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  1. Good Day All Does anyone know of a way in which i could either set a currency per customer or by customer group,
  2. Simple question, but can't find solution. Product have combinations, for example for 1 item cost 20$, 2 items - 38$, 3 items cost 54$. but we don't sell just 1 item, i just want show unit price starts with 18$ (for example 64/3= 18$) and it depends of quantity you buy. There is that kind functionality in Prestashop to show "price starts" with the lowest price when buying the highest quantity?
  3. The store owner can increase his income by allowing visitors to set prices for some items in the store themselves. By default, such products cannot be added to the cart. The administrator can approve the proposed price, or offer their own price. After approval, the customer gets the opportunity to add the product to the cart and buy it. The approved price sees only the one who declared it. Compatibility: ver. 1.7.x Multylanguages: English, Russian Version: 1.0.0 (11/01/2018) DEMO Back Office: https://addons.prestashop.com/demo/BO32260.html User: [email protected] Password: demodemo Addons link: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/quotes/42146-price-on-request.html Screenshots:
  4. Доброго времени! Кто подскажет, как создать модуль изменения цены по времени. Например, каждую минуты чтобы цена падала на доллар для выбранного товара. Только начал разбираться, мало чего понимаю. Заранее спасибо!
  5. Hallo zusammen Prestashop Version: Unter "Benutzerdefinierte Einstellungen" --> "Gruppen" kann man eine Gruppe erstellen und Mitglieder hinzufügen. Diese Gruppe kann man so einrichten, dass nur sie Rabatte haben. Nun wird wenn man sich mit einem Benutzer dieser Gruppe anmeldet, überall schon der Preis inkl. Rabatt angezeigt. Unser Kunde möchte jedoch, dass der Preis inkl. Rabatt erst im Warenkorb zu sehen ist. Kann mir da jemand weiterhelfen? Ich hoffe ich habe mein Problem verständlich geschildert. Vielen Dank im Voraus. Grüsse Visar
  6. Good morning, as in title I'm looking if there's a way to group different isbn in different condition with different prices; i.e. All this items should stay in the same group '8835022134'; for every ISBN should be 4 fixed conditions (1,2,3,4) and should be different SKUs for every condition Is it possible with PS? thanks in advance
  7. Hey guys, i'm still relatively new to prestashop and I have a problem with the display of the price. We have created a catalog for our company, where the employees can see what our IT is offering. They can see all the products available for them or there specific departement. So they can basically rent the product, and their departemend "pays" a price per month for most of the products, like monitors, laptops and things like that. The problem is, that there is only one price you can show and the price per month would be in the brackets below the price, as you can see on the picture. Is it possible to just show the price per month. Would be awesome if it would also be in the product list and not only on the product detail page. Hope you can help and thanks anyways. Björn
  8. Hello, My friend asked me to help him fix some problem he have on his website.. http://saunovyraj.sk/ but probelm is that i work with Wordpress, not Prestashop, so i dont know how to work with Prestashop and it will take me hours and hours of time to find some specific info about my problem.. and during work with Wordpress i discovered the power of forums so i have these two questions (you will better understand if you look on photos i uploaded): 1. Products with longer name, the price positon is under border of product box and it looks so bad and not very unattractive for customers 2. I dont know how does lists or cataloges of products in Prestashop works so i want ask you how can i change font and color of text because some basic info about it, for example product sorting, number of page or number of products on one page... look in the pictures If someone can help me i will be very thankful! because i dont want to waste my time during school and sorry for english i know i am not very good Matus
  9. Hi everyone, that's my first post here so I hope I'm not messing with topics or anything. I've got a problem: when the quantity of a product reaches 0, the product is displayed on the Homepage having price = 0,00. I wanted to know if it's possible to change that, by displaying the right price and a ribbon or image saying: "SOLD OUT" or something similar. I already read posts about that topic, but they referred to older versions of Prestashop (I'm using 1.7x) and my product-list.tpl is different, not having lines about price. I'm using Classic theme, and the version of Prestashop is 1.7.3. Thank you for your help!
  10. Hi, I couldn't find the line where to edit this. What I need is, in the backoffice, at the product listing page (controller=AdminProducts) to show for each product: "WholeSale Price" and "Final price" Instead of: "Public price without promo" and "Final price" Thanks!
