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  1. Hi, On all of my CMS pages, I have the title "CMS page" as the title as you can see in the picture I've tried altering all the meta titles etc. but can't seem to get rid of it. Is there a way please? Cheers!
  2. Hi there, I am a total newbie at prestashop (I have been using wordpress and joomla but I am new with prestashop). As written above I am trying to connect a Form Builder Pro form to a CMS page. The Form Builder Pro gives me either a shortcode for the form: {gformbuilderpro:1} or a SMARTY HOOK: {hook h='displayGform' id='1'} Now, being such a newbie with prestashop I have no idea where and how I can input either of those, in order to have that Form Builder Pro form displayed under the CMS page. I have tried to simply add the shortcode into the CMS page content, but the above shortcode simply is visible in the content on the page.. Can someone help me out? Thanks!
  3. PS1.6.1.24 I'm trying to create clickable map on my website. Pasted "map" code into the CMS page (source code) field , but it doesn't work. Actually after saving , that code disappear / gets automatically deleted. Anybody idea why it happens? I know I could just make a separate html document / page and attach it to the website, but CMS makes it neat with links in footer .
  4. After upgrading to 1.6, I have 3 problems: Problem 1: no pictures in my CMS pages (page content) When trying to edit or uploaded again, have just 404 error (this page is not available). Problem 2: I have all products there and all are associated with categories. But in front end when I sellect any of my categories, get a message " No products for this category. " Problem 3: There is a problem with ( I'm gessing( java script functionality as just on some pages. Facebook slider and mega menu do not opening those interactiv windows. Is there anyone that can help me?
  5. Hello, this is my first message so I hope to be in the right section... I am struggling with a simple question for which I can't find the answer: how can I create a hyperlink in a CMS page to another CMS page (based on its ID)? Of course I could use the full URL but there is 1 URL per language (because of SEO-friendly URL's)... Thanks for any help!
  6. i have a site powered by prestashop i want to block non users (visitors and gift) from consulting CMS categories and pages also redirect them to authentification page .
  7. Hi ! I have an issue with my sitemap page... On front office this page is blank and I do not know how to fix it. I enabled debug mode, you can see full error report on picture attachment. I see that there is an error notice : "Notice: Undefined index: sitemap" Here is the file sitemap.tpl located in /template/cms of my theme : {extends file='page.tpl'} {block name='page_title'} {l s='Sitemap' d='Shop.Theme.Global'} {/block} {block name='page_content_container'} <div id="sitemap-tree" class="sitemap"> <div class="tree-top"> <a href="{$urls.base_url}" title="{$shop.name}"></a> </div> <ul class="tree"> {foreach $sitemap as $item} {if isset($item.children)} {foreach $item.children as $child} {include file='cms/_partials/sitemap-tree-branch.tpl' node=$child} {/foreach} {/if} {/foreach} </ul> </div> {/block} An here is file sitemap-tree-branch.tpl located in /template/cms/partials of my theme : <li> <a id="{$node.id}" href="{$node.url}" title="{$node.label}">{$node.label}</a> {if isset($node.children) && $node.children|@count > 0} <ul> {foreach $node.children as $child} {include file='cms/_partials/sitemap-tree-branch.tpl' node=$child} {/foreach} </ul> {/if} </li> I really don't know what to do to fix this and I need to have an HTML sitemap on my website... Thank you ! Best regards,
  8. Hi everyone, Because it is verry difficult for building a nice landingpage in prestashop i just find out the software leadpages. Now i have the question or it is possible to paste the lay out from my leadpages into prestashop? I askes the support of leadpages and they tell me i can do with an ftp server and copy paste the HTML into prestashop. Does someone know this is possible in my prestashop website? It would be nice to get some tips and revieuws. Thanks a lot !
  9. Hello to all, Versione PS I need to recall the icons but I can not figure out how to do it, I have extended my tinyMCE editor but I have not been able to add the icons, in any case I thought I could recall them by entering the code <i class="material-icons">..</i> o <i class="fa fa-address-book"></i> <em class="icon-truck" id="icon-truck"></em> but I was not successful, I tried a lot before writing but I could not find solutions that worked, the only one (the last beach) I was looking for advice on www.w3schools.com and I tried to insert the whole curiosity example code present like this and inserting it a first time correctly displays the directives SCREEN but if I give ok and after clicking again in the source code I see this and the icons disappear. Obviously I'm doing something trivial but unfortunately I'm banging my head for a few days, I ask if anyone can recommend me which code correctly recalls the icons on a page written in html or better still some suggestions on how to integrate the icons in my tinyMCE editor . I hope I have explained myself, in any case I thank everyone who wants to participate in this discussion in advance.
