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  1. Hi, Within the framework of Brexit here is the version for PrestaShop 1.7. This module will therefore manage VAT for orders of more or less £135. Because yes, the Brexit agreement has imposed a different management of taxes according to a fixed amount in Pound Sterling. This requires you to install this currency in your store and to set up the automatic update of exchange rates. You can deactivate this currency so that it is not displayed to your customers, but it must be installed. Tutorial (french) : https://www.mediacom87.fr/comment-installer-la-livre-sterling-sur-prestashop-17/ All this to announce that I have completed my tax management module for the United Kingdom as part of the Brexit for PrestaShop versions 1.6 and 1.7. Download on Prestatoolbox: https://www.prestatoolbox.com/international-localization/448-brexit-prestashop-17-module.html Download on Addons: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/price-management/50761-vat-management-united-kingdom-brexit.html Compatibility: PrestaShop 1.6 PrestaShop 1.7 PrestaShop 8
  2. Store Locator and Pickup Module The eCommerce industry is changing rapidly and the new shipping and delivery methods are playing a vital role in the improved user experience. The Store Locator and Pickup module allow the customers to place their order online and pick up the order for the nearest store. The store admin can upload the store details in a few simple steps. So that, the customers can checks the location of the nearest store on the Google Map and accordingly get their package by visiting the physical store. By offering the store pickup service, the admin can also reduce the delay in the delivery. As per their convenience customer can select the date and time slot for the order pickup. More info and purchase here: Store Locator and Pickup Module FRONT DEMO BACKOFFICE DEMO The admin benefits of the Store Locator and Pickup Module: 1) The store admin can add multiple shops and enable the settings to locate the store and store pick up shipping method. 2) Admin can set the distance unit in Mile/Kilometer. 3) Admin can enable the setting to display the Store Locator option in the header section of the online store. 4) Admin can set the pickup days gap - if the pickup days gap is 2 Days then the customer will be able to select the pickup date of after 2 days of the current date. 5) Admin can enable the email notification for the orders placed with the store pickup method. As soon as an order will be placed with the store pickup delivery method an automated email will be sent to the admin with the order and shop details. 6) Admin can import the store contact via CSV file. 7) Admin can download the Delivery Slip for the orders placed with the Store Pickup method. Customer benefits: 1) The customers can place their orders with the store pickup option. 2) At the time of placing the order customers can select the nearest physical store from the store listing. 3) Customers can also select the date and time for the order pickup. Module Link: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/collection-points-in-store-pick-up/39822-knowband-store-locator-and-pickup.html
  3. I'm using prestashop_1.7.6.4 and am having this issue, I've been trying to fix it for 3 days now and I've seen every answer and question like this on Prestashop but nothing worked. The thing is, It works on my local server just fine. But, it doesn't work on the site. Any help will be highly appreciated! My Website link to backOffice: http://tonerstore.tn/admin162tvumya/index.php?controller=AdminLogin&token=755adb517b7702b8113f225978d83b6c adress: [email protected] password: 9mdUpuCc4Qz9V4JL this one on site: this one on my local server: Please help anyone
  4. Product Availability Check By Zip Code Module Product Availability Check By Zip Code Module allows the store admin to display the availability of the products based on the location of the customer. The admin can also define the number of days in which product will be delivered to the zip code entered by the customer. After enabling this module the store admin can display a "Check Availability" option on the product page. The customer can check the availability of the product by just entering the zip code of his/her location. More info and purchase here: Product Availability Check by Zip Code FRONT DEMO BACKOFFICE DEMO Features of the Product Availability Check By Zip Code Module: 1) Easy to use interface. 2) Admin can add the multiple zones for the different zip codes. 3) At the time of creating the zones, admin can enable the option to display the number of days in which the product will be delivered. 4) Admin can enable the setting so that if the product delivery will be available in the customer's location then only customer can add the product to the cart. 5) Admin has the option to disable the module for the selected products. 6) Admin can map the products to the zones. The Product Availability Check By Zip Code Module allows the store admin to map the products via CSV or one by one.
