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  1. Hi guys, this is my first post. So, please, be kindly However, i 'm building a new ecommerce with latest PS 8.1.1. I'm in Italy, so i have to add two string fields (PEC and SDI) to address form. In past i integrated those fields with some custom override, but i don't like that solution. So, this time i started to build a custom module for this purpose. And, for backoffice, works like a charme as you can see in the below image. I used ObjectModel with CQRS Pattern. My module creates a new table in DB, 1 to 1 with customeraddress table, where to store values. I used this 3 hooks: 1. actionCustomerAddressFormBuilderModifier (to edit the form) 2. actionAfterCreateCustomerAddressFormHandler (to save values on create address) 3. actionAfterUpdateCustomerAddressFormHandler (to update values on update address) So, all great... but the fields are add only in backoffice form. In frontend, i don't have the fields: All the cache are disabled, however i clean them several times. Maybe i have to use another - specific - hook? But, in official documentation, i read this: What am I doing wrong? It is possible integrate some custom fields without any core modifications or overrides? Will could I add this fields in invoice, modifying only the template? It is very frustrating can't add custom fields in a more easy way... this would be a native features in my opinion.
  2. Advance Product Attribute/Field Module The Advance Product Attribute/Filed module allows the store admin to add the additional fields on the product page. By adding additional fields on the product page the store admin can provide more relevant information to the customers regarding the product. By using this module the admin can add the additional fields like - TextBox, Checkbox, Radio Buttons, Date fields etc. Admin can enable the setting to display the custom fields to the invoice. More Info and purchase here: Advance Product Attribute/Field Module FRONT DEMO BACKOFFICE DEMO Benefits of Custom Product Attribute/Field Module: The admin can display additional information regarding the products to the customers. This additional information helps the customer to make their purchase decision. In case you sell some specific items which need more details then this module is the best solution for your business. This module also allows the store admin to gather the customer inputs. Admin can select the option to display the customer response on the invoice. Features of the Advance Product Attribute/Field on Product Page Module: 1) User-friendly interface: The store admin can install and configure the module with ease. 2) Admin can add multiple fields on the product page to display the additional information to the customers. 3) Admin can add the fields like TextBox, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Date etc. 4) Admin can make the custom fields mandatory. 5) Admin can add the custom fields to selected products or all products. 6) This module allows the customers to input their choices. 7) Admin can enable the setting to display the customer inputs in the invoice. 8) Multilingual Module link: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/combinaisons-customization/30327-knowband-advance-product-attribute-field.html
  3. Im working on 1.7.8+ version, i would like to add custom fields to product without override. (facing many issues with override, sometimes need to remove /var/cache/<dev/prod>/class_index.php). The fields are used for frontend and backend purpose. Is there a way that custom fields can be added without override? (using hooks or other way) Thanks,
  4. Hello, I'm trying to add a custom field into the Brands page in the admin back office. Previously, I successfully added a custom dropdown box in the Category page in the admin back office with hookActionCategoryFormBuilderModifier and handled the update and create by using hookActionAfterCreateCategoryFormHandler hookActionAfterUpdateCategoryFormHandler However, when trying to do the same for the Brand page, nothing seems to happen. Is there another way or another hook to do this?
  5. hi, I am plan customize for food item product...How can add product Expiry date in Product Add/Update/View section in admin and Front office?.. Please guide me. thanks maran
  6. Bonjour, Je désespère et me tourne vers vous pour trouver une solution à mon problème.. Je souhaite ajouter à mes attributs un nouveau champs, modifiable dans le BO (champ de type textarea) qui sera affiché sur le front-office pour l'utilisateur. L'objectif de ce champs est d'ajouté plus d'informations sur l'attribut selectionné. Ce champs devra être rempli sur les attributs enregistrés (et non les groupes) Pour ça, à l'aide de plusieurs topics (ici, ici et ici par exemple), j'ai ajouté les lignes suivantes : admin/classes/Attribute.php public $description; 'description' => array('type' => self::TYPE_STRING, 'lang' => true, 'required' => true, 'size' => 128), puis dans les tables attribute_lang et attribute la colonne description. Mon problème est que le champs ne s'affiche pas dans le BO mais lorsque j'enregistre, j'ai bien une erreur comme quoi le champs description ne peux pas être vide. Egalement, j'aimerais afficher ce champs sur le front sous l'attribut selectionné. Merci de votre aide !
