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Found 21 results

  1. [MODULE] Product Combinations Bulk Generate Manager Module Overview Product Combinations Bulk Generate Manager,Products under the specified catalog "Delete all attribute combinations, delete specified attribute combinations, bulk generate and set attribute combinations" What this module does for you event_available Help save time When we have thousands of products on a comprehensive platform, it's a waste of time to set up attribute combinations one by one, and we can use "Product Combinations Bulk Generate Manager" for batch management: Follow the catalog to operate the product. Delete all attribute combinations. Remove the specified attribute combination. Build attribute combinations in bulk. Set attribute combination values in bulk. These jobs will be done quickly and at the click of a button, leaving you precious time to do something more meaningful! Other Please visit developer's modules page for other amazing modules: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/2_community-developer?contributor=1197421 Please leave your feedback and rating after using the module. It helps us to make better modules and provide better service to you and others: http://addons.prestashop.com/en/ratings.php Have any ideas how we can improve this module? Just contact us, and we will implement new features in the upcoming releases. Features Follow the catalog to operate the product. Delete all attribute combinations. Remove the specified attribute combination. Build attribute combinations in bulk. Set attribute combination values in bulk. User Friendly Quick work module Easy installation Detailed documentation Excellent support after purchase Software quality is officially certified by PrestaShop(https://validator.prestashop.com/) What's New in Version 1.0.1(10/10/2020) Code security improvement Support and updates You automatically get 3 months of support for this product. For 90 days after your purchase, you can enjoy technical and feature support, as well as access to updates available for this product. [MODULE] Product Combinations Bulk Generate Manager Module
  2. Good afternoon, Sorry if I posted in the wrong place or in a duplicate way, I looked for the solution for the whole forum. I am currently using version of prestashop and some selects and inputs from the administrative panel are being rendered in the wrong way. The selects, for example, appear as shown in the image below: It is necessary to manually separate the select tag with the id Is there any code where I can edit the HTML generation directives? It is my first time using prestashop and PHP. For the sake of detail, the installation of prestashop was normal mode and I'm using a classic theme without adding any modules. I've tested it both in chrome, as in firefox and safari. I have also tested with the most recent version at Thankful.
  3. Hello, I am trying to add contact lenses with astigmatism in my store. There is a lot of combinations, because power can be from +8,00 to -10,00, then astigmatism can be -0,75, -1,25, -1,75 or -2,25 and also axis can be from 10 to 180. Presta shop will not handle it. Won't generate, won't save, nothing. When I close the product and I am trying to open again there is an error. [500] HTTP ERROR 500 or [503] Service Temporarily Unavailable. Try again later. I have tried to contact with our service team, but they said, there is nothing wrong with the website. So where is the problem? Does PrestaShop have the limit of combinations for one product? I tried to separate contact lenses for + power and - power, but that does not change anything. Is there an addition/plug anything I can pay for, dowlnoad and add every combinations that I want? What can I do? Please help. Best Regards Olga
  4. Does anybody have the same problem. In that PS does not generate PDF invoices, when you click on 'Print Invoice' and 'View Invoice' on Order Page and also any selection of 'Print PDF..' on the Invoices Page. The actual file that is generated is always a file named index.php If you save this then rename it to sampleinvoice.pdf all can be viewed and printed as a proper PDF file. Any have the same problem, and found an answer ??
  5. Got a problem on Prestashop with combinations, tested on and 1.7.3. I found related topics, but none of them has an answer yet. Select an attribute in combination panel and click on "generate" seems to have the same effect of the save button. No error is showing neither in the console, nor in memory tools. A green pop-up on the right-top corner mention "Settings up to date", but nothing happens. No combination line appears on the page. When I save and quit/refresh the page, the "combination" tab is removed, and the product become a "Simple product" (with no combination) again. Can you help me please ? I Need an urgent way to fix... Thank you in advance. EDIT : The big part of my problem come from my child theme. It seems that child themes can't work properly with some themes which have a lot of tricky dependencies (mine was a Postheme). Moreover, a part of the problem came from a override of a theme which ask to replace the "src" folder by his own. I think that the sources they bring are to old to work on my Prestashop version.
  6. Arkadaslar 1.7.3e geçtim. hata ayıklama modunu actıgımda hata alıyorum admin paneli atıyor beni. Hadi ondan vazgeçtim. Ürün eklerken resim ekleyemiyorum. Upload linki görünmüyor. resim bölümasına tıkladıgımda upload açılmıyor. Resim ekleme alanına resmi bıraksam algılamıyor. Ve de kombinasyonlar , ve 1.7.3 te üretiyorsunuz. Php sürümüm 7.0 dı 7.1. yapımı değişmedi. temayı kaldırdım yine değişen bişey olmadı. Sebebiyle alakalı fikri olan var mı ???
