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  1. Hello, Please i need your help. I uploaded my prestashop 1.6 in production and when i create a profile it doesn't appear when i want to set up his permissions. Bests
  2. My VPS server had an apache and php upgrade. Prestashop (1.6.1) then stopped working due to permission issues. My host redid all permissions on folder/files to 0755 and 0655. That got a bit of progress but I then ran into a Smarty Cache problem giving warning message of: Fatal error: Uncaught --> Smarty: unable to write file /var/www/html/prestashop/cache/smarty/compile So to test I cleared out the contents of the two folders COMPILE and CACHE in the CACHE/SMARTY/ folder, and then changed both folders to 0777 (unsecure I know!). The site then loaded up correctly. So this is where is gets interesting (and confusing) for me. Looking at the ownership of the files in the CACHE/SMARTY/ folders, before I cleared out the contents the ownership of all the files were by: PAWSFOUR which is the login I use to access CPANEL/FTP etc. (is this the root user?) When Prestashop wrote the files to the smarty cache once the folder was set to 0777 the owner appeared as: 99 From what I have read across many other related posts is that Prestashop uses a different user when it writes to the server and as I understand it, the problem with the server not allowing Prestashop to write is because this user (in my case called 99) is not part of the apache user group? This is where I am starting to get a little confused and I am not sure how exactly to explain this to my Host provider? Can anyone explain exactly what needs to be done in terms of the users in apache/php groups etc on the host server in terms that I can explain to the host provider? I don't know which user is the root user etc (PAWSFOUR, 99) or which user needs to be added to what group (apache group?) so it's rather difficult to explain to the Host what needs to be done. I've tried looking at all the other topics on this but none really seem to explain it in a way that I can pass on to my Host. Any help greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello, I am looking for a way to disallow a group of employees to edit any published item(product or category). As well as, to disallow the option for them to publish any item. They can only save items as drafts & edit them only as long as the items are still drafts. Has anyone any idea how to accomplish such a thing? Cheers, C
  4. Hey! Been trying to find a way to change my invoice and mail logo in design --> themes and logo --> logo for invoices and e-mail. I am using the superadmin account and i get a "you do not have permission to edit here" when trying to change the logos. I am using prestashop and the warehouse theme. This seems to be a similar issue, but i've tried a few things without luck. I would like to avoid messing with the database if possible. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/600537-ps-17-access-denied-in-design-pages-as-superadmin/ It seems very strange that you would have to replace database tables to add a logo.
  5. Bonjour, En plus des miens, je propose les produits de certains collegues sur ma boutique. Je voudrais pouvoir leur creer un profil avec la permission de gerer UNIQUEMENT leurs produits sur le catalogue. Ils seraient ainsi libres de gerer leurs photos, leur texte,... Dans la rubrique PERMISSIONS actuelle on s'arrete au niveau RUBRIQUE => je voudrais ajouter un niveau supplementaire. Avez vous une idee ou savez vous quel est le fichier php qui gere les PERMISSIONS Merci,
  6. Just found this particular forum - may be more relevant than just the General Topics forum where I originally posted this (https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/864285-fresh-ps-174-install-500-error-as-soon-as-access-install/?tab=comments#comment-2920791) Since I cannot move the topic, I have had to open another! OK, So I have just uploaded all the files for PS 1.7.4 to my server and gone to mydomain.com/install and get a 500 error. I turned on dev tools and this is the error I get: Fatal error: Uncaught Symfony\Component\Filesystem\Exception\IOException: Failed to copy "http://i18n.prestashop.com/translations/" to "/home/me/public_html/mydomain.com/ps/translations/sf-en-US.zip" because source file could not be opened for reading. in /home/me/public_html/mydomain.com/ps/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Filesystem/Filesystem.php:57 Stack trace: #0 /home/me/public_html/mydomain.com/ps/classes/Language.php(1094): Symfony\Component\Filesystem\Filesystem->copy('http://i18n.pre...', '/home/me/pu...', true) #1 /home/me/public_html/mydomain.com/ps/classes/Language.php(1067): LanguageCore::downloadXLFLanguagePack('en-US', Array, 'sf') #2 /home/me/public_html/mydomain.com/ps/classes/Language.php(1044): LanguageCore::downloadLanguagePack('en', '', Array) #3 /home/me/public_html/mydomain.com/ps/install/controllers/http/welcome.php(52): LanguageCore::downloadAndInstallLanguagePack('en', '', NULL, false in /home/me/public_html/mydomain.com/ps/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Filesystem/Filesystem.php on line 57 Has anyone else come across this issue? I am running PHP 7 and have not altered any file permissions - all seem to be 755 for directories and 644 for files.
