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  1. Dear prestashop users, I have a small question about advanced stock management and I hope you could help me out. If two products with the same reference number have the option advanced stock management enabled, does the stock of both products decrease when one of the products is ordered? Kind regards, Berend
  2. Hello comunity, I'm writing here with a big problem we're facing with our Prestashop version. We've been using Advanced Stock Management successfully for ome while, and all was fine untill some weeks ago, when all of a sudden it seems that the quantity of the products we seell is not the same in Advanced Stock Management when comparing with the quantity available in Product/Quantities, after any kind of order placed by our customers. This obviously is very wrong, and when you have only one product on stock, it is ordered, but not correctly updated in Product Quantity, it allows other users to order it, when we actually don't have it anymore in stock. The problem is like this: after each order, it seems that the quantity of the products is correctly updated in the advanced stock management, but not in product quantities. It seems random... and is happening for some products, but is very annoying and uncertain, as after each order we have to check manaully if the product was taken out of stock correctly... and sometime it causes inconsistencies... Somehow it seems a syncronization issue, because to sync them we manually search the product that was not updated correctly, go on the Catalog -> Products -> Quantities and first select "I want to specify available quantities manually." and unckeck "I want to use the advanced stock management system for this product.", then Save. After this operation to turn back Advanced Stock Management for the mentioned product we check again "I want to use the advanced stock management system for this product." and also "The available quantities for the current product and its combinations are based on the stock in your warehouse (using the advanced stock management system)." After this,the problem MIRACULOSELY dissapearas, and product quantity is synced correctly, appearing the same as in Advanced Stock Management. As you can imagine this is extremely unpleasant as it is consuming a lot of time, and it might leave room for human errors... Tried to clear cache several times, moved even to mysql and not on disk, worked for a while and then appeared again.... Please, did somenone experienced this? Searched through Google, but couldn't find anything related to this topic. We're becoming desperate here, any help / idea would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance, Alex
  3. I have a PrestaShop online shop and 6 local stores. On the product page I want to show the availability of the product in every local store. I get the data form the ERP (Dynamics NAV) with a PHP script that loops through the ps_product to get the list of products and query the ERP to get the availability in the 6 local stores. Now the big problem is that I didn't find where to put the quantity of any product in each local store. Every thing works fine from getting the list of all products to getting the availability of each product in every local store. Just give me where to put that information no need for how to write the queries I already know. PS: I didn't post any code as for getting the information is already working and for inserting it I don't even know where to start. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm trying to understand what I'm doing wrong when I configured the advanced stock management for some products. Per the screenshots, you can see that in ASM I added 10 items in stock, but the quantity page of that product just shows 1. How does this needs to be solved?
  5. So we recently unveiled a new product for preorder on our site and soon realized that it would be a nightmare to have to go through all the orders trying to find out with ones had this new product. I decided the best solution would be to split the order using the advanced stock management tool. Basically I've made two warehouses, our normal warehouse and a fake preorder warehouse. Anything on preorder only has stock in the preorder warehouse so that if someone buys a preorder product with other items the order gets split into two orders so our shipping team can ship out the in stock products exactly how they normally do and it's really clear how needs the preorder product. The only problem is that because it sees it as two separate orders, the customer is being charged twice for shipping. is there any way I can get it to only charge them once? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated on this matter.
