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  1. Hello everybody! I have a hard time understanding how Prestashop split the files and what each one of the theme templates files does. Can anyone give me a tip? (In addition to the main ones as: index.tpl, catalog / product.tpl, catalog / listing / product-list.tpl, checkout / cart.tpl, and checkout / checkout.tpl). Thank you
  2. Hello community, I'm a systems student in Colombia and I'm very new in these topics, it turns out that I was left as a task to investigate how information is transported from the registration forms to be stored in the database, i.e. which files it goes through, it becomes very complicated because prestashop uses many technologies that I still do not know, could someone give me a guide? I thank them very much from the heart. here I leave my mail in case they are provided better. [email protected]
  3. Buenas He estado intentando hallar la manera de importar por csv una cantidad de productos y con cada uno de ellos un archivo adjunto, pero no he encontrado manera de que no me falle el proceso, el propio prestashop trae la opción de seleccionar una URL de archivo, pero no funciona, también he intentado lo que aparece en el siguiente post: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/349844-uploadable-files-pdf-attachment-in-csv-import/ Pero no funciona en esta versión parece... Tenéis alguna solución?
  4. Hello, I need your help. I'm developing a website in prestashop but what happens is that the platform itself is creating several core.NNN files by itself which leads to running out of space on the server and so the site goes offline. Can you tell me how to solve the problem? Or with whom I have to speak to help me solve this situation? Thank you in advance!
  5. ¿Prestashop te permite subir un archivo adjunto, pero este se queda para todos los productos. Lo que pretendo básicamente es que cuando el administrador por ejemplo entra en backoffice, si sube un fichero, que este fichero solo pertenezca a ese archivo y por otra parte, que después en la misma lista de los adjuntos de producto, que solo muestre los del producto actual. ¿Alguna ayuda? Versión prestashop
  6. I'm trying to set the file directories to another location entirely like using the Amazon S3. Getting the images is easy as I can set the url in the config files. But when it comes to uploading images, it's kinda difficult as I dont know what is the best way to do it. I have an API that will handle the GET, POST, DELETE of files. How and WHERE to call the API especially for POSTing files (upload) in PS is my problem. Is there a core class that handles all file/images/themes uploads/downloads that I can update and it will reflect on all file upload cases? Please help!
  7. Ciao a tutti, l' installazione di ps con template di default risulta avere funzionalità corrotte. Non potendo risalire facilmente a un bk funzionale, dovrei reinstallare il tutto e volevo chiedere cortesemente il vostro consiglio. 1) è possibile reinstallare ps senza perdere i dati o aggiornare all' ultima versione con chance di risolvere il problema ? 2) se non fosse possibile, vorrei passare alla versione 1.7....., esiste una procedura che permetta di importare taglie e colori, dati clienti e le cose principali ? Grazie per l' aiuto e buona giornata a tutti
  8. How protect file with a unique and secured token? For example my file - ajax.php include_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/../../config/config.inc.php'); include_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/../../init.php'); include_once(_PS_MODULE_DIR_.'bonnewsletter/classes/ClassNewsletter.php'); if (Tools::getValue('ajax') == 1) { $email = pSQL(trim(Tools::getValue('bon_newsletter_email', ''))); $check = ClassNewsletter::isNewsletterRegistered($email); if (Tools::isEmpty($email) || !Validate::isEmail($email)) { die(Tools::jsonEncode(array('success' => 3, 'error' => 'Invalid email address.'))); } else { if ($check > 0) { die(Tools::jsonEncode(array('success' => 1, 'error' => 'This email address is already registered.'))); } else { if (!ClassNewsletter::isRegistered($check)) { if (Configuration::get('NW_VERIFICATION_EMAIL')) { if ($check == ClassNewsletter::GUEST_NOT_REGISTERED) { ClassNewsletter::registerGuest($email, false); } } else { ClassNewsletter::register($email, $check); } die(Tools::jsonEncode(array('success' => 0, 'error' => 'You have successfully subscribed to this newsletter.'))); } } } } For any ideas, thank you very much!
  9. Ciao a tutti, inserendo un prodotto "virtuale" (un file) al momento dell'upload ricevo questo messaggio: The uploaded file exceeds the "Maximum size for a downloadable product" set in preferences (2MB) or the post_max_size/ directive in php.ini (2MB). Tutto molto carino peccato che sono sicuro al 10000000000% che il limite imposto nel php.ini è di 8MB Il file in realtà è di 2,5 MB Any idea?
