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  1. Buenas noches tod@s. Os dejo una web en prestashop para que me deis vuestro Feedback como usuarios para mejorarla. Web Prestashop -> https://likeinformatica.es/tienda/es/ Web Wordpress -> https://likeinformatica.es/ Gracias.
  2. Transmit trust to users by showing real comments from your customers about the service offered by your store. Supported PrestaShop versions: 1.6.X & 1.7.X Demo: https://demo.presteamshop.com/ifb/ More info: https://www.presteamshop.com/en/prestashop-modules/ifeedback.html Customer service: https://helpcenter.presteamshop.com/
  3. Bonjour, J'ai un site qui tourne depuis 2013 sur Prestashop, d'abord via un mutualisé OVH puis une VPS OVH. Aujourd'hui on a pas mal de module qui tourne dessus pour des synchro avec des marketplaces (Ebay, Amazon...) et aussi un système caisse pour boutique physique (Sora Caisse). J'aimerais bien avoir vos retours sur notre site globalement et des idées d'optimisation, voici le lien letmeknow.fr
  4. Buongiorno, sto cercando un modulo che permetta ai clienti di esprimere il proprio giudizio non solo sui prodotti acquistati ma anche sui servizi connessi all'acquisto (es. customer service, facilità d'uso del sito, imballaggio, tempistiche di consegna, ecc.). Qualcuno saprebbe consigliarmi un modulo adatto a ciò (non importa se gratuito o a pagamento)? Grazie
  5. Advanced Customer FEEDBACK Collect Vital Information The most complete Feedback module that allows you to engage your visitors and captures their Feedback along with contact details. Turn your store into a lead generation powerhouse, build stronger customer relationships and increase conversions. Receiving customer feedback enables a company to correct any issues or concerns customers may have with the company's products and its services. When customers provide feedback, a company is able to save money, time and improve relationships with customers. Advantages: Proven Statistics Get valuable comments from your customers and useful statistics directly into your Dashboard. Increase conversions Some customers don't buy because they are not sure of something, if you let them ask you their questions, you can heavily increase your conversion rate. User-friendly interface Our module is simple to install, easy to update, intuitive, efficient, pleasant - easy to navigate GUI and easy to remove. Full Responsive With a mobile focus, you can rest assured that every pixel will respond as it should no matter if your visitors are on desktop, tablet or phone. Build stronger customer relationships Some customers will not tell you they are unhappy with your product or service; they will just stop doing business with you. A situation such as this can be avoided when feedback is requested. Customisable appearance With a fully customisable design, Customer Feedback will fit the design of your site. Multi-Language support This module is compatible with multi-language PrestaShop. Our module allows you to change the text for each language you want to have it in your website. Multi-Store support This module is compatible with multi-store PrestaShop. You can install the module in all your stores in a multi-store and use different configurations for each of them or configure once for all stores. Easy one-click installation The installation is according to PrestaShop default behavior. This easy process is also detailed in our documentation. By letting your customers give you suggestions, you can get new product ideas, receive precious feedback and improve your store. Entrepreneurs sometimes struggle to understand why their customers don't convert. A simple and effective way to solve this problem is to listen to them and allow them to tell you why they do not buy. It is sometimes because of little details, missing product dimensions, no free shipping, etc. With Customer Feedback module, you can overcome these issues. We carefully integrated in this module the most important features of Feedback as follows: Easily change the text, color and icon of the Feedback Button Set for how long time in minutes the Feedback Button disappear after a feedback is submitted (anti-spam system) Option to add a bubble with text next to button to attract more customers Supports multi-language Customize your Feedback form by adding your shop logo, a title and a background color Let your customer have the possibility to rate a specific part of your Shop Fully customize your Feedback Form by changing the icon set, by adding subject fields and by enabling the email and recommendation fields Feedback tab that allows you to see all information about customer Feedbacks Incredibly simple settings for fast setup without modifying code Statistics tab that allows you to see statistics about customer Feedbacks Detailed step-by-step documentation Multi-shop supports Module already translated in English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, French, Russian, Dutch, Korean, Bulgarian, Finlandian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish and Romanian Responsive design (format valid for all kinds of mobile devices) When customers see a feedback button, they know that there are actual humans behind the online store and that they can always reach to you if they encounter problems. The installation is according to PrestaShop default behavior. Very easy to install and setup. Also we provide free support to install and configure. For PrestaShop version 1.5.x Log-in into your Back-office Click "Modules" from top menu Click on "Add a new module" Click "Choose a file" Browse for your module .zip Click on "Upload this module" Search for the uploaded module and click "Install" For PrestaShop version 1.6.x Log-in into your Back-office Click "Modules & Services" from left menu Click on "Add a new module" Click "Choose a file" Browse for your module .zip Click on "Upload this module" Search for the uploaded module and click "Install" For PrestaShop version 1.7.x Log-in into your Back-office Click "Modules & Services" from left menu Click on "Upload a module" Browse for your module .zip Upload and install For any problems encountered in installation and configuration process we will offer you fast and quality support.