  6. Bonjour, il y'a trois jours je suis passer en multi entrepôt pour des raisons physique. sur le coups nous avons activer par la même occasion la gestion de stock avancer et effectuer un inventaire afin de mettre les produit sur différent entrepôt ici A et B , mon probleme est que l'add on de caisse SORA caisse fait correctement le taff est décrémente correctement le stock physique , réel et utilisable , dans tous les cas je ne procède a aucune réservation sur mon site . Sauf que les commande s’enchaîne et je m’aperçois que les stock physique ne se décrémente parfois pas et parfois il décrémente uniquement le stock utilisable , celui-ci n'est pas pris en compte pour les marketplace de plus . depuis 3 jours je fais le tours du forum , je ne trouve pas de réponse , de plus je me retrouve a faire la gestion de stock a la main depuis ce changement . j'ai fais un tour dans le code pour voir si dans order.php y avais quelque chose intéressant j'ai vu la méthode ci dessous je suis sur prestashop chez OVH /** * * This method allow to add stock information on a product detail * * If advanced stock management is active, get physical stock of this product in the warehouse associated to the ptoduct for the current order * Else get the available quantity of the product in fucntion of the shop associated to the order * * @param array &$product */ protected function setProductCurrentStock(&$product) { if (Configuration::get('PS_ADVANCED_STOCK_MANAGEMENT') && (int)$product['advanced_stock_management'] == 1 && (int)$product['id_warehouse'] > 0) { $product['current_stock'] = StockManagerFactory::getManager()->getProductPhysicalQuantities($product['product_id'], $product['product_attribute_id'], (int)$product['id_warehouse'], true); } else { $product['current_stock'] = StockAvailable::getQuantityAvailableByProduct($product['product_id'], $product['product_attribute_id'], (int)$this->id_shop); } } dans le if je ne comprends pas cela ressemble a une table mais j'ai aucune table qui s'appelle ps_advanced_stock_management . la suite du code me semble bon , sur le coups j'ai l'impression que je rentre pas dans le if a cause de la première condition et on pas au else qui effectivement me baisse la quantité en stock utilisable . j'ai vraiment besoin d'une lanterne , je me perd facilement dans le code j'ai l'impression qui suffit de changer la premier condition mais mon site est en prod et pas de possibilité de faire de teste x( mais je sais pas vraiment ou prestashop décrémente le stock en fonction de la commande . Cordialement merci par avance de toutes réponse
  7. Hello everyone, How does one programmatically enable ASM with SQL query? Our store has 50k+ products and the ASM has stopped functioning. Event: 1. I disabled ASM temporarily in order to delete a product from BO. 2. When ASM was re-enabled later, all products did not update accordingly. (I activated it in BO via Preferences>>Products) 3. ASM is now enabled but not reflecting in database and in Product Settingst, see **********Image1.********************' 4. We run sql query: SELECT COUNT(`id_product`) FROM `ps_product` WHERE `advanced_stock_management`=0 And output for all products matched 0 which means deactivated. Question is: 1.How do we mass edit db & BO so that all products are ACTIVATED for ASM? 2.. Which database tables are related to ASM? We need the settings to be like this. Thanks in advance. screenshot-1png
  8. Hello, I am building a store to use as a way for our distributors to order marketing materials from us. I am using advanced stock management because of how/where these items are stocked and ordered. I have run into an issue that I need to find a way to override. Prestashop does not allow me to add stock to items with a "0" price. However, there are many things we offer for free to our distributors, but we still need to track their stock levels. does anyone know of a way to allow adding stock to these items?
  9. Hello, I use Advanced Stock Management, when I add a new product in the database the field 'advanced_stock_management' stays 0 instead of 1 (in ps_products and ps_products_shop). In the product preferences the 'New products use advanced stock management' is checked and the 'Default warehouse on new products' is set to my warehouse. What is wrong, It's a clean installation version Regards, Koen
  10. Hi All, I've recently switched my instance of Prestashop over to use the advanced stock management system as we now have multiple warehouse to manage stock in however it's a very tedious process to add stock this way. I was wondering if anyone had any tricks to speed up this process as our operations guys are pulling their hair out trying to use this. I've tried looking for a module that might help but I couldn't seem to find anything that would definitely work. Perhaps some sort of CSV import/export module that has ASM (Advanced Stock Management) support. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough so if any of you know of one that works feel free to send it my way. And as a more desperate alternative we thought about manually updating the prices in the database which wouldn't be too much of a problem using the standard stock system however the ASM uses multiple tables so I'm not sure which tables will need changing to make it work properly. If anyone is familiar with this process I would love to learn a bit more about it.
  11. Hey there, we're experiencing some problems with ASM on Prestashop 1.7.2. We sometimes manually subtract or add quantities when real warehouse quantities are wrong. So when we write all our different SKU in search form of new ASM it justs find "no products" becouse i guess it makes a query with a single product having all those different SKU instead of searching and listing all those different SKU products. i guess it's a bug. How can we fix this? Thanks for your attention, Nicolas
  12. I made a mistake and added the retail price in Stock Management instead of the wholesale price. Now the shops valuation is all wrong. Unfortunately I can't find a place to change the wholesale price anywhere in advanced stick management... Anyone have any ideas?