  7. Bonjour, Je n'arrive pas a faire ce que je faisais sur sous Je souhaites créer des produits, avec plusieurs déclinaisons possible et cumulable avec different impact sur le prix. Exemple : Produit A : 100€ Déclinaison 1 : Liste : sans +0€ ou avec +50€ Déclinaison 2: Liste : sans +0€ ou avec +22€ Déclinaison 3 : Liste : sans +0€ ou avec +30€ .... Sachant que les déclinaisons peuvent s'ajouter ça fait au final bcp de possibilité et la génération automatique en renseignant l'impact sur le prix n'est plus possible sous Y'a t'il une solution que j'ai loupé ? Merci
  8. Hi! I would like to make these things: I have a "Gift-card" page. The user select an amount from a list, and write an e-mail to one input. And when he checked out, and paid the bill, automaticly generating a voucher code with amount which he choosed, and sending to the email. The person, who get the gift-card(voucher), can use the voucher code at check-out. Voucher code makes a discount, example: 10$ . Can anybody help me? Thank, Mátyás
  9. Bonjour à tous, Après avoir effectué la mise à jour vers la version de notre shop (upgrade 1 clic), je ne suis plus en mesure de générer les pdf à partir de la commande visualisée depuis le back office en français. Le pdf généré est corrompu. Par contre, le client dans son espace front office peut générer la facture en français sans problème. De mon côté, si je modifie la langue de mon utilisateur admin vers l'anglais, la génération du pdf fonctionne alors également. J'ai déjà rechargé le pack de langue français, traduit des éléments manquants, etc. Quelqu'un a-t-il une autre piste à me suggérer ? Le problème pourrait il venir d'un pack de lang d'un module (de livraison par exemple) ? Merci d'avance pour les suggestions.... Cordialement, Arnaud
  10. Hello, We just migrated from WooCommerce to Prestashop. However, there a no invoices for the existing orders. I tried going to the Back Office / Orders / Invoices and generate them from there, but there still no invoices to be found in the My Account page. I'm new to prestashop, so I'm sure this must be something small. Can someone please help me figure this out? Thank you.
  11. This is a prestashop module generator. It is currently in an early stage, but it already is of a great help. It can generate a module, register it to the hooks you select, generate module configuration HTML (getContent method), validate and save it, place a module on a seperate tab, create and display template files, assign variables, etc. Then it creates a zip file with your module for you to download and use. It does not create a module for you, but it can generate most of the routine that really takes a lot of time when designing a module, so you can concentrate on algorithms rather than doing that same things from one module to another. Currently I'm looking for beta-testers, and actual module creation process is only available to them. If you would like to apply, please drop me a message. Note that at this stage I'm only looking for experienced developers and there's only a finite beta-testers positions I can take yet in order to keep the server alive. If you're interested, please provide some links to your previous works. Finally, here's the link to generator, so you could see the available settings (tested in Chrome and FF, I recommend Chrome): http://baldinsearch.com/morgen/generator (yes, this is a prestashop module)
  12. Zdravím. Našel jsem tento modul na vytvoření PDF katalogu. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/333199-modulo-create-pdf-catalog/?hl=pdf+catalog&do=findComment&comment=1686406 Mám PS 1.6.14 a modul jsem nainstaloval. Když jsem dal generovat katalog, tak mi vyskočí následující hláška: FPDF error: Missing or incorrect image file: ../../img/p/12-medium.jpg Je mi jasné, že je chyba někde v cestě k obrázkům, ale nejsem schopný (nemám takové znalosti s programováním), abych tam dostal správnou cestu. Neporadí někdo? Díky
  13. Hello people! Im running a few test orders in my new shop and i stumbled upon a rather annoying problem, i can't seem to generate invoices. Whenever i try to make one it gives me the following message in google chrome: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE. i cant seem to fix it and hoped someone around here could help me out a little.
