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  1. Hello, I have this massive problem. We get calls from customers or we see that ourself sometimes that after adding product to card, the basket stays empty. It doesn't appears every time though. We cant' find the answear what it, is. If it's cookies problems or else. How can we solve this? Please help. Kasia
  2. Where i translate this? I use prestashop
  3. Hi, I am having some wierd problems with my Prestashop (1.7) installation. In fact, I have had serveral installations, and I have experienced the same problem on all of them all diferent versions, but 1.7 as main version, so I am very sure someone else must have experienced the same... The problem is, when a customer is adding something to her or his basket. If I log myself in as a customer, even if the basket is abbandoned, SOMETIMES the basket becomes mine... So the stuff the customer put in his basket, is now in mine, and if I look in the admin console, my name is on the basket... Why does this happen?? Its a big consern since that means that, if multiple cutomers visit the shop in the same time, they lose whatever is in their basket.. I have even tried, that while a customer was paying with her credit card, I loged in by accident, and her purchase became mine when she cane to the order confirmation page... Even the invoice had my name.. So I had to manually edit the customer id back to the customer, dirctly in the database, so she could get a correct invoice with her name on it. It is a scary flaw.
  4. When you add a product, it is possible to add a special price to it, but you can apply it depending on the number of goods (see screenshot), and I need to apply it depending on the TOTAL cost of the basket. For example: Item1 retail (from 0 rubles the final basket) costs 300 rubles, opt (from 5000 RUB. the final basket) 200 rubles Item2 retail (from 0 rubles. the final basket) is 500 rubles, wholesale (from 5000 rubles. the final basket) 400 rubles When adding a product, I want to specify its retail price (from 0 rubles to 4999 rubles of the final basket) and wholesale (from 5000 rubles and above). How can I realize this opportunity? Is the ready-made plug-in sold for this?
  5. Hi, my cart is still grey after I add a product to it. I can't click on it. But its added because I can see it in the back office with all the product I chose. I use (I did a rollback from It doesnt work since then. Thanks for help !
  6. I am currently building a new website in 1.7 (have used 1.6 for years) all is fine and I prefer it to 1.6 BUT although the cart is visible when empty once you place something in the cart it becomes a blue box with a white fill and you cannot see what it is (image attached) Also the social media icons are missing BUT the links are there (image attached) Am hoping this is a simple fix!! Thanks for the help
  7. Hello community Who knows of you the following problem? Initial situation: Prestashop / Template Standard View: Mobile with OS and Android Add a product to your shopping cart. Then add another product to the shopping cart. Now delete the first product from the shopping cart. Now the shopping basket can not be closed by means of the triangle at the top. See figure in appendix. best regards Robert
  8. Hi there, I have an issue where some items in my shop are free shipping, but most items have postage charges. These items are sometimes combined in the same basket, and I need to be able to charge for postage for the item that doesn't have free shipping. With the same shop I have managed to do this. I managed it by creating a new carrier with free shipping and applied it only to a select group of items. I have linked two items below to add to a basket so you can try it: http://www.petnature.co.uk/tough-dog-toys/530-gor-tough-shuttle.html http://www.petnature.co.uk/dog-coats/654-macpaws-packale-rain-dog-coat-blue.html You'll see with the above that it just charges postage based on any other items in the basket that have postage fees. The "Gor" product has the free shipping. The Macpaws item has postage charges. However, now, we have taken a new line of items on, which needs the same set up. So we have created another free shipping carrier, but now, it charges free shipping across the board. And on the shipping screen (when you login and come to checkout), it shows that there's two shipping services (one for the free ship item, one for the charged shipping item), combines them and sends it for free. http://www.petnature.co.uk/dog-trailers-cycling-accessories/659-doggyride-original-dog-trailer.html The "DoggyRide" item is free shipping. As soon as you add that to the basket, everything has free shipping. The set up is exactly the same as the previous but just won't work for some reason. Can someone shine some light please? Thanks
