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  1. Hola Tengo un problema que me aparece en la pantalla previa al pago y es que me sale el precio total de los productos bien, e incluso cuando sale un transportista con su precio (si no se cumplen las condiciones de envío gratuito) también está bien, pero el TOTAL de la compra a pagar sale sin el IVA. Todo funciona bien salvo cuando se registra el usuario, es decir, que si como visitante se seleccionan productos el precio de los productos y el precio total sale bien, pero al ir a comprar hay que registrarse previamente, y una vez hecho esto, el total del pedido sale sin el IVA ¿Dónde puedo corregir esto?
  2. Hi, I am having problems with the ape length in the backend. I sorted out the translation and the validation issues by adding the following code both for SIRET and APE in the validate.php file public static function isSiret($siret) { if (Tools::strlen($siret) != 100) return true; } public static function isApe($ape) { if (Tools::strlen($ape) != 100) return true; } Both SIRET and APE are accepted when registering but in the backend i can only see the first 5 characters for APE instead of the 13 characters that i typed when registering.
  3. Hello We are looking for an experienced Prestashop developer for a migrated oscommerce onto Prestashop. There are many tasks like module customization (Ogone/ ingenico corrections..) to start with and it will be a long term relationship. We are located in Belgium Please send email to olive @ me.com with description of yourself and your experience. Thank you
  4. Hi. We recently got a module for credit card payments. The modules works this way, it sends encrypted information to the payment gateway. No payment is on my site and everything goes at the credit card office. But here's the problem, in my prestashop site is the product with tax, total is with tax and I want it to stay that way. BUT in the payment site wich belongs to the credit card company, the total is without tax! the module gets the price total from _PS_OS_PAYMENT_, $cart->getOrderTotal(), and $Vara_1_Verd = number_format(Tools::convertPrice($params['cart']->getOrderTotal(true, 4), $Gjaldmidill), 0, ',', ''); $carri = $params['cart']->getOrderShippingCost($params['cart']->id_carrier); $vorur = array(); $checkSumString = ''; $counter = 1; Can I change this ? the credit card company says' the easist way is to change the price of all products and don't include tax whatsoever with regards, Rob
  5. Prestashop's default method of adding FREE SHIPPING is done on the value of an order irrespective of the VAT. I would like Prestashop to apply FREE SHIPPING to an order BEFORE any VAT is added. At the moment my client's store is giving FREE SHIPPING to any order over £150 INC VAT but this should only be applied when the order is over £150 EX VAT. Can someone help me make the modifications to the files to get this done?
  6. Just installed the Euro VAT module but when testing I get the message: "VAT number validation service unavailable" What API is this linking to and how reliable is it? Cheers, Chris http://www.PROtastic.co.uk
  7. Hi, I have some issues with my Presta that it doesn't include taxes if user is compnay with VAT number. However I need to have the same prices for companies and regular users. Maybe somebody knows what I need to modify to have taxes included for companies also. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I am using a multi-store set-up with advanced stock management. I have 2 stocks, A and B (located in different countries). If the product ships from stock A, the VAT rate is 20%. If the product ships from B AND destination country is Finland, the VAT rate should be 24% (if the destination is some other country, the VAT should be 20%). Is it possible to set it up somehow? If I would have to change the VAT logic, how to start building a module for this - what controllers/files should be overridden?
  9. Greetings! EDIT: PrestaShop version: http://rimex-bg.com is my website. I have been tweaking my online store and there is a problem in it that pokes my eyes out. Before I start I need to explain that I have edited my default theme with presta theme maker and I know that such interferences can cause such issues. When displaying a product there is no incl. VAT or excl. VAT next to the price, regardless of which option is enabled. I check the Tax label, it's on. The taxing rule is on, everyting is on. I checked another topic and saw that some guy edited product.tpl in his theme directory, causing it to show. I tried using his code, however it caused my store to return a blank page, so I reverted it, but edited the words "incl. VAT" and "excl VAT" to Bulgarian in case I fix it. Here's how the line looks now: <!-- {if $tax_enabled && $display_tax_label == 1} {if $priceDisplay == 1}{l s='без ДДС'}{else}{l s='с ДДС'}{/if} {/if}--> Please let me know if there are known fixes to this.
