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  1. Hi, Greetings of the day. The module helps to show Facebook like a widget sidebar on all pages of the website to increase likes on the store's Facebook page, customer engagement, and relationship management. This module helps to increase exposure to potential customers lower marketing expenses, reach a targeted audience, build brand loyalty, increase store traffic and boost SEO. The module is easy to use and install. Social media is considered the most popular media in the world and is quickly becoming a MUST to include in a company’s marketing campaigns. Social marketing is very new, and companies must stay on top of how to use these tools to improve their positions in their industries. Social media pages are indexed by search engines, allowing greater search engine optimization and leading to more cross-promotion in other social and email marketing channels This helps to increase the popularity of your store among people. Social media widgets are small icons or buttons that allow website visitors to connect and share content from a website on various social media platforms. There are several benefits of adding social media widgets to your website, including: Increased brand awareness: Social media widgets enable website visitors to share your content on social media platforms, which can help increase your brand's visibility and exposure. Improved website traffic: When visitors share your content on social media, it can drive traffic to your website, resulting in more potential customers and higher engagement rates. Enhanced user engagement: Social media widgets can encourage users to engage with your content and your brand, by sharing, liking, or commenting on posts. Improved search engine ranking: Social media signals, such as shares, likes, and comments, can help boost your search engine ranking and visibility. Cost-effective marketing: Social media widgets are easy to install and use and can be a cost-effective way to promote your brand, especially for small businesses or startups. Overall, social media widgets can help increase brand awareness, drive traffic, improve user engagement, boost search engine ranking, and provide a cost-effective marketing strategy for your website. Social media marketing refers to the use of social media platforms to promote a brand, product, or service. Here are some benefits of social media marketing: Increased brand awareness: Social media marketing allows businesses to reach a wider audience, increasing brand recognition and awareness. Improved customer engagement: Social media provides a direct line of communication between businesses and their customers, allowing for improved engagement and customer service. Enhanced customer loyalty: Social media allows businesses to build relationships with their customers, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business. Cost-effective: Social media is generally a low-cost marketing strategy, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. Targeted advertising: Social media platforms allow businesses to target their advertising to specific demographics, increasing the effectiveness of their campaigns. Improved website traffic: Social media can drive traffic to a business's website, increasing the potential for sales or conversions. Real-time feedback: Social media allows businesses to receive real-time feedback from their customers, enabling them to make quick and informed decisions. Overall, social media marketing can help businesses increase brand awareness, improve customer engagement and loyalty, target specific demographics, and receive real-time feedback. It is a cost-effective marketing strategy that can benefit businesses of all sizes. Features The module easy to use and install. SEO friendly. Lightweight. (Smaller file size which loads faster Increase sales, conversion rates, and product promotions Customer relationship improvement and management. Maintain existing customers & Attract new customers Customers easily know about your products, services, events, and engagement in-store Increase in sales and store traffic Maintain existing customers & Attract new customers Lower marketing expenses, exposure to potential customers, reach targeted audiences Increase sales, conversion rates, and products promotions Lightweight. (Smaller file size which loads faster.) Increase sales, conversion rates, and product promotions. Maintain existing customers & Attract new customers. Lower marketing expenses, exposure to potential customers, reach targeted audiences. Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6.x,1.7.x, Multiple browsers compatibility(IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and Edge). Mobile, Tablet and All device compatible. Multi-language and Multi Store compatible. 24*7 Support Good Documentation Installation : Step 1: Upload module zip file from the back-office Module & Services menu tab. Module Manager area using the upload button. After the successful installation module menu, the link will appear in the left menu or top menu in back-office more area. Step 2: Install the module using the install button. Step 3: Visit module management page from the back-office "More" area (section) in the left menu in the back-office. Step 4: The module installation process is very easy, how module configuration works can be seen in the demo instance. Step 5: Please visit our demo instance for module configuration and usage demo. Step 6: Please watch our YouTube channel for demo videos on module ,how to use and configure on website. - Module works without making any change in the existing PrestaShop file so that existing customization and theme change do not affect. - We provide free technical and feature support in installation, configuration, as well as access to updates available for this product. - Free support on installation, configuration, and customization as per store requirements, for example, new hook addition on your store Please leave your valuable feedback and rating after downloading and using the module. This will help to increase self-confidence, improve service and enhancements in the module as per requirements to make it better for different online stores Other : Please leave your valuable feedback after using the module on this post. This will help to increase self-confidence, improve service, and enhancements the module as per requirements to make it better for different online stores. Request: Please share your website URL after using the module to help others to see how the module working on your website. Module Zip and Documentation File. sfklike.zip Pay any amount as per your choice to get the multi-languages,multi-shops, and multi-shop-groups feature in the free addon Demo URL => https://www.presta-addons-modules.com/en/
  2. Hi, I have a problem that I cannot understand. According to Google, the field "brand" is missing, but I see that it is there. How can I fix this? The description field is empty. There is also a missing "review" field even though I have the module Revws - Product Reviews - DataKick I wonder if these problems can be caused by the fact that Prestarocket template has some non-standard structure? Thanks in advance for the hints!