  6. Ciao a tutti vorrei chiedervi gentilemente un feedback sul mio negozio. Fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate graficamente ma sopratutto se la scheda prodotto è abbastanza intuitiva http://www.poufsacco.it/
  7. Hi, I would like to get some feedback from e-commerce managers/owners concerning a new kind of free service we have developed in my current company. The service is called QRness and is available here : https://www.qrness.com/ Basically, it allows e-commerces to have a QRcode automatically generated on all their pages. The benefits : Facilitate conversion with users who would like to continue their shopping experience on their mobile device. Find users who shop on both desktop and mobile devices for better ad targeting. What I would like to know : Would you be interested in using it on your e-commerce? Why? What features should be added? Thanks in advance for your time!
  8. Hi, I am using a feedback module that sends an email to customers asking them to write a review about us. A variable called {url_ifb} is used by the module in his email template to generate the URL for each customer so customer data is attached to each review. I would like to use an image with generated link instead full text url generated by {url_ifb} variable but I can´t find the way to do this. I discoverd that you can dramatically increase your possitive rating by customers if you give them this three options intead of just asking for a review. Option 1) Are you happy? ---> Write a review Option 2) Any issue with your order? Let´s find a solution ---> Link to "I have an issue" form to write us Option 3) No arrived? Let´s find your shipping ---> Link to "Find my order" form to contact us See attached picture of my email template (it´s in spanish). Using this method, you just send happy people to write review page. And people wich is not happy goes to a form to contact you and find a solution, this method is working very well in our store. I am nos pleased with the way that link generated by {url_ifb} variable is shown, i need it to work when clicking in the tomato image or at least with a friendly text like "Write a review". I know how to put the other (not variable) link with their respective images but I can´t find the way to do this with the variable, is it possible? Any help is apreciated, thank you.
  9. Hello everyone, Since yesterday I try to embed on the header of my website the reviews from customers we've got on Google My Business. After a long time of research, I think I found the right code but I actually don't know where to place it, I've tried some solutions but even if I clear cache, I can't see anything. Here's the code : Any solution ? Thanks, Thomas
  10. Aggiornamento 4 marzo 2012 è disponibile la nuova versione del modulo per i feedback dei clienti: feedback ver4.1 (attenzione: questa versione è solo per le 1.4.x e non è compatibile con le versioni precedenti) Queste le principali features aggiuntive : * paginazione in Front Office dei commenti * possibilità di visualizzare gli ultimi commenti ricevuti direttamente nella colonna * mail di avviso per i nuovi feedback ricevuti * compatibile con url-rewrite attivati Nota: un particolare ringraziamento a maofree, che ha contribuito nell'aggiornamento della versione, nella verifica e nel debug del codice e, come dicono gli scrittori, "gli eventuali errori sono i miei" Per l'installazione, come per il precedente modulo, è necessario impostare i permessi a 755 (leggere i vari post nel 3d) Nota2: se è presente una versione vecchia del modulo, mia o di maofree (post #91) potrebbe essere necessario cancellare la cache ----------------------------------------------- per la comunity il mio primo modulo: gestione feedback Funzionalità del mudulo: * pagina di raccolta del feedback in FO, con ceck della privacy e richiesta di autorizazione alla publicazione; * gestione dei feedback in BO: moderazione (tutti i feedback ricevuti devono essere approvati per la pubblicazione (ho scelto di far inserire i commenti anche a chi non è loggato) possibilità di correggere eventuali errori di battitura del cliente, possibilità di eliminare definitivamente il feedback, possibilità di inserire una risposta (utile in caso di feedback "critico") * pagina di visualizzazione dei feedback ed eventuali risposte in FO * in EN e IT * Funziona con la ver 1.1, 1.2 e 1.3 Come si installa: come tutti i moduli, scarica il file, decomprimi e inseriscilo nella cartella modules, installa il modulo Testato con FF, Chrome, IE6-7-8, Opera Attendo i vs feedback ;-) Ciroco05 feedback.zip feedback ver4.1 onlyfor1.4.x.zip
  11. Hello, I recently switched to Prestashop from Zencart. Here is my new store - www.tsnjewelry.com Any feedback will be appreciated!
