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  1. Hi! This is an odd one. I noticed that "{carrier}" is used in the order_conf.html email template and new_order.html email template and when emailed, shows the name of the carrier selected for the order. I'd like to include that info in a couple of other emails the customer receives when I update order status, including the shipped.html template. Well, I figured it would be as easy as typing in "{carrier}" just like "{shop name}" etc., but for some reason it doesn't work. I'm using PS 1.5.3, is there something I need to check or edit in order to be able to do this? Thanks in advance! Elaine
  2. Hello everybody, Presta i am newbie in creating modules, but still have decided to solve one small problem by creating a very simple module, which adds 2 fields in the carrrier / checkout step. These fields are saved in the ps_orders table and will be used and displayed on the new order mail template. But the problem is that i can not display the two input text fields in the carrier step of FO. So i can not fill the fields with information. Here the code of my main class: Full text is attached below as text file as cloudflare blocks the post with code even in code tags I am using the hookdisplayAfterCarrier - to display the text fields there. But in the FrontOffice at the position where these text fields should be displayed i receive only: Array And in console the html generated is: in text file also below So the example where i have taken the code this definition is put in constructor in the override of class. But i do not want to make this override. Should i put this definition in constructor of my main class also? Would you help me please to display these fields in FO. I hope the other part of the code is correct. What concerns the database - the fields are added there. They are in orders table, when i install module. new_topic_module.docx
  3. When I place an order via my back office for one item I get this message No carrier can be applied to this order and I can not create the order However when I increase the units to two or order a second product so the total becomes 2 all of the usual carries are applied and the order can be placed. Can you please advise how to correct this See photos below 1x item = £5 2x item = £10 my free delivery kits in at £25 when i do it via the website like a customer would do it appears to still be ok so looks like the issue is with the back office Thank you Esther https://esthermarie.co.uk/shop/en/
  4. Hello, Does anyone know how can i add an additional tab to the order list in the backend? I want to add a tab with the carrier picked for that order. Is this something that has to do with AdminOrdersController.php file? Here's what i mean:
  5. HI I am new here. I just did a reset my whole prestashop website because i have had a bug in Carriers module from prestashop. I could not save the configurations as such my website soes not work. THe save button wasn't seen in the admin. SO i reinstalled it and.. Same. Can someone please help me? Pretty please?
  6. Bonjour tout le monde, Voila je suis bloquer que la version prestashop 1.6. Je doit définir un transporteur par default. J'ai bien défini le transporteur par default dans l'administration. Coté front : J'ai mis en place un nouveau design avec des checkbox de type radio le problème : Je vois la checkbox par défaut s'activer puis ensuite, je la vois disparaitre. (elle s'affiche 2 secondes). J'aimerai qu'elle reste active. est ce que certaine personne parmi vous on déjà eu le soucis ? Comment avez vous fait pour corriger ce problème ? ps : je pense que le problème peux éventuellement venir du chargement de jquery.
  7. SCENARIO I sell precious metal and semi-precious metal jewellery. When shipping gold or platinum pieces, I am required to have the customer sign for their package before it is released to them. It is an insurance requirement, as it protects both me the seller and my customers from mail fraud. When shipping domestically, the carrier offers a signature option for a particular shipping method. However, when shipping across the border or internationally, the same shipping method no longer has the option for signature requirement. In order to require a signature, I must use a different method, which is almost twice the cost. This is not justifiable to me to force the higher cost method on my customers. iNTENT Similar to how we can choose specific carriers by product, I would like to be able to choose by a specific attribute value. That way, when a customer from across the border orders gold or platinum, the higher-priced signature required carrier will be selected, and if there are no gold or platinum items in the order, then the lower-priced no signature required carrier will be available. HOW TO ACCOMPLISH THIS I plan to have a look at the structure of the modules in place which allow for carrier by product, and investigate and research on how to amend the structure through overrides or through a new module to accomplish this. If you are struggling with the same issue, keep visiting this question, as I intend to update it with my findings in order to help others fulfill this same or similar requirement. If you have ideas which may assist with this, or if you have already accomplished this successfully, please share.
  8. Hello is there a way to disable specyfic carrier when order bigger then 100$? If there is no way to do this in configuration please point me a file where I can set this restriction.