  3. Hi, I am using PS and the theme i'm using didin't have a way to sort products on list page by brand, and it was something i really wanted. So i investigate module blocklayered and i was able to implement just the brand dropdown from this module into my page, but it's not working 100%. It works perfectly when i select one brand, but when i select a new brand, both brands are still selected as shown in title of the page, and in product count. Every time you select a new brand, the first one is still selected. I tried messing around with blocklayered.js, but still with no luck. Can someone help me solving this, in order to list only one brand at a time? In case you want to check the issue happening, here is the link. Thank You
  4. Hello, I'm trying to add a custom field into the Brands page in the admin back office. Previously, I successfully added a custom dropdown box in the Category page in the admin back office with hookActionCategoryFormBuilderModifier and handled the update and create by using hookActionAfterCreateCategoryFormHandler hookActionAfterUpdateCategoryFormHandler However, when trying to do the same for the Brand page, nothing seems to happen. Is there another way or another hook to do this?
  5. Bonjour, Je soulève une question pratique SEO ! Nous pouvons facilement renommer l'URL de la page qui réunie toutes les marques. Mais quand est-il avec l'URL de la page d'une marque ? URL du site affiche : https://ma.boutique.fr/marques - Mais lorsque l'on bascule sur une des marques, l'URL reprend le terme "brand" (https://ma.boutique.fr/brand/1-ma-marque). Comment changer ce détail, qui n'en n'est pas un, pour optimiser le SEO ? Il est judicieux d'avoir une adresse comme ceci : https://ma.boutique.fr/marque/1-ma-marque Merci de partager votre expertise.
  6. Hello, I'm new to prestashop and I would like to find a solution to the following: I am designing a multi-brand store which have many products for each brand, for example: We offer (i.e Nike, Reebok, Puma) brands and each brand has different products (Shoes, T-shirts, Pants,...etc). By Clicking on nike page, it list all products of nike, i want to set a category for (nike brand) to show only the products of one of the categories of nike. So if a customer want to see nike products and interested in shoes, he click on shoes category of (nike brand) page to view all available shoes. Perfect example of what i want to achieve is: http://www.freshcotton.com/en/shop/brands/element/ On the left side, there will be department section which is different in each brand page. Please advice and best regards...
