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  1. Hello All, i m seeting up a book store online, so i want to add author name, and more product details like hardcover or paperback, no. of pages to my product page. any help how can i add them while uploading csv files to prestashop? Thanks
  2. Hallo I am running a shop based on a PS 1.5.3 I just installed Multiple features and Advanced search 4 modules, I am very happy of them. now, I would like to perform a SQL action in order to: - get the value of a TAG given to a PRODUCT, or multiple values if more than one TAG is given; - associate the value of a TAG to a FEATURE VALUE - write the FEATURE VALUE in the PRODUCT where the TAG was taken. I know it must be not too hard for people having experience with MySql, but I am not. Any help will be greatly appreciated. thank you Corrado
  3. Dear all, I have succesfully use the API, but when I want to add a product there is one problem. When I want to add more than one feature to a product only the last one is active. I do not get errors, the product is insert correct, but with only one feature. For example I ve a height and a width, only the width is set. Hope somebody can help me to add more features. My sent XML (I have replace my webshop URL for security reasons): Mayby there is the fault (??) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <prestashop xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink"> <product> <id_manufacturer format="isUnsignedId">79</id_manufacturer> <id_supplier format="isUnsignedId"/> <id_category_default format="isUnsignedId">2</id_category_default> <new/> <cache_default_attribute/> <id_default_image not_filterable="true"/> <id_default_combination not_filterable="true"/> <id_tax_rules_group format="isUnsignedId"/> <type not_filterable="true"/> <id_shop_default format="isUnsignedId"/> <reference maxSize="32" format="isReference"/> <supplier_reference maxSize="32" format="isReference"/> <location maxSize="64" format="isReference"/> <width format="isUnsignedFloat"/> <height format="isUnsignedFloat"/> <depth format="isUnsignedFloat"/> <weight format="isUnsignedFloat"/> <quantity_discount format="isBool"/> <ean13 maxSize="13" format="isEan13"/> <upc maxSize="12" format="isUpc"/> <cache_is_pack format="isBool"/> <cache_has_attachments format="isBool"/> <is_virtual format="isBool"/> <on_sale format="isBool"/> <online_only format="isBool"/> <ecotax format="isPrice"/> <minimal_quantity format="isUnsignedInt">1</minimal_quantity> <price required="true" format="isPrice">818.00</price> <wholesale_price format="isPrice"/> <unity format="isString"/> <unit_price_ratio/> <additional_shipping_cost format="isPrice"/> <customizable format="isUnsignedInt"/> <text_fields format="isUnsignedInt"/> <uploadable_files format="isUnsignedInt"/> <active format="isBool">1</active> <redirect_type format="isString"/> <id_product_redirected format="isUnsignedId"/> <available_for_order format="isBool">1</available_for_order> <available_date format="isDateFormat"/> <condition format="isGenericName"/> <show_price format="isBool">1</show_price> <indexed format="isBool"/> <visibility format="isProductVisibility"/> <advanced_stock_management format="isBool"/> <date_add format="isDateFormat"/> <date_upd format="isDateFormat"/> <meta_description maxSize="255" format="isGenericName"><language id="1" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/1" format="isUnsignedId"/><language id="6" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/6" format="isUnsignedId"/></meta_description> <meta_keywords maxSize="255" format="isGenericName"><language id="1" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/1" format="isUnsignedId"/><language id="6" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/6" format="isUnsignedId"/></meta_keywords> <meta_title maxSize="128" format="isGenericName"><language id="1" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/1" format="isUnsignedId"/><language id="6" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/6" format="isUnsignedId"/></meta_title> <link_rewrite required="true" maxSize="128" format="isLinkRewrite"><language id="1" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/1" format="isUnsignedId">184-38BKTTR-13512PLYTT</language><language id="6" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/6" format="isUnsignedId">184-38BKTTR-13512PLYTT</language></link_rewrite> <name required="true" maxSize="128" format="isCatalogName"><language id="1" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/1" format="isUnsignedId">18.4-38 BKT TR-135 12 PLY TT</language><language id="6" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/6" format="isUnsignedId">18.4-38 BKT TR-135 12 PLY TT</language></name> <description format="isCleanHtml"><language id="1" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/1" format="isUnsignedId"></language><language id="6" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/6" format="isUnsignedId"></language></description> <description_short format="isCleanHtml"><language id="1" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/1" format="isUnsignedId">B467 