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  1. Hello everyone i hope you all doing well. Today when i was adding new products to my website suddenly BO Products tab stopped showng the price for only combined products (in green mark) but normal products (in yellow mark) are okay. The thing is that happened after upload a product without touching anything else. Front end all works as it should just in BO the price is missing. When i add fixed price only to the product it does showing by the way. Any help would be really appreciated, thank you in advance. Ive tried to delete the attributes add them back again and still nothing ...
  2. Hi, I would like to ask for help. Our site is in catalog mode. The display of prices is disabled. When I do a search on the site, the prices are displayed and I cannot remove this. The other problem is that if a product has no photo, the "default photo" that is set for products that do not have a photo does not appear in the search. How can I change this? I have attached a screenshot. Thank you. Best regards Klara
  3. Hola, actualmente en mi tienda manejo dos monedas. pero me gustaría que al llegar al monto total de mi carrito pueda cambiar la moneda. o en su defecto que me permita escoger con que moneda quiero pagar. si es posible q el total del carrito muestre el monto final en dos monedas actualmente puedo seleccionar con que moneda quiero comprar pero en la pagina principal. lo ideal seria q te permitiera cambiar ya cuando estas totalizando el carrito
  4. Hi, I'm writing module to configuration product and when client choose all what he needs click add to cart. But i must change price this product. I tring change element in form with price but don't work and I was using special price and fucntion applyRuleToProduct(); but in wasn't good. because special price is for time or for product. Thanks for help
  5. Hello, here is an essential module to improve your PrestaShop store and satisfy your customers with an improved shopping experience. I always wondered why this feature was not standard on PrestaShop, so after a while, I rolled up my sleeves and developed a complete module allowing a real calculation of product prices by quantity. Features Real time price calculation when the quantity changes or when the declination changes. Taking into account all the specific prices defined on your store, so a customer having a reduced price from a product quantity will see it clearly appear when he reaches or exceeds this quantity, and he will realize the real price of his purchase. Display the unit price calculated from the total amount divided by the desired quantity. As an option you can also display the prices by currencies present in the configuration of your PrestaShop store. Display the price before tax if the basic display is in VAT and vice versa. Highlight the savings if you offer a discount on the product. Demonstration : https://medpriceqty.prestashop-addons-demo.mediacom87.com/en/chemisiers/2-chemisier.html Download : PrestaToolbox : https://www.prestatoolbox.com/front-office-features/400-calculate-the-price-per-quantity-in-multi-currency.html Addons : https://addons.prestashop.com/en/price-management/23686-display-dynamic-prices-by-quantity-and-more.html
  6. Hi, I was looking for a way to mass edit the price of all of my stock by a certain percentage. The thing is, i just want this change to happen to all the products I have at the moment in stock, but I dont want it to stay for future products I might add in the future to my webpage. Is there any possible way, I await impatiently for anyone's response. Many thanks.
  7. Hello, I'm using Prestashop I am trying to display the minimum amount to reach in the cart to benefit from a voucher code. By default, when you indicate a promo code, the following text is displayed "Your order does not reach the amount...". Is there a smarty variable that displays the minimum amount required? Thank you.
  8. Bonjour, J'ai un soucis, sur mon site j'ai fais en sorte que les prix ne soient visibles qu'aux gens qui créent un compte sur mon site et que j'accepte ensuite. Tout fonctionne très bien, lorsqu'on n'est pas inscrit sur le site les prix restent invisibles. Par contre lorsque quelqu'un qui n'a pas de compte sur mon site tape la référence d'un produits dans la barre de rechercher, celui-ci s'affiche alors qu'il ne devrait pas puisque j'ai demandé à Prestashop de masquer les prix pour les personnes non inscrites au site. J'aimerais savoir si quelqu'un parmi vous avait la solution au problème, à savoir : masquer le prix des produits dans la barre de recherche lorsque quelqu'un tape la référence d'un produit dans celle-ci et qu'il n'a pas de compte validé sur mon site. Merci à tous et bonne fin de d'après-midi.