  7. Bonjour à tous, je suis en train de développer plusieurs modules pour un projet prestashop 1.7. Ceux ci sont regroupés dans un tab que j'ai développé sur le back office. J'ai créé un profil d'employé avec des permissions sur ces différents tabs. Lorsque je me loggue sur le BO avec ce compte employé je ne vois pas le tab en question. Si je donnes des permissions à cet emplotyé sur des tab "natifs" de prestashop aucun problème il y a bien accès. J'ai vérifié en base de données le profil correspondant à cet employé à bien l'authorization_role correspondant. Je ne comprends pas d'ou peut venir le problème. Merci beaucoup pour vos réponses. Bien cordialement, Guilhem
  8. Hi How do I set permissions on the contact page? Can I access it after login? Otherwise, a prompt appears? Someone always sends me a lot of advertising messages through the contact page, so I want to set permissions on the contact page, who can help me? thank you very much
  9. Hi all. I have a problem with my Prestashop web in the moment of install a module. When I attachment or drop the compress file of the module, after some seconds appear an error that say "Server responded with 500 error code". I had been searching information about this, but I can't solved it. Additional information: It only happens when I want to upload modules, but when I upload images of products I don't have any problem. I tried change the permissions of the folders for 755 and the files for 644. I activated the Debug Mode, but not appear any additional error, only appear "Server responded with 500 error code". Screenshot of error I have a BackUp of two weeks ago in my local server with Xampp, and in my local server don't appear this error, all works correctly. I tried upload the module from Google Chrome and Safari. I tried with two different modules. Thanks for your help!
  10. Hola a todos. Tengo un problema con mi tienda en Prestashop al momento de querer instalar un módulo. Sucede que cuando adjunto o arrastro el archivo comprimido del módulo, después de unos segundos me aparece un error en pantalla que dice "Server responded with 500 error code." He estado buscando información al respecto pero no he logrado solucionarlo. Información adicional: Solo sucede cuando quiero subir módulos, cuando subo imágenes de productos no tengo ningún problema. Ya intenté cambiar los permisos de carpetas por 755 y de archivos por 644. Active el Debug Mode, pero no me arroja ningún error adicional, solo aparece "Server responded with 500 error code." Adjunto imágen. Tengo un BackUp de hace unas dos semanas en mi servidor local con Xampp, y en local no aparece este error, todo funciona bien. Intenté subir el módulo desde Google Chrome y Safari. Intenté con dos módulos distintos. Agradezco toda la colaboración que me puedan dar! Gracias.
  11. Witam Chciałbym zainstalować Prestashop na serwerze VPS, pliki wrzucone, odpalam stronę i komunikat taki jak na screen shocie. Prosił bym o pomoc, co z tym zrobić. Pozdrawiam
  12. hello there, sorry for rhe tricky title.. btw.. I'm trying to figure out how to use multistore features but in the same URL. I try to explain better: There is only one url, and from the external the site should be appear as a single store. I have different users (respectively related to their physical stores) which have to upload their products, sharing the same frontend, pages, categories, etc... with the other stores. The goal is to set store related permissions to the users in order to let them read/write (and see ) only their products in the backoffice. Is there a way to do that without going deep in prestashop coding? Any help, suggestion, workaround would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance, Andrea
  13. I have suddenly had the following message appear on my screen: (13)Permission denied: exec failed (index.php) I didn't do anything to adjust permissions or modify FTP files so I do not know why this has happened. Can anyone explain why and how do I solve this? Many thanks.