  5. Preferred Delivery Time Module Preferred Delivery Time module allows the store admin to display the delivery time slot at the checkout page so that customers can pick the preferred date and time for the delivery. This module is really helpful to increase the customer experience. In case you sell the products like Gift Card, Flower Bouquet, Cake etc then this extension is one of the must-have extensions for your store. More Info and purchase here: Preferred Delivery Time Module FRONT DEMO BACK OFFICE DEMO Key features of the Preferred Delivery Time module: 1) Admin can set the number of days after which the delivery will be available. 2) Admin can enable the time slot so that customers can select the preferred time slot. 3) Admin can even select the time slot range like 2 Hrs, 4 Hrs. 4) Admin can disable the delivery for a specific day for e.g. Admin can disable the delivery option on Sunday. 5) Admin can send the order confirmation email with the details of the order and preferred delivery time. Module link: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/delivery-date/26189-knowband-preferred-delivery-time.html
  6. Hi! I sell normal products in my store, but i want to sell virtual products too. The problem is, with virtual product in cart, there are no delivery options. So one can't proceed from personal information to check out. Can someone help me please?
  7. Launch a pair of Flutter-based Android and iOS Delivery Boy Apps for the PrestaShop store and offer seamless order delivery and management. The Delivery Boys can be added from the admin panel and simultaneously get login credentials to access the mobile app. More Info and purchase here: Delivery Boy Android and iOS Mobile App Builder. Key Features: 1. Complete Admin Control The store admin gets full management and configuration control from the admin panel of the PrestaShop Delivery Boy App. The delivery boys can be added from the backend and their details can be configured as well. Seamless order management with the mapping between multiple statuses like Open, assigned, delivered, canceled, etc. 2. Order Mapping The Delivery Management for PrestaShop got a specific tab in the admin panel to manage order status with ease. The store admin gets to put orders in any of these 4 statuses like Open, Assigned, In progress, and Delivered. This makes management and tracking both easier. 3. Delivery Boys As it is obvious that the delivery boys can be added from the admin panel of the PrestaShop Delivery Boy App. In addition, the delivery boys can also be activated online or offline as per the availability. 4. Delivery Boy Login Once the delivery boy is added by the store admin, he will get login credentials on the email with the app link. Using them, the person can log in to PrestaShop Delivery Boy App and get to view the entire dashboard of orders along with his profile. 5. Order Dashboard This is the main dashboard of the PrestaShop Delivery Boy App & displays complete orders and details. The delivery boy can navigate to any other screen from the left navigation menu. The dashboard screen also contains integrated Google Maps which can be used to track the order location. 6. Accept Orders The PrestaShop Delivery Boy App allows the person to accept the orders assigned to him. In case of rejecting the orders, the app will ask to specify the reason for the same. The Order Tracking App for PrestaShop allows the delivery boys to accept by OTP authentication. 7. Order In-Progress Once an order is accepted in the PrestaShop Delivery Boy app, it will be moved to the in-progress section. The Delivery boy then needs to process the delivery of the order to the customer's location. 8. Push Notifications Notifications will be received on the PrestaShop delivery boy app regarding order assignments, status updates or delivery, etc. These push notifications can be checked anytime from the app. Easy delivery boy addition from the admin panel. Easy order assignment to available delivery boy. Hassle free login of the delivery boy on the app. Option to accept/reject orders from the app. Easy processing after accepting orders. Live delivery tracking with the option to chat with the admin.
  8. Advanced Delivery Date Pro This is a powerful and functional module for organizing a more convenient choice of delivery date and time with support for delivery date and time in invoices. With the help of the module, you can set up time intervals, with the ability to disable delivery on weekends and holidays and create your own schedule, as well as with the possibility of deferred shipment of goods. Advanced Delivery Date Pro is fully compatible with the latest version of PrestaShop 1.7.8 Buy module via PrestaShop Addons Demo Front Office Demo Back Office Login: [email protected] Password: demodemo Front Office: Features: Each courier and each day of the week can have their own schedule. You can also set the time display mode to 12 or 24 hours. Whether to display the calendar in mobile and desktop versions or not. The ability to select the day of the report and the ability to completely disable delivery on certain days of the week. And also many other functions. We are constantly improving the module and you can send a request to add new functions. We also have the ability to immediately add new features through extended paid support. Back Office:
