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  1. Ciao a tutti, il mio prestashop è un po' datato e ha bisogno assolutamente di un aggiornamento. Attualmente ho la versione 1.4.7 Come posso fare per aggiornarne ad una versione più recente? Grazie, Alessandro
  2. Bonjour à tous ! Je rencontre actuellement un soucis avec mon back-office sur Prestashop 1.4.7. En effet, dès que je souhaite accéder aux onglets du BO, j'ai la page "Clé de sécurité invalide" qui apparaît. Bon, j'ai déjà épluché maintes et maintes fois les autres pages qui font références aux problèmes de "invalid token", avec des fichiers à modifier (les "amp", les "&", etc...), or ces fichiers n'existent pas sous cette forme sur la version 1.4 ... Où ai-je mal vu / lu / compris ? J'ai trouvé l'astuce de redéfinir l'adresse url directement pour accéder à mes onglets, cependant ce n'est pas une solution viable car je ne peux pas en modifier le contenu ! Aussi, pour les personnes qui vont faire un bond (voire trois) en arrière lorsqu'ils vont lire ma version, sachez que c'est en cours d'actualisation sur une version plus récente Merci beaucoup et bonne journée à tous !
  3. Hi all, one of my programmers upgraded old Presta 1.4.7 to 1.6.1 and we are facing quite a few bugs, that weren't showing themselves at 1.6. Is it possible to downgrade without huge time investment? We have all 1.4.7 backups, so if it is easier to go 1.4.7 -> 1.6.0 way - this is the I am prefering to go. Thanks for any ideas
  4. Guest checkout is hanging on a clean install of 1.4.7. I noticed this on a site I was setting up and switched from 1-page checkout to regular 5-page guest checkout. I did a fresh install and reproduced the steps using the following steps: 1. Verify that regular guest checkout works by adding an ipod to the cart and checking out by creating an account. 2. Enabled guest checkout, disabled recycled paper and gift wrap. 3. Cleared cookies and added an ipod to the cart 4. Filled out information on first page and clicked 'next'. 5. The system hung at the following URL and page: http://www.organizeitmom.com/order.php?step=2 (this is an internal test site that won't work at the moment). The page isn't redirecting properly Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. I set everything back to default and verified that regular login allowed regular 5-step checkout, then just enabled guest checkout and got the same results. I also verified that it didn't work in IE9. I also tested with and without SSL and enabled. I am not seeing any errors in the apache error log. Any thoughts on this?
  5. I am operating a gaming website and Im using 1.4.7. This is what I need :- 1. I need something like html block but I require the text to be surround by a box. Example is below. Please PM me with details and price. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I have an online shop which runs over an obsolete prestashop 1.4.7. I want now to upgrade the prestashop version to the latest (1.6). Since the jump is pretty dangerous (almost impossible, probably) and I cannot waste to much time keeping my shop offline, I'm taking into consideration the possibility to move my old shop to another host. Now the possibilities are 2: 1. Uploading the old version to the new hosting and then try to upgrade 2. Install v1.6 on new hosting and then try to get old data from the old version (I have around 600 products in 3 languages) Which is the most feasible? I'm already giving some tries... For the possibility 1 I followed these steps: - total backup of old version - upload to the new hosting - change settings.inc.php of db name, db user, psw etc etc Result: Not working. I'm getting a blank page in front end, while BO seems working, instead. I turned "display_errors" but the front end remains still blank. For the possibility 2, the problem is that I tried to upload the sql file but all crashes after that. I've tried from phpMyAdmin (but my file is too big and alternatives I found do not work). I get the same result also by uploading the the db file from the cPanel. Maybe I am missing some other possibilities or I'm doing the listed ones wrong, but the last chance is to install 1.6 and upload products and everything manually Hope, I'm wrong!
  7. Hi, my prestashop version is 1.4.7 and I cannot open the invoices of the customers. The error is: FPDF error: Missing or incorrect image file: /home/xxxxx/public_html/modules/prestabvr/temp/506-532c3b3f31e8e.jpg I checked in that folder and that specific file does not exist for real. Morever, I have other invoices in temp/ folder that are 0 bytes and cannot be open (is that normal?). I didn't do anything the last days, except a full backup from cpanel. I figured out that the Disk Space Usage has been overcome; not sure if that can affect somehow the problem I am describing you. I don't know this module very well... and is there any other solution, I'll appreciate it...