  7. Witam, wszystkich, Potrzebuje pomocy z dodatkowymi polami formularza rejestracyjnego. Postępowałem zgodnie z tym poradnikiem, ale napotkałem pewien problem. Otóż na formularzu rejestracyjnym wszystko działa jak należy, natomiast, gdy konto zakładane jest podczas składania zamówienia, to pola z adresem (wszystkie dodatkowe, które dodałem) nie zapisują się, co skutkuje brakiem adresu. Ktoś może pomóc w tej kwestii?
  8. Hi, I'm looking for tips or a tutorial to help to create a custom field in CMS pages. If anyone knows anything! Thanks
  9. Salve a tutti, sto sviluppando un ecommerce con prestashop e sto cercando il modo di avere un sistema di Custom Fields per la home page, tipo quello che fa questo modulo per i prodotti. Mi andrebbe bene anche un qualcosa di più semplice. O comunque c'è un modo di creare una home page personalizzata inserendo contenuti testuali/immagini da BO e avere poi il modo di recuperarli nel codice per visualizzarli nella homepage? Avete qualche consiglio?
  10. Hi i want to add a custom phone no field on the address tab see the attatched image. i am using prestashop version 1.5.6 with default theme
  11. Hello All, I want to customize my checkout page when customer click on "Proceed to checkout". Right now there are 4 tabs showing. PERSONAL INFORMATION, ADDRESSES, SHIPPING METHOD & PAYMENT I want to add one more tab after ADDRESS tab and want to put some custom fields inside it. Please help me. Does it require to buy a module or extension or we can do code customization. Thanks in Advance.
  12. Hello, I developped a while ago a shop using prestashop 1.6.1.x, it's using overrides and custom fields on many entities because I needed to write connectors that would translate our old, but trusty, custom AS400 erp to prestashop. A lot of work have been put into this to be able to seamlessly integrate prestashop to our current workflow. The core file were untouched in the process, I only extended using override system. NOW where this is getting interesting is that I need to somehow, do the same thing using prestashop 1.7.x, because I don't want this webshop to be outdated. From what I read, overrides are evil and everything should be contained in a plugin. But, how the hell am I will I be able to add fields to products, categories, vendors, suppliers. Is there a kind soul that could help me or give little insights on how to accomplish,properly, custom fields ?
  13. I have PS What is the proper way of adding custom fields to products, customers etc? I have created my module and during installation I create new fields by executing some sql: $sqlInstall="ALTER TABLE " . _DB_PREFIX_ . "product " . "ADD ext_id VARCHAR(20) NULL;"; I have added some hooks, for example, hookAdditionalCustomerFormFields. My new field appears in the backend and this is OK. But it does not appear in the api request http://localhost/prestashop/api/products/?schema=blank until I add a class override class Product extends ProductCore .. Overrides seem to be not supported in 1.7, though I can see my new fields via api calls. My question is: is overriding classes the proper way of adding custom fields and make them appear in the api calls? Or should I do something in my module instead (add some extra hook?) to appear custom fields in the api calls?
  14. Hello everyone, I ame a junior prestashop manager. I just configured Knowband custom fields to customize the account fields on the checkout page. I cannot disable the default account page and activating the new module, the page shows two registration form. I tried to manage the directory authentication.tpl but any change I make doesn't realy works: the registration page still shows the default form. Can anyone help me?
