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  1. Hello, I need to set different shipping costs for Corsica which is currently included in France, how can I do this?
  2. now i have an issue that carrier is calculating fees according to zones addresses are according to states and countries is there a way to determine shipment fees according to states or governments lets say we are located in cairo, egypt "state, country" can i assign different fee to luxor,egypt ?
  3. Luego de instalar Prestashop y revisar el carrito, me he dado cuenta que cada vez que se consulta el valor del flete, se realiza 4 consultas al módulo de transporte seleccionado, pasando por la función public function getOrderShippingCost($params, $shipping_cost) ¿Porqué pasa 4 veces por esta función cada vez que debe calcular el valor del flete? ¿Cómo puedo reducir esas 4 consultas? ya que si la consulta del valor del flete se debe hacer a un webservice, se incrementaría 4 veces el tiempo que tarda el carrito en procesarse, si cada consulta demora 4 segundos, tendría 16 segundos cada vez que se hace un cambio en la información del carrito.
  4. By default Prestashop does not seem to show the correct carriers (shipping costs) and VAT for non-logged in visitors. The built-in Geolocation IP database is supposedly not so accurate either, and functions quite limited. So after confirming with the developer, if carriers / VAT etc would also be localized correct for non-logged in visitors I bought the "Auto Change Language And Currency - Geolocation Module" from Idnovate: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/international-localization/7363-auto-change-language-and-currency-geolocation.html However after countless hours, it still do not show the correct carriers for non-logged in visitors (only works correctly when visiting from the Store Default Country (as set in Localization menu). Though the developer also reproduces the issue, he takes no responsibility (despite confirming it would solve the carrier problem before buying). So this makes the module pretty useless for international visitors, and no solution or refund offered, nice! So do other have experience with this issue and with Geolocation modules which actually works as intended? PROBLEM (tested both in PS and PS The carriers shown/used prior to login is based on the Carriers with values for the Shop Default Country (as defined in Localization menu). Not based on the actual carriers for the IP detected country. The carrier shipping prices are the correct localized value though - but the carrier list itself are wrong (until login / creating account for the same country as IP detected) So if a carrier from the BO Default Shop Country does not have a shipping value for a certain country, it then appears as FREE SHIPPING instead of being hidden (like when logged in). If changing the BO Shop Default Country (under Localization) to the same country as the visitor, everything will actually work perfectly. But according to developer one cannot override this to IP detected country of the visitor, so apparently not a solution. Obviously there is some Prestashop bug involved, as the carrier list should of course not be based on the Shop default country for non-logged in visitors if country is already GeoIP detected. But since the same problem occur in both PS1.6 and PS1.7, I wonder if other Geolocation modules deals with this differently to overcome it, as I could not find much history about the issue. Test Example: BO Default Shop Country: Denmark (in Localization menu) / Default Carrier sorting: Best Price (in Carrier Settings menu) Carrier-A - €5 to Denmark (the Default Shop Country). No shipping to other zones. Carrier-B - €10 to All Zones except Denmark. Result: - When visiting from Denmark (IP detected by module), cart will correctly show the Carrier-A €5 in cart when not logged in. - When visiting from other country IP (IP detected by module), cart will then incorrectly use Carrier-A too, but show FREE SHIPPING since no value defined for the IP detected country. (Carrier-A should have been hidden and Carrier-B should be used/visible first since only this have a shipping value for the IP detected country. When creating account/ login with same country, the carrier list becomes correct again). If changing 'BO Default Shop Country' in Localization menu to same country as the IP detected visitor country, the carrier list will be correct - and same whether logged in or not. (Used Windscripe VPN Chrome plugin to test from other countries) See screenshot from PS1.6 (easier to see the issue in PS16, since the carrier list is visible during checkout prior to creating account. Unfortunately the shipping menu appears collapsed in PS1.7,)
  5. Hi all - I've been using PS 1.6.1 for years for many stores, very happy with it and will move to 1.7 one day. The only hurdle I've never been able to overcome is shipping. Our carrier (Royal Mail) calculates pricing based on weight and package dimensions. Although PS allows product dimensions to be entered it only seems to restrict carriers based on the largest item in an order, not on the total package dimensions. This seems like madness to me but up to now I've been stuck with it. Has anyone ever solved this problem, or does anyone know where I would amend the formula PS uses to calculate the order dimensions? At this stage I'm just reaching out in the dark and hoping to find a caring genius...