  12. I find a custom module in git hub . https://github.com/Web-Wave/ww-custom-module-prestashop what you think about this module. I upload it but i not find this in module list. Please help and give your valuable feed back about this ,module. Thanks
  13. Buongiorno a tutti, avrei bisogno di un aiuto: sto cercando un modulo per recensioni ai prodotti e al servizio in generale. La mia versione di prestashop è la Ho provato ad utilizzare 'recensioni verificate' che è un modulo molto ben strutturato ma ha un costo che ritengo eccessivo: 60€ al mese!!!! Sapreste indicarmi qualche modulo carino ed efficiente gratuito o a costo fisso? Grazie mille!! Ilaria www.domus-design.eu
  14. Hello, I'm looking for a module for a floating feedback-button like it can be found on many websites. Example: http://www.alexpeattie.com/projects/feedback_button/ Any hints? Thanks.
  15. Hi, I just finished our site after months of hard work ( photos, core modifications, custom projects, etc. ). It is fully integrated with wordpress ( installed on a sub page /meet-casanova1948 ) I spent a lot of time to create all custom products to give our customer the ability to fully configure their products. I appreciate the big help of prestashop community, the experts helped us with many issues and i hope they will help us again in the future. Please if you have 5 minutes give us a feedback of our site and say what you think. Best Regards, Amar A. https://www.casanova1948.com Leather craftsmen since 1948, we have been producing belts, wallets, bags and leather goods for over 50 years with high-quality tanned hides.
  16. Module: Ifeedback Categoria: Aplicaciones Front Office Descripción: Inspire confianza en las nuevas visitas de su portal de compras, mostrando la puntuación y comentarios de las personas que compraron satisfactoriamente en su tienda PrestaShop. Dispondrá de todos los comentarios realizados a su empresa en una dinámica página adaptable a su diseño personal en el cual podrán navegar y leer comentarios hacia su tienda filtrando por fecha de publicación (ascendente y descendente), por calidad de servicios (ascendente o descendente) e incluso mostrar el promedio entre todos los comentarios. CARACTERÍSTICAS Y FUNCIONALIDADES Fácil instalación y no requiere edición código. Fácil administración desde su panel de configuración. Valido para la traducción de todos los lenguajes disponibles en su tienda. Brinde confianza a futuros clientes potenciales. Crezca con las recomendaciones de sus propios clientes. Manejo de información y compatibilidad 100% AJAX. Filtrado de comentarios ofensivos y/o SPAM (Manual o Captcha). Fidelización de clientes actuales con recordatorios vía email para seguimientos y experiencias de compras. Notificaciones basadas en días y estados de pedidos. COMPATIBILIDAD PrestaShop 1.2.X PrestaShop 1.3.X PrestaShop 1.4.X PrestaShop 1.5.X DEMO FrontOffice: http://demo14.presteamshop.com/ BackOffice: http://demo14.presteamshop.com/admin1 Email: [email protected] Pass: demo123456 Mas información AQUI Algunas paginas web que han comprado este modulo: talleresmobex.com tirasdeledbaratas.com makeupassion.it soloboda.com futurartshop.com tiendadeaudio.com ofertasdebebe.com uphairs.com nautit.com ikiosk.dk smokenstock.it marketmataro.com uphairs.com xtremonline.com kinetienda.com librefonia.com valwindcycles.es ciudadoutlet.com simunlock24.com estereosound.es schelma.com velasridaura.com viniloscasa.com shop.joieriarovira.com alphagames.es softwaresite.com.au telejardin.net quierocamisetass.com elivelimen.com soloconcondon.es windepot.com.mx vibrafaccion.com naranjastradicionales.es gadgetshoponline.nl condonesdemarca.es jvs-informatica.com vinilando.es universodelmovil.es a4moto.com oleespain.com myzapas.com todosduermen.com pirilamponet.com.br ......