  7. Hi, we are able to find link to single manufacturer or brand page with all their products but we can find the url of its "root". We are looking for the url where all brands are shown or all manufacturers. Thanks, NicholasIT
  8. Bonjour, Je suis sur un projet Prestashop et j'aimerai ajouter un système de pagination pour les marques présentes sur mon site. Dans celle-ci j'ai plus d'une centaine de marques recensé et j'aimerai donc en afficher 12 par page pour que ça soit plus agréable. Je n'ai trouvé aucun forum, que se soit anglophone ou francophone qui aborde ce sujet. Je me suis intéressé à la page des produits qui sont sur mon site, car elle possède déjà une fonctionnalité de pagination. En remontant dans les différents controller je m'aperçois qu'il faudrait recréer et overrider plusieurs classes et controller inspiré des Products pour la partie Manufacturers. Avant de me lancer, j'aurais aimé savoir si une personne aurait rencontré la même problématique que moi, pour pouvoir discuter sur une façon correcte de résoudre ce problème 😀
  9. Hola a todos, Tengo un problema con un par de traducciones que no logro hacer: 1º He traducido todos los campos referentes a marcas en Internacional/traducciones pero cuando voy a la url de una marca la dirección aparece tal que así: https://www.labotavara.eu/es/brand/4-batela en cambio en la lista de marcas si aparece traducido https://www.labotavara.eu/es/marcas 2ºEn el backoffice no logro encontrar la forma de traducir las listas desplegables de Parámetros avanzados/Rendimiento como por ejemplo "Never recompile template files" He mirado por todas partes y no logro encontrar la forma de traducir ambas cosas. ¿Alguien puede ayudarme? Muchas gracias.
  10. Hi, I am looking for a module that can customize/build brand subsite with products of the selected brand in it. Similar to the enclosed picture of our existing site. I am building a new site under Prestashop The ideal module should let me build brand subsite with a main menu at the top like https://www.holle.ch/en_GB/ one of the menu being the product menu. When selecting the product menu, it will show the standard Prestashop brand menu listing all the products of the selected brand and a category menu on the left panel that can let user view ALL or selected category of products. The module should let me incorporate different elements such as brand banner, background, text, pictures, movie, etc.. and let me build multiple pages linked by the main menu items. If the above is too complicated, I would be satisfied with a solution liked the enclosed brand page in our current site. Regards, Simon
  11. Hello Dear Community, We want you to present our new Prestashop Module "Change Product Availability-Text by Manufacturer" Save your pure Time! With this Module you can quickly masschange the Product Availability-Texts for all Products by a choosen Manufacturer and Language with just one Click. This Module works with prestashop 1.6 and 1.7 Just choose The Manufacturer choose the Language Enter The New Text With a click on submit all products of the choosen manufacturer have the new entered Text setted in the choosen Language. If interested, the module can be purchased here ---> https://addons.prestashop.com/en/delivery-date/45391-change-product-availability-text-by-manufacturer.html Sorry for the Bad english... Good luck and good business wishes
  12. Killing the Prestashop brand. I created my first Prestashop site in 2007 I believe. It had a thriving engaged community and an eager devoted set of developers. I installed (latest version) after some research but obviously not enough to discover the Frankenstein nature of the new code. Much of the core modules that cover the most rudimentary functions are now premium and cost upwards of $50. Most of the modules available are for version 1.6 as 1.7 seems to be abandoned by the user base. 30 Bees (https://thirtybees.com/blog/what-is-thirty-bees/) comes to mind. I posted a simple question about the dysfunctional combinations images function about a week ago and not one single reply. Most Ecommerce businesses start out small and will gladly upgrade to paid modules when they grow and time becomes scarce. I fully understand that Prestashop needs to make money but the "freemium" model they have embrace will surely sink the company in the long run. How does Prestashop hope to attract new customers, or retain loyal users with an attitude like this. I have spent the last month developing my site and it's due to go live next week. I will then migrate it all to Woocommerce as it is too much of a liability to have absolutely no support for extremely simple problems. The Community edition has been abandoned by the community! Sorry to see you go.