  10. Hello! I'd like to change required length of SIRET or APE nr. In Denmark it's called CVR and has 8 fields, so I'd like to change a name of it and be able to enter the nr. In other hand I'd like to change the sec number to VAT and make it mandatory for other countries so it'd be nice to know how to make it without require length or best between 6-15 for example. Any good person will help? This topic was moved many times on the forum but I didn't find any clear answer. What I found out until now: theme->xx->authentication.tpl Here we can find all of these fields and change their names (also in Translation it should work) There is no file called Siret, however there are files with vat. I just don't know how to edit them. Of course Localization->Countries doesn't work, god knows why, and I need to fix it There is an module to help us with it, but the cost was around 30-35 euros
  11. Při 4 krokém procesu platby v části kde zákazník vybíra způsob platby součet cen "celkem" počítá bez DPH. V dalším kroku kde je už platba zvolena, je už cena v pořádku. Hledal sem nastavení tady na fóru a našel topic kde sem měnil tax excl. na tax.incl v cart.tpl, ale to nemělo žádný vlyv. Jak bych mohl problém vyřešit? Předem děkuji za pomoc...
  12. Hello! I'm in middle of developing and configuring shop for my client. I was ordered to configure prestashop to calculate tax from profit (in Poland it is used when selling second-hand items: cars, jewellery etc.) I have no idea how to do it. I had found function in classes/tax/TaxCalculator.php called addTaxes($price_te). My problem is, how to get beginning price there. It should look something like this: $taxValue = ($sellPrice - $beginningPrice)*$taxRate; In this function I probably have only access to sell price value. Any help appreciated! PrestaShop v.
  13. I want to change vat on arround 300 products. I dont want to change mannualy one by one. Is possible to change vat for all products at once not one by one. Vat will be the same 22% for all product. Thanks.
  14. Hi, I have problems with VAT in Prestashop Somethimes show me VAT, somethimes no. Problem appers at all group in backend and frontend. How to solve that problem? I want to publish store but I am afraid it will not work proper. Please help me to resolve that. Thanks in advance. Regards, Dejan
  15. Hi everyone, i've got my shop set up, only there are some minor issues. One of those issues isn't really that minor. I sell 2nd hand stuff on my webshop, and here in holland 21% VAT needs to be paid on the profit. So if i buy a product for 90 euro's, and i sell it for 100 euro's ex. VAT, the price incl. VAT should be 102,10 instead of 121,00 euro's. I tought of 2 options, but i don't know how to execute them both. Option one: I get some sort of plugin that reads the wholesale price and the retail price, subtracts the retail price from the wholesale price, does that number times 1,21 and adds the wholesale price again. (and it should be able to do this in every direction) Option two: I disable taxes completely. Then i need something for my reports that automaticaly reads the wholsale price, and the retail price incl VAT. subtracts the wholesale price divides it by 1,21, and adds the wholesale price up. This is value x. Then subtract value x from the start value. That way i also know how much tax i should pay. I'd rather use option one, with some kind of trick that just shows the final price in my store, and on the invoice, but that reports back to me how much tax i should pay. Thanks a lot in advance
  16. Hi, I need to display both prices on the front end of my shop INCLUDING & EXCLUDING VAT I have googled it but cant find anything that works. Im using the latest version of 1.6.09 just need a little help please? Thank you
  17. We use free shipping from 3500:- SEK excluding VAT to our dealers. My problem is that Prestashop uses free shipping including VAT, we have products with both 12 & 25% VAT so it will be very different goods value before free shipping depending on the customer's VAT goods. Is it possible to change the code somewhere so the sum expects excluding instead of including VAT? Regards Weronicha
  18. Bonjour, Sur PS, la TVA sur mes factures et sur mes avoirs est toujours aussi farfelue (à cause des arrondis ou des oublis de remises) et j'ai donc des modifications à faire dans la base de données pour générer des factures correctes en terme de TVA. Pour mes factures, je modifie les chiffres dans PS_order_invoice, PS_order_detail_tax, PS_order_invoice_tax, et PS_order_detail en fonction de ce que j'ai besoin.... Par contre pour les avoirs (order_slip), je ne sais pas où ils vont chercher leurs données parce qu'une fois générés, à part dans PS_order_slip qui contient le total TTC de la facture et des frais de port, on ne peux rien modifier d'autre... Qui peut m'aider à trouver comment est construit un avoir et surtout quelles données utilise t'ils pour s'afficher ? Merci Hermès
  19. We have a prestashop store and although it's applying portuguese VAT (23%) to all products. We need to configure another tax rate to the other countries like USA, Russia, and basically all countries outside the European Union. How do we do that? How do we apply different taxes based on customer Shipping address? Because we already turn on all the rates for the countries we need but it got worst. Now it gets confuse and doesn't apply any tax at all. Some help please would be great. Thanks.
