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  1. Hello friends. These 404 errors seem to exist by default in PrestaShop and Our two sites have thousands of errors in Google Webmaster, which are with this link: https://domain.com/2110-large_default/ Please guide me what is the problem?
  2. Using version 8.0.2 or 8.0.3 the site have the language selection English and Spanish in it. In home page when choosing the language in create a url with index at the end. Example mysite.com/en/ When changing the language in the homepage looks like mysite.com/es/index This also happens viseversa. Does any one know how to fix this? This looks like a bug.
  3. Good morning, I can't access my Prestashop Backoffice, it gives me the following error message: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 () So far I can only fix the problem by doing the restore on the server.
  4. Buongiorno, non riesco ad accedere nel mio Backoffice di Prestashop, mi dà come messagio di errore: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 () Finora posso solo risolvere il problema eseguendo il ripristino sul server.
  5. Hello! I have a problem with my PrestaShop with redirects. Here's an example: on the website there's a page '/cms/dostavka.html'. It works well. When I try to access '/cms/dostavk.html' (one letter missing), the system must return 404 error, and it does, but before this, it returns a 302 redirect to the page '/page-not-found'. How can I get rid of that 302 redirect? In setiings, SEO & URL, I've already changed the canonical redirect from 302 to 301. But still it doesn't work.
  6. Hi. I have installed a lot of CMS. But I have a problem installing prestahop 1.7- I have: a compatible hosting created a database uploaded the Prestahop 1.7 filesuploading a zip file and then unzipping with the hosting tool uploading directly with FTP client installed well prestahop But after finishing installing and I click i backend, it is telling me "Error 404". If I go to the front it is working, but i can not access to the back(admin). Uploading by ftp I have three errors uploading files: vendor/doctrine/orm/bin/doctrine.bat vendor/doctrine/orm/docs/en/make.bat vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Console/Resources/bin/hiddeninput.exe I have tried several times, and always "Error 404" Any idea what is happening? THanks!
  7. Hey! I'm having a hard time with urls in my prestashop. I have installed multishop, prettyUrls and now I'm facing a big problem. When clicked Google Ad or Facebook link with my website it comes with mydomain.com/index.php?controller=404. I found that Facebook and Google are adding parameters to links, like mydomain.com/?fbclid=123, /?gclid=123. I worked around this problem with .htaccess: RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^(.*)(?:^|&)fbclid=(?:[^&]*)((?:&|$).*)$ [NC] RewriteCond %1%2 (^|&)([^&].*|$) RewriteRule ^(.*) /$1?%2 [R=301,L] RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^(.*)(?:^|&)gclid=(?:[^&]*)((?:&|$).*)$ [NC] RewriteCond %1%2 (^|&)([^&].*|$) RewriteRule ^(.*) /$1?%2 [R=301,L] And it is not only those two parameters, any parameter with question mark would lead to 404, like: mydomain.com/?anything Anyways now Google is crying that my gclid parameter was modified or deleted. So how to do it right?
  8. Hi, completely new to prestashop. We currently have a wholesale store in miva merchant and a retail site in big commerce. We'd like to combine them both on prestashop. I've tried to set up a multistore and the first store, which will be our retail site is showing up but for the 2nd store I'm getting a 404: Page not available We're sorry, but the Web address you entered is no longer available. I don't know how to get my 2nd store to show up (it is already populated with products that were transfered over). I want the products and customers only for the 2nd store. First store: http://presta.treasures-trinkets.com/index.php Second store: http://presta.treasures-trinkets.com/wholesale/ Final domain will be tandtdesignsllc.com but that is currently active so I will need to move the url later. My hosting company isn't familiar with prestashop but they've been trying to help me. They have given me another shop to work with that doesn't have products and hasn't had the multistore or template added, if it's easier to work with it that way. I'd like to know how much it would cost to get someone to set this up. thanks, Anna
  9. Hola a todos, He visto varios topics que abordan el tema pero desde una prespectiva distinta. Desde un punto de vista de SEO lo normal es que si un producto deja de estar disponible y se deshabilita el error que se muestre al acceder a su url indexada sea un 410 ("gone") en lugar de un 404 que indicaría que "no sabe nada de la url solicitada". En el panel de prestashop hay opción de seleccionar el tipo de respuesta HTTP deseada para cada producto y da a escoger un 404 o redirecciones permanente (301) o temporal (302). Hay algún modo de hacer automáticamente que cualquier producto no disponile muestre un 410? Al fin y al cabo prestashop puede reconocer la Url, puesto que está dado de alta en el sistema. Un saludo a todos!