  10. have a problem with downloading files. var_dump($_FILES["filename"]); is null. But var_dump($_POST["filename"]); is string(31) "latina-ceramica_irina_83170.jpg". And I need to copy this file to directory modules/"my module"/img/ and insert into db $_POST['alt'] and name of file. This is module for Prestashop. My php verion is 5.3.5 This is my form: <form action="" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <fieldset> <legend>'.$this->l('Загрузка новой картинки').'</legend> '.$this->l('link').':<br /> <input type="text" name="alt" value="" /><br /> '.$this->l('Выберите изображение').':<br /> <input type="file" name="filename" /><br /> <br /> <input type="submit" name="btnSubmit" class="button" value="'.$this->l('Загрузить').'"> </fieldset> </form> And this is function private function _postProcess() { var_dump($_FILES["filename"]); if($_FILES["filename"]["size"] > 1024*3*1024) { echo ("Размер файла превышает три мегабайта"); exit; } // Проверяем загружен ли файл if(is_uploaded_file($_FILES["filename"]["tmp_name"])) { // Если файл загружен успешно, перемещаем его // из временной директории в конечную move_uploaded_file($_FILES["filename"]["tmp_name"], "/path/to/file/".$_FILES["filename"]["name"]); Db::getInstance()->Execute("INSERT INTO `"._DB_PREFIX_."pay_icon` (icon_img, icon_link) VALUES ( '232', '234234')"); } else { echo("Ошибка загрузки файла"); } }
  11. Hi guys, i am using prestashop 1.6.05 I am having difficulty with uploading the virtual products... I can't seem to add a file to the product. Once I have selected the file, and after the file uploads to prestashop, it doesn't seem to save it to the product. when it has finished uploading and i save the product, when i go back to edit or view the product, there is no file allocated to the product. Also when trying to purchase this product, there is no downloadable file. Can you please help with this.
  12. I am using presta latest version and I experience a very slow back office, but the Front Office is OK. After investigating on the forum about the problem, I found out that the reason for my slow back office are 3 corrupt files: default_country_modules_list.xml modules_native_addons.xml must_have_modules_list.xml which are located in the folder .../config/xml/ and have a size of 0 bytes. I tried to copy them from another prestashop installation and the problem was temporary fixed, I was able to work for the rest of the day without any problem. Unfortunately the next day I tried to enter the BO and the problem was there again. I checked the files above and the size was back to 0 bytes. I would appreciate it if someone with a better technical understanding can provide me with some assistance to fix the problem. Since I was not working on the BO and the eshop is not online, what has corrupted my files to 0 bytes? I am searching for the last 3 Days in the forum, but I was only able to pinpoint the problem without a solution. Thank you in advance.
  13. I want to do an import from csv file but I want to add multiple files pdf,pdf2,pdf3. Is that this table has prestsahop ps_attachment to store files and ps_product_attachment table to relate product file. The files on the FTP are in / dowload but are renowned and type: 7dada1ac27ef42c467ef6e8352ee179d4d1c58b0. As I can do to add my files to these tables?
  14. Hi Folks, I'm trying to integrate a XSD/XML Schema into my prestashop but I can't seem to find a suitable module to assist with the installation and with my limited IT experience i'm unsure how to make the installation manually. Can someone please help? Would be truly grateful. Thanks, Justin.
  15. For my client, I made a separate page so he can upload pdf files (certificates of their products). And another page to the customer's search according to the selected product. On the file upload page, the logic is as follows: In a form Select the product (from a selector), and then select the certificate (pdf) to upload. Submit button stored in a table (created by me) the product ID and the certificate name and attribute (soon to be able to do the search.) In the database the data is saved correctly, but in the ftp folder files are not saved. Here I show you my code in /themes/ theme /certificados.tpl Form: <form method="post" action="subirconnect.php" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <select id="producto" name="producto"> <option value="default" selected>Producto</option> ... </select> <select id="attr" name="attr"> <option value="default" selected>Diametro</option> ... </select> <input type="file" name="adjunto[]" multiple="multiple"> <input type="submit" value="Subir" name="enviar_certificados" class="btn btn-primary"> </form> Validate form: $TamanioMaximo=5000000; // 1000000 ~~~ 1mb $CarpetaAlojamiento='../../certificados'; // path public_html/certificados $NombreArchivoFinal=""; $MensajeCertificados=""; if(!empty($_POST['enviar_certificados'])) { $name_producto = $_POST['producto']; $name_combinacion = $_POST['attr']; $name_certificados = $_FILES['adjunto']['name']; $cntFiles = count($name_certificados); for ($i=0; $i< $cntFiles; $i++) { //for multiples files if($_FILES['adjunto']['size'][$i]>$TamanioMaximo) { $MensajeCertificados= 'El archivo debe pesar menos de 5mb'; } else { if (!is_dir($CarpetaAlojamiento)) { mkdir($CarpetaAlojamiento); chmod($CarpetaAlojamiento, 0777); } $NombreArchivoFinal=$CarpetaAlojamiento."/".$_FILES['adjunto']['name'][$i]; if(substr($_FILES['adjunto']['type'][$i],12,3) != 'pdf') { $MensajeCertificados= 'Solo se permiten archivos .PDF'; } else if (is_uploaded_file($_FILES['adjunto']['tmp_name'][$i])) { move_uploaded_file($_FILES['adjunto']['tmp_name'][$i], $NombreArchivoFinal); $name_certificados = $_FILES['adjunto']['name'][$i]; /* upload data to db - works fine*/ SubirCertificados($cntFiles, $name_producto, $name_combinacion, $name_certificados); $MensajeCertificados = '¡Certificado Subido!'; } else { $MensajeCertificados= 'Problemas en el envío '.$_FILES['adjunto']['name'][$i]; } } } } The folder 'certificados' is already created and has the necessary permissions (777) You may be missing? move_uploaded_file not working in prestashop? This same code works fine on my localhost (WAMP) I could guide here? and I have it all figured out, I only need to solve this problem.
