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  1. Hi All, So I have this problem - I've imported a Polish localisation package in International > Location settings. I've later selected which fields should show up in delivery address form and added things like VAT number ("Numer NIP"). In the shop it all looks fine: The challange starts when I want to use a different invoice address. Then for some reason a default address form is used and I don't have fields like VAT number and the country is set by default to USA which also adds a mandatory field - State ("Państwo"): Is it possible to have the same selection of address fields in both addresses the delivery and the invoice ones? All the best, Krzysztof
  2. Hi, I present to you a recent development to manage customers and addresses with a VAT number valid for intra-community operations and to be exempt from paying VAT. The module is Advanced VAT Manager in sale in Prestashop addons. The Advanced VAT Manager module is the most advanced module with the most features developed for Prestashop, manages customers' VAT numbers in an advanced way so that they are exempt from paying taxes if they have a valid VAT number for intra-community operations, through the official VIES or GOV.UK systems for UK numbers. It also has many configuration options and a scanning system to check the VAT numbers of customers that are already registered in the database and to check that they still have a valid VAT number. Tax-free purchase invoices will be generated for all customers with valid VAT numbers within the European Union. In addition, this module is updated with the latest regulations on intra-community operations and Brexit. You have an option to activate the Brexit system so that customers with addresses in the United Kingdom pay the tax in the store for purchases equal to or less than 135 Pounds. For purchases of a higher amount, they will be exempt from taxes. It is also provided with an option to PROHIBIT the placing of orders whose amount is greater or less than 135 Pounds. The module has an option to check the company name inserted by the client, with the company name registered in the official system in relation to the issued VAT number. In case the company name is not correct, it does not allow the registration of that address. On the other hand, there is an option for the system itself to complete the company field with the real name registered in the official VIES or GOV.UK system. If you want to try the module before purchasing it, you can enter the demo store that we have available for this module and all the modules that we sell in Prestashop Addons. MAIN FEATURES The validation process is carried out in the address forms of the front-office and in the Back-office. Selection of the countries in which you want the VAT numbers to be validated. Brexit compliant £135 threshold. Option to not allow purchases above or below 135 GBP. Format validation system and through the official platform VIES or GOV.UK. Option to insert the VAT number of the merchant to perform the 2-way validation. Customization of legal texts and invoice notes (Multi-language). Smart and strict validation mode. Company name validation option. Option to auto-insert the registered name of the company in the "company" field of the address form. Option to allow duplicate VAT numbers from different customers. Option to save the VAT number in capital letters. Client default group assignment. Assignment of customer groups by country. Option to assign a client group and eliminate the rest of the groups. Tax exemption by group of clients. Configuration of order status with valid VAT number or pending validation. Sending emails to customers to validate their VAT numbers when they are invalid, the field is empty or it is duplicated. Notify the customer during the purchase process or in the address section if they have an invalid VAT number or do not have it configured. Option to configure the VAT number field as optional or mandatory. Option to show or hide the field if the customer fills in the company field. Sending an email to the store administrator to notify if a customer registers an address with a valid VAT number or the VIES system fails in the validation process. Customization of the VAT number field (Label and legend). Multi language. Personalization of notes and legal text in invoices exempt from VAT or regulated by Brexit. It shows the price without taxes in the product file, product list, shopping cart and cart summary. Shows a custom block in the product file (below the price) when a customer is exempt from VAT. Shows the tax-exempt label next to the price. Option to manually validate VAT numbers from the Back-office. Option to skip the VIES validation process in case it fails. Advanced database scanning system with many options from a VAT management panel installed in the Back-office. Administration of tax exemption for certain clients. CRON task to scan customers' VAT numbers on a daily basis and keep their validation updated. Selection of type of address for the exemption (Delivery address and/or billing address). Export of invoices by date range in PDF for orders exempt from VAT or related to Brexit. INTEGRATION 100% WITH MODULE ONE PAGE CHECKOUT BY PRESTEAMSHOP DEMO: https://demo.liewebs.com MORE INFORMATION ABOUT HIS MODULE IN PRESTASHOP ADDONS BY CLICKING HERE
  3. Precondition: German provider and German IP, tax rule Germany VAT. 19%, only this tax, VATChecker modules installed, shop country: Germany, cache cleared several times. The item price is 8.50 € gross with the German tax rule of 19% VAT. This is how it is entered and saved, but the following is displayed: It gets even better if you temporarily change the tax rule. The 8.50 € actually appear for a short time, but after saving the price jumps back again ... I'm at a loss! Animated GIF Prestashop probably only works with net prices and calculates the net price when entering the gross price based on the shop location and only writes this to the database. This recalculation does not work, the gross price is only displayed correctly if the correct net price is entered.