  13. Hi! I have a problem, which is partially solved. I am running PS and using advanced stock management. When I add more than one product to my cart, shipping cost doubles. If I turn advanced stock management for some products and add them to cart, the problem is gone. How can I use advanced stock management without such problems? I tried all possible (I think) variations but nothing works so I could keep advanced stock management AND only make people pay once for delivery. Is this a bug?
  14. Hi All, Recently I've entered product locations with every product. I would like to add this information on the order detail page in the backoffice to know where the products for that order are located within my warehouse. I'm looking at the file prestashop\admin\themes\default\template\controllers\orders\_product_line.tpl. To see the available values in the array I've looked at {$product|print_r}. This shows that there is a location value available. Unfortunately this value is always empty, even though the product has a valid location in the shown warehouse. How can I go about to add this information on the order detail page? If this involves adding this value to the product array through PHP, I hope for some detailed info. I've just learned some Smarty, but PHP is still a bit out of my league. Thanks very much in advance.
  15. hi all! I have 2 physical stores and prestashop installation (that now using neither multistore feature nor warehouses). I need things to look like this: -when somebody creates an order from store #1, he can use warehouse #1 and warehouse #2; -when somebody creates an order from store #2, he can use only warehouse #2. So, on my test host I switched to Advanced Stock Management, created 2 warehouses, switched some of goods to "ASM" (and enabled both warehouses for that goods). After that I switched to multistore, created 2 stores, and linked on warehouse #1 to store #1, and warehouse #2 to stores #1 & #2 on warehouse's edit page. So, when I added some qtys to warehouse #1, I can use it for orders from store #1, but not from store #2, as expected. But when I add some qtys to warehouse #2, I can't use it neither from store #1, nor from store #2. As I googled, it's not popular setup, so, please, can anybody help me: what should I do to get expected behavior? Thank you very much!
  16. hi all! I have 2 physical stores and prestashop installation (that now using neither multistore feature nor warehouses). I need things to look like this: -when somebody creates an order from store #1, he can use warehouse #1 and warehouse #2; -when somebody creates an order from store #2, he can use only warehouse #2. So, on my test host I switched to Advanced Stock Management, created 2 warehouses, switched some of goods to "ASM" (and enabled both warehouses for that goods). After that I switched to multistore, created 2 stores, and linked on warehouse #1 to store #1, and warehouse #2 to stores #1 & #2 on warehouse's edit page. So, when I added some qtys to warehouse #1, I can use it for orders from store #1, but not from store #2, as expected. But when I add some qtys to warehouse #2, I can't use it neither from store #1, nor from store #2. As I googled, it's not popular setup, so, please, can anybody help me: what should I do to get expected behavior? Thank you very much!
  17. I'm developing a site for a client and they are using the supply order system under the advanced stock management. They created a sample supply order with a line item discount. The end price is correct, but the Total, discount, and Total after discount are not working correctly. Anyone else seen this issue? Prestashop http://www.clipular.com/c/4845789225943040.png?k=Q1EitA_gR6Najj1-5vxvVag0BzQ
  18. This is my problem: I have a product set up in my catalogue - it does contain stock I want to duplicate the product to use most of the data and create a new product, so I 'duplicate' it on the 'products' page of the catalogue As soon as I have done this the new product (on the products page of the catalogue) shows a red circle containing a zero in the 'quantity' column like this (see attached file). There is nothing I can do to change this stock level - I have tried ALL of the following: changing the product 'reference' number adding stock in the 'Stock Management' page under the 'Stock' menu (after doing so the 'Quantity' column on the 'Stock Management' page DOES include the new stock figure, but that stock never gets added to the 'Quantity' column on the 'Products' page of the catalogue) I'm now stuck !! ------------------------------------------------------ This is the detailed set-up of my shop: I'm using Advanced Stock Management I have a warehouse called 'Warehouse1' (already set-up) I have a carrier called 'Carrier1' (already set-up) I have a product called 'Product1' (already set-up) All are associated to each other as defined in http://bit.ly/1lZfbJh) 'Product1' has been associated with 'Warehouse1' (and 'Carrier1', though that isn't stated as being mandatory) 'Warehouse1' has been associated with 'Carrier1' 'Warehouse1' has been associated with my shop Any help gratefully received!