  8. Today I was looking for a good solution to add a class sector to my body tag that would display the CMS page ID's. My goal was to create custom styles for individual CMS pages. If you've ever tried to use styles within a CMS page you know that the editor strips out the <style> html code. Now I know there's most likely a fix to allow these html code to be used within the editor, but I figured this fix would allow for more flexibility with design. Below are the steps I used to accomplish this. Currently using PrestaShop Version 1.4.7 Longhand Method - Original Post Step 1 - Open classes/FrontController.php Replace line 475 'content_only' => (int)Tools::getValue('content_only') with 'content_only' => (int)Tools::getValue('content_only'), 'cms_class' =>(int)Tools::getValue('id_cms') Step 2 - Open themes/(yourtheme)/header.tpl Replace line (465 [may very depending on theme]) <body {if $page_name}id="{$page_name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}"{/if}> with <body {if $page_name}id="{$page_name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" {/if} {if $page_name =='cms'} class="cms{$cms_class}"{/if}> That's it! Now you should see body tags on CMS pages that look something like this. <body class="cms7" id="cms"> Edit: After making this post both vekia & Burhan BVK pointed out there is a much easier and simple way to accomplish what is above. Below is the shorthand version accomplishing the same task; adding CMS page ID's to class Selector. Thanks vekia & Burhan BVK! 1 Step Method - Open themes/(yourtheme)/header.tpl Replace line (465 [may very depending on theme]) <body {if $page_name}id="{$page_name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}"{/if}> with <body {if $page_name}id="{$page_name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" {/if} {if $page_name =='cms' && Tools::getValue('id_cms')}class="cms{Tools::getValue('id_cms')}"{/if}> That's it! Now you should see body tags on CMS pages that look something like this. <body class="cms7" id="cms"> Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any question.
  9. Bonjour, J'ai un souci avec un module ("FeaturedProducts") qui ne m'affiche pas les 0 après la virgule (12.60 -> 12.6 , 12.00 -> 12) alors que j'aimerais que cela s'affiche. J'ai modifié mon fichier en voulant ajouter un "modifier" pour smarty via une fonction dans mon fichier php function smarty_modifier_decimale ($string) { $string = str_replace('.', ',', $string); //separation de la partie entiére et decimal $tab = explode(',', $string); //si la partie decimal existe if(count($tab) == 2) { //est qu'elle est d'une seul unité on rajoute un zero if(strlen($tab[1]) == 1) $tab[1] .= '0'; //si elle ne contient pas d'unité on rajoute 2 zero if(strlen($tab[1]) == 0) $tab[1] .= '00'; } //si la partie decimal n'existe pas on la crée en ajoutant un element au tableau else { $tab[1] = '00'; } //on relie les elements du tableau avec une virgule $string = implode(',', $tab); //on retourne la chaine modifier return $string; } j'ai assigné cette fonction à mon smarty $smarty->register_modifier('decimale', 'smarty_modifier_decimale'); puis j'affiche le tout {$product['price']|decimale} mais cela ne m'affiche rien, ma page ne se charge même plus elle reste blanche mis à part le header. cordialement
  10. Hi I am using Prestashop 1.4.7 and trying to import categories using the CSV import. I go through the import process and get the message 'Your .CSV file has been sucessfully imported into your shop.', but none of the categories have been imported. There is no sign of them in the database anywhere either. I tried it with a simple CSV file, just a random category name, but this did not import either. Has anyone get any ideas? Thanks Tom