  11. Hey everyone! If you want the price on the product page to update when changing quantity, here is a quick tut about it! http://nemops.com/update-price-on-quantity-change-in-prestashop-1-6/#.WEf5A_nx6Uk Fabio
  12. Estoy usando PS Despues de varios intentos para importar productos vía webservice usando CURL para agregar productos e imagenes al terminar el proceso, la lista de productos y precios se ve correctamente en el backend. Puedo visualizar el Price (tax excl.) y el Price (tax incl.) correctamente. El Problema es en el front end donde la pagina de producto y categoria los productos ingresados via webservice muestran el precio en ceros. Después de crear un producto de prueba, este se puede ver en ambos lados. Al parecer solo pasa cuando se usa Webservice. Hay manera de corregir esto? El precio al parecer esta ingresado correctamente en la tabla ps_product columna price T ambien esta ingresado en la tabla ps_product_shop (desconozco si hay mas tablas por revisar) Comparando registros los unicos cambios detectados fueron en ps_product_shop en las columnas indexed y tambien id_tax_rules_group. Pero al dejar los valores como los demas productos que sí muestran el precio estos registros siguen sin mostrar el precio.
  13. Salut tout le monde, j'ai essayé de créer un prix spécifique applicable sur toutes les déclinaisons d'un produit mais seule le prix du déclinaison principale est modifiée correctement, les autres déclinaisons ne prennent pas en compte le prix spécifique que j'ai mise. NB: Je travail sur la version 1.6.14. Quelqu'un a t-il une idée pour résoudre ce problème, et merci d'avance ?
  14. Hi, I need to have the total price in my shop checkout rounded to whole number (in case of the screen to 206). I do need to have 2 decimal places with products, and only the total checkout price as whole number. I've tried all rounding settings at general settings, but it does not affect this value. Does anybody know how to do this? I'm using
  15. Buenas tardes, Google merchant center me está desactivando algunos productos, nos indica que el precio del feed y el precio de la web no concuerda con lo que robot está leyendo. También les he indicado que en la herramienta de datos estructurados , unicamente tengo advertencias pero no errores y me ha contestado esto: Respecto a su pregunta, si que podría ser un error, los precios deben de aparecer con punto. Por otra parte, he estado investigando y parece que el problema principal es que el precio que aparece en los microdatos es diferente al que se muestra en el feed de datos y en la landing page. Le voy a dar un ejemplo, en el producto "Resina Epoxi Suelos 3D Transparente Alta Dureza | Porcelanato Líquido 7,50 Kg. (a+b)" (ID NZES126v408), encontramos que el precio tanto en el feed como en la web es de 98.01. Pues bien, si vamos a la Herramienta de datos estructurados e introducimos la URL de este producto (https://www.nazza.es/resinas/126-resina-epoxi-3d-transparente.html#/105-formato-750_kg_ab) encontraremos que el precio que se está extrayendo es 12.22 EUR y, por ello, nos aparece este error de que los precios no coinciden. Por tanto, habría que hacer las modificaciones oportunas para que el precio extraído de los microdatos sea 98.01 en lugar de 12.22 y, así, no se detecte ninguna discordancia. *** ¿Como puedo solucionarlo? Adjunto captura de pantalla de los datos estructurados por si les sirve de algo. Gracias. Un saludo,
  16. Hi, I'm getting crazy about to simple problems. Catalog price rules are not applied like I would love to see it. The result should be quiet simple. Product A = retail price: € 86 = Sell price = € 74 ----> € 12 discount is managed by the csv import & works perfectly On this € 67 I would do a simple EXTRA discount off 15% so the final price needs to be: € 62.90 The extra discount should only be for a few days available. I did set a catalog price rule, this is also perfectly showing in the product detail page. But in diffent browser I get different results (never is catalog price rule applied): Google Chrome = only the first specific pricerule is applied. ( € 86 ---> € 74) Mozilla Firefox = strongly wrong = showing retail price : € 71.07 ---> also same discount as in chrome (€12) ---> € 59.07 when I refresh or I buy the product & I trhow this in the basket, numbers are changing to the same as in chrome.... Strongly wrong information to the potential customer! Edge = the same result as chrome How could I manage the EXTRA 15% discount? & How could I manage the difference between chrome & firefox ---> settings are completely the same, all tested in private window & cleared cache ...
