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  1. I hope somebody have solution .... since some peoplehad to haved the same problem upgrading to 1.5 or 1.6 and start using the advanced stock management. I really have to move all products ( a lot of products ) from regular stock management to "Advanced Stock Management" and one warehouse. Would like to find a solution, where all products, are moved together with amounts and prices. Looking for any solution; module, php-script, mysql-queries? I hope somebody have a solution ....
  2. Hi, I have 3 separate products I would like to put into a pack and the stock of that pack would then be affected on what stock of the parts I have. For example I have a Screen, Computer & Printer. The pack has all 3 at a discounted price but they are all sold individually. If I have 5 screens, 10 computers and 2 printers in stock how would I get the stock of the pack to always equal the quantity of the lowest in stock (the two printers) and if I sold another printer for it to then be equal to 1?
  3. Hi, we are selling product packs, which contain everything for organizing parties, celebrations etc. - food, drinks, snacks, napkins, candles, etc. We deliver the goods packed in a box. One box (pack) can include for example twenty products. However, we do not sell the products themselves in the e-shop, we offer only the ready-made packs, all-inclusive. We have about 5 basic packs on offer, but most of these packs include variants (the user must choose if she likes white or red wine, or beer, for how many people the party is, etc.). I need some software to take care of stock management for all these products (the system should tell me how many of each products I have on stock and help me arrange stock orders - as we have dozens of products and dozens of suppliers). Prestashop is doing this part very well - I fill in the goods as products, and mark them as "not searchable" and "not showing", and Prestashop handles the stock management, although not showing these products for sale. This is the easy part. But now, how should I handle the product packs? If I use the Prestashop function "product pack", which is clearly designed exactly for this purpose, I cannot have pack variants (yet) - and it does not look like this feature appears any time soon. OK, I can make a separate item for each pack variant, but it means having dozens of packs on offer instead of 5 with variants, which clobbers the e-shop unneccessarily and makes the orientation more difficult for customers - and we don't want that, do we? Except for that, the stock management of product packs in Prestashop does not behave correctly - the stock of all the goods is displayed well, and it increases/decreases correctly as I hand the goods in and out of stock. But the packs, containing the goods, always have a "0" displayed as quantity available. I checked all the basic parameters (having the pack assigned to the same stock as the goods, etc.), but nothing helps. A different solution to my problem could be to make the packs into ordinary products (thus being able to use their variants), and to attach the goods to them as the "accessories" (associated products). Don't know if this is the best way, however, as I haven't tried yet, it's quite a lot of work to do without knowing whether it is a good thing to do... Any ideas how to handle this correctly, before Prestashop implements the feature of "pack variants"? Thank you for answers
  4. Hey, Any known issues in regards to: Advanced stock management. It does not work for me... Eg. full delivered Supply Orders don't increase the stock. When I increase the stock it's not increasing on the products. So before I spend way too much time on it, I just want to hear if there are any known issues? Thanks,
  5. In Stock Management, Listing Page, I just want to know, from where you are calling from 'stock'? For me it shows '--' like this. Quantity is not showing. so we cant able to remove or transfer stock. Please help me. i am new to prestashop.
  6. Hi All PS 1.5.6 Although i will not manage stocks with Prestashop, i want the clients to receive the message in the product page with the availability, so i have enabled the stock management and will update the stocks problably with a query to my ERP DB. For now is manual. I have all the produts to allow orders if out of stock. What happens is that if the product has stock 0, the "add to cart" option will be enable, the client can add but then it receives an IE/chrome message saying: "The webpage indicates: You already have the maximum available quantity for this product" (Translation can have some diferences) And it does not add it to the cart... What is going on here, anyone can help please? Thanks
  7. Hello everyone, I am using Prestashop Version Does anyone know how to customize the message: THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER IN STOCK ? Instead I would like to use the words: SOLD OUT! Also in combinations when I am out of stock in a certain size, instead of the message: THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER IN STOCK WITH THOSE ATTRIBUTES BUT IS AVAILABLE WITH OTHERS. how can I change it to something different? For example: WE ARE OUT OF STOCK IN THIS SIZE Thanks in advance for any tips!
  8. Jeg søger en løsning/metode til styring af vores lagersystem i prestashop. Jeg står i den situation at jeg sælger golfbolde i portionsvis af 50, 100 og 200 stk. Hvor flere man køber - desto billigere får man dem, det skal der også tages højde for. Måden jeg har løst det på nu er at sætte 3 varianter op som "50", "100" og "200" og derefter give dem den rigtige pris i forhold til rabatten. Problemet er følgende: Lad os sige jeg har 1000 golfbolde og sætter dem ind i varianterne som fx. 6 x 50 stk, 3 x 100 stk og 2 x 200 stk. 2 kunder køber 2 portioner af 200 stk. Der er nu 600 golfbolde tilbage, men det er nu ikke længere muligt at kunne købe 200 stk for de nye kunder ? Et andet problem er at en kunde køber 2 x 50 stk og derved ikke får den rabat han/hun skulle have haft ved køb af 100 stk. Det skal siges at jeg gerne vil beholde min dropdown menu med de 50,100 og 200 stk, så kunden slipper for at skulle indtaste antallet selv. Er der et klogt hovede som har en løsning eller erfaring med lignede ? Min prestashop version er, men har tænkt mig at opgradere snart så versionen er underordnet. Min webshop er jyske golfbolde hvis det kan give en bedre beskrivelse af mit problem.