  9. Hi everyone! I have a problem with orders with more than one carrier in a PrestaShop 1.7.6. I have configured several carriers for different zones and products and PrestaShop divides them into several orders in the Back Office (so far it is correct). The problem is that it also does it with products that cannot be sent to some zones. I give you an example: Product A can be sent to all zones and has a generic carrier. Product B can only be shipped to some areas and has a specific carrier. If I create an order only with Product A or Product B alone, PrestaShop works correctly. If I create an order with both products, PrestaShop allows me to create the order and send the products, even to the areas where one of them is not allowed. Should PrestaShop not prevent it? Or show a warning stating that one of the products cannot be sent to that place? Moreover, by dividing the order in two, the product that cannot be sent has no shipping costs!
  10. Hello everyone! I would like to know why the function `$module->getPackageShippingCost()`, from the Cart class, it's been called so many times. I have 2 carriers added. The calls come from Cart and Carrier classes. I attached a screenshot of the function calls doing echo's following the calling trace. Thank you in advance for your help. Best!
  11. Hi, I am struggling to get the shipping cost of a carrier while products are in a cart. I've looked at /carts, /carriers, and etc but it doesn't seem to have any field relating to it's shipping cost. I am using this API on a remote server, so I can't edit the prestashop files to retrieve it. Please help me if you have any information regarding this. Any help is very much appreciated.
  12. Advanced Delivery Date Pro This is a powerful and functional module for organizing a more convenient choice of delivery date and time with support for delivery date and time in invoices. With the help of the module, you can set up time intervals, with the ability to disable delivery on weekends and holidays and create your own schedule, as well as with the possibility of deferred shipment of goods. Advanced Delivery Date Pro is fully compatible with the latest version of PrestaShop 1.7.8 Buy module via PrestaShop Addons Demo Front Office Demo Back Office Login: [email protected] Password: demodemo Front Office: Features: Each courier and each day of the week can have their own schedule. You can also set the time display mode to 12 or 24 hours. Whether to display the calendar in mobile and desktop versions or not. The ability to select the day of the report and the ability to completely disable delivery on certain days of the week. And also many other functions. We are constantly improving the module and you can send a request to add new functions. We also have the ability to immediately add new features through extended paid support. Back Office:
  13. now i have an issue that carrier is calculating fees according to zones addresses are according to states and countries is there a way to determine shipment fees according to states or governments lets say we are located in cairo, egypt "state, country" can i assign different fee to luxor,egypt ?
  14. Bonjour, Je cherche actuellement une solution afin d'afficher l'image du transporteur dans mon tableau de commandes en back-office. Il est facile sur la version 1.6 via un array_merge et un callback sur une fonction liant l'image du transporteur avec l'id du transporteur, seulement sur la version 1.7 cela ne fonctionne pas. Cela fait un moment que je galère là dessus et il faudrait impérativement que j'arrive à afficher cette image. Si une âme charitable aurait une piste ou une solution je suis preneur ! Je vous remercie 🙏
  15. Kedves fórumtagok! Elérhető a GLS szállítási módokat implementáló modul: https://presta.hu/prestashop-modulok/29-gls-api-automata-rendeles-bekueldes-es-csomagpont-valaszto.html A modul segítségével automatikusan és manuálisan is beküldhető a csomag a GLS API-n keresztül, valamint egyéni és tömeges címirat letöltésre is lehetőség van.
  16. Kedves fórum tagok! Elérhető az Addons-on valamint saját oldalunkon is Magyar Posta integrálásához szükséges modul, amely támogatja a házhozszállítás és a csomagpont szállítási módokat egyaránt. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/shipping-carriers/53093-hungarian-post-mpl-postapont.html https://presta.hu/prestashop-modulok/22-mpl-magyar-posta.html PrestaShop 1.7.x kompatibilis.
  17. Kedves fórum tagok! Elérhető az Addons-on az Foxpost szállítási mód integrálásához szükséges modul, amely támogatja a házhozszállítás és a csomagpont szállítási módokat egyaránt https://addons.prestashop.com/en/shipping-carriers/51873-foxpost-hungary-parcel-locker-and-home-delivery.html PrestaShop 1.7.x kompatibilis.