  14. Welcome to the PrestaShop Forum, In this tutorial, we will be taking a fresh installed Ubuntu VPS or dedicated server and transform it to a webserver that will be ready to host Prestashop. The benefit of running a manually installed and configured LEMP stack is the avoidance of control panels such as cPanels and such. In addition, the RAM memory of your server would be less consumed. At the end, you are saving money and resources. Please note that at the time of this article, the versions of software were the following: Ubuntu 14.04 Prestashop This does not mean that this lesson will not work with other versions, but keep in mind compatibility issues. Prerequisite: Please have the most common Ubuntu repositories added to your repositories list. Step 1: Login into your freshly installed Ubuntu as root or as the user you created during installation. Step 2: Follow the following instructions carefully. Please be advised that the instructions are chronological in order. The parts in red are what needs to be changed by you. Step 3: Attached, are the host file. Copy the lines inside of them and paste into the host file you created above in "# General & Security Configurations". The following configuration supports http only. If you want to enable https, uncomment the ssl lines and tweak them up properly. For non-www to www redirection: Look for attachments. For www to non-www redirection: Look for attachments. That's all for today! Please remember to give back to the community. This lesson took weeks to become what it is right now. Any suggestions and ideas in the scope of this article are welcome. For moderators, you are welcome to fix, add and reformat any part of this article. - Phil Host files.zip
  15. Hello guys, I have been trying to figure this out for three days and it is driving the hell out of me. When I set the www folder permissions to 777 recursive, all problems are gone and Presta is smooth. But when I set the permissions to 755 recursive on all folders and files I get lots of problems such as fatal error smarty is not able to write to ../.. permission denied. I know that the best configuration would be 755 for folders and 644 for files but that's an enormous task to set them individually. Is there a shell command to do it all automatically? In addition, please note that the only user I have on the machine is root. I've read that for Apache guys, they give the www-data user certain permissions to control the files the way it wants. Would there be an equivalent way to it in nginx? Appreciated in advance, Phil.
  16. Hello all, I currently have two sets of categories for products. One is for categorizing the products, as you would normally do, and the other one is for restricting access for certain user groups. So, each product is in two categories: the normal one, and the one specifically for his group. The thing is, each category has different group access permissions. In the normal category, everyone has access, while in the category for his group, only a certain user group can enter. Independently, the two categories work like a charm. The problem arises when the permissions for the two categories conflict. Say, in the normal category everyone can enter, but in a concrete category a specific user can't (because I don't want him to). But that user that has banned access to a certain product, can actually see it. That's because PrestaShop is applying the permissive rule: if the user has access to see the products in any category assigned to it, then the product is displayed. I'd like to apply the restrictive rule: if a user doesn't have access to some category (it doesn't matter which), then the product is hidden. How can I achieve this? Thank you very much!
  17. After clean Prestashop installation and updating all of modules I keep getting 500 PrestashopException when I try to login into "Back Office" with user with roles different than "SuperAdmin". Tried already re-installing modules but keep getting same errors. Modules records are present in ps_module tables.
  18. Was trying to edit the footer information in the BlockCMS section under Localization > Translations and after I hit save, I was hit with a 403 Forbidden. I checked the permissions and .htaccess files to make sure everything was fine and it seemed like it was. It happens when I also try to modify Instant Search settings under Preferences > Search as well. Would someone please share some insight on what could be causing this issue? Maybe it is a .htaccess or permission problem and I just overlooked it. Not sure if it happens anywhere else but would like to get to the bottom of this issue as this platform has grown on me. Thank you.
  19. Hello everyone, I am new here . Tried to upgrade to prestashop from VIA 1-Click-Upgrade . I've tried everything. Red manuals and guides, tried to install the 1.5.6 and tried with .zip file via FileZilla but nothing seems to working. When the installer done with becking up my database, I get an error that some files can't be copied or modify/upgraded. I tried to deal with the problem VIA FTP FileZilla with permissions but PrestShop's 1 Click module has a list of 5000 files that will be modify through the upgrade process and its an Endless job to set permissions individualy to each and every folder & file. Maybe I am wrong, but this is the latest error I am getting: "Error while copying file /admin0776/ajax-tab.php Error when trying to upgrade file /admin0776/ajax-tab.php." Attached screenshot. more then that, It keeps sending me errors when I tried to Rollback and now my website is under maintanance mode but when I am trying to view it, it's a blank page. I guess due to the upgrade interrapt / files that has been deleted. So now I can't upgarde NOR rolling back and the website is off (B.T.Y - My Admin Panel in Hebrew - donno if it related..) PLEASE HELP! THANK YOU!