  10. Hola, me he encontrado recientemente con un error que puede afectar gravemente a mi tienda online en cuanto a indexación se refiere. Resulta que decidí eliminar los idiomas secundarios que tenía en la web porque no le daba uso y generaban demasiadas URLs inútiles. Por lo tanto, elimine las versiones mitienda.com/en; mitienda.com/de... para dejar mis URLs más limpias. Todas las URLs han pasado de ser mitienda.com/es a ---> mitienda.com. Tal y como yo quería, pero claro... Google aún manda a los usuarios a los enlaces anteriores acabados en /es generando por tanto errores 404 en TODOS los productos. Yo pensaba que todo iba a ser sencillo y que Google detectaría los cambios de forma ágil, pero tras dos semanas unicamente se ha actualizado la homepage. Existe alguna solución que fuerce a Google a actualizar todas las URLs de mi web?? Muchas gracias de antemano, un saludo
  11. I've a weird problem here. My website returns a 404 with this URL https://mywebsite.com/gb/index.php?controller=product&token=714c22fcf2f5d11afb72cb37dcce2b04&id_product=1710&id_customization=0&group[2]=21&qty=1 But it works fine with the default URL without the language ISO code: https://mywebsite.com/index.php?controller=product&token=714c22fcf2f5d11afb72cb37dcce2b04&id_product=1710&id_customization=0&group[2]=10&qty=1 This URL is called when I change any attribute in the product page like size or color. I have tried to fix it in my .htaccess file without success: RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^gb\/index\.php?(.*)$ /index.php$1 [L] Anybody knows how to fix this? Thanks
  12. SEO can be complicated and time-consuming, but it doesn't need to be. We would like to introduce you to a new SEO module that is both easy to use, powerful and makes regular SEO care of your shop an easy and enjoyable activity. SEO (Search engine optimization) is undoubtedly an important process that improves the traffic of each website and the perception of visitors when browsing in search engines. This module can do everything you need. It brings together several related activities that cannot be done well with separate modules because they are closely interlinked. For example, URLs optimized for SEO and URL redirects- two examples where connecting together brings fewer problems and is faster. If you have a large number of products, use more languages or operate multi-store, you know that it is not easy to have an overview of product names, friendly URLs, meta tags, sitemaps, social metadata and so on. Bulk changing this information can be a nightmare if you do not have full control over it. This module changes this important data in bulk in two steps, so you can be sure that you have a full overview of the changes. This module allows you to: URLs optimized for SEO With URLs, the simpler the better. This module allows you to create any URL structure and excels in creating a flat one-level URL structure for all pages. Smooth Bulk Edit Changing one title, friendly URL or meta title is easy. This module allows you to set these values quickly, one after the other or in bulk with an intermediate step that shows what changes will be written to the database. There is no black box. Non-existed URLs (404) It’s important for website operators to prevent 404 errors. This tool makes it easy to identify such URLs. URL Redirects You can easily set page redirection to any internal or external URL. The data is stored in a database and does not enlarge .htaccess files. Sitemap Have full control over the form of the sitemap created for each type of page. Robots Exclusion Have a unique robots.txt file for each domain that contains the correct information. Social Metadata Social media can be beneficial to your SEO performance. Add social metadata to your site. What makes this module unique? Speed of work with the module comes first. You'll appreciate the ease of entering and editing data and rich search capabilities without reloading the page. See the module page https://www.presta-addons.com/en/prestashop-modules/32-m4-all-in-one-seo.html for more details.