  13. Hello, just to present you a module which will hooks on product pages which contain a manufacturer. Link to module on Addons Store This nice looking and responsive module has been validated on Prestashop store and is fully functional for the job. The module displays a manufacturer image with a backlink for specific manufacturer which is a great option for SEO (backlinking) and it improves navigation and search for specific products for the manufacturer. Best wishes checking it out, Dzemal
  14. Hello, here is a link to an official Prestashop Addon : Link to module This nice module displays brand logos that are present in the store. It also links back to the specific manufacturer. Fully responsive with optional features like autoplay, lazy load and more. Feel free to check out. Best wishes, Dzemal
  15. Buenas, tengo un problema con el "Brand Slider", el problema es que me aparece bien el logo con la marca, pero me tira el siguiente error encima, adjunto captura. Notice: Undefined index: id_manufacturer in /var/www/vhost/bedebebe.es/home/html/modules/an_brandslider/an_brandslider.php on line 326 Y en la linea 326 me aparece lo siguiente: if (file_exists(_PS_MANU_IMG_DIR_ . $manufacturer['id_manufacturer'] . '-' . $img_format . '.jpg')) { Gracias de antemano
  16. Hekoo! Does anny know how to remove from product page Filter-brand and price. And also how to remove relevance search. See atachments Link of the site http://daljinskirs.com/3-daljinski-za-televizore
  17. Ciao a tutti, sto usando una delle ultime versioni di PS ( Funziona tutto abbastanza bene...ma purtroppo la pagina "brand" (quella che riporta tutti i prodotti di un dato brand passato via url come "id"_"nomebrand") genera un errore 404 (index.php?controller=404). Ho fatto svariate prove cambiando da BO l'url e altre impostazioni ma senza successo. E' per caso un problema conosciuto? Qualcuno ha qualche esperienza? Può essere un problema del tema scelto? Grazie a tutti Ste
  18. If i select a brand in the frontend i got alway an error -> Any ideas what i can do to repair this error?
  19. J'ai créé un flux “Google Merchant Center” pour ma boutique. Le flux des produits a bien été importé, mais il y a des erreurs qui bloquent l’ensemble des produits : Il manque les attributs : “marque” (brand) et “référence fabricant” (mpn). Or je ne vois pas ce que je dois changer ou modifier ou ajouter dans le paramétrages de mes produits pour que ces attributs soient bien présents dans le flux. En faisant des recherches, j'ai l'impression que la "marque" correspondrait en fait à ce que Prestashop appelle maintenant le "fabricant"... ? Or pour tous mes produits le "fabricant" est bien renseigné. Google Merchant Center ne serait pas au courant que c'est la même chose ? (Version Prestashop utilisée :
  20. Hi everyone ! I have a weird problem, when i open a product-list by brand there are lots off error messages saying : Notice: Undefined index: category in /var/www/vhosts/myserver.info/mywebsite.com/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php(157) : eval()'d code on line 151 I don't have this error message when i display my products by categories. I've checked the product-list.tpl and the smarty_internal_templatebase.php but i really don't know where the error come from. I'm sorry for the lack of details but this is all i have :/ I'm on Prestashop If anyone have an idea Thank you
  21. Hi I need to set a price discounts for customer in a specific group, but these discounts have to be different according to the brand of the product. How to achieve that ? thanks
  22. I,m looking for a module or solution to easely sea the sales by BRAND for a hole year or selected period. export to xls also make it visibel in the months of the year by that brand nad for the individal products of the brand thanks,
  23. Hi. I have products that are made of different brands (its a collection of products in a package). I would like to assign more than one manufacturer for this product, any idea how this can be done? Or if there is any 3rd party tool to manage multiple brands to products i can use. Thanks.
  24. Hi, First, to introduce myself I can say you that I am a french webdesigner who work in a communication agency. I usually use Joomla and Virtuemart for my online shop, but I have a client request that requires a more technical platform, that's why I try Prestashop ! So, I'm discovering Prestashop and I don't understand some of setting in back-office. I would like to have brand and "sub-brands" in my shop (like parent/child categories) I have understand that BRANDS = MANUFACTURERS in Prestashop, but if we want to create child brand (sub-brands)... Is it possible ? Do I create new characteristic or new attribute ? Thanks.
  25. i have to display products by manufacturers as well as brands. but all the payment module treats manufacturers as brands. for ex: In India the manufacturer HINDUSTAN UNILEVER had many brands such as AXE(deodorant), Pepsodent (toothpaste). deodorant, toothpaste are categories.. have do i do it? see this link.. http://www.hul.co.in/brands-in-action/view-brands.aspx.. Manufacturer : Hindustan Unilever Limited. they have brands : AXE,LUX,DOVE and so on.. i have to display Products by Manufacturer and by brands.. help!..
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