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  1. I've seen many people were having problem with "Error: 'install' directory is missing" in prestashop. I also had this problem atter domian change (server change) and none of instructions helped me. I solved this by myself. Problem was solved thanks to changing domain settings from "Website without separation" to "Website WITH separation". That solved all the problems. Hope that it will help you!
  2. Hello all! i have a problem When i search in google 'mysitename.com' I get this result (photo). Why do I see this instead of my site? How to fix it? Thanks guys!
  3. Hi. I want to change the H2 in the prices-drop page. In italian is "IN SALDO" but I want to replace it with "OFFERTE". At the moment, in my prestashop I can't use the translation back-end form for and internal server error. Can you please tell me how I can modify this translation via FTP? The website is: https://writesketchand.com/it/offerte
  4. Prestashop on NGINX with PHP-FPM + MariaDB I'm using a custom template. The template is located in: /home/domain/themes/mytheme/ Mail templates are located in /home/domain/themes/mytheme/mails/ I changed the template name from "mytheme" to "mytheme new name" from the page: http://domain.com/adminxxxxx/index.php?controller=AdminThemes&updatetheme&id_theme=3 Now if I translate emails templates and I click on save the directory: /home/domain/themes/mytheme/mails/en/ is moved to the new directory: /home/domain/themes/mytheme new name/mails/en/ In this way, the system can't find translations files anymore as the theme is still in the original directory: /home/domain/themes/mytheme/ I think that the system, when the user clicks on save, looks for the name of the template instead of the selected directory.
  5. Once I had had "theme-A" installed in folder named "theme-A" in 2 locations 1st on local computer and 2nd on remote serwer. 1st "theme-A" was identical to 2nd "theme-A". Both installed on Prestashop 1.6 After a while 1st "theme-A" changed and became different from 2nd "theme-A". Now I want to transplant 1st local "theme-A" and have it on remote serwer as a "theme-B" in folder named "theme-B". I get error when I try to export "theme-A" to foder "theme-B". While exporting I am only allowed to change theme's name but not folder name! There is no way to import such a ZIP file to folder "theme-B" it automatically goes to foler "theme-A" because there is no way to input different folder name. --- Issue in brief on attached screenshots ---
  6. Salve ho un problema. Praticamente mi sono accorto che nel mio sito tutti i prodotti sono caricati sulla directory /home e cioè https://vecascuolaufficio.it/home/853-stampante-epson-lq-690.html. Come posso fare per sistemare questo problema in modo tale che mi diventi semplicemente https://vecascuolaufficio.it/853-stampante-epson-lq-690.html. Grazie
  7. When I try to install or upgrade modules I get error about the Temp-directory. Look at attachment enclosed, any idea what the path is for the temp-directory? Please help me with getting it working. Kind Regards, Marcel
  8. Hi! I've added my prestashop store inside public_html/prestashop and now I want to access it like www.myshop.com but I can't! It has to be www.myshop.com/prestashop . How can I change it to the desired directory without changing anything?? Please help. Thank you!! EDIT: I found these steps to follow: 1) Disable cache 2) Move files (after that admin panel doesn't work anymore) 3) Use phpMyAdmin to edit table ps_shop_url. Edit the field 'physical_uri' to reflect the changed location of your shop 4) Go to the new URL backoffice 5) Regenerate robots.txt 6) Regenerate .htaccess 7) Enable cache But now I can't do step 4!! I see the loginpage but it tells me my account is not valid! I've sent an email to regenerate the password but I can't login! No error, just no login... Please help!!
  9. Currently I have a store with more than 60000 virtual products and each product has a file for download. You can imagine there are at least 60000 files in download directory and they become hard to manage. I have a suggestion for the next release, it will be better if each file is distributed into sub-directory like product-image files.
