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  1. Hi, Often, you will read on the Net about SEO tips for your international shops. One of the first things to do is to propose a domain located by country, such as.fr for France,.es for Spain, ... This module will help you make it totally transparent for your visitors who can change shops by simply changing languages and find the translated page directly in their language without having to start searching again. I have been using it for years on my own store to customize key elements such as products that are not sold in other languages or images localized by language, which fantastically improves the feeling of personalization of the sites, as proof that my visitors think I am natively English. DEMO FRONT DEMO BACK Available on PrestaToolbox or Addons
  2. Buenas tardes... Soy programador, pero esa mi primera vez utilizando prestashop. He creado un nuevo proyecto en mi localhost con PrestaShop Lo estaba modificando y todo funcionaba mu y bien, hasta que decidí borrar algunos productos demo manualmente de la lista de productos. Se eliminaron correctamente en el BackOffice, pero al refrescar el FrontOffice... Me lanza el error 500... Por el orden de los hechos, creo que la eliminación de los productos demo podría ser la causa del error, pero no entiendo el porqué, ni sé como solucionarlo... agradecería mucho su ayuda!
  3. Hello, I have to develop a module for my internship but I'm stuck on a feature. I have to allow a user (a customer of the site) to import a picture on the site so that the company can add this picture on its social networks. (everything must go through a module implemented by the 'WidgetInterface') Searching in the prestashop code, I could find this form to put in the front-end .tpl file: <form method="post" action="" enctype="multipart/form-data" novalidate> <span class="js-file-name">{l s='No selected file' d='Shop.Forms.Help'}</span> <input class="file-input js-file-input" {if $field.required} required {/if} type="file" name="{$field.input_name}"> <button class="btn btn-primary">{l s='Choose file' d='Shop.Theme.Actions'}</button> <div class="clearfix"> <button class="btn btn-primary float-xs-right" type="submit" name="submit">{l s='Save Customization' d='Shop.Theme.Actions'}</button> </div> </form> However, I have no idea how to get this file in my php file that manages the module. I try to retrieve this file through the Tools::isSubmit() method but I don't get anything at all... /** * Gestion du front-end */ public function getWidgetVariables($hookName, array $configuration) { if (Tools::isSubmit('submitMessage')) { print_r("We recovered data"); } return array( 'productss' => 'Test', ); } I would be very grateful if you could unblock me ! Thanks you very much ! William
  4. Hai . I have just started using Prestashop and I am using 1.7. I need to set a max value to the quantity ( input type:number) in front office so that a customer wont be able to purchase a product beyond a limit. I understand a value cannot directly be set to the field in the tpl file ( product_add_to_cart ) and an override might be required. I am not able to achieve this. Can anyone help me??
  5. I've a big problem... with all module translations... so I'm speaking about all .tpl which try to get a translation with this syntax {l s="Compare" mod="jxcompareproduct"} I find the translation, I update it and it is successfully saved, but in frontend it always gets original string While, for the translation with the syntax {l s="Compare" d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'} all works fine But I can not modify all .tpl in all modules everywhere there is that syntax, I'd like to understand and fix this big bug! Can someone help me?