  9. Hello Prestashop when i enter in quantity wanted in Front office a number greated than 1 it does not send to basket but instead it just send one item so you have to press on ADD to CART twice Thank you
  10. Hi all... I have a problem that I'm just not wise enough to solve on my own I've created a B2B-only shop (V 1.5.6) For certain products, I've set a minimum amount of e.g. 5 units. Thats fine... but... The customer kan still add 6, 7, or any number higher than 5 to the basket. How do I make sure the it's ONLY possible to add 5 units at a time. The products are for retailers and will ONLY be shippet in quantities of 5. (e.g. 5, 10, 15 etc.) (Also - off course it shouldn't be possible to change i afterwards to 6,7,8 etc. EXEPT - in BO.) Any help is much appreciated. Best Regards from Denmark
  11. Hi all I'm having a "small" issue - well it's more annoying than a real issue. When a customer completes his order - the basket still shows "content" on the confirmation page. However as soon as you go to the start-page or any other page - the basket module is "refreshed" and empty - as it should be. Is there any way to "reload" the basket module/block on the confirmation page? It almost seems like it's not the entire page that's being refreshed to show the confirmation page. The order is completed just like it should - no problems there... so it's only a visual "bug" that it seems like the basket still has content although it's actually empty. Attached image shows the confirmation page. We're using "Universal payment" module since it's a B2B shop only that needs several different "credit" payment options. Best regards - Rasmus
  12. Prestashop 1.6 my basket has gone?????? i cant do code please let it be a module issue or a on and off switch in the preferences or something!! i would like few other thing doing to but i need help!! Anyone wanna help me ??? cheers
  13. Hello, I am new in the forum en prestashop. I updated yesterday to version and not just disappeared Cart (block) but the products are only comparable and sharable, you can not buy. Check out paypall does not work. In short, a total disaster ..... Can anyone help me? I am using the version of the construction site directly online, I have not downloaded prestashop on pc. Thank you very much Monia
  14. Hi I have a strange bug in my prestashop (www.gatespy.se) , when i clear the cache or a new user visits the site he can't add products to the basket it says no item on the basket when i try checkout . Most often on chrome browser . I think it has to do with cookie or how the Javascript lodes late. here is a demonstration of the bug sorry guys for my english https://www.dropbox.com/s/i4fjqzx2pyxl6lt/kundkorg.mov?dl=0
  15. Hello dear Prestashop community! I've had a problem for quite some time now! Some of my users - and as far as I can trace it's only been the Mac and iPad users - are having a very specific problem. When they add this item to the basket: http://crossfitteren.dk/traeningsudstyr/77-let-sjippetov-20.html in black, it clears all previously added items. I only know for SURE it happens with this one, but it could easily happen with other products. A lot of costumers have written about this, but I'm just wondering how many are having the issue - probably way more and therefore costing me a lot of conversion. Do you have any ideas on how to fix this? I don't know if it's a cookies thing or the way the cart is programmed. Ask any question you like if you need more information. Best regards, Haris.
  16. Bonjour à tous, je suis confronté à un problème qui je crois concerne pas mal de monde. J'ai essayé de trouver la doc dans le forum mais faute de succès je viens à vous. J'ai 10 couleurs et deux tailles pour mes produits. J'ai bien réussi à créer mes déclinaisons dans ma page produit, le prix change parfaitement. Mon soucis est qu'avec le bouton "ajouter au panier" rapide, je ne peux ni choisir mon attribut de couleur, ni ma taille. Donc du coup il m'ajoute le produit dans le panier avec une couleur grise et une taille de 30cm (les valeurs par défaut). Y-a-t'il moyen de : 1) désactiver l'ajout rapide au panier ? (edit j'ai trouvé)... 2) modifier la fonction d'ajout rapide pour forcer le client à choisir les deux attributs. Merci pour votre aide, je suis nouveau dans le monde prestashop et je nage un peu. Cordialement. Olivier
  17. Cześć! Problem dotyczy przycisku koszyka. Skorzystałem z tutoriala jak szablon w wersji 1.6 skonfigurować do układu 3 kolumnowego. Wszystko poszło zgodnie z planem, poza jedną rzeczą - przyciskiem koszyka w szczegółach produktu. http://store.smwarehouse.co.uk/index.php?id_product=8&controller=product Jak widać na linku przycisk wchodzi pod prawą kolumnę. Czy da się zmniejszyć jego rozmiar i ewentualnie usunąć ikonę wózka sklepowego? Jakieś inne konstruktywne rozwiązanie? Pozdrawiam,
  18. Καλησπέρα απο προχθές εντελώς ξαφνικα το site εμφανιζει αυτο το μηνυμα οταν πατας ολοκληρωση παραγγελιας στο καλαθι .