  4. I am concerned that the calculating VAT for B2B customers in PS 8 will not work. Despite registration as a corporate customer including VAT ID, VAT will be charged, but in Europe this must be free for VAT. The entries in the VAT ID under data/customer and address/customer also do not match. The prefix “DE”, which is absolutely necessary, is missing under “Customer”. Under "Address" the VAT ID with a prefix is entered in the "SIRET" field (only for France), field and prefix are incorrect.
  5. Ciao a tutti, mi chiedevo se fosse possibile, senza l'ausilio di alcun modulo, creare un gruppo di clienti che possa acquistare i prodotti senza tasse ( mi serve per il commercio B2B estero). Vi ringrazio anticipatamente per il vostro aiuto
  6. Hello, Does anyone have clue why prestashop would display two diffenrent including VAT prices in de product view ? And where does this number come from ? The ex vat price is 25.39. Vat is 21%. Including Vat price should be 35,03 like displayed. So where does the price of 30,72 come from ?
  7. Hi, As I explain in my article on the implementation of the European VAT thresholds since July 1, 2021, it is possible to manage this simply by using the VAT of the destination country from the first order, which requires us to make a quarterly declaration of the VAT collected in the different countries to then make a simple transfer and be in order with the tax authorities. To facilitate this declaration and to be able to do it in record time, I have developed a module that I have been using since 2015 on a personal basis. This module will distribute by country and currency, the amounts to declare over the period you define by following the status of selected orders. Simple and efficient. Module available on: PrestaToolbox: https://www.prestatoolbox.com/international-localization/460-simple-declaration-of-your-quarterly-intra-community-vat.html Addons: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/price-management/89212-simplified-european-vat-declaration.html Screenshots:
  8. This module is all you need for intra-Community supply orders. The module does the following: Automatically checks an VAT number for delivery address Checks if it's a valid VAT number on the official VIES database Gives 0% tax if a VAT is verified In the settings of the module you fill in your companies Origin Country. Because you can't ship with 0% tax in the same country your company is based. Every order is checked for their shipping address, NOT the invoice address. Since the VIES database has some reoccurring offline time, there is an option in how to handle this. Prestashop 1.7 & 8 Download: vatchecker.zip Got any ideas or updates? Feel free to commit on GIT. Latest update: 24-08-2023
  9. ✔️ Tax number validator and 0% VAT rate automation Support all tax numbers in the European region. The validation process happens in real-time and does not require reloading the page or saving the form data: NIP (Poland) VAT, VAT-UE (EU countries) Company number, VAT-UK (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland) ✔️ Validation of the entered tax number involves checking its authenticity on many levels, including: Calculating the checksum and correcting the entry In the official VIES system In the VatApp system In the official GOV.UK database In the official database of the Ministry of Finance ✔️ Tax rules guaranteed by the module: Sales B2B from home country with a valid tax number: charge VAT Sales B2B from other countries with a valid tax number: charge 0% VAT Sales B2C to private persons from our and other countries: charge VAT 🏁 EN and PL translations. You could simply translate module to your language using PrestaShop Translations. 🌎 Multistore support. Setup module independently in each store. 📑 Read more about module: https://prestashow.pl/en/prestashop-modules/61-prestashop-tax-number-validator-vies-vatapp-govuk.html ✔️ The validation process happens in real-time and does not require reloading the page or saving the form data. Correct validation highlights the field in green and allows you to save the form with the invoice data. The module corrects the record by removing unnecessary characters and spaces from the number, adds the country code if it detects VAT-EU, etc. If the tax number is suspended, inactive or errors, the module highlights the field in red and displays the problems found. ✔️ The module will automatically detect the address forms in your PrestaShop store and validate the tax number field that customers fill out when placing an order. Multi-level validation of European region tax numbers: NIP, VAT, VAT-EU, VAT-UK and Company Number Clear messages and blocking of the invoice data form in case of an incorrect or not valid number Integration with the official API of VIES, VatApp, GOV.UK and Polish Ministry of Finance systems Automatic correction of the tax number record to the official format PL 1132419179 Automatic setting of 0% VAT rate for companies outside our home country with correct VAT-EU 📑 Read more about module: https://prestashow.pl/en/prestashop-modules/61-prestashop-tax-number-validator-vies-vatapp-govuk.html 🧪 Check module at demo store: https://presta.show/generate/pshowtaxnumber
  10. Hi, I am trying to set up VAT for version 1.7 When I sell two different products in the same cart with a different VAT rate, for example: Bottle of wine VAT 19% Bottle of water VAT 5% I then need to charge VAT on their shipping cost. If the shipping before VAT is €7 (€5 for the wine and €2 for the water) I need to charge shipping including VAT: €7 x 1.19 + €2 x 1.05 I know that you could set a vat rate for the carrier but this does not help as I need two separate VAT/tax rates for the same carrier depending on the rate at which the product is charged. Any help please?