  18. Hey everyone! I just published a free module to assign carriers to products in bulk http://store.nemops.com/free-modules/43-carrier-assigner-free-module.html#.VqjEffk4Hmh Make sure you check out the video too! Fabio
  19. Hello, At first i sorry for my english. I have a lot of different products in my shop. My biggest problem is shipping module, because i have small products which weights around few kg and also large products which weights same, but delivery price is few $ higher. At the moment everything works fine with Agile Shipping module, for example - if in cart are few small and few large products , module applies higher delivery price. There is only one problem - in cart when customer is at shipment step, he can choose any delivery method for each product in cart ( ofcourse he can only choose one of delivery method which are assigned for the product). I looking for module, that gives possibility to choose only total shipping cost for all of products in cart. Prestashop
  20. Luego de instalar Prestashop y revisar el carrito, me he dado cuenta que cada vez que se consulta el valor del flete, se realiza 4 consultas al módulo de transporte seleccionado, pasando por la función public function getOrderShippingCost($params, $shipping_cost) ¿Porqué pasa 4 veces por esta función cada vez que debe calcular el valor del flete? ¿Cómo puedo reducir esas 4 consultas? ya que si la consulta del valor del flete se debe hacer a un webservice, se incrementaría 4 veces el tiempo que tarda el carrito en procesarse, si cada consulta demora 4 segundos, tendría 16 segundos cada vez que se hace un cambio en la información del carrito.
  21. Hello! I'm trying to create a shipping module, where the admin presses a button in the order and then sends to the carrier information about the order. I've already created a button in the order page using the hookActionGetAdminOrderButtons. What files do I have to edit in order to make this button show a modal/popup where the admin can make same choices for the order, and read the voucher etc etc? Thank you!
  22. Delivery Boy App Module Quick and timely deliveries can be a boon for the PrestaShop eCommerce store owners. More fast are the deliveries, higher are the chances of reliability and increased purchases. But, post sale delivery management isn’t as simple as it seems. The majority of eCommerce store owners are struggling with the same and losing potential customers. The Delivery Boy Mobile App Builder for PrestaShop is one must-have addon to manage the deliveries seamlessly and safely. The addon comes with an friendly admin panel and Android and iOS delivery boy apps. The front end Android and IOS delivery apps are fully white label and will be launched in complete branding to your store. More Info & Module Link: Delivery Boy Application App Demo (Android) App Demo (iOS) Admin Interface Working: The store admin can add the delivery boys by entering some information about the agents. Once the delivery boy is registered, he will be authorized to access the Android and iOS Delivery Boy Mobile App. The store admin can check all available delivery boys and edit their details as well. Even the status of delivery boy will be displayed in the admin panel as Online or Offline. With inbuilt Google Map integration the delivery location can be simply tracked by the delivery boy with the suitable path. The admin panel allows store owner add the Google Map API Key. With added Firebase key, the store owner can ensure that push notification will be sent automatically to the delivery boys whenever any order status is updated or changed. The store admin can also manage the orders from the delivery management app admin panel. Orders listing is categorized as Open, In Progress, Assigned and Delivered. Any orders can be assigned to the delivery boy and the agent will receive a relevant push notification for the same. Front End Delivery Boy App Working: The Delivery Agent can easily install the Delivery Boy Mobile App from the Google Play store and Apple App store. The Delivery Boy can login into the app with the credentials received on the email. The credentials will be automatically sent on the email as the store admin registers the delivery boy. The order dashboard on the Order Tracking Mobile App is self explanatory and showcases various order status like Assigned, In progress, delivered. By default, inbuilt Google map is being displayed on the app. The Delivery Boy can check his saved information from the profile section. There is also option available to switch the status from offline to online. Once the store admin assign the order from the admin panel, the delivery agent can check the same on the Android and iOS app. He can accept/reject the order as per the availability. If the order is rejected, the delivery boy needs to share valid reason for the same. If accepted, it will be marked as in progress order. The App ensures the safety of delivery as well. The users will receive a verification code while delivery which they need to tell the delivery boy at the time of delivery. The delivery agent can only mark the order as complete once the OTP is entered in the app.
  23. Hi Everyone, Right now we created some Carrier Module (to have the shipping cost directly from an API), and i need to set the price of the cost Tax Included, but when i set the Carrier as using Tax, it will return the Shipping Cost from the API but added the Tax Percentage (which is not what we want), we want it to be the price from the API it self is a tax included, do you guys have any other idea to set this?. Thank you!
  24. Hi, I've instaled 1.7.24 Prestashop in Multistore and I'm trying to add carriers. I can't cause he gives me this error: TECHNICAL ERROR: Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: error What can it be? Tx
  25. Hi, I try to add a new carrier in version without success. I have double checked all settings, furthermore existing carriers and also database. Maybe here is someone who has the same issue and can help. Attached you will find a screen shot of the error Thank you so much best wishes
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