  9. Application de livreur | Offrir un service de livraison à domicile et gérer les livreurs Les livraisons rapides et opportunes peuvent être une aubaine pour les propriétaires de boutiques de commerce électronique PrestaShop. Suite Les livraisons sont rapides, les chances de fiabilité et d'augmentation des achats sont plus élevées. Mais, poster la gestion de la livraison des ventes n’est pas aussi simple qu’il y paraît. La majorité des propriétaires de magasins de commerce électronique sont aux prises avec les mêmes et perdent des clients potentiels. Le générateur d'applications mobiles Delivery Boy pour PrestaShop est un addon indispensable pour gérer le livraisons en toute transparence et en toute sécurité. L'addon est livré avec un panneau d'administration convivial et Android et Applications de livreur iOS. Les applications de livraison frontales Android et IOS sont entièrement en marque blanche et être lancé dans le branding complet de votre magasin. Plus d'infos et acheter ici: Application de livreur Démo Android App Démo iOS App Fonctionnement du panneau d'administration: L'administrateur du magasin peut ajouter les livreurs en saisissant des informations sur les agents. Une fois le livreur inscrit, il sera autorisé à accéder à l'application mobile Android et iOS Delivery Boy. L'administrateur du magasin peut vérifier tous les livreurs disponibles et modifier leurs détails également. Même le statut du livreur sera affiché dans le panneau d'administration comme en ligne ou hors ligne. Avec l'intégration intégrée de Google Map, le lieu de livraison peut être simplement suivi par le livreur avec le chemin approprié. Le panneau d'administration permet au propriétaire du magasin d'ajouter la clé API Google Map. Avec l'ajout de la clé Firebase, le propriétaire du magasin peut s'assurer qu'une notification push sera envoyée automatiquement aux livreurs chaque fois qu'un statut de commande est mis à jour ou modifié. L'administrateur du magasin peut également gérer les commandes à partir du panneau d'administration de l'application de gestion des livraisons. La liste des commandes est classée comme ouverte, en cours, attribuée et livrée. Toutes les commandes peuvent être attribuées au livreur et l'agent recevra une notification push correspondante. Fonctionnement de l'application Front End Delivery Boy: L'agent de livraison peut facilement installer l'application mobile Delivery Boy à partir du Google Play Store et de l'App Store d'Apple. Le Delivery Boy peut se connecter à l'application avec les informations d'identification reçues sur l'e-mail. Les informations d'identification seront automatiquement envoyées sur l'e-mail lorsque l'administrateur du magasin enregistre le livreur. Le tableau de bord des commandes sur l'application mobile de suivi des commandes est explicite et présente divers statuts de commande tels que Attribuée, En cours, livrée. Par défaut, la carte Google intégrée est affichée sur l'application. Le livreur peut vérifier ses informations enregistrées dans la section profil. Il existe également une option disponible pour passer du statut hors ligne à en ligne. Une fois que l'administrateur du magasin a attribué la commande à partir du panneau d'administration, l'agent de livraison peut vérifier la même chose sur les applications Android et iOS. Il peut accepter / refuser la commande selon la disponibilité. Si la commande est rejetée, le livreur doit partager une raison valable pour la même chose. S'il est accepté, il sera marqué comme en cours de progression. L'application de gestion des commandes PrestaShop garantit également la sécurité de la livraison. Les utilisateurs recevront un code de vérification lors de la livraison dont ils devront informer le livreur lors de la livraison. L'agent de livraison ne peut marquer la commande comme terminée qu'une fois l'OTP entré dans l'application.
  10. Hello, I'd like to offer a local delivery option to people who live near me (in Boston). Is there a way I can have the checkout process check people's zip codes or addresses to do this? Can I create custom customer groups and only give them the local delivery option? Thanks
  11. Hi, When i validate my cart with two products : - Product A, 12Kg, using a free carrier A - Product B, 10Kg, using a second carrier B (with cost by weight configured) I obtain two orders : - Order A with free shipping cost (OK) - Order B with cost using 22Kg grid slice... and not 10Kg. (in BO order view and carrier tabs Prestashop display the good carrier B and the good weight 10Kg... but the bad cost...) If i try an order with only one product B, i get the good shippging cost slice. Any idea?