  11. The main issue I have with this module, is the VAT is not shown in Facebook. My understanding is that this is actually illegal in the EU/UK, but aside from this, showing an EX VAT price on Facebook then a VAT Inc. price in prestashop causes confusion with the customers and a huge amount of annoyance for the team and customers. Is there a fix coming for this? Is there a workaround? Thanks What the customer sees on Facebook: Also on Facebook: This is our website. Obviously now the customer is going to be annoyed that they have been "baited" with a very low price on Facebook!
  12. My company does not require VAT on the products sold, whilst I have been able to disable the tax features for the product pricing itself, the Cost Price (VAT excluded) field on the pricing tab has left me slightly confused, obviously theres VAT on the Wholesaler products I purchase. My concern is if prestahop uses the Cost Price when generating the reports but does not add the VAT onto the Cost Price during its calculations it will result in inaccurate values. Any advice appreciated.
  13. What is the calculation mechanism in Prestashop when there are products with different VAT in the basket and a discount code with a value without VAT is used? EXAMPLE --------------- product 1 - VAT 0% - price 668,7 without VAT - price 668,7 with VAT product 2 - VAT 21% - price 137,1 without VAT - price 165,89 with VAT total - price 805,8 without VAT - price 834,59 with VAT It's OK -------------------- now i apply discount code for 772 without VAT !!! total - price 33,80 without VAT - price 35,01 with VAT - so the VAT is 1,21 How is it possible? How was that count? And how do I count correctly, if I don't know what product I will apply for the discount? EXAMPLE: I have one product in my cart for 100 with 0% VAT and the other for 100 with 10% VAT. So a total of 210 with VAT. I will apply the voucher for a discount of 100 without VAT. If the voucher is redeemed for the first product, the final price will be 110. If redeemed for the second product, the final price will be 100. So how should it be applied correctly?
  14. Hi, Within the framework of Brexit here is the version for PrestaShop 1.7. This module will therefore manage VAT for orders of more or less £135. Because yes, the Brexit agreement has imposed a different management of taxes according to a fixed amount in Pound Sterling. This requires you to install this currency in your store and to set up the automatic update of exchange rates. You can deactivate this currency so that it is not displayed to your customers, but it must be installed. Tutorial (french) : https://www.mediacom87.fr/comment-installer-la-livre-sterling-sur-prestashop-17/ All this to announce that I have completed my tax management module for the United Kingdom as part of the Brexit for PrestaShop versions 1.6 and 1.7. Download on Prestatoolbox: https://www.prestatoolbox.com/international-localization/448-brexit-prestashop-17-module.html Download on Addons: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/price-management/50761-vat-management-united-kingdom-brexit.html Compatibility: PrestaShop 1.6 PrestaShop 1.7 PrestaShop 8
  15. Browsed through very old threads, but no clear solution has been given. A question for How do I add my VAT number to show up on the invoices? Preferably in the footer of the invoice where the company name, address, tel. number ... is located. That is managed in the back office, but there is no entry for VAT, so I assume I need to edit a particular .php file to be able to add a VAT entry.
  16. Hello! I was wondering if there is a method which calculates the VAT of the price including VAT. By EU Law, the prices in the whole EU must be the same for consumers, but we need to pay tax in the country of the customer. The VAT amounts are different per country. For example: I have a product which i want to sell for €40. This is the total price. For the Netherlands (21% tax), the VAT amount must be: €40 total price €6,94 VAT So the price excluding VAT is €33,06 But for Belgium (for example 19% VAT) the vat amount must be: €40 total price €6,39 VAT So the price excluding VAT is €33,61 For now, Prestashop calculates the VAT of the price excluding any VAT, but i need to have the same total prices for the whole EU, but the VAT amount are different. I saw a few topics in this forum with the same question, but no solution. I can't find an addon either. Could somebody help me with this?