H1750 A5145</language><language id="6" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/6" format="isUnsignedId">B467 H1750 A5145</language></description_short> <available_now maxSize="255" format="isGenericName"><language id="1" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/1" format="isUnsignedId"/><language id="6" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/6" format="isUnsignedId"/></available_now> <available_later maxSize="255" format="IsGenericName"><language id="1" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/1" format="isUnsignedId"/><language id="6" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/6" format="isUnsignedId"/></available_later> <associations> <categories node_type="category"> <category> <id required="true"/> </category> <category><id>2</id></category><category><id>18</id></category></categories> <images node_type="image"> <image> <id/> </image> </images> <combinations node_type="combinations"> <combinations> <id required="true"/> </combinations> </combinations> <product_option_values node_type="product_options_values"> <product_options_values> <id required="true"/> </product_options_values> </product_option_values> <product_features node_type="product_feature"> <product_feature> <id required="true"/> <custom/> <id_feature_value xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/product_feature_values/" required="true"/> </product_feature> </product_features> <tags node_type="tag"> <tag> <id required="true"/> </tag> </tags> <stock_availables node_type="stock_available"> <stock_available> <id required="true"/> <id_product_attribute required="true"/> </stock_available> </stock_availables> <accessories node_type="product"> <product> <id xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/product/" required="true"/> </product> </accessories> <product_bundle node_type="products"> <products> <id required="true"/> <quantity/> </products> </product_bundle> <product_features><product_feature><id>6</id><custom>0</custom><id_feature_value>131</id_feature_value></product_feature></product_features><product_features><product_feature><id>16</id><custom>0</custom><id_feature_value>108</id_feature_value></product_feature></product_features></associations> </product> </prestashop> My return XML <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <prestashop xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink"> <product> <id><![CDATA[472]]></id> <id_manufacturer xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/manufacturers/79"><![CDATA[79]]></id_manufacturer> <id_supplier></id_supplier> <id_category_default xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/categories/2"><![CDATA[2]]></id_category_default> <new></new> <cache_default_attribute></cache_default_attribute> <id_default_image not_filterable="true"></id_default_image> <id_default_combination not_filterable="true"></id_default_combination> <id_tax_rules_group></id_tax_rules_group> <position_in_category not_filterable="true"><![CDATA[1]]></position_in_category> <manufacturer_name not_filterable="true"><![CDATA[bKT]]></manufacturer_name> <quantity not_filterable="true"></quantity> <type not_filterable="true"><![CDATA[simple]]></type> <id_shop_default><![CDATA[1]]></id_shop_default> <reference></reference> <supplier_reference></supplier_reference> <location></location> <width></width> <height></height> <depth></depth> <weight></weight> <quantity_discount></quantity_discount> <ean13></ean13> <upc></upc> <cache_is_pack></cache_is_pack> <cache_has_attachments></cache_has_attachments> <is_virtual></is_virtual> <on_sale></on_sale> <online_only></online_only> <ecotax></ecotax> <minimal_quantity><![CDATA[1]]></minimal_quantity> <price><![CDATA[818.00]]></price> <wholesale_price></wholesale_price> <unity></unity> <unit_price_ratio></unit_price_ratio> <additional_shipping_cost></additional_shipping_cost> <customizable></customizable> <text_fields></text_fields> <uploadable_files></uploadable_files> <active><![CDATA[1]]></active> <redirect_type></redirect_type> <id_product_redirected></id_product_redirected> <available_for_order><![CDATA[1]]></available_for_order> <available_date></available_date> <condition><![CDATA[new]]></condition> <show_price><![CDATA[1]]></show_price> <indexed></indexed> <visibility><![CDATA[both]]></visibility> <advanced_stock_management></advanced_stock_management> <date_add><![CDATA[2014-01-17 12:47:32]]></date_add> <date_upd><![CDATA[2014-01-17 12:47:32]]></date_upd> <meta_description><language id="1" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/1"><![CDATA[]]></language><language id="6" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/6"><![CDATA[]]></language></meta_description> <meta_keywords><language id="1" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/1"><![CDATA[]]></language><language id="6" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/6"><![CDATA[]]></language></meta_keywords> <meta_title><language id="1" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/1"><![CDATA[]]></language><language