  20. Hi! I got a VAT problem: My company is based in Sweden; I configured the different VAT % (called Moms); Swedish/EU tax law requires me to charge tax to all buyers from EU countries - as well from Swedish buyers; There is only one exeption: if a company outside of Sweden can provide a valid and active international tax registration number. What happens is, that my shop is showing the prices excl. VAT (even if I select "Tax included" on "Price display method" in customers/groups/customers,visitors,guests). Once I select "Tax excluded", the tax displays right INCLUDED. So there must be a trasnlation error I presume?!?!?. BUT: when the customer proceedes with the order and wants to check out, at the final step before paying, the prices are displayed again excluded Tax....!!!! Anybody knows what is wrong? Thanks for your help! Brgds., Thomas
  21. Магазин на Prestashop Нужно написать модуль для расчёта ставки НДС в доставке в зависимости от ставок НДС товаров в корзине, сохранения полученной ставки в БД, учёта её при генерации счёта и создания отчёта. Стоимость доставки включая НДС задается модулем способа доставки или настройками способа доставки. 1) Нужно, чтобы при оформлении заказа данная стоимость показывается при оформлении заказа. (не увеличивалась на НДС, т.к. она уже содержит НДС) 2) Нужно вычислить, какой % в стоимости доставки составляет НДС по формуле: Если в корзине только товары с НДС 7%, то НДС доставки составляет 7%. Если в корзине товары с НДС не только 7%, то НДС доставки составляет 19%. 3) Размер % НДС должен записываться в БД в заказ — там есть специально поле 4) В стандартном функционале PS в Счёте (Order Invoice) PDF внизу счета есть табличка со всеми налогами: НДС 7% — N рублей НДС 19% — M рублей Нужно, чтобы НДС, входящий в доставку, учитывался в этой табличке: добавился к N или к M рублей Пример Счёта с табличкой с суммами НДС с разными ставками: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B58fHedLkLbLV1NkTk1kSVdPMkk/edit?usp=sharing 5) Сделать отчет за произвольный период, выбираемый в админке (дата — дата создания заказа), где выводятся столбцы: - дата создания заказа - номер счета - имя покупателя - сумма НДС со ставкой 7% (товары+доставка, если ставка НДС 7%) - сумма НДС со ставкой 19% (товары+доставка, если ставка НДС 19%) - стоимость заказа с НДС (товары+доставка) отчёт выводится в формае CSV или XLS (X) пример отчета https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/115W-HpKwzqKiGIHvn1ssLxazk7Rf-sa45LEx8Cgav7w/edit?usp=sharing Есть немецкий модуль https://github.com/EU-Legal/modules/tree/master/eu_legal, который умеет рассчитывать НДС доставки как среднее арифметическое НДС товаров. может его код вам пригодится (работает с PS, а с не дружит (не знаю, зачем так сделали). Чтобы скачать PS с гихаба качайте рекурсивно с репозиторием модулей. Пожалуйста, кто может написать модуль? Напишите сроки и стоимость. Нужно написать срочно.
  22. Ho necessità di vendere a clienti finali della comunità europea e quindi dovrei vendere aggiungendo il 22% di aliquota. Purtroppo i clienti non italiani fano gli ordini e visualizzano i prezzi senza iva. Il meglio che riesco a fare è creare una regola per applicare l'iva all'Italia. Anche creando delle tax rules per ogni nazione europea al prodotto posso associare una sola aliquota e sono quindi da capo.
  23. I am in the process of setting up a B2B shop with the current version of PrestaShop (v1.6.0.9) and the default theme. I have configured the VAT setup as needed and Price display method Tax excluded for all three default customer groups. Prices are now shown excl. VAT as desired, but nowhere does it indicate that the shown prices are exclusive VAT. I'd like to have it say "excl. VAT plus shipping" (localized for each configures language, in my case German and English) whenever a price is shown. Is there an easy way to accomplish this? One would have to assume that's not something for a wish list but a mandatory feature to be able to configure (same would be to indicate something like "incl. xx% VAT plus shipping" when shown prices are with VAT).
  24. Prestashop Hi sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place, I'm new to the forum and still finding my way around. When I'm updating products and prices in the back office, it is not auto calculating the prices/tax. I have set up: Tax Rule (UK 20%) Taxes (UK 20%) Have enabled the tax have enabled 'Display tax in the shopping cart' enabled: 'Display tax label' under localization > countries > UK But nothing is being calculated in the back office and as a result nothing in the front office. I can make a change to the product.tpl and product-list.tpl to display calculate the tax and show the price with tax added, but I would really like to get taxes working in the back office so I can use invoicing etc. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Joe
  25. How can I get customers' VAT number displayed 1) on the invoices on customer information page in back office According to EU law, both seller's and buyer's VAT id must be on the invoice and both have to make the IntraStat where the VAT number is also needed - right now it doesn't show on the invoice and I cannot find a registered customer's VAT number anywhere in the customer information? Can anyone help?
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