  19. We have enabled advanced stock management on our platform and also 4 different warehouses set in it. Is there any option to prioritise a warehouse when someone buys a product? At the moment, I can't find any logic behind it. Sometimes a product is being shipped from one warehouse, sometimes from another. So is it possible to make one warehouse priority until, for example, its stocks run out so the orders will automatically switch to another warehouse?
  20. PS Looking for a solution for advanced stock management -- per attribute reference, not by product name. Example products: Product A 'Dog toy' has 3 attributes/ combinations (Red, White, Blue) Product B 'Labrador toy' is identical to Product A, and the same attributes - but marketed differently for the end customer. Product C 'Poodle toy' is also identical, and so on. Why this is a problem: Stock management uses product name to distinguish any entries. Now despite combinations being given the same reference code (eg 'red_toy'), advanced stock management ignores this and treats every entry as unique. So you end up managing multiple entries under the same reference. Potential solution: Stock management will group identical combinations under the same reference. (EG 'red_toy', 'white_toy') and NOT by product name. How would I do this? Desired outcome is illustrated below: A - 'red_toy' - qty 100 B - 'white_toy' - qty 80 c - 'blue_toy' - qty 50 /*not*/ A - 'Dog toy - Red' - qty 100 'IN STOCK' 'Dog toy - White' 'Dog toy - Blue' B - 'Labrador toy - Red' - qty 0 'SOLD OUT' 'Labrador toy - White' 'Labrador toy - Blue' C - 'Poodle toy - Red' - qty 100 'IN STOCK' 'Poodle toy - White' 'Poodle toy - Blue' As you can see, managing stock levels for only 3 variations quickly becomes impossible - let alone when there are more combinations than this. You can sell out of "Product B - red" but the system still thinks you have stock of "Product A - red". Advice and guidance is appreciated.
  21. Hello, I would like to achieve that Prestashop prioritize sale from one warehouse. For clarifiation: I am using Prestashop and advanced stock management. The e-shop has 2 warehouses (Warehouse A and Warehouse B). I would like to sold out the inventory from the Warehouse A at first and after that sold the inventory from the Warehouse B. For example: Before I will place an order, the stock level will be: Warehouse A - 2pcs, Warehouse B - 5pcs. I place an order for 3 pcs. After I will place an order, the stock level will be: Warehouse A - 0pcs, Warehouse B - 4pcs. Do you have some ideas how to do that? Any quotation please send me into: [email protected] Regards Vojtech
  22. Hi I want to enable "Advanced Stock Management" for all the products in my shop. Ideally, I was trying to find a way to do it from the database. I have looked at the product table and have found this column "advanced_stock_management". I have run a query to uptdate its value to 1 but it does not seem to have any effect on the product. Also, the check box "I want to specify available quantities manually" remained checked in the back office. I would appreciate if you can direct me to the tables I need to update in order to enable the advanced stock management for all my products.Specifically I want the following fields to be set from the database and if there are any other fields that need to be update: 1. I want to use the advanced stock management system for this product. 2. Available quantities for current product and its combinations are based on warehouse stock Thanks
  23. Hi, When I add a new product pack, and the products have advanced stock management, I got a warning: "You must have a common warehouse between this pack and its product." The products are located in 2 different warehouses, when I set the pack product also in the 2 warehouses, I still got this warning. Can someone help me how to remove this warning? Thank you! -----Edit: Was error in our database
  24. V1.6.0.14 Hi, Not sure if missing a process step or something but a number of times when products have been purchased (all orders COD) the stock level in the product description is correct, the decrease is noted in the Advanced Stock Movement, the product is set to use Advance Stock Management, BUT the Stock Management shows the pre-sale total. The sale has not been deducted from this so I have to go in a do a manual stocktake decrease on it if i remember to. After the COD order has been made I set the status to Delivered and Payment Accepted. What am I missing here? Thanks
  25. Hello, I have a problem setting up prestashop combinations. So, we are selling some offer, which the user could be able to select 2 products from a list and buy them, the current setup is been made with combinations, but this leads to the problem that you can't have single stock for the products involving to the combination. So, for example I sell product A. product B and product C individually but I offer a special price when a user select any 2 of those. When I setup the quantities from those combinations, they don't sync with the product A, product B and product C and you need to put new quantities for those... Is it any way that we can avoid this problem or any module that it can solve it? Thank you...
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