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  1. Hi there, I would like to know how to display in product page the Cost Price of a product. I use two different prices: Cost price and PriceTI and Prestashop 1.7 (and others) only shows Price TI. I need to show both. FE. Black T-Shirt Cost price: 3.00 € Pvp: 5.00 € Anybody can help?
  2. I have an ERP and special pricing can and is handed out by Customer, Location, or Point of Sale level where each lower level overrides the next. If there is a module that will give me specific product pricing by address - then I could set it so the customer would select their address first. From there they would have their special pricing available. Alternatively - if I was able to make multiple "Customer" accounts for each individual Location/Point of Sale - and link all of the accounts then the customer could login using their 1 login and select which "Customer" (Location/POS) they needed it delivered to. This would allow me to use PrestaShop's Customer Specific Pricing Does anyone know of any Linked Customer Account or Address-Specific Pricing modules?
  3. I have a product with two different net content, lets say 60 tablets and 100 tablets 60 tablets price is 3$ 100 tablets price is 4$ How to set two different price for the same product but with two different net contents? I have tried Product with combinations I have created two combinations of two different net contents 60 tablets 100 Tablets and further when I edit the 60 tablets net content, i put 3$ in Cost price and click save, but on website the price has increased in double the price 6$ What should I do?
  4. Dynamic Pricing Dynamic Pricing is a great module for those merchants who deal in products like carpets, wood, flooring, glass, fabrics and more which need to be customized from the length, width or weight perspective according to customer's desire. This module allows the store admin to set a price formula from the back office to calculate the cost according to the values entered by the customer. The Dynamic Pricing module offers an option to create multiple fields and set the units from the back office by the store admin. More info and purchase here: Dynamic Pricing Front Office Demo Back Office Demo Key Features of the Module: 1. The Admin can create different rules and formulas for calculating product price based on weight, quantity, color, and other parameters. 2. The weight and quantity input option can be easily hidden in a single tap if the admin doesn't want to show them on the product page. 3. Dynamic Price management allows the admin to select multiple different fields to create the desired formula for the product. 4. The store admin can map the pricing rule with products, categories, manufacturer, and suppliers. 5. The admin has the option to use Color Picker, Divider, Date, Text, Text Area fields in the Price Calculation. 6. The settings to multiply the price and weight by quantity can be enabled by the admin from the back office of the module. 7. The admin can create calculation formula using +,-,/,(,),* operators. Merchant Benefits: 1. Dynamic Price module has made it very easy to calculate the customization price based on the inputs provided by the customer. 2. The Admin can easily customize input fields from the back office of the module. 3. Dynamic Price management provides a better experience to your customers by offering them easy price calculation according to their desired parameters in no time. 4. The Dynamic Pricing module offers an option to the admin to specify the unit of measurement as meter, kilometer, gram or kilogram. 6. The admin can set the priority of rules and map the products, categories, manufacturer, and suppliers accordingly from the back office. More info and purchase here: Dynamic Pricing Front Office Demo Back Office Demo
  5. PrestaShop New shop Setup - Not Live Yet Still Building, I have other sites running PS1.6 I have 264 combinations, first choice is "Select Size and Shape "I have set the base price for a 24" round to $485.00 when a customer orders a certain size lets say 46" round I have it up the price by $845.00 customers cost $1330.00 no problem I have multi-sizes to choose from and it all works fine for that group of selections prices change as should. Until they pick a second option say "optional umbrella hole" with or without - this options wont change the price because there is no extra charge. But if they choose one of the selections the price goes back to the base price instead of keeping the 46" round price of 1330.00 that they chose in the first option box. I can't see away around this with 1.7 is this a bug that they are working on or am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated Rick
  6. Bonjour communautée de Prestashop Je vous presente Optimus Price, un module GRATUIT & facile à installer disponible sur Prestashop add ons : https://addons.prestashop.com/fr/gestion-prix/32762-fixer-le-juste-prix-avec-optimus-price.html Le plus simple pour comprendre comment fonctionne ce module, est notre vidéo explicative ( 60 secondes ) Mais au cas ou ... Voilà la description du module ! Pourquoi Optimus Price est il si pratique ? Augmenter ses marges Boostez vos profits jusqu'à 10 % ( moyenne générale) Optimisez votre inventaire. Jusqu’à 94 % de précision pour ventes. Apprenez avec chacun de vos produits et catégorisez vos produits les plus rentables. Corriger les prix incorrects Un produit à soudainement un pic de vente ? Optimus Price vous le dira ! Découvrez vos opportunités cachées en ameliorerant les prix de votre long tail Réduisez vos stocks de sécurité en anticipant les pics de demandes. Un gain de temps Optimus price vous permet d'avoir le controle sur 100 % de votre catalogue, de facon automatiser Donnez du repos à vos Excel. Au lieu d’ajouter plus de colonnes à votre fichier, notre Intelligence Artificielle vous donne des recommandations concrètes. À la portée de tout le monde Conçus pour les commerces de toutes les tailles, types et pays Ne demande aucune notion technique. Installez le module et vous êtes prêts à vous lancer ! Installez le module et vous êtes prêt a vous lancez ! Optimus Price fonctionne aussi avec les boutiques et produit qui génère peu de ventes. PS : N'hésitez pas à nous faire des retours ou à nous contactez
  7. Hello guys, I have this issue which base price is showing on the frontend not the final price even we set the product display to include tax. See images below. thanks.