  11. Bonjour, Je tente de faire la mise-à-jour de Prestashop vers 1.5.3 avec la mise-à-jour automatique de Softaculous (hébergement par PlanetHoster). La progression se rend à 100 %, mais ensuite, on me dit de cliquer sur un lien pour terminer l'installation et ce message d'erreur apparaît : This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. <action result="fail" error="28"/> Ma seule solution est d'ensuite utiliser le backup pour remettre la boutique en ligne, car sinon, il n'y a plus rien qui s'affiche. Le site est http://www.enlibrairie-aqei.com/ Merci de m'aider !!! Giscard
  12. Hola, bueno días estoy iniciando este topic porque tengo un gran problema, cambié de hosting, ahora estoy en godaddy.es, bien, el tema es que he importado mis clientes, y lo hice "perfecto", pero a medida que los clientes intentaron iniciar sesión, tuve que borrarles la cuenta y volverla a crear, ya que no podían acceder en el inicio de sesión. Suponiendo que tengo la paciencia para actualizar a todos mis clientes, el siguiente problema es su historial de pedidos, claro cuando exporté los clientes desde PS 1.4.7 solo me pasaron los datos personales, no la relación con sus pedidos, por lo que cuando lo importé en la nueva instalación de PS 1.5.2 tenía mi listado de clientes pero inutilmente. Realmente este tema lo vengo tratando de resolver hace mas de 2 semanas y todavía no he encontrado una solución... si alguien me hecha una mano se los agradezco! :blink: :unsure: <_<
  13. Bonsoir tout le monde, Je rencontre actuellement un bug avec l'utilisation du panier client lorsque je fais des tests sur ma boutique. Lorsque j'affiche mon panier et que je clique sur "+" un message d'erreur apparaît, si je clique sur la poubelle pour retirer un article, idem. Je referme ma page et je la réouvre et pareil. En surfant, j'ajoute et je supprime des articles comme je veux, si je fais commander sans valider la commande et que j'ajout de nouveau un article, et que j'en supprime un, j'ai un second message d'erreur qui apparaît. La solution c'est de fermer ma page et la réouvrir, et là je peux supprimer un article. La solution n'est pas valable dans le panier car sa ne fonctionne pas. Auriez-vous une idée d'où viendrait le problème. Je joindrai demain une image du bug. Merci par avance. Joris https://lolytadream.com TECHNICAL ERROR : unable to save update quantity Details : Error thrown [object XMLHttpRequest] Text status : error
  14. Hi, I'm trying to manually update from 1.4.7 to 1.5.2 since the autoupdate did not work for me. After following the procedures I get this warning when I go to the new install path: Warning: You cannot use anymore this tool to upgrade your store. You already have PrestaShop version installed There might be an obvious answer but it seems to elude me. Anyone here know what might be a reason and what can be done with this?
  15. Hej folkens, I en shop på er der på mystisk vis ordrer, som består af en betalt vare og en betalt fragt, som jeg ikke kan kreditere. De små felter til kreditering og godtgørelse af fragt er simpelthen væk! Er der nogen af jer gode folk, som kender sådan en situation - og en evt. forklaring/rettelse? På forhånd tak for hjælpen. /Nick
  16. Bonjour, bonsoir, j'aimerai savoir comment on fait pour ajoutez des champs sur contact pour Prestashop 1.4.7 ++, je vous remercie sincèrement de toute aide donné envers moi et vous souhaites de passez une bonne journée/soirée Cordialement NoRePlay
  17. Before upgrading to 1.4.7, the Block Payment Logo used to display an image of the payment methods accepted. Now it only shows the word "paypal" which is linked to one of the CMS pages. When I try to configure the module, I am not given the option of adding an image. I can only choose which CMS page to link to. You can view my site here: http://www.thebrickstore.com
  18. Bonjour, J'ai entièrement réinstallé ma boutique Prestashop pour pouvoir être à jour avec la version Prestashop 1.4.7. Cela dit, lorsque je souhaite ajouter des images à mes produits dans le catalogue, j'attéris sur une page vierge et aucune image ne se charge. http://glyss.fr/images/bug.png Quelqu'un pourrait me venir en aide par pitié, cela devient urgent ? Merci de votre attention.