  16. Hola a todos Estoy modificando los css de un tema el cual no logro hacer que se vean los cambios, en mi caso estoy modificando un tema de themeforest llamado "best tools" el archivo a modificar es el global.css el cual se encuentra en la carpeta css de ese tema, pues los cambios los hago y en el archivo se ve la modificación, pero cuando inspeccionas el elemento resulta que no se ven los cambios busco la ruta que me da la consola, abro el archivo y veo los cambios, pero cuando los inspeccionas no. He borrado el cache en las únicas carpetas que conozco que se debe hacer cache/smarty/compile, cache/smarty/cache y el resultado es el mismo no se ven los cambios pero el archivo esta modificado, he buscado por otro lado a ver si hay un archivo igual, y encontré uno similar pero con extensión .scss que es de sass, según tengo entendido, ahí tambien vi que estaban los datos parecidos a los del .css así que los cambié también, pero aún sigo sin ver los cambios. Saludos!
  17. Hello, I've just reinstalled Prestashop but none of the files i edit are updating!! ALl the file permissions are correct so i have no idea what's wrong. Any help?
  18. Hi, I'm using PS and would like to change the name of the generated pdf file when printing invoices. In PS standard version, if I have the order #3567 with invoice #1578 and print the invoice, PS generates a pdf file with this name: 1578.pdf My idea is to get as file name (<invoice number> - <order number>.pdf, in above example would be: 1578-3567.pdf Does anyone know how to make these changes ?. Thanks and regards
  19. Hello i am wondering if i can adapt the online shop to be able to upload files, i currently sell printed materials & i am trying to adapt my online store to allow customers to purchase elements online & upload there final file (pdf,jpg,stuffed doc) Does anyone khow if this can be done & if so how hard? Thanks Anders
  20. I have purchased a paid module and I can’t install it. Some of the override files already exists and need to be merged with the new override files. “Attribute wizard pro” is already installed and the new module is “Products Pack” from keutche dev. I am using prestashop If you got the knowledge and want to help please let me know via PM (including your price please). If you need more information please ask.
  21. Hello All, I am using v on a hosted platform (Bluehost) The site is a pet supply store and we have 42,000 products I just had to upgrade to a VPS server because Prestashop has created over 500,000 files and over 10,000 directories. I went through and deleted all temp and cache files and it seems the majority of files/directories are located in the img directory. For example /img/c had directories 0-9 in it and in turn they each have 0-9 in them and it just loops like that for quite a while until some image files are finally revealed. Most of my items only have one or two pics with them. So my question....Is there a way to get rid of the performance and file black hole without deleting everything/ or is it normal for Prestashop to create so many files and directories? Thanks, Aaron
  22. Hello: I have a customer who wants to sell LARGE files in their store. (Upwards of 5GB). I have a CDN already built that encompases 4 edge servers and location aware DNS which contains the files (there are MANY). I am interested in being able to provide a link to a 3rd party URL for downloading a file sold through the online store. Idealy, I'd put the URL in the file setup area instead of picking it from a list of files. Is this possible with PrestaShop? Thank you. Marc
  23. Estoy interesado en un modulo donde el usuario ingrese a mi tienda prestashop y pueda subir un archivo cualquiera desde un formulario y que me llegue el reporte por email y este lo guarde en un sitio especifico del usuario registrado. Lo que quiero decir es que el usuario ingresa a mi tienda Prestashop se registra y tendrá una opción de enviar un archivo y dar especificaciones de el mismo. En el récord por FTP o BACK OFFICE de este usuario SE ALMACENARÁ EL ARCHIVO o los archivos que el usuario he enviado, sin limitar la extension y peso del mismo. Please lo necesito URGENTE o la mejor solución posible.. Gracias a todos....
  24. I have another post on this subject here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/290462-csv-file-format-help/ BUT I never got a response AND now I actually got past that and I was able to successfully up load some of the products in my csv file but 130 of them were rejected and im not sure why??? attachment of screen shot ! Its says PS had to rename the link of the "name" of the item.
  25. Hello, I have a problem with product files. I attach files to my products (pdf or .doc), every product with different file/s, and some products without files. But I would like users are able to download only after buy the product, not before. Now you can download files even without login. How can I do ? Thanks
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