id="6" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/6"><![CDATA[]]></language></meta_title> <link_rewrite><language id="1" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/1"><![CDATA[184-38BKTTR-13512PLYTT]]></language><language id="6" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/6"><![CDATA[184-38BKTTR-13512PLYTT]]></language></link_rewrite> <name><language id="1" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/1"><![CDATA[18.4-38 BKT TR-135 12 PLY TT]]></language><language id="6" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/6"><![CDATA[18.4-38 BKT TR-135 12 PLY TT]]></language></name> <description><language id="1" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/1"><![CDATA[]]></language><language id="6" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/6"><![CDATA[]]></language></description> <description_short><language id="1" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/1"><![CDATA[b467 H1750 A5145]]></language><language id="6" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/6"><![CDATA[b467 H1750 A5145]]></language></description_short> <available_now><language id="1" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/1"><![CDATA[]]></language><language id="6" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/6"><![CDATA[]]></language></available_now> <available_later><language id="1" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/1"><![CDATA[]]></language><language id="6" xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/languages/6"><![CDATA[]]></language></available_later> <associations> <categories node_type="category"> <category xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/categories/2"> <id><![CDATA[2]]></id> </category> <category xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/categories/18"> <id><![CDATA[18]]></id> </category> </categories> <images node_type="image"/> <combinations node_type="combinations"/> <product_option_values node_type="product_options_values"/> <product_features node_type="product_feature"> <product_feature xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/product_features/16"> <id><![CDATA[16]]></id> <custom><![CDATA[0]]></custom> <id_feature_value xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/product_feature_values/108"><![CDATA[108]]></id_feature_value> </product_feature> </product_features> <tags node_type="tag"> <tag xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/tags/0"> <id><![CDATA[0]]></id> </tag> </tags> <stock_availables node_type="stock_available"> <stock_available xlink:href="http://www.webshop.com/api/stock_availables/859"> <id><![CDATA[859]]></id> <id_product_attribute><![CDATA[0]]></id_product_attribute> </stock_available> </stock_availables> <accessories node_type="product"/> <product_bundle node_type="products"/> </associations> </product> </prestashop>
  4. I would like to be able to sort my product on color. BUT... I do not want this color as an attribute. I want it as a feature. I am using attribute wizard pro (great module) and if I add the sort on color option as an attribute it also shows when looking at a product. And I only want it as a sort option. But, it would be nice to be able to sort on an image instead of only text. Like when you sort on a color attribute: I have tried the following (from this post: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/298061-how-to-add-hyperlink-and-images-to-features/?hl=%2Bfeatures ) , this works in the datasheet underneath the product: But I would also like to add this to the layered navigation. Anyone any ideas?
  5. Hi there Prestashop Community, here is my problem and i guess you can help I bought the Module PM Multifeatures. Installing and conf. worked great. Only problem was the view in Frontend. It was like: Feature 1: Value 1 Feature 1: Value 2 Feature 1: Value 3 Feature 2: Value 1 Feature 2: Value 2 _________________________________________________ I needed it to be like: Feature 1: Value 1, Value 2, Value 3 Feature 2: Value 1, Value 2. _________________________________________________ So i asked the developer ---> They gave me a sample for Product.tpl I used that code in my .tpl and it worked great as id should. Here is the Code part of that product.tpl {* Multiple Features *} {assign var="features" value=Module::getInstanceByName('pm_multiplefeatures')->getFrontFeatures($product->id, ', ')} {* /Multiple Features *} {foreach from=$features item=feature} {if isset($feature.value)} <li><span><b>{$feature.name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}:</b></span> {$feature.value|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</li> {/if} {/foreach} See Screenshot 1: _________________________________________________ So far everything fine. I tryed to do the same on my product-list.tpl but without any succsess. Here is the Code part of that product-list.tpl {if $product.features} {* Multiple Features *} {assign var="features" value=Module::getInstanceByName('pm_multiplefeatures')->getFrontFeatures($product->id, ', ')} {* /Multiple Features *} {foreach from=$product.features item=feature name=features} <span class="sb_feature"><b>{$feature.name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}:</b> {$feature.value|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} <br></span> {/foreach} {/if} See Screenshot 2: _________________________________________________ I did several trys but didn`t get it to work as it should. Any of you Mastercoders got an idea where the mistake could be? Thanx in advance. SM5K