  19. Bonjour, J'avais déjà posé cette question début avril à la suite d'un vieux post concernant une ancienne version (http://www.prestasho...cienne-version/) mais n'ayant pas eu de réponse j'avais abandonné la mise à jour. Je viens de réessayer et bien sur j'ai le même problème. Lorsque je veux faire la mise à jour en 1.5, la page d'installation ne détecte pas ma version actuelle 1.4.7. J'ai bien transféré le fichier settings.inc.php dans le nouveau dossier /config. Je suis en local. Comment prestashop sait-il qu'il y a une version antérieur? Merci
  20. Beunos días, He actualizado recientemente de la versión 1.2.5 a la 1.4.7 y he visto que ahora hay que crear uan regla de impuestos, por lo que todos los productos, me aparecen el precio base y sin el IVA. Cree la recla de impuestos y puedo aplicarla de uno en uno, pero hay otra solución para que sea mas rápido (no todos tienen el mismo impuesto) Por otro lado, en la ficha de cada producto del backoffice cuando pones el precio no se calcula el precio con IVA o si pongo el precio con el IVA includio y elijo la regla de impuestos no me calcula automaticamente el precio base como hacía antes. Sabeis a que se puede deber.
  21. Yes I have noticed that in older versions of Prestashop their is a nice stats module in the BO that has your visitor tracking info. I am now using Prestashop 1.4.7 and I have this when I goto my stats tab. Graph engine No graph engine module installed Grid engine No grid engine module installed What happened? I can't even find any stats modules to install. I wish to have a free one as since older versions already had them.
  22. Good morning, I have 3 small problems in the shopping cart with version 1.4.7: - when add the first product in the shopping cart the shipping costs are hide, because are at 0,00 €. If I continue with the purchase, the total is correct. In the case updating quantity or add new products the shipping costs are displayed. - If I have more items in the cart and add the quantity of a product, this move at bottom of the list, while the previous version did not happen; - If the active '"Optimization" in BO -> Tools -> Generators and I try to add from the list products, a product in the cart, the quantity don't increases. In the case I have delete the product and try again to add to cart, it is not added. I have update at the version 1.4.7 from Do you have a solutions. Thanks in advance.
  23. Buongiorno, ho 3 piccoli problemi nel carrello con la versione 1.4.7: - con il primo articolo che inserisco non vengono visualizzate le spese di spedizione, perchè per lui sono a 0 €. Se proseguo con l'acquisto il totale da pagare è corretto. Nel caso in cui aggiorno quantità o aggiungo prodotti queste vengono visualizzate - se ho più articoli nel carrello e aumento la quantità di un prodotto, questo finisce al fondo dell'elenco, mentre con le versione precedenti non succedeva; - se attivo l'"Ottimazzione" su Strumenti -> Generatori e provo ad aggiungere dalla lista dei prodotti, un prodotto già nel carrello, non mi aggiorna la quantità. Nel caso in cui lo cancello e riprovo aggiungerlo al carrello, non me lo fà più aggiungere. Sono passato alla 1.4.7 dalla versione, la quale non presentava questi problemi. Avete delle soluzioni. Grazie in anticipo.
  24. Salve speriamo che almeno in questa sezione mi risponda qualcuno ho seri problemi di compatibilità sul mio sito con il dannatissimo internet explorer si allargano la colonna di sinistra per tutto lo schermo, qulche anima buona esparta di codice mi potrebbe controllare ??? mi farebbe sapere dove intervenire e su che file ?? grazie infinite a chi mi aiuta Il sito in questione e http://www.abitilavoro24.it uso versione 1.4.7 con thema new_prestashop
  25. Hi everyone! I'm new to Prestashop and just had Prestashop 1.4.7 freshly installed. I haven't installed any other version previously. I haven't even entered a single product nor modified anything, and yet I've already found myself an error. Every time when I click on the Modules Tab in the Back Office, an error message pops up: TECHNICAL ERROR [object XMLHttpRequest]. I've attached a screenshot so that you guys can see what I mean. I saw a few other people who had the same error solve theirs by replacing the Tools.php file in "your shop/classes/Tools.php" with another: http://forge.prestas...tream-issue-tab. I tried this and it didn't work for me. Anyone else that had this problem solved it other than replacing the "Tools.php" file? Or anyone have any ideas on how to solve this error? Please share! Thanks a lot! TECHNICAL ERRORobject XMLHttpRequest.bmp
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