  10. I would like to disallow bots to crawl a certain directory on my server. It is not possible to add this manually to the robot.txt file like adding information to the .htaccess file via de BO. Besides that it's not possible to overwrite the robots.txt file via ftp and even if it would be possible the manually added line will be removed when generating a new robots.txt file via de BO. Does someone know a good solution for this? Additional details why? The directory that I don't want to be crawled contains a flash banner that shows on virtualy every page of the shop and the text of the flash file is indexed by google. To be precisely the text of the flash banner is shown in the description of any indexed page in google, even though I have a unique meta description for virtually every page. Normally the meta-description of a page should be the page description for indexed pages, however google finds flash text more important. To resolve this I thought that disallowing the directory to be crawled should resolve the problem. I you have any other idea's? They would be welcome too! Thanks in advance for any replies.
  11. I've recently installed PrestaShop and I'm wondering something that I can't find in the documentation - what is the directory path / folder for images by default? I'm going to bulk upload a bunch of product images, but have no idea where they go!
  12. I've just installed 1.6 into a folder. My previous version still runs live in the home directory until I'll make this one work smoothly. Is it possible to move the old store into a backup folder, and then the new one (1.6) into the site's main directory without creating a huge mess? Any good suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Hi All, We are seriously considering prestashop for our next big project. We are developing a Places listing website, which would be listing places and reviews about those places, and for some places we would like to sell their memberships as well. for Example - A website which would list Resurents along with their reviews and their monthly rental subscription. Apart from general reviews which are available by defaults in prestashop. We want user profile pages as well, means by clickign on any person name user can see the reviewrs profile as well. Is it doable in Prestashop, Shoul I go with prestashop if I will be having list of 5000 places. Example Site - Zomato.com
  14. Hello I've tied to change prestashop 1.6 latest version of domain and directory to put it on my local wamp I've these errors Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in D:\wamp2013\www\prestashop_comptoir\classes\shop\Shop.php on line 321 Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch() on a non-object in D:\wamp2013\www\prestashop_comptoir\classes\db\DbPDO.php on line 101 Have you an idea Thanks
  15. Ho installato PS seguendo le istruzioni e grazie all'aiuto ricevuto qui sul forum. L'installazione, però, fa sì che il negozio si apra non sull'url MIOSITO.IT ma su MIOSITO.IT/PRESTASHOP. Ho letto alcuni altri post con l'identico problema ma in nessuno è indicata chiaramente la procedura da adottare. Io ho provato a spostare via ftp la directory PRESTASHOP nella root principale, ma in fase di trasferimento mi da continui "errori critici di trasferimento file" e alla fine del trasfert non c'è traccia della directory PRESTASHOP sulla root. Altri hanno suggerito una modifica al file htaccess, ma non trovo l'indicazione sul COME riscriverlo. Ringrazio in anticipo per gli eventuali suggerimenti Effemix
  16. Ciao a tutti, Io ho installato il mio negozio prestashop in una cartella rinominata shop; quindi nel caso digito il nome del mio sito www.miosito.it nel browser, quello che si apre non è il negozio ma un'altra pagina. Come posso fare in modo che digitando il nome del mio sito www.miosito.it si apra direttamente la pagina del negozio che è all'indirizzo www.miosito.it/shop/?? Ho letto qualcosa ma nessuno spiega dettagliatamente come procedere.. Utilizzo PS Grazie per l'aiuto
  17. Bonjour, Apres avoir actualisé vers la nouvelle version de prestashop et avoir entré manuellement (interface admin) 6 nouveaux produits, en voulant telecharger des images et des produits dematerialisés (pdf) pour ces nouveaux produits, j'ai eu une suite de message de refus des images et pdf en rouge dans l'interface admin puis des lenteurs pour charger une page du site puis enfin une page blanche pour chaque appel d'une page quelconque du site avec seulement unmessage d'erreur : Error: "install" directory is missing (cependant, je peux toujours appelé une page php, indépendante du moteur MVC de prestashop, située sur la webroot, ex: phpinfo.php). Serait ce dû à un probleme de cache ou d espace disque maximum atteint ? Est ce que quelqu un aurait résolu un probleme similaire ? Merci pour votre aide, Sylvain
  18. I have a module with /img subfolder, where images are stored in the following order: mod1.jpg, mod2.jpg, mod3.jpg etc. admin.tpl is responsible for displaying informations in backoffice. So, my goal is to display imageX.jpg through admin.tpl if it exists in module/img/. (X variable is accessed by {$myid} in admin.tpl) I know I could use {if file_exists... But what would be the best way to define the relative location of module/img folder?
