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  1. Hello, I have a problem with the smarty cache in Prestashop 1.6 The system where the CMS has been installed is Microsoft Windows Server 2008 r2 The error is the following: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module smarty_internal_write_file: Uncaught --> Smarty: unable to write file [PHYSICAL FOLDER]/cache/smarty/compile\c4\cf\aa\wrt546c6ea31793c7_58013013 <-- thrown in [PHYSICAL FOLDER]\tools\smarty\sysplugins\smarty_internal_write_file.php on line 44 This is not always displayed, but only when I use some modules or features of PrestaShop. Searching through various forums, I found that it could be a permission problem, but I have already set up everything it needs (I hope): IUSR, System and Administrators permissions to read, write and edit. How can I fix this? Are there any solutions or tips that I can forward? Thanks in advance, Guido
  2. I am working with a developer to create a prestashop marketplace. I have some basic skills, so I am helping too. I have purchased the Webkul Advanced Marketplace and it doesn't really give me everything I want. They have additional modules, but they won't do it either. What I want to be able to do is to allow sellers access to certain parts of the prestashop admin. I can obviously create an employee and assign a profile that gives them access to the parts I want them to access, however, I also need to restrict their view to only their own customers and orders. I would only give them access to orders and customers as I wouldn't want any about the site modified. I have asked the developer for a solution, but I wanted to check if anyone here had ideas on how to make this work? thanks
  3. I have a live Prestashop site with customer data that needs to be protected. I also need to allow a programmer into my site to make changes. Can anyone recommend the permissions that a programmer would need to work in my site? What permissions should not be allowed to protect customer confidentiality? I think this will be useful to others in the future. Thnxs...
  4. Hello, I'm using the v1.6.0.5. When I try to regenerate thumbnails I get that error, I checked owner and permissions of the img/ directory. Cannot write "No picture" image to (manufacturers) images folder. Please check the folder's writing permissions. I also see a lot of errors like that, in my apache error logs: File does not exist: /var/www/prestashop/img/p/30-109-medium.jpg File does not exist: /var/www/prestashop/img/p/456-1097-medium.jpg ...
  5. Hi, i am try a lot of time to just install the prestashop platform, and i don't know what's happened after i accept the terms of use, i have to change the permissions of some files right? i mean to this list: Oops! Please correct the item(s) below, and then click "Refresh information" to test the compatibility of your new system. Permissions on files and folders Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/config/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/cache/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/log/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/img/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/mails/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/modules/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/themes/default-bootstrap/lang/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/themes/default-bootstrap/pdf/lang/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/themes/default-bootstrap/cache/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/translations/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/upload/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/download/ I have to say, i am using FlashFXP on windows, than i am select the folders from the list, and then right click and choose "Attributes (CHMOD)" and write 777 and that's not work, even if i try to do what write in the Prestashop Installation Guide that's still not working.. (i mean to change the permissions of the files to 664 and the folders to 775). But always the installation process still say's this message: Oops! Please correct the item(s) below, and then click "Refresh information" to test the compatibility of your new system. someone know what should i do? Thanks
  6. Zdravím všechny. Kolega z fóra mě nakopl, abych si dal dopořádku oprávnění k souborům. Tak by mě zajímalo, jak by to mělo být správně nastaveno? Konkrétní příklad je zde. Můj eshop zobrazuje tpl: http://mineralion.cz/themes/Laso/footer.tpl Jiný eshop postavený na Prestě tpl nezobrazí: http://nadeje-byliny.eu/themes/nadeje/footer.tpl U souboru footer.tpl a všech .tpl souborů mám práva nastavena na 644. Je to špatně?