  17. Hi there all you wonderful Presta-shop helpers! I am so to say done with the website (www.efficientexpress.co.za), I just want to change the currency from ZAR to R. I have changed it in the coding (saw in another forum.) Yet to no change. I will appreciate it if anyone can assist me? URL: https://efficientexpress.co.za/
  18. Hi, Im searching for a module which can save the inventory of my catalog and export them in CSV (like Web in Color module, I think its one of the best module to do this). The difference comparing with that module, is that I need to have also the sale price of the products, not just the wholesale inside the module and at the exported CSV. Does anyone know a module which can do this? Im using ps Thank you.
  19. Amigos tengo una web que estoy trabajando en este link y necesito ayuda con el código para hacer que el filtro del precio sea deslizable, ya que en prestashop 1.7.2 no funciona, y el backoffice del modulo navegación por facetas no da opcion de cambios, necesito una ayuda o si tienen algun ejemplo del codigo para poder aplicarlo a la plantilla, es por si acaso la plantilla por defecto. esta es la web: http://tucan.bri.cl/everwines/shop/index.php?id_category=12&controller=category muchas gracias desde ya.
  20. Hello, I am using Prestashop with default theme. Consider this product example for what I am going to ask: http://afmas.com/presta/index.php?id_product=8&controller=product I am using a dicounted price rule, but before 197.34 I want to have a text label saying "Selling Price", that is, I want it to display like this: Selling Price: ₹197.34 Same for the original price: Original Price: ₹299.00 I am not good at PHP, and I looked into the product.tpl, there are various conditions for taxes and custom price rules, so if someone could guide me to a simple edit, it will be great. Thank you for your time, Regards.
  21. He conseguido que cuando el precio es = 0 salga consultar precio. Dejo aqui pegado el código en la captura, mi problema es que cuando se incrementa el número total de ese producto a 0€ deja de mostrarse consultar precio y vuelve a aparecer 0,00€ Cómo puedo hacer para que siga mostrando "Consultar precio" independientemente de la cantidad total de productos.
  22. Hi there, pls could someone explain to me how to result from math equation show as price (with default decimal places and currency)? e.g. we have new line at product-price.tpl: {$product.regular_price - ($product.regular_price*(($product.discount_percentage_absolute - 5)/100))} Those should be just info for customer to see how much they need to pay if they choose card payment instead cash or bank transfer. Fo example: if product price is 10.549,00 kn we have discount for cash 30% and for card payment discount 25% (always is 5% smaller discount for card payment) . Result of before mentioned equation is: 7.91175 Is it posible to show that results as: 7.911,75 kn ? Thank you.
  23. Witam. Przerobiłem pole ilości tak, żeby można było wybrać z listy konkretną liczbę, czyli nakład (bo chodzi o nakład wizytówek, czy ulotek). Chodzi o to, że musi mieć to wpływ na cenę, co ustawiam w produkcie za pomocą cen specjalnych. Przy wybranej ilości 500 cena specjalna wpływa na cenę podstawową itd. Wszystko jest ładnie, ale system nalicza 250 czy 500 produktów, a mi zależy na tym, żeby value wynosiło np 250, ale żeby sklep do koszyka dodawał jedną sztukę, bo inaczej cena wyskakuje kolosalna. Nie wiem, gdzie można pokombinować z przeliczaniem ceny całkowitej, czy po prostu ceny, jaką do koszyka dodaje system, ale podejrzewam, że dla doświadczonego znawcy nie jest to problem. Proszę o pomoc i czekam na sugestię. Pozdrawiam Maciek
  24. Bonjour, Je cherche à récupérer le prix de vente TTC affiché sur la fiche produit (non pas dans le panier), mais je ne trouve pas dans la BDD. Est-ce qu'il s'agit d'un champs calculé et stocké en dur dans la BDD (je ne trouve pas) ou bien il faut la calculer manuellement en fonction de la TVA et Promo appliqué ? Si oui, est-ce qu'il y a d'autres paramètres qui font l'impact sur le Prix de Vente TTC. Comment le calculer correctement ? Je vous remercie.
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