  6. Bonjour, j'ai arpenté le net à la recherche d'une info, mais je ne trouve pas. Je suis en Prestashop non modifié. J'importe des produits via la procédure d'import sans problème. Par contre, dès que je souhaite ajouter des caractéristiques dans l'import de mes produits, cela ne fonctionne pas. Le produit est bien importé, mais sans les caracétéristiques liées. J'ai de temps en temps le message d'erreur suivant (mais pas systématiquement) : Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in [...]controllers/admin/AdminImportController.php on line 1557 Exemple de caractéristique importée : ;Hauteur:5;1; Hauteur est le nom de ma caractéristique 5 est la valeur de cette caractéristique pour ce produit (valeur qui existe déjà dans le BO) 1 est le numéro d'ordre de la caractéritique "hauteur" dans la liste des caractéristiques disponibles en BO. J'ai vu sur le net d'anciens bugs liés à cette fonctionnalité, mais tout semble avoir été résolu dans la version Si quelqu'un peut m'aider, je suis preneur! Merci
  7. Hi, I have started making my online store with the default free theme that prestashop comes with. What will happen if i change themes.....will i have to start again, will it lose all the shop and product info i have already put in? I am trying to make an online baby clothes store, and i need to enable shopper to choose which size of the clothes they want, can't seem to do this with default theme.... help and and suggestions would be great..i have added the sizes i want want to be able to choose for each product, but only seem to be able to select one option.... cheers
  8. Dear, I am Sumit vasudeva from INDIA. I saw couple of your best answers on forum for Prestashop. I have a issue with my PS. Issue is: Go to 99trendz.com. When you go here, please go to http://99trendz.com/133-jackets-blazers-99trendz. When you go on this link, it shows me navigation as Home>>MEN>>MEN'S WINTERWEAR>>Jackets & Blazers>>Footwear>>T-Shirts>>Casual Shoes>>Footwear but i have not put anything in Jackets as subcategory. Also, i see that Yellow bar giving a notification that "this feature cannot be disabled because it is currently in use" above combinations in performance tab is not coming. How can i get it back? Please please help me.
  9. I have want to remove the colon (: ) after the feature name on the product page. I thought it woudl be in the product.tpl but it isn't, so where is it hiding?! This is what I have in product.tpl: <li><span>{$feature.name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</span> {$feature.value|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</li> As you can see, there is no colon within the span, but it results in this on the site: <li><span>Available colour :</span> Black</li>
  10. Hello, I am currently figuring out how to import all products the right way. The thing I'm working on right now are the features. When I'm uploading a list of new products with as example 1 product with the color Black, it just creates another feature 'Black'. So when I upload 10 products with the color Black, I got 10 new added features with the same name 'Black'. Is it possible to let Prestashop overwrite or just select the existing feature Black? I'm using Prestashop v1.5.6. Thanks!
  11. How do I go about importing products with several Features successfully via a csv import? I have an Excel document with the following data: Refernce #;URL rewritten;Name *;Price tax excl.;Categorie;Feature (Tube Size);Feature (Thread Size);Image URLs NSE01;nse-01;"Elbow Meter In 4mm to 1/8""";4.32;Push-in Plastic;04mm;"1/8""";http://test.co.uk/import/NSE.jpg NSE02;nse-02;"Elbow Meter Out 4mm to 1/8""";4.32;Push-in Plastic;04mm;"1/8""";http://test.co.uk/import/NSE.jpg I have then imported a dozen test items to see how it works. This thread was of use when creating my csv: [solved] Field List for Creating Importable CSV File The following thread showed how you must add a separate column for each individual Feature. [solved] How to import features and values by csv The problem I'm having is that even though I've created the features ready in the Back Office when I try and import them here: BO > Tools > CSV Import it only imports one of the attributes and it stores it as a Customized value instead of a Pre-defined value (see attached). The problem here is that these imported features do not work with the Layered Navigation block. If I look in phpMyAdmin I can see a table called ps_feature_lang In here I have: id_feature ; id_lang ; name There are two different id_features that have the name "Thread Size". What am I doing wrong or how can I best setup my CSV for mass import of features?