  6. Bonjour, Depuis ce hier, je n'arrive plus à ajouter des produits, timeout :/ Depuis ce matin, front office est également devenu lent Merci de bien vouloir m'aider à identifier d'où vient ce problème
  7. Hi there, I would like to create a simple form on a front office page. I started to create a module, I called it cg_cartegrise. In that module I manage to display text content in backoffice. I then create two pages on front office: formulaire and resultat. this by creating 'controller/front/formulaire.php and resultat.php. these controllers redirect to views/templates/front/formulaire.tpl and resultat.tpl. So I can see my pages formulaire ans resultat displayed in path : http://localhost/prestashop/module/cg_mymodule/formulaire and ./resultat Ok. Now, how can I use class HelperForm() in front controllercg_cartegrise.zip to get my form displayed on page formulaire. Is it also possible to have a dedicated controller to execute or process this form, and then display the results in page resultat. Thank's per advance. cg_cartegrise-2.zip
  8. Bonjour, Lorsque je me connecte à ma boutique, le bouton déconnexion ne marche, il est possible de se déconnecter. J'utilise le thème par défault Est-ce un problème récurrent sur la 1.7 car je n'ai jamais eu de soucis avec la version 1.6 Cela peut-il provenir de l'hébergement ? Merci pour vos retours
  9. Hi there, is there a way to create a link which sets the quantity of the product to something >1 ? The idea is this, putting it as an example, hope it generates some clarity about what I want to achieve. Misunderstanding is so easy so I try my best. I set a custom image on my frontoffice, which shows 3 items of the same type. This image receives a link. This link shall take the customer to the article detail page, AND set the quantity to 3 at the same time. This way, the customer will see the same number of items (as quantity) as they have previously seen on the image. I know that there is the concept of "sets of products" in prestashop, allowing a set to contain several products. Downside to this: You actually have to maintain every set individually, with images and text and price etc. - so you change something on the base product, you will go through all "sets". Given that I would only like to use sets which consist of muliples of the same product, and I already have the product page configured with discounts per quantity, it would be easier to just help the customer set the quantity with a minimum number of clicks. Currently I just make the discount schedule transparent to customers, and let them play with quantity. My request aims towards ease of use, and the option to create more fancy pictures for customers to click on, without having to create lots of sets (been there, discarded it.) So back to the question - is there a simple way of creating a link which carries the quantity of the item? Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, a few days ago I tried to update my website on prestashop, using the free 1-Click Upgrade module. and now I no longer have access to my back and front office. initially it gave me this error: '' This page isn`t working .....is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 '' I tried to debug to understand where the problem is, and it tells me this now: /htdocs/shop/vendor/markbaker/matrix/classes/src/operations/add.php on line 21 can anyone help me restore my site? I don't know much about these things, it could be something simple but I have no idea. Thank you.
  11. When you use sort by price in front office, most/all of the products in that category disappear in some categories. It works fine if you sort it by name and relevance. We are using Prestashop Link to some of the categories were it happens: https://wwbyfraadseriet.dk/48-jakker?order=product.position.asc https://wwbyfraadseriet.dk/43-trojer?order=product.position.asc https://wwbyfraadseriet.dk/66-bukser?order=product.position.asc If there are 10 products in a category, it will still say that there are 10 products after most of them disappear. I hope someone can help us solve this problem.
  12. Hola a todos!!! yo tengo configurado en mi sitio modulos de fedex y no habia ningun problema, hasta ahora que se dio de alta un producto con el peso de 0.012kg el cual al momento de mostrar en carrito y en las opciones de envio no se mostraban las opciones de trasporte, al cambiar el peso a 0.03 automaticamente se muestran en el Front, mi duda es, si al momento de dar de alta los transportistas se configuro para que dicho servicio se aplique en paquetes con valor minimo de 0kg ¿Porque no los muestra correctamente?, ¿O será cuestion ya de la paqueteria de Fedex, sus reglas internas? Les agradeceria muchisimo la ayuda.!
  13. Bonjour, Sur les anciennes versions de Prestashop (jusqu'à 1.4.11), les déclinaisons s'affichaient dans l'ordre alphabétique sur le front office. Je suis passée à la version 1.7.5. et maintenant, je peux les afficher dans l'ordre sur le back office mais elles sont placées aléatoirement sur le front office. Quand on a plus d'une centaine de déclinaisons, c'est très gênant, je perds des clients qui n'ont pas la patience de chercher dans le menu déroulant... Comment faire? Merci pour votre aide
  14. Hi, I when i uploaded shop( to server and changed theme, all images on front stopped being visible.I have checked if image settings are correct as suggested in other topic, i have regenerated thumbnails, cleared cache... any help is appreciated..