  6. Hello, I'm having a bit of a problem : I have 4 carriers on my shop with product restrictions. Products from category A are paired with carriers 1 and 2 (shipping prices by weight), products from category B are paired with carrier 3 (unique price regardless of quantity nor weight) and products from category C are paired with carrier 4 (free shipping). Everything is fine when customers only order within each category, but if one of them order from any combination of categories, then the carrier of the 1st product in the cart is used for the entire order. Namely : If I order 1 product C and 10 product A, the shipping is free when it should not; and if I order 1 product B and 10 product A, the shipping will be 19€ instead of 50€ Does anyone know a solution to allow multiple carrier for an order (before the order is paid) or any module that would do the trick ? Or anything else, really...
  7. Prestashop version: There is a major issue with Shipping / Carriers on Prestashop Our Prestashop store has specific products that can only go via certain carriers. If you add one product to your cart, that has a restriction, this works as it should and the message - Unfortunately, there are no carriers available for your delivery address. - shows on checkout. However, if you add another product to your cart, that has no carrier restriction, it allows the customer to complete checkout, and then splits the order into 2 orders (they then show as linked orders in admin). I noticed this error in the past on Prestashop 1.6, however the work around to this was to disable one page checkout and used the 5 step process. There is no such option in Prestashop 1.7. and this issue is going to cause a lot of problems have we specific products we cannot ship outside the UK. Does anyone have a solution for this? Thank you
  8. Hi There, I am relatively new to prestashop. Currently using a multi-store prestashop V1.7.0.6. (for your reference the version was updated from 1.6 to 1.7 lately ) I have created a brand new shipping Carrier on the CMS and assigned to one of my shops within the website. There are ranges for this particular shipping which will be applied when the (price is >= 1200 and price <1700). My objective is when adding an order through the back-office(CMS) and when you get to the section where the shipping Drop down is the option is not showing in the dropdown. I've attached my configuration set up in this request. I would be grateful if some could assist me towards the right direction. Cheers Faz
  9. We have recently migrated from PS1.6 to PS1.7 and though using the same theme/design we have noticed quite a big drop in conversions. After some split testing, we can see it is a problem that visitors can no longer see the various Shipping Methods before creating an account - many will just leave the cart instead, when various shipping options are not fully transparent. In PS1.6 the customer could scroll down during checkout to see the various carriers before creating account. In PS1.7 all the checkout columns are collapsed, so shipping methods remain hidden until account creation. When using Geolocation the country is already established prior to creating account, so there should be no problem in also showing the various shipping methods - just like in PS1.6. Anybody knows how to solve/improve this easily in PS1.7 (we prefer to not use a 3rd party OPC module)? 1. Either ability to expand the Shipping Method column in PS1.7 checkout. 2. Alternatively show Shipping Methods in the Cart page
  10. Hi, I have Prestashop 1.7.6 I have configured a carrier manually and I have zones well configured. If I put my carrier as free shipping it appears correctly, but if I configure it not free then this message appears 'Unfortunately, there are no carriers available for your delivery address.'. The other thing is that if I put the debug mode then carrier appears correctly... I'm desperated with this because I have been two days searching some information but I can't find anything related to this case. Thank you so much in advance
  11. ¡Hola! Buscando la solucion tanto en español como ingles no lo llego a encontrar, asi que me animo a abrir un hilo por si me pudieran ayudar. Tengo ya creados zonas y transportistas que saltan automaticos dependiendo el peso del pedido, hasta ahí bien. Pero hay un transportista (XPO Logistics) que necesito añadirle una variante extra. Actualmente, cuando el pedido es de 0kg a 43.36kg salta Nacex, y cuando es de 43.37kg en adelante salta XPO en el carrito (Península) y tranposrte a 0,00€. Cuando es fuera de peninsula ocurre igual, pero salta Nacex, Xpo y correos express, segun zona y pesos, pero el importe ya no es gratuito. En el caso de XPO, ellos entregan 'a pie de calle', y necesito añadirle una opción para que quede de la siguiente manera en el carrito: FORMAS DE ENVÍO: Enviado por XPO - Entrega a pie de calle -> 0,00€ Enviado por XPO - Entrega en domicilio -> +15€ Hay que tener en cuenta que fuera de peninsula, esos 0,00€ de xpo se cambian dependiendo de zona. Por ejemplo: a baleares 43.60kg serian 52€ a pie de calle, y 52€+15€. En caso es que la solucion unica que veo es crear un duplicado del XPO que hay ahora mismo como CARRIER y añadirle los +15€ en cada campo de zona, pero me gustaría que saltara en dos lineas, una la normal y otra la del suplemento para que lo viera el cliente. Gracias de antemano!