  12. I just wrote a short quick tip (on request) on how to automatically sort features by name: http://nemops.com/order-prestashop-features-name/ Hope you like it
  13. Hey guys, 1) So I've got a store that sells supplements, but one of the categories is also 'gear' for clothing and such. How do you guys handle Gender items? eg: I could put subcategories Gear->Men and Gear->Women (and then probably Gear->Kids->Boys / Gear->Kids->Girls) - but this certainly doesnt seem right? 2) What about 'category filtering' where they can filter the price range and manufacturer, how would I allow them to further filter by 'shorts' or 't-shirts' or 'shirts' (etc)? 3) Lastly, for a completely different store, but similarly to (1) - how would I do the same regarding pets? I have a bunch of 'grooming' items, 'beds', 'food', etc. How would I specify what breed(s) a specific item is suitable for (eg: cats/dogs/birds/reptiles) //edit Oh, and just to throw another spanner in the works - how would you furthermore categories by another factor. For example, by sport. eg: Gear->Swimming->Women Gear->Swimming->Men Gear->Swimming->Girls Gear->Swimming->Boys Gear->Soccer->Women Gear->Soccer->Men Gear->Soccer->Girls Gear->Soccer->Boys etc.
  14. Hi there, I'm currently trying to get the chosen product attributes, that display in the cart for the chosen item to be in a list. They are currently as a one line anchor for all attributes. Here is the code on shopping-cart-product-line.tpl {if isset($product.attributes) && $product.attributes} <a href="{$link->getProductLink($product.id_product, $product.link_rewrite, $product.category, null, null, $product.id_shop, $product.id_product_attribute)|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}"> {$product.attributes|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} </a> {/if} So any help in getting these to output as an unordered list with each attribute being a list item, is greatly appreciated. I've tried a number of things but nothing is seeming to work.
  15. Hello, I would like to use measurement units when I set up feature for my product. So instead of default Presta behavior Feature name: Feature Value, I would like to have 3 parameters: Feature name, Feature unit and Feature value. This will allow me do not specify units every time I set feature value. Maybe some module can help?
  16. Hi, I´m triying to import some products using the Import CSV function and I´m having a problem when trying to import features. I created some features and assigned some values PRIOR to the import, but when I import the file the features are imported as Customized instead of importing it as Pre defined. Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Thanks
  17. Hello all. My first time posting and I hope I can get some assistance here. PS1.5.4.1 with non default Theme. I have imported 50 products to a test site.Every product has 4 features and all imports OK. After adding an Accessory to 1 product it appears to delete 1 feature from random product. On Smarty console the random product feature shows a NULL value. This has happened in MANY tests. Delete and add products, add accessory, missing features. Unsure what entries should be in Database tables but this shows- ps_product_feature = 200 entries ps_feature_value = 94 entries (missing feature entry for product) I checked and rechecked Product import CSV..imports OK. Removed unwanted Modules, cleared cache, manually removed cache items. Restored database from within phpMyadmin. Force compile ON, cache OFF, CCC OFF. I thought about Database, core files or theme file or languages problem. What files are used to get update Accessories and would it affect Features. I shall keep investigating. If anyone can help or suggest I would be very happy. UPDATE: Adding Product accessory deleted a record in ps_feature_value database table. Feature is removed from Product as it retrieved as NULL value since the DB entry is not there!
  18. Hi I've done product import from csv. Everything gone fine, but after some time i realised thas some features are missing. After import everyting was ok. Every feature was on product. But after 2 hours when i've checked random product - missing 2-3 features. On some other product also similiar situation - missing 2-3 features. And what is interesting not the same. So if on one product is missing for example year, author, number of pages, on othe can be missin author, publisher and ISDN. No rule which features are missing on which product. Becosue it's new shop i import products again, but i doesn't solve the problem. Another import - everytnig ok, few hours later - missing features... again. I've search and there was some information that may be related with some PS bug in import - afeter import everything is ok, but after edit of one product, features are deleted on other products - something with linking and variable custom on feature set to 1. I've tried to change that value on import to 0 but with no effect. If someone has similar problam or knows solution to my problem i will be very grateful. PS version
  19. Hi guys, I am willing to add a slider filter such as the one that exists for Price with the layered navigation. What I am looking exactly for is a way for visitors to narrow product by size (heights, etc..) Those are numeric values. Therefore, i am looking for a slider. If anyone has an idea on how i can proceed, i ll be glad. Thank you !