  15. Hola chic@s!!!! Tengo el siguiente problema... desde hace unos dias estoy editando la tienda de un cliente y mi pc a decidido que todos los cambios que realice en la web no sean efectivos. Tengo que trabajar desde el Mac de mi socia para que se apliquen los cambios. Hasta ahi pues podia ir tirando... el problema de verdad viene por que el PC de mi cliente ha decidido hacer lo mismo. Al pasarle esto, no se le actulizan los pedidos en el back office y es un problema serio porque no puede gestionar correctamente su tienda (por no decir que no puede hacer nada). Pensé que era un problema puntual de mi PC pero en cuanto me llamó el cliente advirtiendome de su problema me he preocupado por que puede ser que el error sea de la base de datos que no actualiza correctamente las cosas y eso me da respeto tocarlo. La version de presathop es la si necesitais algun otro dato no dudeis en pedirmelo para poder aclarar esto! Muchisimas gracias de antemano
  17. Buenas! Hice una actualización de mi prestashop y ahora al hacer nuevas combinaciones de un producto no se ven los valores en la página de mi producto (en el backoffice sí se ve) Adjunto imagen de cómo se ve. No sé qué tocar para modificar esto, donde pone kit de freno deberia aparecer incluir o no incluir en forma de desplegable Un saludo
  18. Hello Guys, This is my first post as I am new to prestashop. I launched a store on https://ndulemart.com It is working well except one thing. The products I am adding do not follow the order in which I wish them to appear in the home page. I would love to have them order by added date descending. Whenever I apply this setting in the product setting on the pagination zone, it does not reflect on the front page. My prestashop version is and the template I am using is 01 Grid. Thanks in advance for your help
  19. Hello everyone, I'm trying to add the description field from ps_product.attribute to show it on the frontoffice. My theme calls all the color and size attributes from the product_variants.tpl I'd like to add colour description beside the colour radio button. Thanks in advanced for your help.
  20. Hi there... I finished moving my e-shop data and while i was editing products i noticed that all products that had other products associated as accessories were shown as html . That is happening only when there is an association and only for the main product not for the one associated. The link bellow is of a problematic product. http://constantinestore.dpstudio.gr/el/-men-accessories-socks/373-air-jordan-dri-fit-crew-530977-110.html
  21. Hello everybody, I have a massive problem after installing an invoice module because myshop is not working anymore. I had to install the module manually using the Filezilla ftp program and I succeed, too. But unfortunately I just figured out that the myshop-view does not work anymore. All I get are errors and I can' t see the frontoffice of my shop anymore It is very upsetting because it DID work before ans now I do not even why the problems occur. I first got the: " Internal Server error 500 " which can have many reasons. Then I got the error screen: 0% An error occured (Screenshot below) And from time to time I also get the error report, that APACHE is not working correctly. I am really lost at this point and I would be very thankful for each kind of help because I am the only one here at the company who is responsible for the shop so i have no one to ask and to be honest I am not the best PS expert :// Greetings.
  22. ¿Como puedo traducir el front office al completo?
  23. Hola, deseo saber cómo puedo configurar la sección de "Boletín" de mi frontoffice con MailChimp, o sea que cuando un usuario ingresa su correo automáticamente se agregue a la lista de mi cuenta de MailChimp... he visto que cuando he instalado el módulo de "CleverReach GmbH" se enlazó automáticamente con el Boletín.- Si alguien sabe cómo o hay qu hacer algo en los Hooks que mediga!
  24. Hallo zusammen, bin neu hier im Forum und habe eine Frage bzgl. des Prestashop-BO. Ich betreue einen Shop und habe für Rechnungen ein Modul hochladen müssen: Das Modul ließ sich nicht standardmäßig, also im BO / Admin-Bereich hochladen. Daher habe ich die Installation nun mit dem FTP Filezilla realisiert. Jetzt habe ich allerdings das Problem: Nach dem Modul-Upload lässt sich die Vorschau / also oben rechts "MeinShop" nicht mehr anzeigen :/// Ich bin schon am verzweifeln, da es vorher funktioniert hat. Bekam anfangs aber nur die Fehlermeldung "Internal Server Error 500". ( Ich weiß, dass diese Fehlermeldung wohl extrem viele Ursachen haben kann. ) Jetzt bekomme ich allerdings lediglich die Meldung: " 0% - An error has occured " Habe schon sehr viel im Internet nach der Lösung des Problems zu gesucht. Jetzt bin ich hier und hoffe dass ihr mir helfen könnt, weil ich die einzige in der Firma bin, die sich um den Shop kümmert. Ach ja und: Wir haben PS auf dem eigenen Server installiert. Die Fehlermeldung habe ich als Screenshot eingefügt und ich erhalte auch ab und zu ein zusätzliche Fenster mit einer Apache-Meldung. Bin für jede Hilfe dankbar, LG.
  25. Hola. Soy nuevo en esto de prestashop y tengo un problema en mi tienda. El problema es el siguiente: En la administración en el listado de productos se muestran existencias pero si edito el producto me muestra 0 en existencia. En la parte publica también me indica que no hay existencia y eso me hace creer que el problema esta en el listado de backoffice que se actualiza correctamente. Adjunto las imágenes. Muchas gracias por su ayuda.
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