  9. Hello When I upgraded to 1.5.6 I tried the advanced stock management option because that sounded pretty cool and offered additional features like for supplier orders etc. I had to create a warehouse and then allocate stock to that warehouse. All good. However, several things started to go wrong so unfortunately, I had to disable ASM. I thought that was all I had to do and everything would revert to how it was before, but I have just realised that that is not the case, and the problem seems to lie with the work that is done to set up warehouses and stock because when you switch ASM off, those things still remain even though you can't see or control them because they are switched off. A weird thing happened a few days ago, and I found and responded to this thread http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/293374-duplicate-shopping-cart-and-orders/page-2 (The feeling is that the problem there has to do with ASM or shopping carts.) Today I discovered another problem, because of the problem in the link above. I needed to change the stock quantity for an item that now has 0 stock because of the issue in the link, however every time I tried to change product > quantity it would say "data being saved" and then the stock would still be 0. So after some searching I find it could be ASM related. So I switch ASM back on again, and try to delete the warehouse, it says you can't because there are products still in it. But ASM is disabled! So presumably to fix this problem, I would need to manually delete all the stock from all the products in the warehouse, so I could then delete the warehouse, and then hopefully I could then adjust my stock manually? I haven't tried this yet because there are hundreds of products with multiple attributes and I just don't have the time right now. Is this how it's supposed to be? Having to make all the stock adjustments manually for 100s, 1000s of products? I'm not sure if this is something that can be done automatically or whether it should be something that people are made aware of when choosing to use ASM or not, but if anyone has a solution for this, I'd really like to know what it is.
  10. Hello. Mail alert module v.2.20, send mail "out of stock" every order placed, and totally ignoring the minimum quantity stock configured for alert. Example: Ipod: 10 pc. new order: -1 pc. total stock: 9 pc. Minimum quantity for sending alert: 3 pc. Mail sent (when it shouldn't). How can be fixed ? I think the code interested is in /modules/mailalerts/mailalerts.php public function hookUpdateQuantity($params) { global $cookie; if (is_object($params['product'])) $params['product'] = get_object_vars($params['product']); if (is_array($params['product']['name'])) $params['product']['name'] = $params['product']['name'][(int)Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT')]; if (isset($params['product']['id_product'])) $params['product']['id'] = (int)$params['product']['id_product']; $qty = (int)$params['product']['quantity']; if ($qty <= (int)(Configuration::get('MA_LAST_QTIES')) AND !(!$this->_merchant_oos OR empty($this->_merchant_mails)) AND Configuration::get('PS_STOCK_MANAGEMENT')) { $templateVars = array( '{qty}' => $qty, '{last_qty}' => (int)(Configuration::get('MA_LAST_QTIES')), '{product}' => strval($params['product']['name']).(isset($params['product']['attributes_small']) ? ' '.$params['product']['attributes_small'] : '')); $id_lang = (is_object($cookie) AND isset($cookie->id_lang)) ? (int)$cookie->id_lang : (int)Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT'); $iso = Language::getIsoById((int)$id_lang); if ($params['product']['active'] == 1){ if (file_exists(dirname(__FILE__).'/mails/'.$iso.'/productoutofstock.txt') AND file_exists(dirname(__FILE__).'/mails/'.$iso.'/productoutofstock.html')) Mail::Send((int)Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT'), 'productoutofstock', Mail::l('Product out of stock', (int)Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT')), $templateVars, explode(self::__MA_MAIL_DELIMITOR__, $this->_merchant_mails), NULL, strval(Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_EMAIL')), strval(Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_NAME')), NULL, NULL, dirname(__FILE__).'/mails/'); } } if ($this->_customer_qty AND $params['product']['quantity'] > 0) $this->sendCustomerAlert((int)$params['product']['id'], 0); } How can be fixed ? PS: Thank you.
  11. Hi, I've set an item up with several combinations and in Stock management entered quantities in stock for some of them. However, under Catalog>Products, Quantity = 0 Under Catalog>Products> Quantity, it says "I want to use the advanced stock management system for this product" and "Available quantities for current product and its combinations are based on warehouse stock" What am I doing wrong?