  20. I am working with a developer to create a prestashop marketplace. I have some basic skills, so I am helping too. I have purchased the Webkul Advanced Marketplace and it doesn't really give me everything I want. They have additional modules, but they won't do it either. What I want to be able to do is to allow sellers access to certain parts of the prestashop admin. I can obviously create an employee and assign a profile that gives them access to the parts I want them to access, however, I also need to restrict their view to only their own customers and orders. I would only give them access to orders and customers as I wouldn't want any about the site modified. I have asked the developer for a solution, but I wanted to check if anyone here had ideas on how to make this work? thanks
  21. Hello, I have a problem with the smarty cache in Prestashop 1.6 The system where the CMS has been installed is Microsoft Windows Server 2008 r2 The error is the following: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module smarty_internal_write_file: Uncaught --> Smarty: unable to write file [PHYSICAL FOLDER]/cache/smarty/compile\c4\cf\aa\wrt546c6ea31793c7_58013013 <-- thrown in [PHYSICAL FOLDER]\tools\smarty\sysplugins\smarty_internal_write_file.php on line 44 This is not always displayed, but only when I use some modules or features of PrestaShop. Searching through various forums, I found that it could be a permission problem, but I have already set up everything it needs (I hope): IUSR, System and Administrators permissions to read, write and edit. How can I fix this? Are there any solutions or tips that I can forward? Thanks in advance, Guido
  22. Hello, i have a fresh install in a vps and i am trying to update PS from to via 1-click update but I am getting several server permissions errors. Via ssh i saw that folder & files permissions are the followings: User : myusername group: apache User : Root group: root All the files that have root:root permissions stop the install.. So i updated permissions myuser:apache to all files. What i want to know if there is any chance that this may be a security issue? Or if therea are any files that must have only root:root permissions for some resons within a PS install? Regards, C
  23. Hallo, ich hab ein (wahrscheinlich einfach zu lösendes ) Problem mit der erstellung einer Sitemap. . a) Wie müssen die Berechtigungen im modules-Ordner sein, damit ich per gsitemap eine Sitemap generieren lassen kann (755 oder 777 ?) wenn ich die Map generiert habe (ich habs mit 755 hinbekommen) kann ich trotzdem aufgrund der Fehlermeldung unten, nichts speichern. Beim Versuch der Überprüfung Ihrer Dateirechte ist ein Fehler aufgetretem. Bitte passen Sie Rechte an, damit PrestaShop eine Datei im Hauptverzeichnis anlegen kann. Wie und wo muss ich denn da die Rechte ändern ? Gruß und danke Chris
  24. I have a live Prestashop site with customer data that needs to be protected. I also need to allow a programmer into my site to make changes. Can anyone recommend the permissions that a programmer would need to work in my site? What permissions should not be allowed to protect customer confidentiality? I think this will be useful to others in the future. Thnxs...
  25. Hi, i am try a lot of time to just install the prestashop platform, and i don't know what's happened after i accept the terms of use, i have to change the permissions of some files right? i mean to this list: Oops! Please correct the item(s) below, and then click "Refresh information" to test the compatibility of your new system. Permissions on files and folders Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/config/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/cache/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/log/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/img/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/mails/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/modules/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/themes/default-bootstrap/lang/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/themes/default-bootstrap/pdf/lang/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/themes/default-bootstrap/cache/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/translations/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/upload/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/download/ I have to say, i am using FlashFXP on windows, than i am select the folders from the list, and then right click and choose "Attributes (CHMOD)" and write 777 and that's not work, even if i try to do what write in the Prestashop Installation Guide that's still not working.. (i mean to change the permissions of the files to 664 and the folders to 775). But always the installation process still say's this message: Oops! Please correct the item(s) below, and then click "Refresh information" to test the compatibility of your new system. someone know what should i do? Thanks
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