  8. I will try to explain you my problem with an example. I have 2 clients (Client A, B), 2 groups (Group 1, 2) and 1 product in my shop. The product has 2 specific prices: Price of 1Euro for "group1" Price of 2Euros for "group2" Client A belongs to group2 and Client B belongs to group1 and group2. They both have "default group" "group2", which means that when both clients check the product they both will have a price of 2Euros. Now what I'm trying to do is for every client to get the cheapest price of all the groups that they belong to. Any ideas where to start with this problem? I could change PrestaShop's code to do this but that it's not the point. I want to do that threw a module. Does anyone have an idea of what classes need to be overwritten or if a hook is available for this purpose? If someone could send me in the right direction it would be awesome. Thank you in advance
  9. Dynamic pricing becomes a popular subject for e-commerce retailers. In order to compete better with competitors and retail giants, retailers are starting to use dynamic pricing through different solutions. So, what are the ways? How does dynamic pricing work for e-commerce retailers?
  10. as e-commerce retailers, how do you approach these two different strategies? Which one do you think is more effective?
  11. Hi I sell natural stones, I have multiple categories for natural stones. For example, Travertine Tiles, Marble tiles etc.. Each category then has around 50-100 different type of products such as Creme Marble Stone, Cappuccino marble stone… and each type has different dimensions and prices here is a product page from my current site. http://www.allnaturaltiles.co.uk/calacatta_viola_marble_tile.html Can you please suggest me a plugin so that I’m able to enter prices and attributes for each product. Currently Running on the PrestaShop theme I've installed recently it's not live yet. Regards Sam
  12. Hello, I'm researching PS for use by a non-profit to sell tickets to events, process donations, and sell small gift items. Right now my main question is about pricing options. We would like to offer memorial gifts by which a person can make a contribution in someone else's name and the recipient will receive a card made out to them. We would like to have the giver manually enter the gift amount (price). Is there a way/ module to do this? If not is my best option to just provide multiple products with different prices assigned to them? Thanks! Dan
  13. Hi! On my store I am going to start selling a new product, but I can only sell it one pallet at a time (circa. 30 bags on one pallet). My first question: how do I set up the product, so that customers only can buy 30, 60, 90, 120 at a time? They shouldn't be able to buy 31 or 62, only in full multiples of 30. My second question: each pallet has a shipping cost of 1100kr. How do i make a flat rate shipping for this product of 1100 kr ? just for this product?? Hope this makes sense, I really need the help!
  14. Hey there, I'm trying to set up a discount for purchases over 50 units and all works fine even if combinations with price impact are added but the unit price displayed is incorrect. Here is what it looks like: Product is available in 2 variations: 1GB (€5.80) and 2GB (€6.56), when 50 or more purchased there is a €0.22 discount applied. I created combinations where 2GB product is €0.76 more expensive than the 1GB one, I also created a specific price on the product page to apply €0.22 discount for purchases over 50qty. And here is what I get: 1GB product *1: €5.80 per unit 2GB product *1: €6.56 per unit 1GB product when *50qty: €5.58 per unit as expected 2GB product when *50qty: €5.58 per unit (have no idea why) but on the volume discount tab the correct value is displayed (€6.34) and when I add items to a cart the total price is also correct €317 (€6.34*50). Please see the attached. Spent few hours on this already and I have a feeling that I am missing something super silly or perhaps I'm getting blind in my old age or is this a bug?
  15. Hi All, We have recently started getting customers from outside the UK, so have set up a separate price for European postage. Is there anyway to automatically assign the European postage for non UK customers postage? Problem is UK is still part of Europe at least for the minute Thanks Gareth
  16. We recently upgraded to and noticed a few things that are odd. Many of them we have figured out however 1 is really giving us a hard time. Prices! If a person is NOT logged in and then browse any category or page that has listings they can see the price. When the click on a product from a list they can see the price in every category, but one. That price shows $0.00. If they elect to add the item to the cart the pricer is shown there. If they view the product on a list (click on category to see all products or if we display the product on the home page) the price is shown. Click ON the product to select options, no price at all. If a person is logged in they can see the prices no problem. This is ONLY affecting a single category. As a test I created a new category and moved a few of the items in however even moving them to the new category the issue follows. It makes me believe the issue has to do with all products that were in that specific category during the upgrade. Any suggestions or help? We have lost a lot of money as this happened during the start of the Christmas season and it being Christmas Eve we are still having this issue.