  12. Bonjour, J'ai une commande comprenant deux produits A (12kg) et B (10Kg). Les deux produits sont livrés par deux transporteurs différents ayant tout deux une grille configuré avec des tranches de poids 0-10/10-20/20-... Lorsqu'un client m'achète ces deux produits via un même panier, j'obtient bien deux lignes de commande dans Prestashop (pour une seule facture) ce qui est normal puisque la livraison va se faire en deux colis. Toutefois le coup de livraison ce calcule sur une base de 22Kg pour mon second transporteur, pourtant dans son colis il n'y a que 10Kg (le premier étant gratuit). Il y a-t-il quelque chose à renseigner pour que les tranches appliquées dans le calcul du coût d'envoi de chaque colis se fasse bien par rapport au poids du colis et non au poids total de la commande? Est-ce un bug de Prestashop? NB: dans l'onglet "livraison" de chacune des commandes je retrouve bien respectivement 12 et 10Kg comme attendu. Mais a côté les frais appliqué sont ceux de ma grille >20Kg (10+12 = 22Kg) Version de Prestashop :
  13. 當客戶同時買不同的“運輸方式”時 系統會產生 order_id 2筆, reference 1筆 然後分別寄送二封訂單確認給客戶 這個違反用戶體驗啊 尤其是轉帳付款的客戶,也不知道該轉那一筆訂單的費用 有什麼方式可以把這實際上是同一筆訂單,整合在一個頁面顯示嗎? 比如在訂單歷史 就會出現二個訂單編號相同,內容物不同的訂單
  14. Hi, I have some products that can only be delivered to areas near my store. Our country does not have zip codes. Is there a way for customers to select their precise location on a map and we can limit delivery for products based on a self-created boundary on that map?
  15. Hello, At first i sorry for my english. I have a lot of different products in my shop. My biggest problem is shipping module, because i have small products which weights around few kg and also large products which weights same, but delivery price is few $ higher. At the moment everything works fine with Agile Shipping module, for example - if in cart are few small and few large products , module applies higher delivery price. There is only one problem - in cart when customer is at shipment step, he can choose any delivery method for each product in cart ( ofcourse he can only choose one of delivery method which are assigned for the product). I looking for module, that gives possibility to choose only total shipping cost for all of products in cart. Prestashop
  16. Hi, I'm trying to show the delivery time which is showed on product page in the cart summary page as well ( just like on the picture). I can't find the template to modify and the variable as well i'd like to show the specific delivery time for a product when it's set up in BO thanks for your help
  17. I'm looking for a module that allows me to do something like this. When the order changed to "payment received" and we use e-mail template "payment" I need to add to that template something like "We've got your payment your product should be delivered to {date_of deliver}" date_of deliver is based on the current date + delivery date of the ordered product (working days only).
  18. Good morning to all, I've got a simple question. Over here in the Netherlands it's customary to first fill in the billing address and later on supply the delivery address. I want to switch these addresses so that customers if either creating an account or buying products through our guest checkout will fill in the billing address first and then specify the delivery address. Is this possible and if yes. How. Looked for tons of sollutions but haven't found anything. Yours sincerely, Dennis Wijkmans
  19. I want to disable cash on delivery payment for my virtual products 1%. Rest of 99% percent of my products are physical. Any ideas?
  20. Bonjour, Je souhaite mettre la livraison gratuite, et uniquement la livraison et non impacter le montant du produit. Ma condition est qu'à partir d'un certains nombre de produits, la livraison est offerte, mais, le problème étant qu'un message d'erreur s'affiche quand je souhaite sauvegarder, me disant que : "Le montant de la réduction ne peut être inférieur à 0". Je ne comprend pas pourquoi cela s'affiche étant donné que j'ai bien sélectionné que je ne voulais appliquer aucune réduction. Pouvez vous m'aider ? Je vous remercie d'avance.
  21. Hello, i have read lot of topic in similar case and still don't have solution for I thought simple problem which is not wanted Free delivery until user select courier in checkout. So: user adds product to cart and in cart we see free delivery. There should not be free delivery. There are only 2 courier set to be visible and each have free delivery from 199. But there is visible free delivery in cart even if somebody adds product below 199. For default is set paid courier. I made test and set paid couriers to be always paid even if somebody adds products for more than 199 and situation is still the same. Setting product to be available only with one courier changes nothing. I attach screenshots. There are in Polish but layout is known for everyone I think. Tell me please how to make visible correct price or something like "minimal price for delivery is: " Thank you in advance
  22. Hello, Everyone I want best food delivery template for my store. If any one have the best theme link or brand name please suggest me. I want that theme which is speed very fast, best quality services, Best Ratings, and much more that we everything want. Thank you
  23. how to add additional shipping charge per quantity in prestashop
  24. Hola a todos, estoy mudando todo de prestashop v1.6 a 1.7, pero no encuentro el modulo de Cash on delivery (COD). Solo salen pagos. Agradezco su ayuda.
  25. Hi, I would like to know how can I add custom barcode entry into delivery slips while generating it. The barcode can be generated by providing the number. The methods I am seeing online is of 1.5 or 1.6. I am using v1.7.6.4. Prestashop should consider adding this feature to help others as well. Help would be much appreciated. Thank you
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