  12. I've set up 4 different carrier options for royal mail in the UK - two for first class and signed for shipping in the UK, and two for standard and signed for shipping outside the UK (see pic). As far as I can tell I've set up the ranges correctly, included a weight for the product, and set the Standard UK as the default carrier, but when trying to buy a product from the shop, when I get to the shipping method, the only options showing are the international ones (see pic). I can't see any reason this would be happening, I can only assume the site thinks I'm ordering from abroad, is that possible (Default country is UK, and the address I used in the checkout was a UK one)? Can anyone help me fix this? Thanks! www.geekyfuroshiki.com
  13. On PS (default theme) I'm getting a strange behavior with carriers. If I change the prices in Ranges tab ("Will be applied when...", Step 2 in settings pages: "Shipping Locations and Costs") it will save new values only if I put higher prices. Lower values won't be saved. Any idea?
  14. Hello! I've been with a huge bug for a couple of weeks that I can't solve. For some reason I still don't know prestashop stopped showing me the carriers available on the payment page. The only thing that appears to me is: "Unfortunately, there are no carriers available for your delivery address." Investigating the matter I have discovered that what happens is that it does not show me any carrier that is not configured as free shipping. This is a problem because I have to charge shipping costs when the order is over € xx. In another support forum of the theme I use (transformer) they told me that it might have to do with a Genei module, which must be overriding something in the getPackageShippingCost function. I immediately deleted the module and its folder, but the problem persists. I don't know if it could be that I have to delete something else from somewhere. I do not know if someone has happened something similar and can help me, or someone has any idea of what is happening, since I have been free shipping for weeks since it is the only way that customers can buy in my store. Thank you!
  15. Hi Community, I'm currently working on a test case where we will hire a carrier which ships out products within a 100km radius with different rates. I have a list of all zip codes and the shipping fee, so what I would like to do is to: Create e.g. 5 different carriers (with different fees) Show 1 out of those 5 carriers in checkout depending on their zip code Has anyone implemented a solution like this? I'm thinking of overriding the function getAvailableCarrierList, could anyone point me in the right direction or confirm I'm looking at the right one? Many thanks! Robert
  16. I am running PS with the Canada Post Module and the Shipping Costs per Zipcode, Zone, Country, State, City Module. When I first set these two modules up, everything seemed to be working fine, but recently I have noticed a lot of abandoned carts. It seems when customers are checking out, they are receiving a warning that there are no carriers that deliver to the address provided. This just simply is not the case. Using the Shipping Costs per Zipcode, Zone, Country, State, City Module, I have a Zone setup for local delivery based on City name, one for Market Pickup based on Postal Code ranges, One for Canada and one for the USA. I have set my local delivery to be available only to my local delivery Zone, and my Market Pickup carrier to be available only to my Market Pickup and local delivery Zones. Likewise, I have setup the Canada Post Expidited Parcel to be available to the Canada Zone and Expidited Parcel USA to be available only to the USA Zone. I have tried selecting carriers at the product level which yields the "No Carriers deliver to your address" error. When I remove all carriers from the product level, only carriers from the UPS Shipping Module become available at checkout. When I added a new product the other day, the Canada Post carriers worked and were available at checkout. When comparing differences between the new product and an existing product, it seemed like the package dimensions and weight were missing from the existing product. After adding that important information, the result was unchanged. The existing product still produced the error, while the new product continued to function properly. I have run SQL queries to try to compare the records for these two products without seeing anything different except the details which ought to be different. SELECT * FROM `ps_product` WHERE `id_product` IN (5,31); And SELECT * FROM `ps_product_shop` WHERE `id_product` IN (5,31); I am at a loss, and almost ready to try adding duplicate products to see if that resolves the issue. I really do not want to recreate my entire catalogue if I can avoid it. --UPDATE-- Well, the issue gets weirder. I managed to resolve this issue on all products, save one. Somehow the package dimensions and weights reset to zero on many products. That was an easy enough fix. However, one product in particular was not cooperating at all, even when trying to add it as a new product, or duplicating the original. In order to get this product to work properly with shipping carriers, I had to duplicate a different product and edit all the information to match that of the original product.