  12. Hi all, I'm using V I'm working on a multishop: 2 countries: Ireland and France - 1 shop in each country. I want to operate 2 wharehouses - 1 in each country. I tried to associate the French wharehouse to the French shop - but for some reason I can not select a specific shop, meaning that my French wharehouse is connected to both the Irish and French shops. I also tried to modify quantities in each wharehouse - but it looks like it is not working. Anybody out there running a multishop with 2 whareshouses or more?? Did you / do you come accross the same pbs? Eric
  13. Hi, After upgrade to version I decided to use advanced stock management system. Thus, I established a new warehouse in Stock > Warehouses and configured all items and packs according to advanced stock management system. My shop did work OK. Now I realized the advanced stock management system as too complicated and decided to use simple system as "I want to specify available quantities manually". Thus, I configuration all items and packs in Catalog > Products > Edit > Quantities and in Catalog > Products > Edit > Warehouses. Now no items are stored in warehouse. But anyway I got error message in all packs: "There is 1 warning. You must have a common warehouse between this pack and its product". Another problem is I cannot delete the warehouse: "It is not possible to delete a warehouse when there are products in it". But no products in catalogue are connected to the warehouse. How I can delete the warehouse? For clarity - The shop works as it has to work, but I do not like the error message and I want to delete the warehouse. Please, help.
  14. Hi there, Anyone any idea how to bulk update quantities in a warehouse without having to go into each product individually? Ive lots of products and combinations and its taking ages! Even if someone has a sql statement which would help me on the way... THanks David
  15. I'm surprised to see that quantities for pack products have to be entered manually. I would think that it would be quite easy to compute the actual quantities based on the quantities of the individual pack products? Or is there a way to achieve this that I have not figured out?
  16. PROBLEMA: "Sempre que altero ou adiciono um artigo no BackOffice, o ficheiro "class_index.php" na pasta "Cache" fica alterado com o resultado que o FO/BO deixam de funcionar." (Vers. SOLUÇÃO: Em Preferências/Produtos desativei a função: "Enable advanced-stock management" Agora funciona tudo normalmente!
  17. Hi, i'm developing a online shop, but the products i'm selling are not easy to manage by quantities, so i thought in a better way to inform the clients about the stock, for example, using a picture with a colour, different colours mean different availabilities (yellow - low in stock, red- out of stock, blue- under order, red- out of order). There's an attached picture that shows my idea. My question is if there is a module that allows me to display a picture in each product, instead of the quantities, or if someone could help me developing a solution to display them. I think this would be an excelent module!!! Thanks,
  18. Hello, Prestashop Lovers! One of my clients tells me she has an unbelievable problem (unbelievable for me, that is): she can't update quantity on her site. She works on a Mac, in Safari. More exactly, she can not modify quantity of product combinations to or from 0. That is an unbelievable thing, yet I am forced to believe it, given she insists the problem is real. Does anyone know anything about this problem? Thank you! PS: I have updated product/combination stock on Safari on Windows successfully.
  19. Advanced stock management has left me going to fulfill an order and whatdya know, the stupid thing isn't decrementing for certain items even though I have all the proper settings set for the items. If you deep six the advanced stock management just like it's the red-headed stepsister of the USPS module and just manually do inventory for each item, will it still decrement when someone buys an item or do I have to manually update that inventory after each sale? Thanks.
  20. Hi there, just was building a product bundle with advances stock management.... no i have added some quantities to the bundle members... it had no effect on the quantity of the product bundle. on the product-bundle , prestashop calculates that the product quantities could be as high the lowest bundle member quantity. thats correct.... German translation: Angesichts der Mengen der Produkte in diesem Bündel sollte die maximale Menge sein: 2 -> but it wont apply to the quantity of the product bundle....!!!! why ? the quantity should be automatically assignable to the product bundle regards Markus
  21. Hi, I waiting with excitement for the new 1.5 RC and to start moving my current e-commerce system to prestashop. I understand that it offers multi-shop, but an important question for me is how does the stock management works with this new feature ? Because this may be quite complex... It's critical for my company if I can get the "right" functionality in in prestashop. Today I have both several shops and several stocks (on different physical locations), and all shops can use all stocks. Customers visiting a each web shop can see for every item in witch stock it's available or not. Also, all stocks must show info when an item is out of stock, if and when this item should be available again. This info is for each item and each stock, and shoudl be possible to enter on item edit, stock page. Depending of what country/region the customer is from my web shop can choose default stock for his order. But if stock 1 is default but the ordered items/-s are not in this stock the web shop will choose by default another stock, where all items are available. Shipping fees may vary depending from which stock the order is delivered. It may be also possible that the customer want to pick up his order.. That is why the customer must get a choice to use stock 1 anyway, but it will take time until his items will arrive to this stock and order will be ready for pick-up or delivery.. How much of this functionality will be available in prestashop 1.5 ? How much will I need to order as custom made module for me needs? /Cheers, Paul
  22. Guess what? We made it! The first automatic stock management module! In order to keep updating your e-commerce shop with your physical warehouse or your supplier. The excel file is required. You'll be able, after an automatic analysis, to check your products availability and update their prices. Check this link in order to get more information www.prestaboutiques.fr/en/ Regards,
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