  10. Hi, <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://watergold.net//themes/leo_emarket/css/acilan_yazi.css" type="text/css" /> <div class='centerplease'> test </div> <br> <div class="faq"> <div> <input type="checkbox" id="question1" name="q" class="questions"> <div class="plus">+</div> <label for="question1" class="question"> Baslik </label> <div class="answers"> açıklama </div> </div> The html content box does not invoke the css file. Where am I making mistakes? sorry, i am using translation for english. altinaysuaritma.com
  11. Hello I need to make some CMS page private for only Logged customers, I found this: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/335647-how-to-make-a-cms-page-only-for-logged-in-customers/ And I modify my CMSController.PHP and is working, but this is for ALL the CMS page, and I need ONLY for 1 page, is any another way to do? or I can make two kind of CMS pages, some private and other ones public? Thanks!
  12. Hi, I would like to create a vertical tab in a CMS page. Actually I put the html in the Tiny MCE editor during the creation of the cms page and then i define the css in custom.css file. Is this the right way? For the moment this doesn't seem to work well, any advice? Prestashop:
  13. Hi I am running PS and not default template. I need to remove left column hook for both the homepage and the cms page with id number 9. Here is the code in header.tpl that did not work 100% as intended: {if $page_name == "cms" AND $smarty.get.id_cms != '9' AND $page_name != "index"} <div id="leo-leftcol" class="span3"> {$HOOK_LEFT_COLUMN} </div><!--leftcol--> {/if} The problem is that for some reason it also removes the left column hook on other pages which I don't want. It should only remove it on the homepage and cms page 9. I looked into about 5 post's with this question but none of the solutions solved my issue 100%. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  14. Some reason I can't edit the page content of pages I've added or default pages that were installed automatically. Does anyone know why the "page content" isn't showing the box where I can edit the content of the page? I searched for an answer & watched tutorials, yet I've came up empty handed. The editor box is not showing up properly. The image is what my screen looks like on the CMS page.
  15. Hi, I found a clearly described solution at: http://www.templatemonster.com/help/prestashop-how-to-add-cms-page-with-link-in-headerfooter-menu.html Hope that some of you will find it useful too. .................................................................... Hi, I am working with PS Here is my problem: I created CMS ABOUT US page with a link at Main Menu in Page Header. Original link to the CMS ABOUT US is: index.php?id_cms=4&controller=cms&id_lang=1 This work fine. Bur, I won't to place ABOUT US link in the PERMANENT LINKS block in PAGE HEADER. I modified blockpermanentlinks-header.tpl …………………………………………………. <section class="header-box blockpermanentlinks-header"> <ul id="header_links" class="hidden-xs"> <li><a href="{$link->getPageLink('index.php')}" class="header_links_home">{l s='home' mod='blockpermanentlinks'}</a></li> <li id="header_link_about-us"><a class="header_links_about-us" href="{$link->getPageLink('about-us')|escape:'html'}" title="{l s='about-us' mod='blockpermanentlinks'}">{l s='about us' mod='blockpermanentlinks'}</a></li> <li id="header_link_contact"><a class="header_links_contact" href="{$link->getPageLink('contact', true)|escape:'html'}" title="{l s='contact' mod='blockpermanentlinks'}">{l s='contact' mod='blockpermanentlinks'}</a></li> <li id="header_link_stores"><a class="header_links_stores" href="{$link->getPageLink('stores')|escape:'html'}" title="{l s='Stores' mod='blockpermanentlinks'}">{l s='location' mod='blockpermanentlinks'}</a></li> <li id="header_link_sitemap"><a class="header_links_sitemap" href="{$link->getPageLink('sitemap')|escape:'html'}" title="{l s='sitemap' mod='blockpermanentlinks'}">{l s='sitemap' mod='blockpermanentlinks'}</a></li> </ul> …………………………………………………. Brawser displays link name in the right place but link doesn't work. The message tells - Page cannot be found. It means that link which goes the CMS file is wrong. Where can I find the proper address to this page? Can anybody tell my what wrong I am doing? Regards.