  20. Witam. Robiłem import produktów z csv. W imporcie przy każdym produkcie były też cechy. Sprawdziłem - wszystko zaimportowało się poprawnie. Jednak po czasie losowo znikają cechy na produktach. Pomyślałem, że może jednak import był błędy i wykonałem jeszcze raz. Sytuacja się powtórzyła. I tak kilka razy. Nie ma reguły co do tego jakie cechy na produkcie znikają. Są to zarówno wartości liczbowe jak i string (różnej długości - znikają zarówno 2 znakowe jak i te które mają więcej niż 10 znaków). Dzieje się to losowo. Na jednym pordukcie brakuje 3 z 10 cech, a na innym 4. I nie że konkretnych cech brakuje np. zawsze roku, języka czy wydania, ale losowo. Na jednym takich, a na drugim może brakować innych. Wygląda na to, że po imporcie, chyba po przeedytowaniu dowolnego produktu po jakimś czasie psuje to powiązania produktów z cechami. Przez jakiś czas po imporcie wszystko jest ok, a nagle cechy znikają - nie wiem czy wiązać to z edycją produktu czy może jest jakiś trigger na bazie za to odpowiedzialny. Szukałem rozwiązania w internecie i gdzieś znalazłem, że może to być błąd importu PS przypisujący cechy. Próbowałem coś zrobić, ale efektu żadnego to nie dało. Nie natrafiłem na jakieś dobre rozwiązanie, które poradziłoby coś na mój problem. Czy ktoś spotkał się kiedyś z czymś takim i wie jak temu zaradzić? Jest to kwestia przerobienia kodu czy może jest coś co po czasie wycina powiązania (jakiś skrypt chodzący na bazie cyklicznie i "czyszczący") lub jakieś ustawienia PS? Wersja PS to, postawiona na home.pl Z góry jestem wdzięczny za każdą pomoc
  21. Prestashop Hi Is there a way to display different feature filters depending on the category shown. For example: - show filter 1, 2 and 3 if category 1 is chosen. - show filter 4, 5 and 6 if category 2 is chosen. - etc... Thanks for any help.
  22. Hi I update Prestashop to the new version(1.5.5) everything went well except the features, that stooped being displayed in my website. Only the weight appears and nothing else and i have a lot of features to appears. I attached a image of the features (ficha informativa) that appears in my website. Does anyone knows what can be blocking that? or any change that i need to do. What should i do to resolve this problem? Thanks for the help nunomaco
  23. Hi, I am working on a wine website. The main categories are red / white/ bubbly. I have a feature "Region", which is where each wine is produced. I would like a sidebar menu that lists all of the regions. Click a region, and the wines come up for that region. Does anyone know of a module that takes features and creates a menu? Much appreciated.
  24. Hi, I have a problem when importing my products with a .csv file. Until now it was working well, but now after importation I have the title of the feature in the default value instead of having the real value of my feature. My .csv is the same as for previous imports, I don't understand. You can check my screenshot in attached file. Any idea of the problem? Kind regards, Romain
  25. Hi, I've encountered a problem when create Rules using : Catalog Price Rules Combinations It works well with all combinations ( i've tested supplier, manufacturer and attributes ) but when i chose a combination with Feature the rule applied is every time the first field of the first feature. For example : Feature 1 - 0.5 inch, 1 inch, 2 inch Feature 2 - black, red, white Feature 3 - 10 inch, 20 inch, 30 inch If i make a rule with : 1. All-Suppliers but only Products with Feature 3 / Option 2 ( 20 inch ) 2. I Save It 3. When i edit the rules i've just made i find : All-Supplier but only Products with Feature 1 / Option 1 ( 0.5 inch ) This happen with any kinds of feature and any kinds of options. Amar,
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