  15. Im trying to add some custom fields in the custom profile. We sell ecigs so need to age check customers. One of these fields will be to say PASS or FAIL, and maybe the other will have a date that they were checked. I have managed to add the field in the db, show the FAIL or PASS on the customers list, and orders list. I have the field showing on the edit customer page, but i cannot get the field in the edit customer page to show the value PASS or FAIL. The field in the db is agecheck and is text In the AdminCustomersController.php i have this code which shows the value in the customer list. 'agecheck' => array( 'badge_success' => true, 'title' => $this->trans('18?', array(), 'Admin.Global') ), And this code shows the field on the customer edit screen array( 'type' => 'text', 'label' => $this->trans('Age Verified?', array(), 'Admin.Global'), 'name' => 'agecheck', 'required' => false, 'col' => '1', 'hint' => $this->trans('Is this customer verified as 18 or over?', array(), 'Admin.Global', 'Admin.Notifications.Info').' Type PASS or FAIL' ), but it doesnt show the value, and any value I enter does not get saved.
  16. Hi, I want to add new fields to CSV file for bulk upload. e.g., I want to be able to add address, contact details, Products and images to manufacturers and upload them all together or at least assign products to manufacturers in another file. Please help if anybody has an idea. Thanks
  17. Hello, I need ISBN field to support letters not only numbers. where can i change this? also i need to include ISBN on Search. Also i created 2 custom fields and i need to include them on sidebar filter or faceted module! Can someone help me on this? Thank you in advance Eni
  18. Salve, sono nuovo di questo forum quindi se non sono nella giusta sezione sposto il post. Ho sviluppato un modulo prestashop partendo da questa guida: https://www.h-hennes.fr/blog/2017/11/15/prestashop-1-7-ajouter-des-champs-dans-le-listing-produit-admin/. Funziona tutto tranne che nel momento in cui cambio pagina perdo il nuovo filtro impostato cioè i manufaturer. Dopo un po di navigazione nei file di Prestashop sono giunto alla conclusione che questo campo non viene salvato in alcun modo dal sistema di persistence che si trova nell'AdminProductDataProvider. Come posso risolvere? Grazie in anticipo.
  19. Products_Test_Import.zipMay Day May Day!! But it's the end of June. I'm pressed, I mean I'm stuck in PrestaShop. This is a SOS calI. Can anyone help? All jokes aside. This is serious....I am a new PrestaShop 1.6 user. I have many products (thousands) to upload to my site with pictures. Therefore, adding products to the store one by one is too time consuming. The share number of products and pictures to upload is a challenge enough for me; but, the main problem is that I have quite a few custom features for each product. For example Ingredients, Safety Information, Product Information, Label Directions, Suggested Uses, etc. (These are food and supplement products.) And I just can't figure out how to get the PrestaShop CSV import feature to recognize the custom feature fields that I have created. When I try to import some products, I get the following error message: "Columns cannot have the same value type." Does this error have anything to do with the way PrestaShop 1.6 handles custom feature fields? Or is my CSV product file incorrectly formatted? Or is there some other reason? Now, I know that I "can" plop down US$349 for eMagic One's StoreManager or US$100 for the Dataco Import Fast module. However, I am not ready for that just yet. I need to understand how to correctly reformat vendor provided data and get that data into PrestaShop. I have attached a few of the products to this post. Can someone P-L-E-A-S-E take a look at the formatting to see if it's ok? And also, can someone explain to me how I can import the data contained in my custom feature fields in my csv product file? It appears that the steps / procedure for importing data from custom feature fields may have change from one PrestaShop version to another. What are the steps or procedure in PrestaShop 1.6? Is the procedure different from PrestaShop 1.5 or 1.4? For example I found the following instructions from the following link: http://www.tokyowebdesigns.com/advice/2465/prestashop-how-to-import-a-products-csv-file#.U7GzU_kQC-0 But when I tried the steps outlined in that link with my PrestaShop 1.6 store (I mean store-in-progress) well, it was a no go. I am stuck big time.
  20. Hi, I'm deploying a module for customize Customer default data. I need to hide Password fields, name, surname fields because this fields are provided by external (oAuth) and there are some fields that I need to ask to the user like Postal Code and Social Network URL (for that I use AdditionalCustomerFormFields Hook). My module create a database table for that porpouse. Here is my question: Is there any way without Override for hide thoose fields and save my custom fields? Hide with CSS is not possible because our PrestaShop Customers only can access with oAuth (if someone access developer console and change values of the form, data is proccessed) and I want to avoid theme changes. Thanks for your help!