  16. Bonsoir à tous, Je teste en ce moment une boutique PS1.6 et plus précisément les pages CMS. J'ai bien créé ma page et commence à y ajouter des textes… jusque là pas de soucis. Le problème se pose lorsque je tente d'uploader une image depuis mon ordinateur via le FileManager (donc dans préférences > CMS > modifier une page > contenu de la page > insérer > image). L'image a l'air d'être bien uploadée mais elle ne se trouve pas dans le dossier dit "admin/img/cms/mon-image.jpg". Le dossier img dans admin n'existe d'ailleurs pas… Donc le lien est cassé et aucun aperçu n'est disponible depuis le filemanager dans le BO. Est-ce que je suis sensé créer moi-même l'arborescence ? Est-ce normal que l'image se retrouve dans les images de l'admin ? Merci d'avance pour vos éclaircissements. Je travaille sur MAMP en local avec un prestashop
  17. Hi, Using a modified default theme, I want to add a CMS subcategory and its child category to the menu. So the same way the (sub)categories are setup in backend under "CMS"
  18. Salutare, Ceea ce as dori sa fac este in felul urmator: Produsele pe care le am pe site au mai multe taguri ( ex. Imprimantele la care merge cartusul) Am creat pagini cms cu denumirea echipamentului, si as dori ca continutul acesteia sa fie populat cu produsele care contin acel tag. Ideal ar fi sa pot scoate si categoriile parinte ale produselor sa poata face clientul filtru la produse.
  19. Bonjour, Après plusieurs heures de recherches je me dois dans l'obligation de poser ma question qui me semble peu compliqué, mais qui me bloque considérablement dans mon projet. Voilà, je souhaiterais créer un lien en dur dans un partie de mon header, comme notamment les les liens permanents, mais dont certains mèneraient vers des pages CMS : <a href="{$link->getCMSLink('4', 'about-us')}" title="{l s='About Us'}">{l s='About Us'}</a> <a href="{$link->getCMSLink('7', 'manufacturing')}" title="{l s='manufacturing'}">{l s='manufacturing'}</a> Mais par ce système, la gestion de la langue ne dépend pas de la base de données. Et donc les modifications faites dans le backoffice n'influenceront pas les liens coté front. Je cherche donc un moyen changer le libelle du liens, à partir de l'id du CMS. de type $cms->libcms(4,$idlang); J'espère m'être fait comprendre, et espère avoir une réponse au plus vite. Merci
  20. hi, i want to add fade in and fade out effect's on my cms pages, i added code in the page content but code does not effecting in front end... i added this code <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.2/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $("#div1").fadeIn(); $("#div2").fadeIn(2000); $("#div3").fadeIn(3000); }); </script> here, div1, div2 and div3 are id's of <div> tag.. please tell me how to enable this effect in cms pages... thank you...
  21. Just wanted to point out that you cannot change the appearance of your theme columns for PRODUCT or CMS anymore so when you create a new theme and enable DEFAULT_LEFT_COLUMN the default value for these columns is TRUE which shows the left column on the product page and cms page. The only way to fix this currently is to edit the database directly and edit the table PS_THEME_META then change the field left_column from 1 to 0 manually where id_theme = YOUR_THEME_ID and id_meta = 27 and 29. This wasn't the case in Please let me know if I'm missing something.
  22. Mail Function in CmsController.php is not working in prestashop 1.6. Here below is my site page. i want to send an email from here. http://www.gate2pay.net/content/6-buy-bulk-cards I add form in cms page and save the mail function in cmscontroller.php. I followed this link for help. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/285476-create-custom-contact-form-on-cms-page/ I think i need to add some thing more. Need Help.
  23. Hello, I recetly installed the current version of prestashop and it is not showing images on my CMS page I created. Any suggestions of why and how to fix this? Thanks p.s. it's been a while since i worked with prestashop in this way and am new to this version.
  24. This is a strange question for all you Prestashop mavens out there, although I suspect that others might want to do this as well. Is is possible to invoke Prestashop and a particular CMS page from an external link? Here's what I want to do. Hopefully, someone will know how to do it. I have a CMS page that lists the patents for my device. I invoke it through a top horizontal bar menu item. I also want to invoke this same page though a link. My shop is hangatablet.com I would like to invoke the patents CMS page through the link: hangatablet.com/patents Is this even possible to do? Obviously, I can have a separate html page for the link, and have Prestashop through the top menu bar invoke the CMS page, but it would be really nice if I could get away with only one page, not two. It would also be really really nice if I could invoke the CMS patents Prestashop page through the above link within the context of Prestashop (that is, bring up my shop and go directly to the CMS patents page). Is there any way to do this? Steve hangatablet.com
  25. Hello everyone , I need add to cart button inside cms pages of prestashop. I search a lot and one prestashop forum post recomended me to use this method : <p><a onclick="ajaxCart.add(product_id=2, attribute_id=0, true, null, quantity=1, null);">Add to cart</a> But after saving the page it becomes : <a>Add to cart</a> is left. Onclick function is removed after save. Please help . Its urgent.
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