet, men kunne ikke lige finde noget på det. Jeg kan vel ikke gøre det inde fra "backoffice". Jeg skal vel ind i en bestemt fil og ændre det? De bedste hilsner fra Jon MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. IN-STORE EXCHANGE. PAYMENT UPON SHIPMENT. FREE SHIPPING. 100% SECURE PAYMENT PROCESSING.
  19. Hi guys, I am looking to set different width for my center column width for frontpage = 90% or 100% width for page with 1 right or left column = 60 - 70%. I managed so far to disable right side bar or left side page for homepage :-) via vekia help . thx for help
  20. Hi, I tried to customize the feature product front page and change the width and height for the image but I have a ajax class that I could not find anywhere . www.sabaartplay.com Thx for help.
  21. Hi I've beeng trying to figure how can I center a 360 degree image on the frontpage. and move cc logos, newsletter subscription to the right corner of the footer I will apreciatte any help.
  22. Suddenly my frontpage is missing most off it´s layout. I have activated error reporting but I don´t get any results. You can look here http://www.coborimport.com Pleas advice.
  23. Hola tengo un problema Subo la carpeta de prestashop con Filezilla y luego no puedo ver el frontpage de prestashop. Hay que hacer algun cambio en public_html? o como debe de estar compuesta la carpeta. agradezco cualquier ayuda ya que soy nuevo en esto, cualquier aporte me sera de ayuda. el hosting con el que trabajo es HOSTPAPA Gracias
  24. Hi everyone, Just thinking about adding a "customer reviews" box on the front-page, will it come true? Eg. Can I also add this content to each products below? Eg. Is it I need to write data on my own? ... Thank you in future advance.
  25. Hi. Is it possible, by some simple way, to set that the frontpage (index page) will be without sidebar and other pages will have one. Something like this http://addons.prestashop.com/en/beauty-jewelry/3343-X-012W.html . And if it posssile, than I would like to set this option also for all CMS pages, so sidebar would be just on category page and product page. Does any body have any idea?
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