  7. Hello community! I'm pretty new to Prestashop and I've found myself with a little problem after the installation. I did exactly everything the installer says and after that, all went O.K. and I could access my back office (A.K.A. Admin Panel) and I could see my website with the default theme and articles. After that I changed the permissions in my FTP to "755" in folders and "644" (from "777"). The thing is that after doing so I get the following error: Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'SmartyException' with message 'unable to write file /var/www/vhosts/publicacionestecnicas.com/httpdocs/bike/prestashopbo/cache/smarty/cache/blocksearch_top/1/1/6/5b/6f/5f/wrt53baaf5827a980.39069694' in /var/www/vhosts/publicacionestecnicas.com/httpdocs/bike/prestashopbo/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_write_file.php:44 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/vhosts/publicacionestecnicas.com/httpdocs/bike/prestashopbo/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_cacheresource_file.php(102): Smarty_Internal_Write_File::writeFile('/var/www/vhosts...', 'writeCachedContent(Object(Smarty_Internal_Template), 'write(Object(Smarty_Internal_T in /var/www/vhosts/publicacionestecnicas.com/httpdocs/bike/prestashopbo/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_write_file.php on line 44 It seems that my shop will only work with "777" permissions. Any idea of why is that? Thanks in advance, Johnny,
  8. Hello, I have two questions: 1. What folders (files) have to be writeable by the web-server after the installation (I gues there will be less folders requiring write access than during the installation process)? 2. What is better: to give the ownership of these folders/files to the web-server (f.x. user www-data) and keep the permission RWXR-XR-X (755)... OR ... to keep the ownership to a different user (ex John) but give the folders the permission RWXRWXRWX (777)? ... OR ... a combination: keep all folders to a different user with no write access except the folders that need write access that I give their ownership to the web-server and allow only the web-server to write to them. Thank you Radu Dudici
  9. Bonjour, Je souhaiterais ajouter une nouvelle permission aux employés leur permettant ou non de pouvoir passer un article actif/inactif. Comment dois-je procéder ? Faut-il faire un module pour surcharger les permissions existantes ? Est-ce prévu par le coeur de Prestashop ? Merci de votre aide, à vous lire, Sébastien
  10. Bonjour à tous, je suis nouveau dans l'utilisation de prestashop et mon besoin serait de pouvoir créer des comptes Vendeurs pour vendre leurs produits sous réserve de validation des SuperAdmin. Pour résumer : Les vendeurs (ajoutent, modifient, suppriment, gèrent les stocks de leurs produits) Les superadmins (valident la mise en ligne des produits vendus) Est-ce que Prestashop permet de créer ce genre de comptes avec les permissions mentionnées ci-dessus ? Cordialement
  11. Hi all, I was wondering if it would be possible to hide specific modules from some of my shop's employees. In some cases I want them to be able to modify things like custom HTML, but I don't necessarily want them to have access to payment methods, or other sensitive-information modules. Can I allow employees to see just those modules I want them to have access to?
  12. Hi, I am creating a module to export data to a csv file, but when I go to install on a Linux server Aruba.it, the module folder and the files inside are with 777 while aruba accepts only 755 . I tried to install other modules and from them the prefixed 755. Where am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi, Anybody know what are the right permissions for a production site? I change all the files to 644 and the folders to 755 but the site don't works properly. I find that the only mode to works right is 777 for everything but I know that is vulnerable for hack the site and is out of security. Thanks a lot
  14. Bonjour, J'ai un problème avec le module Sequence Minic Slider. Au début, j'ai pu ajouter une photo et voir l'effet donné. Mais maintenant, je ne peux plus télécharger aucune photo, ni ajouter de texte, quand je veux sauvegarder, j'obtiens le message que je n'ai pas les permissions requises. Pourtant j'ai toutes les permissions en tant que Super Administrator. J'ai désinstaller le module et réinstaller, réinitialier mais rien à faire, j'ai toujours le même message d'erreur. Pourriez-vous me donner un coup de main sur cette installation. Merci
  15. Witam, Robię już któryś sklep oparty na silniku prestashop z kolei, zwykle wszystkie pliki wklejałem bezpośrednio na domenę do folderu / Tym razem jednak, firma narzuciła mi zrobienie sklepu w folderze /prestashop Domena została na kierowana własnie na ten folder tj. http://www.q-building.eu/prestashop, więc jak wpisuje w adres wyszukiwarki q-buliding.eu to wyświetla się zawartość tego folderu. Wrzuciłem więc wszystkie pliki instalacyjne presty do tego folderu i zainstalowałem i zaraz po tym zaczęły się moje problemy, a mianowicie: - na początku sklep nie wczytywał styli, które domyślnie były w folderze /prestashop/themes/default/css/ ale skompilowałem wszystkie style na localhost, wrzuciłem do pliku global.css który następnie zuploadowałem do folderu /prestashop/css/ podlinkowałem w header.tpl i style już działają - następnie zaczęły się problemy z .js, próbowałem zrobić w ten sam sposób co ze stylami, niestety to nie pomogło, konkretnie chodzi o moduł homeslider, nie wczytuje obrazków ani .js który odpowiadał za przesuwanie obrazków w nim umieszczonych. - poza tym nie wczytuje obrazków innych modułów (obrazki produktów wyświetlane są poprawnie) Opcje SEO i URL próbowałem zmieniać, jednak najwięcej rzeczy działa po zostawieniu ich domyślnie. Miał ktoś podobne problemy? Może wie ktoś jak rozwiązać mój problem? Uprawnienia ustawione na 755. Pozdrawiam Dawid
  16. Hello, Prestashop only got installed under permission 777 recursively. What should I do now since many folders and files have full permissions? How to change permissions to their normal state now?