  13. My product Images 404 centos 7.6.1810 Apache 2.4.46 PHP 7.4 Could you please tell me the detailed adjustment steps?
  14. Olá, Tenho um problema, não consigo entrar no backoffice do prestashop, aparece-me constantemente o erro 404. O que está a originar isto e como posso resolver? Melhores cumprimentos, Eduardo Filipe
  15. Hi, I have a problem, I can't get into the prestashop backoffice, I constantly get 404 error. What is causing this and how can I resolve it? Best regards, Eduardo Filipe
  16. Buenas, tenía la página web perfecta con el tema de las imágenes pero dejaron de verse, he estado buscando otras entradas, donde al parecer el problema se encontraba en el .htaccess o en los permisos que tenía la carpeta img, ya he realizado las respectivas soluciones y siguen sin verse, lo que más me descuadra es que las demás imágenes de la web si se ven, como los slider o el logo, además intento resubir las fotos por si un reemplazo es suficiente pero nada. La web es www.garage66.es Muchas gracias por la ayuda.
  17. Hi, I'm new to PrestaShop. When trying to setup a shop I get a strange error on my startpage: Below "Popular products" is a link to "All products" When following this link I get Somehow I haven't found a possibility to change the link target (the link points to mydomain/gb/2-startpage) nor anyone with the same/similar problem here on this forum... Could someone please help me?
  18. Bonjour, J'utilise Prestashop Quand j'essaye d'accéder à certaines commandes dans le back office, une erreur 404 s'affiche (cette erreur ne semble pas liée à un mode de paiement ou option de livraison). Avez-vous déjà été confronté à un problème similaire ?
  19. I want to add my best-sales block to the 404 error page, is that possible to do? I have tried to copy the content from my best sales template (best-sales.tpl) into my 404 template (404.tpl). But when i access the 404 error page, it says that there is no top products.
  20. Hola buenas, Tengo que depurar un problema... a ver si me podéis ayudar como siempre. Tengo problemas con esta URL https://www.molaphone.com/es/home No sé si lo borré accidentalmente pero ahora no existe y genera un error 404 según Google Search Console. No sé si corresponde a una página predefinida por PS ...¿¿¿???? Ahora cuando estoy en mi web https://www.molaphone.com/en/ y cambio el idioma al español me dice que https://www.molaphone.com/es/home no existe.... ¿Sabes cómo puedo solucionarlo? En el apartado SEO la página index tiene de URL amigable home en castellano e inglés, pero no veo como solucionar el problema Gracias
  21. Hello everyone, I've upgraded to version and I realised the top navigation urls are broken when I enable the feature Friendly URL. Basically, all the category pages show a 404 but if I click directly to the product everything is fine. I did already quite a lot of research and I could not find a working solution. Any idea is much appreciated. Thank you! M
  22. Hello, I had to remove a lot of goods from the store. I have errors in GSC "Unable to find uploaded URL (404)" How can I get redirected from a 404 error page to the home page? I read many threads but I did not find a method that would work for me 😞 Maybe is some open source module that solves this problem?
  23. Hola cambie el directorio raiz en el backoffice , estaba en \servicio\ y lo puse en \ y me paso que no puedo entrar. Me ayudan por favor, gracias!
  24. Buenas comunidad, alguien me podria ayudar con esto resulta que la parte administrativa de prestashop funciona muy bien, pero ya en la parte del cliente me arroja error 404, alguien me podria ayudar dandome una minima idea de cual podria ser archivo que esta provocando este error. - Priemera imagen demostrando que parte adminstrativa funciona bien. - Segunda imagen parte del cliente error que arroja.
  25. Buenos días, Tengo varios problema con mi sitio PrestaShop, que creo que deberían estar relacionados entre sí. He empezado a construir mi e commerce pero antes de introducir productos y información mas detallada, me he dado cuenta de que en la página principal no hay ningún link que funcione y siempre que hago click en alguna página me salta a la página: """""Not Found The requested URL /content/envios-y-devoluciones was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache Server at Port 443"""" Asi mismo no puedo hacer ninguna compra ni ver las imágenes de los productos de prueba que añadí para crear primero la base de mi e commerce y asegurarme que este todo bien. Además, he añadido un template de Leo Boostrap y me he dado cuenta de que cada vez que hago un cambio por ejemplo en el megamenu, para ver los cambios actualizados en mi sitio debo borrar el modulo y volverlo a poner en el mismo sitio, sino no se llega a actualizar. Puede que estos problemas estén relacionados entre si, o no, pero me he vuelto loco intentando buscar una solución y no consigo resolverlo. Un saludo y muchas gracias de antemano,
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