  19. Is possible to add the shipping cost to the basket of a customer? For example on Ebay, you can sell abroad without have configured shipping cost. When someone makes a purchase, then you can apply the shipping cost and send a payment request to the customer. It's very easy and you do not need to have configured carriers to abroad, because they are usually expensive and difficult to configure. Regards (SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH)
  20. Hej alle. Jeg er helt ny herinde, og i prestashop. Håber på, at nogle herinde muligvis kan hjælpe mig. Jeg har startet webshoppen likeshopping.dk Det var en løsning som jeg købte mere eller mindre komplet og færdiglavet. Nu er der langsomt begyndt, at komme ordre ind shoppen, hvilket er rigtig fint. Men rigtig mange forlader shoppen med en fyldt indkøbskurv. Folk kommer til shoppen, lægger vare i kurven, og så forlader de shoppen. Der kan selvfølgelig være mange årsager til dette, men en af årsagerne er nok at kurven ligger godt gemt oppe i højre hjørne af skærmen. På flere andre sites, har jeg set at kurven er synlig hele tiden, i en blok i højreside af shoppen. Sådan en kunne jeg rigtig godt tænke mig. Så er jeg sikker på, at have vist kunden vejen, og det ikke er synlighedens skyld at kunden forlader shoppen. Kender nogen til et sådan modul. En anden mulighed ville jo også være, at kunden bliver sendt direkte til kurven, efter valg af vare. Hvor han vil få mulighed for, handle videre eller checke ud. Denne mulighed skulle vist være mulig med min shopløsning prestashop Håber på nogle herinde vil hjælpe mig videre. Der er sikkert også mange andre forbedringer, som kan foretages i min shop. Og jeg vil meget gerne høre jeres mening omkring shoppen som helhed, og meget gerne hvilke forbedringer som jeg burde foretage. Mvh Timur Hansen Likeshopping.dk
  21. Hello, We are looking for someone who is able create a module for the actual Prestashop version with the following properties: Module will add new transport option to the basket If the customer selects our transport then there will be possibility to choose a branch where his goods will be picked up (branches are available via XML feed and have to be updated regularly) There must be possibility to enable/disable some branches in the module configuration There must be possibility to set transport prices in the module configuration Orders with this transport must be exported to the external (transport company’s backend system) REST API (via xml) Order statuses must be updated from transport company backend system (REST API) - delivered, etc. Module should stay updated for all upcoming Prestashop versions, so we prefer a long term cooperation. License: module will be available to all our customers (probably for free)
  22. Hello users. I need help. I need to move the upper basket in the right column as pictured. I have to extend the upper banner. Anyone have any idea.
  23. Hello PrestaPeeps, My Header Nav Element, Basket, shows text "Basket 2 products (empty)". It does this not at the product page when you add the products (it works fine then) but after you navgate to a new page. The basket and shopping cart works fine otherwise. Does any one know how to fix that? Firebug says the problem "empty" text is" (last line of code below): <div id="header_user"> <ul id="header_nav"> <li id="shopping_cart"> <a rel="nofollow" title="View my shopping cart" href="https://mystore.co.uk/order" style="border-radius: 3px;"> Basket <span class="ajax_cart_quantity">2</span> <span class="ajax_cart_product_txt hidden">Product</span> <span class="ajax_cart_product_txt_s">Products</span> <span class="ajax_cart_total"> £ 39.90 </span> <span class="ajax_cart_no_product hidden">(empty)</span>
  24. Allo, So onbiously when a user is logged in (and approved) the text in the header for the shopping cart shows as; Basket: (empty) or shows a cart price total. Basically, when a user joins and is not yet approved, there is nothing shown there so the customer just thinks the website is not working properly, as there is no notice or anything about the account waiting for approval. Basically I was wondering what I would edit to show some text in place of the basket when its unapproved account or someone who is not logged in.. something like "account waiting for approval" etc Thanks!
  25. Hi Community, today i got another question where google isn`t going to help. I need to hide the hole basket in the top right of the shop if there are no products in it. There are some topics about doin that in Prestashop 1.4.x but all say its different in Prestashop 1.5.x. I think this could be done by an simple "if / else" case but dunno where to search for. Would be great if someone got an idea. Thx a lot. SM5K
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