  14. Hello, What I need to do is kind of the same functionality thats already in presashop for the PDF invoices, As I understand, when the order becomes paid, somewhere a fucntion is executed and the PDF is generated with the order data. I need to do that, and also parsing the data to another function which I intend to develop that creates invoices in an API webservces apart from presatshop to host invoices out there. The problem is I cant find where it is or how to achieve this... I read about hooks, and creating my own module, but all my efforts were overdue.. Thanks in advanced... Nicolas
  15. Hi, Prestashop 1.5.x recommends using AdminController::renderForm() for rendering. There is a path of the classes cooperation: AdminController::renderForm() -> HelperForm::generateForm() -> HelperForm::generate() -> Hepler::generate() and Helper::createTemplate() public function renderForm() { if (!$this->default_form_language) $this->getLanguages(); if (Tools::getValue('submitFormAjax')) $this->content .= $this->context->smarty->fetch('form_submit_ajax.tpl'); if ($this->fields_form && is_array($this->fields_form)) { if (!$this->multiple_fieldsets) $this->fields_form = array(array('form' => $this->fields_form)); // For add a fields via an override of $fields_form, use $fields_form_override if (is_array($this->fields_form_override) && !empty($this->fields_form_override)) $this->fields_form[0]['form']['input'][] = $this->fields_form_override; $helper = new HelperForm($this); $this->setHelperDisplay($helper); $helper->fields_value = $this->getFieldsValue($this->object); $helper->tpl_vars = $this->tpl_form_vars; !is_null($this->base_tpl_form) ? $helper->base_tpl = $this->base_tpl_form : ''; if ($this->tabAccess['view']) { if (Tools::getValue('back')) $helper->tpl_vars['back'] = Tools::safeOutput(Tools::getValue('back')); else $helper->tpl_vars['back'] = Tools::safeOutput(Tools::getValue(self::$currentIndex.'&token='.$this->token)); } $form = $helper->generateForm($this->fields_form); return $form; } } /** * Create a template from the override file, else from the base file. * * @param string $tpl_name filename * @return Template */ public function createTemplate($tpl_name) { if ($this->override_folder) { if ($this->context->controller instanceof ModuleAdminController) $override_tpl_path = $this->context->controller->getTemplatePath().$this->override_folder.$this->base_folder.$tpl_name; else if ($this->module) { $override_tpl_path = _PS_MODULE_DIR_.$this->module->name.'/views/templates/admin/_configure/'.$this->override_folder.$this->base_folder.$tpl_name; } else { if (file_exists($this->context->smarty->getTemplateDir(1).DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$this->override_folder.$this->base_folder.$tpl_name)) $override_tpl_path = $this->context->smarty->getTemplateDir(1).DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$this->override_folder.$this->base_folder.$tpl_name; else if (file_exists($this->context->smarty->getTemplateDir(0).DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'controllers'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$this->override_folder.$this->base_folder.$tpl_name)) $override_tpl_path = $this->context->smarty->getTemplateDir(0).'controllers'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$this->override_folder.$this->base_folder.$tpl_name; } } else if ($this->module) { $override_tpl_path = _PS_MODULE_DIR_.$this->module->name.'/views/templates/admin/_configure/'.$this->base_folder.$tpl_name; } if (isset($override_tpl_path) && file_exists($override_tpl_path)) return $this->context->smarty->createTemplate($override_tpl_path, $this->context->smarty); else return $this->context->smarty->createTemplate($this->base_folder.$tpl_name, $this->context->smarty); } But how i can set the $helper->mobile value? Is there the right way without any method overrides? And what is the strange file path uses ($override_tpl_path = _PS_MODULE_DIR_.$this->module->name.'/views/templates/admin/_configure/'.$this->override_folder.$this->base_folder.$tpl_name;)? Regards
  16. Dear users, I'm using prestashop and I'm having problems with the quality of my product images. My images are created in photoshop and are cropped and re-sized for what should be a good product image. The orignal image looks really good, but once it is uploaded on my prestashop the qualtiy gets really bad!!! Settings of the photogenerator are already JPEG 100 and PNG 9. So that doenst seem to be the problem. In the attachment you will find the original image, the generated image, and a comparison image. You can also check my site www.loavies.com. I would be very pleased if someone could help me out. With kind regards, Ben
  17. Okay, so as the title suggests, when ever I try post a page to a social network, all that shows is the address. unlike other sites I post where I get a thumbnail and a little snippet of the text. G+ FB loads a little and just gives up. what gives? I'm on PS When I'm on hootsuite (and automatic social networker) it gives me an API error.
  18. We are a company that specializes in a web developing. We are interested for a module or prestashop extension that can automatically create copies of an already installed prestashop. Per example, through my admin panel with a simple click and with the declaration of a domain name automatically creates a copy on the server of my prestashop. I would like to know if this is posible to do or if someone has implemented something similar. We accept offers for implementation.
  19. Hi, I'm looking for a way to generate the smarty cache automatically for all my products and category pages. I've searched the web and the forum, but haven't found a solution. Is there a way to do so ?
  20. Hello, Since a week ago when I put a new product (as Test) Prestashop does not generate the home product thumb. I tried to fix it, but I can not find where the problem comes. The products older than a week generate right the image: http://puertasalpaira.com/68-369-home/ca.jpg While the news one not: http://puertasalpaira.com/531-home/prueba.jpg The following URL (last row) you can check it: http://puertasalpaira.com/7-puertas-de-exterior Any ideas? Thanks for your help. Best regards
  21. Hi there Has anyone had any success in managing this from SQL ? We have an external ERP system which handles all categorization which is then updated in the Prestashop database. This is done using Inserts and updates. However, this does not take care of the calculation of depth and nleft and nright, and eventhough I know a little PHP, I can't seem to get my head around the function that generates the ntree and how it works. So have anyone tried to achieve this using SQL ? Regards, Svend
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