  17. I would very much appreciate some feedback on my store where I sell books and older issues of a magazine I am working with. Some features that might interest other shop owners and theme builders: - Collapsable sidebar (responsive) - Fixed breadcrumbs The site is in swedish. I have been a bit worried that people 1. don´t see the categories block in upper left 2. don´t know how to handle the collapsable sidebar on mobiles Thankful for all response Url: www.alternativ.nu/butik
  18. This is a solicitation for feedback on my new site located here. Theme is modified bootstrap. I have no education in website design, construction, programming, or SEO. Most of my work has been via trial and error method. Thank you
  19. When I test my site, I get to the checkout and try to get the shipping to be correct (under $10) like it should be, but once I tell it to refresh the carrier, I get told there's no carrier available for my order. What is this, and why does it keep happening? Everything is set up the way the USPS has told me to set it up, but I still get a problem at checkout. Also, I was going through their site to find out if there were any restrictions on where I could ship my jewelry to, and according to them, there are a lot of countries out there that I can't ship jewelry to. I'm wondering if they actually mean the type of jewelry I make, or if they are referring to the $100/per jewelry (to which I'm not in that market). If someone could please help me with these 2 things, it would be appreciated. Thanks. (Oh, and btw, I'm very much a newbie with e-commerce, so everything messes with my head right now...lol) :D oops, almost forgot the link: http://squeakeycat.net/presta EDIT: OK....Here is a FIX for the USPS problem of it telling people that they don't service your area. What I had to do was UNINSTALL the module, and when I reinstalled it, I did the following: 1. Filled in my USPS user ID 2. Filled in my ORIGINATING Zip Code 3. Checked the following boxes: First Class Mail (Regular Rate), Priority Mail (Regular Rate), and Express Mail (Regular Rate) 4. Left all the rest of the defaults on that TAB and the other TABS "alone". I did NOT edit any of the rest of the information on the module. Now, If you need the "commercial rate" on these, then by all means, use that instead of the "regular rate". As for me, I'm just one person trying to sell what I make, so I don't need the commercial rates (they are also NOT any cheaper, as the post office suggests.) Now, I did notice that after I tested it, and it went through to the "billing" page, that even though I cleared my cache and rebooted IE, that it still showed the shipping as $3.22 + tax for the item I tested (even though I was now testing a different item). You will wind up with a default once you test it, but you will now have to make sure that you tell your customers that they have to choose the shipping method, before they will get the proper cost for shipping.
  20. Good Day: I would appreciate any feedback on www.silkplantscanada.com which is the main site under the ps multistore function selling artificial plants, trees, palms ivies, etc.. To date I am using the default template as it has been a long journey just to have this one working as well as I have not found another template that is more suitable. Thank you in advance for your time and opinion(s).
  21. Hi, We have a new shop, www.puntosex.es that is a sexshop selling to Spain. We know it's a little slow at loading, but the template doesn't seem to work with any of the ccc on. Is it worth it to get a new theme? What would you do? Also, even after adding to google webmaster, if we search for "sexshop españa" in google.es it doesn't show up in the results. Any ideas? Thank you
  22. Hi, I just developed my first prestashop website. It was designed for a medium-sized company that sells car accessories. It would be cool to get some feedback from you. URL: http://accesoriosazteca.com/
  23. Hello We wish to change the page title here: http://www.vente2site.fr/modules/feedback/viewfeedback.php We have searched in vain where we could do this in code. we wish to add this title: <title>Témoignages de cédants ayant vendu leur site Internet, leur e-business ou leur start-up</title> Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance
  24. EDITADO: Tenía un error en el módulo de feedback en la página feedbackview, que se debía a que no es compatible con la versión de php 5.4, por lo que la solución fue cambiar a php 5.3 ¿Cómo se tendría que escribir esta línea de código para que no de un fatal error en php 5.4 y 5.5? (me interesa la 5.5 principalmente). $nbProducts = (int)(self::$this->getFeedback($id_lang, isset($p) ? (int)($p) - 1 : NULL, isset($n) ? (int)($n) : NULL, true)); (El resto del código está en los siguientes post íntegro). El resto de la tienda parece que funciona bien con php 5.5, y el motivo de interesarme en actualizar, es que ahora me da problemas de fragmentación el cache APC que uso, por lo que lo he desactivado, y me comentan en loading (hosting que uso) que con opcache (disponible en php 5.5) eso no pasa, pero para usar esa versión debería solucionar antes el problema con ese módulo. ¿Es posible adaptar esa línea nada más a php 5.5, o es más complicado que eso? ¿Cómo habría que reescribirla? Mil gracias.
  25. Hello iv just opened my store Devineattractions.co.uk and im just wondering if any one has a spare minute just to flick threw and see if your able to place an order (you dont have to purchase anything) make sure paypal links working etc. any feed back would be much appreciated also. thanks guys.
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