  17. Hey everyone! Seeing it's a topic that bugs many users, I wrote a tut on limiting payment methods by carrier http://nemops.com/prestashop-payment-methods-specific-carriers/#.V2Jy47v5jmg
  18. I want to offer to my clients the option to pickup at the postal service branch. For this i need a module that allows me to load all the branches and let the customer to select the branch in the shipping method step in the checkout. There is only one module i found that seems to cover this situation and is this one : https://addons.prestashop.com/es/punto-entrega-recogida-tienda/19269-mycollectionplaces-v2.html But i tested it in the demo page and it seems to have some bugs and also is extremly expensive. Is there any other options out there to solve this???
  19. Hello We have an issue. The transporter that comes with Prestashop had been deleted by mistake and now our module from our carriers cannot work if we don't have any transport installed. Could someone helps us in letting us know how to creat a "Transporter" not a Carrier in the back office from PrestaShop? Please see the pictures. Thank you.
  20. <hello WE´ve created 3 carriers and than we delete one of the carriers. <<<<once we deleted that carrier, which was added manualy buy us the integration of <<SHIPIUS DELETED by intself. <practically it dissapeard from the dashboard. <WE TRIED TO reinstall it again and its just dosent work. <dose anyone can help? thank you.
  21. Hi, I just upgrade to and I have detected during the order process that with certain countries after the creation of addres the process return to the address page with message "one new address created" and I have to call the cart again to continue the order but without succeeding to arrive to the carriers step because no carriers are displayed and this without any message. This is not the same behavior with the country Belgium (site country), the carriers are directly shown after the creation of address. My questions are : Where do I have to search in the core files to isolate the issue ? Can the carrier module (bpost) be responsible of this behavior ? Please can you help me to search where this happened. Jean-Marie
  22. Hi, Im trying to assign certain carrier for certain product , i have 3 carriers , when i go to product options -- shipping -- select 1 carrier i found all carriers shows ... how to solve this? my PS is 1.6.20 thanks in advance
  23. I have version 2 active shipping carriers: both billing to total weight. I have set Free shipping starts at 70€ in Shipping/Shipping. For one of the carriers I disabled: Include the shipping and handling costs in the carrier price. But it still keeps showing me Free delivery for both of carriers if order is above 70€. How to disable free delivery for this particular carrier?
  24. Hello! I am starting with Prestashop and I am experiencing the following issue: On my shop, each of my products must have only one carrier, so, at the backoffice, on catalogue>products>shipping tag, I check only one carrier, leaving the rest unchecked later, I log-in as a customer and try to buy a product, and when I reach the shipping tag on the check-out, all the carriers are ready to be selected, instead of only the one y checked before... I am reading the documentation regarding products,carriers and shipping, and it seems that I should be able to configure my carriers for each product any help? what I am doing wrong? thank you very much
  25. Hello, Im trying to workout how to handle some freight in Prestashop. Products can go to a number of locations each with there own price, but each item needs to be priced at the quantity ordered Freight for Line = (item x number ordered) e.g. Garden Pots @ $10.00 each x 6.00 = $60.00 Then I also need to be able to combine prices for other items. in the same fashion as above, but with there own price. Garden Pots @ $10.00 each x 6.00 = $60.00 Potting Mix. @ $8.00 each x 3.00 = $24.00 So $84.00 Freight/Shipping for the Order, In addition to the Product Costs. Are there any modules that can handle this scenario, I've tired to get the Carrier Ranges to work, but isn't very effective and if the quantities ordered where large would fall outside the ranges added. Getting a little frustrated, I would have thought this sort of shipping was common?
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