  19. Hello guys, I have a very simple problem which i encountered by complete stupidity and error. I am not a developer and only use the back office to add/edit products in the shop. I have by error gone into Preferences menu > General Page (1st) and in PS Directory typed '/themes' and pressed enter, which saved it as a new setting. At the time I had no clue this would change all prestashop URLs to contain word '/themes' but this has completely messed up the site. When i tried to change it back to just '/' it would show an error message. I have then deleted my browsing history and ended up not being able to log into Prestashop Back office Admin at all. From what i understand (although you can understand i completely lack any knowledge of developing) is by doing this i have broken the link between prestashop and my server. Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance
  20. Hi, I recently installed PrestaShop on a Subdirectory of my current website, as I am looking to redevelop using the PrestaShop platform. It may be a silly question, but once I feel that the Prestashop version of my website is ready to launch, if I transfer the content of my subdirectory to the main directory (so I don't have to do a redirect), will I lose any purchased/installed themes/modules? Or will these purchased items continue to remain as long as they are on the same Domain? Thanks!
  21. I have moved my store to a subdomain of shop.mywebsite.com in the directory mywebsite.com/shop. The original install was in the main directory. In order for the store's url to show properly as a subdomain I need to change the "Shop domain name" within the "SEO & URLs" settings tab from mywebsite.com to shop.mywebsite.com. If I don't do this the URL shows as mywebsite.com/shop. My problem is that when I make this change the product image links are broken. Everything else is in place as it should be. I'm sure I've made a silly error but can anybody help?
  22. Bonjour à tous, Je suis à la recherche d'une module de type "annuaire" pour intégrer à Prestashop pour faire des fiches techniques pour des centres de location de BOX. Le but est d'avoir dans un bloc situé sur le site à gauche par exemple, un petit moteur de recherche avec un champ ou deux comme par exemple un champ ville et un champ Code Postal, et dès que l'on choisi un code postal (qui a été au préalable renseigné), on obtient une sorte de fiche avec toutes les caractéristiques du centre : nom, adresse, google map, galerie photos, textes libres, pdf à télécharger, etc ... Il faudrait que je puisse déterminer moi-même les champs à intégrer à chaque fiche. Ce serait top. Bref ce serait un petit peu une sorte de module permettant de générer un annuaire : on créé ses champs, défini les filtres de recherches, etc ... Existe t'il un module faisant cela ? Ou à quelques chose prêt ? Merci pour votre aide par avance JMA
  23. Hey, I figured this would be easy (a la WordPress) but it seems to not be possible from the searches I've done. They all suggest that I move every file to wherever I want PrestaShop to be accessible. Basically, I want to put PrestaShop in www.domain.com/prestashop but still have it accessible from www.domain.com root; to keep things tidy & ensure nobody accidentally messes with it (couple of people have access to the root & they keep other stuff there too). WP does it by moving index.php & then editing a line to show the directory of the install, can PrestaShop not do this? Or am I perhaps missing something obvious (it's 0245, so my brain just might be on the fritz). Thanks. L
  24. Hello, I currently have my prestashop site at www.paroteesclothing.com. I am looking to change the location of this site to www.paroteesclothing.com/shop. I have copied all the files to the /shop directory on my ftp and I went into the config/settings.inc.php and changed define('__PS_BASE_URI__', ''); to define('__PS_BASE_URI__', '/shop');. Although I thought I did everything i needed to, the website does not show up. Can anyone help me?
  25. My admins don't like having directories in the HTML tree that are writable by the web server. Clearly several directories need to be writable by the system in order to upload attachments, upload images, update the cache and smarty cache, etc. However, it's a security issue having these writable directories in the HTML directory tree - imagine if someone were able to coax your server into writing an executable file or php file to your writable directories, then do arbitrary things to your server. I was hoping that changing the constants in prestashop/config/defines.inc.php would allow me to move my img directory outside the HTML tree, but in my testing that did not work. It seems these directories must be somewhere in the HTML tree. Is there a way to do this for the img directory? What about the smarty and cache directories? thanks for any help or insight you can provide.
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