  17. Hello, I am having an issue where the price strike through is appearing for a product although there is no special pricing set. Conditions: No issues with default currency, only appears for a non default currency There is no special pricing set The price and discount price are the same (see attached) Could anyone provide ideas or suggestions of what might be causing this? If there is other information I can provide, please let me know. Thank you
  18. The problem is (GODSIHOPE) really simple. Usually, when I go to edit a price, there is a box for pre-tax and post tax, where I can put the price in and I can see both the untaxed and taxed prices. That has vanished, and when I put prices in all I can do is put the final price in. I have included a capture of what my screen looks like at the moment in the pricing area, and I know it's missing fields, but I have NO IDEA what happened or how to fix it. It happened once before but fixed itself. ANY assistance would be greatly appreciated. (and if you need a clearer picture I can provide one.) It has also altered the prices of everything in the normal store as well.
  19. I'm new to PrestaShop, so I need some help getting pointed in the right direction. We have a rather complicated pricing structure for products that is based on the following criteria: Customer Type Retail (standard customer, no special discounts) Bulk customer (gets products at a "bulk" price) Bulk Discounted ("BD" customers get products at a % off "bulk" price based on product categories) Sale Price Considerations Retail customers get whatever the sale price is (no real change) Bulk customers get the lower of either the sale price or their bulk price BD customers get 10% off the sale price if it is lower than their discounted bulk price, otherwise they get their discounted bulk price I was hoping to code this logic without using overrides, but from what I can tell, that's probably not possible. My thoughts on how to code this are as follows: Add a "bulk_price" field to the products table Hook the "displayAdminProductsExtra" to allow editing of the "bulk_price" field Use customer groups to flag customers for appropriate pricing "Bulk" group gets bulk price "BD 25% off XYZ Category" to apply % off bulk price (obviously would have to have a group for each % level per category...a little complicated, but I don't see any other way around it) Override "Product::getPriceStatic" method to do price calculations and set the price based on above criteria. (Differences in pricing based on attributes, combinations, etc. would also be calculated here.) My questions for the more experienced PrestaShop developers are: Am I over looking any hooks, methods, or other functionality that would let me do this without overriding? What problems might I run into down the road if I do use overrides? (Obviously, I'm not going to touch any core files, but I want to know if there are any unexpected consequences that others have run into with overrides.) Does my logic over look some other PrestaShop functionality that may cause unintended consequences? I appreciate any advice provided.
  20. Prestashop at 3:00 pm all my products were showing correct pricing at 3: 45 after adding 5 more products, specific pricing for all 100 products stopped working. When I click on edit product - specific price for all products is visible but in the Front Office and Back Office final price of the product does not include specific price. Basically after adding 5 product more to my list - Specific pricing completely stopped working. What is the possible issue? Please help. P.S No other changes were made since only I have access to Back Office.
  21. Hi I manage a fashion store, we want to open the store soon but we've been having a problem with the carriers pricing. When you add an item to the cart it has a cost and it adds it correctly but when you add 10 to 13 items the pricing frozes, like it costs the same but it doesn't, and when you add 14 it charges the correct price for shipping again. I've tried modifying the carrier, the cache but nothing, I even created a local store but it happens in there too so I don't know if is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong when creating the carrier. I've been having this problem for a month now and haven't been able to figure out what could be causing the problem. Does anyone have an idea of what could be causing this problem? This is the store address, is build in prestashop 1.6
  22. Hi there, After uploading many test combinations in cvs all was working fine BTW.. I uploaded the final test set - and clicked delete all combinations.. Now, even though the products have the various combinations showing as comb's in the backend EDIT : PrestaShop version Shop URL http://louvre-doors.com/ Current theme in use default-bootstrap The product page shows box "this combination is not available for this product" The only thing I have is in the combination is size and price.. 450 x 250 with a price impact... so there are no unreal combinations.. Still working through starting again - but any idea from anyone - would be much appreciated Site is louvre-doors.com btw.. Thanks in advance //D
  23. Hi everyone, I so far love prestashop but something this simple is becoming very difficult for me so I appreciate any help. I need a product to have different quantities and pricing. Dropdown box or radio box or similar. $ 4.95 Qty 5 $19.75 Qty 10 $29.50 or something similar. Thanks for the help, Troy
  24. Salve; sono un nuovo utilizzatore di PrestaShop, ho già avuto modo di apprezzarne i contenuti ma ho una necessità che vorrei sottoporre. Nello specifico vorrei fare in modo che per una specifica categoria di prodotti non mi visualizzasse la view di default con l'immagine ed il prezzo impostato ma vorrei che visualizzasse una mia pagina mediante la quale, alla selezione di specifici parametri impostati nella form dall'utente, il prezzo venisse calcolato in run-time all'on-change di ognuno di questi parametri. Ovviamente il mio problema non è creare la pagina in php che mi gestisce questa funzionalità di pricing ma il visualizzare la stessa alla selezione dei prodotti della categoria interessata.
  25. All prices showing 0.00 with "Product available with different options" label. I have disabled the layered blocks module, and I DO NOT have any product combinations associated with this product. It is my first product and I am not sure why I can't get to give the price in the catalog. But if you go into the item page itself, it will show the correct price. My website it www.myvapebar.com/mvbshop and I am running Prestashop . Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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