  17. I hope I can manage to explain this properly. I have searched the forums and although others have asked the question nobody seems to have replied. I run a UK shop with products sold attracting 3 rates of VAT. 0%, 5% and 20%. When i charge for shipping and handling VAT rules state that the VAT on the shipping and handling should be the greater of the VAT rates used on the order. So for example: Order has a purchase of a product with 20%, a product with 5% and a product with 0% then the shipping VAT is 20% If the order didn't have the product at 20% then the shipping VAT would be 5% As most of my store has products at 0% getting this wrong can result in a big bill from the tax man in error. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks Shaun
  18. Hi, In our country, the government has put 0% VAT on covid-19 products, so I have to do that. Can I do this by creating a new 0% tax and applying it to the affected products? Thanks a lot for any reply.
  19. Este campo, VAT/IVA no prestashop. Eu presiso traduzir ele para NÚMERO DE CPF em vez de NÚMERO DE VAT/IVA, você saberia como fazer isso? Eu já procurei esse campo nas traduçoes do prestashop mas eu não acho ele. Pois acredito que seja um código. Presiso mudar, pois esse campo é importante, e aqui no Brasil não temos VAT e sim CPF.
  20. Jeg søger en liste over prisvariabler som kan bruges i mails med f.eks. ordrebekræftelse. I dag står der f.eks. {products_total} som viser den totale ordre produktpris inkl. moms. Her ville jeg gerne have den uden moms. Det samme gælder på produktlinje niveau, hvor i alt prisen på produktlinjen også står inkl. moms samt {total_shipping} ex moms. Jeg har desværre ikke kunne finde en komplet liste over mulige variabler og håber I kan hjælpe.
  21. Anyone can help me to set the VAT number required, only when the "Company filed" is filled? Thanks Pedro
  22. I'd like to find out if its possible to set Prestashop to show the including price for EVERYONE who logs into the site - regardless of location please. I've searched many threads and followed the advice on many of them, but on certain browsers, the products still show as excluding. None that I've found give advice on only one setting for everyone. I have set my visitors price as the including VAT price, so all visitors see the correct price regardless. It causes confusion when customers login and a product is, for example, R100 (showing as tax incl, because that's how its been set) but its actually the excluding price. The when the product is added to the cart, its R115 as 15% VAT has been added on. Its not consistent though - sometimes it shows including, sometimes it shows excluding - its seems its dependent on the browser used. I use Edge - yesterday everything showed correctly, now today its showing excluding prices after login. I've known Chrome to show the prices excluding in the past. I have to run through all the settings almost on a daily basis to correct what customers see. At times its difficult to convince customers why there are differences in the price. We do not sell out of South African borders, so all our sales need to be inclusive of 15% VAT. This is what I've double-checked so far: Customer Groups - set to show inclusive price Localization - Localization - Set Language from Browser - NO - Set default Country from Browser Language - NO - Default Country is South Africa Localization - Tax Rules set to 15% Localization - Tax set to 15% Is there a permanent setting I can change, or code I can add, to force the including VAT price to show for everyone that logs in, regardless of which browser they are using, or where their server is?
  23. Hi, had an interesting little thing yesterday - a customer from the UK bought an item from my shop in Sweden. Per all rules, and all active things it should use the swedish VAT of 25% but it didn't. On the ware itself it's set as VAT 25% - Swedish. Why isn't it being applied to european normal customers? Any ideas? **Solution : Create new tax group. Add every country in the EU by hand that's supposed to pay tax. Change all wares to use this group. Have fun!
  24. Bonjour, Je rencontre un problème avec la gestion des taxes sur un shop fraichement installé en Il est impossible de créer une règle de taxe, j'ai le message d'erreur suivant : <b>id_tax_rules_group</b> requis Le problème ici en vidéo : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AjQ5wlvyb-TF6yi26bZb3jWUic5awXLA/view ou de mettre à jour l'existante (TVA 20%) Du coup mes produits affichent le même tarif HT ou TTC. Merci pour votre aide !
  25. Hi, I hope someone can help me. I have developed a multistore with Prestashop One shop is for b2c customers, the other one is for b2b customers. I need to make, in the registration form, the VAT field mandatory on the b2b website and not mandatory on the b2c website. Is that possible? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
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