  21. Créer et ajouter des champs personnalisés 202 ecommerce vous propose un nouveau module qui vous permettra d’accroitre les fonctionnalités de PrestaShop, l’ergonomie de votre boutique en ligne et de créer vos champs personnalisés très rapidement. Dès maintenant, personnalisez votre boutique facilement grâce à des champs personnalisables à mettre en place. Que ce soit des informations supplémentaires ou une mise en avant d’une promotion temporaire, notre module correspond à une multitude d’usages. D'ailleurs il ne nécessite aucunes compétences techniques particulières. Grâce à plusieurs types de contenus et une souplesse d’affichage, créez des champs sur-mesure pour vos clients. Voir la vidéo de notre module Comment mettre en place le module ? Avec son affichage simple et clair, installez et prenez en main rapidement notre module. Créer et configurer un nouveau champ personnalisé via les configurations du module Choisissez le type de contenu désiré : Texte Zone de texte Image Vidéo Spécifiez les paramètres du champ personnalisé. Vous pouvez choisir pour chaque élément s’il est facultatif/obligatoire, le nom, l’activer/désactiver, l’emplacement, la méthode d’affichage, la valeur par défaut... L’affichage de ce module est disponible sur trois types de page : produit, catégorie et commande. L’emplacement du nouveau champ dans le Front Office est défini en fonction de la méthode d’affichage que vous souhaitez : hooks Prestashop ou Smarty (les shortcodes). 2. Affichez les champs créés en Back Office sur les pages correspondantes (Produit, Catégorie ou Commande) et remplissez-les par la suite 3. Affichez les valeurs renseignées en Front Office ou gardez vos champs visibles uniquement en Back Office. Tester la démo de notre module Exemples d’utilisation Les cas d’utilisation du module peuvent être très variés et dépendent de besoins de marchands. Voici quelques exemples de champs personnalisés à ajouter : vidéos explicatives pour chaque produit dans la boutique, bannières promotionnelles sur les pages catégories, informations de contact dans les détails de commandes, logo de la marque de produit, onglet supplémentaire sur les fiches produits afin de regrouper toutes les conditions de livraison et de remboursement (hook displayProductExtraContent). URLs vers les articles de Blog sur les fiches produits et catégories, bouton « Imprimer » sur les fiches produits, zones de textes (avec formatage de la mise en page). Voir sur notre catalogue
  22. Hello, we need a new dropdown menu in the new user registration. We have followed this great tutorial -> http://prestacraft.com/adding-new-fields-to-the-registration-form/ but this creates a new text field with the code <div class="form-group"> <label for="my_field">{l s='My field'}</label> <input id="my_field" class="form-control" name="my_field" type="text" value="{if isset($smarty.post.my_field)}{$smarty.post.my_field}{/if}" /> <span class="form_info">{l s='My field description'}</span> </div> Can anyone help us to create a simple dropdown menu with the options yes or no?
  23. Dear Community, i know how to do this in php and sql but it is really complicated to implement some additional fields in the order progress. I´ve found this manual how to do it: I did all what Anthony told in his Post. The only thing i changed is that i need 3 Fields. I have created them in ps_orders and ps_cart tables the fields are as follows: id_order_customer customer_message special_notice defined them as told in Anthonys manual. But there is still something missing. But the fields dont appear. I think i have to put them anywhere in the Template to make them appear in the Front Office Checkout Process. But i dont know where. Ist it possible just to implement raw php code in the shop? Or what would you suggest me to do. Thank you for your answers in advance.
  24. Hello i want to add 2 extra custom fields on the product's page. i used this tutorial on the pass when i was on 1.4 http://strife.pl/2011/12/how-to-add-new-custom-field-in-prestashop/ put now this tutorial is not working for 1.5.3 because is not any AdminProducts.php in /[admin_panel]/tabs/AdminProducts.php Does any one know how i can do it? i'm looking an english solution. Thank you
  25. Hi I have version and I have just added the custom fields module, I have used it to add a custom field called nickname to the registration process and I would like to be able to use the back office search function to be able to search for that nickname in the custom fields module and display the corresponding customer, how would I achieve this please thanks
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