  17. Hello there, I am trying to add and edit modules on my themes layout using prestashop, the modules show up in a little window and I can click these to add them to my page and also to modify them. Problem: Selected Modules dont even appear on the pages, this means sliders, banners, etc etc. Modules will not allow me to even edit their settings as "I don't have permission". Has anyone encountered this before? What can I do, this was only meant to be a 5 minute install and it has taken me well over my project timescale.
  18. Hi - can someone please list the correct folder permissions to enable 1 click upgrade to actually work! I have tried upgrading from 1.4.9 to 1.5.5 and now from 1.5.5 to 1.5.6 on both occasions the upgrade failed part way through - the first time totally screwing my test database! I corrected this by setting the entire Prestashop folder to 777 permissions - however this is not a huge pain having to reset to 'safe' permissions on the entire folder once installed - and not particularly smart way to do it either. So can someone at Prestashop please state what file permissions should actually be to allow the upgrade to work properly. Thanks
  19. Hello Everyone, I´m new at Prestashop, I dont know if this is a simple task or it can take more work to get done, i need that when a user registers from front end requires a administrator permission to actívate and put it on the right customer group. Also is there a way that i can disable "our stores" so it can´t be seen in front end? Thank you!
  20. Hi Guys, I was wondering if there is any way to only allow a user to create products from a given manufacturer or supplier. The thing is that I'm trying to implement a shop where the shop sluppiers can create products without any initial supervision (based on a signed contract of course), but to do so, I'm going to need to create users with one of two permissions: 1- they can only edit/delete products that they've created. 2- They can only create/edit/delete products associated with a "supplier" that I've previously bootstrapped. Can you help me with this? Thanks in advance.
  21. How can i set permissions the right way, to make sure that my store is secure? What directorys i have to take care most? With less permissions? Version: Thanks for all,
  22. From what I know folder's should be set to 755 (recursively) and files set to 644. The only problem with this is that prestashop says that these permissions (755) is incorrect as a write permission in the BO > Configuration page at the bottom. If I change the folders to 777 the configuration page displays no errors. We can't use 777 as this creates vulnerabilities. So what's the deal?
  23. When I try to update the email template HTML in Back Office > Tools > Translations I get the following error: Cannot write language file for e-mail subjects, path is:/var/www/html/gg/mails/en/lang.php CHMOD 755 and 777 Recursively do not work for me. Any ideas?
  24. Hi, I have this configuration: I use Prestashop 1.5 with MultiShop enabled and have two shops, one main and another inserted using MultiShop. I would like to ask if I can make sure that the administrator assigned to the store 2, has the ability to change ONLY the price of products (if possible I'd like that would only increase it), and not all of the other information. It's possible? Thanks
  25. Hi all, like many, I've found myself in the impossibility to install Prestashop due to lack of permissions with a handful of folders and files. I've thought about 777 CHMOD all the red X folders recursively. Not only it's an annoying task (/modules/ folder anyone?), but you'll have to CHMOD again any time you need to modify/upgrade something. I've come across a definitive solution for this problem. It's for Pro, though. 1-> Connect to your hosting via SSH (any client). 2-> Log in as @root and then write 3-> adduser writeanynamehere 3a-> (Optional) You can also give sudo permission to the user you just created via visudo 4-> Then write cd /var/www/ 5-> chown www-data:www-data * -R 6-> usermod -a -G www-data usernameaddedatstep2 7-> (Optional) restart your web server No more write permissions error. Have fun Edit: Sorry, I've forgot to mention that this solution has been tested on Ubuntu Server x64 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) although it's safe to assume that, syntax aside, it should be similar for all Linux distros and versions.
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