  9. Bonjour, J'ai un soucis, sur mon site j'ai fais en sorte que les prix ne soient visibles qu'aux gens qui créent un compte sur mon site et que j'accepte ensuite. Tout fonctionne très bien, lorsqu'on n'est pas inscrit sur le site les prix restent invisibles. Par contre lorsque quelqu'un qui n'a pas de compte sur mon site tape la référence d'un produits dans la barre de rechercher, celui-ci s'affiche alors qu'il ne devrait pas puisque j'ai demandé à Prestashop de masquer les prix pour les personnes non inscrites au site. J'aimerais savoir si quelqu'un parmi vous avait la solution au problème, à savoir : masquer le prix des produits dans la barre de recherche lorsque quelqu'un tape la référence d'un produit dans celle-ci et qu'il n'a pas de compte validé sur mon site. Merci à tous et bonne fin de d'après-midi.
  10. Hello, I have a problem. When I do a mouseover on the products, the price is showing twice. Example: If a product have a price of 4.5 Lei (romanian currency - RON), only on mouseover on product, the price is: 4.5 4,50 - so is displayed twice. If i open the product, everything is fine and correctly displayed. Can you help me? It's a setting or something else?
  11. Members 1 8 posts Report post Posted just now Hello everyone! I don't find out any answer to my problem. I want to show the price in UNIT PRICE (KG or LB) but : 1- I can only put the price in Tax Excluded in the BO (but it's Okay) 2 - Then, when we go to the front office, we can see the price with about 6 decimals!!! I found solutions for the "final price" (the amount that you really pay the product). But my problem is not this price. I found solutions in general administration too but it's not for the UNIT PRICE and I still have the price per weight with 6 decimals. Any ideas? See attached files to understand better my problem. Thanks for your solutions PS: Sorry for my english.
  12. Good morning, I have this very big problem that I cannot solve: when I go to set, within a combination, the cost price (eg 1.74), it is initially fine; but after a few days I find the decimals reset to zero (1.00). This happens only in the cost price box. I have done several tests but have not solved the problem. It almost seems that when PrestaShop updates, the database is also updated. I have tried to remove the automatic updates (but have not yet received feedback if the problem can be solved). However I know that for a safety factor it doesn't seem to be the right solution. Anyone know if PrestaShop has a bug on this issue? Has anyone solved this problem already and can give me a solution?
  13. Hola! Tengo un sitio web que los predios de los productos no se muestran en la categoria, pero si en los productos. dejo url de ejemplo. Agradeceré vuestra ayuda Aqui no se eplican los precios https://brooks-espressomachines.com/en/12-Vintage-antique-espresso-machines?live_configurator_token=5bbcd838a41f83ad0a27ca89dd010663&id_shop=1&id_employee=7&theme=&theme_font= pero si entran en algún producto verán que el precio esta. NECESITO saber por fa como poner el precio a estos productos que figuran en cero. Gracias de antemano
  14. [MODULE] Advanced Bulk/Mass Set Product(Category,Price) Pro Overview Filter out a batch of products according to multiple filtering methods, and then manipulate the product catalogs in batches (moving catalogs, associating catalogs, disassociating catalogs), and setting product prices in batches (support random price) What this module does for you event_available Help save time When there are many products in our store, it is a headache for a man to adjust the product catalog or product price. It is not only meaningless but also wastes a lot of our precious time. We can use this module to help us work efficiently! According to a variety of advanced product filters, these products are batched (moving catalogs, associating catalogs, and disassociating catalogs). In addition, product prices can also be adjusted in batches. It supports random setting according to a certain price range, which is very intelligent, rapid. Other Please visit developer's modules page for other amazing modules: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/2_community-developer?contributor=1197421 Please leave your feedback and rating after using the module. It helps us to make better modules and provide better service to you and others: http://addons.prestashop.com/en/ratings.php Have any ideas how we can improve this module? Just contact us, and we will implement new features in the upcoming releases. Software quality is officially certified by PrestaShop(https://validator.prestashop.com/) Features Multiple filters to filter products Filter by Categories Filter by brands Filter by suppliers Filter by product update date Filter by product id Impact on category Move to another category Associate to another category Deassociate in current category Impact on price Set the range of price random value (minimum price, maximum price) + Add the price to increase the price on the original price (eg: increase in cost, increase price) - Subtract the price to reduce the price from the original price (for example, discount) * Multiply the price and multiply the original price by a certain discount value (for example: 0.7 is a 30% discount) / Divide the price and divide the original price by a certain value (for example: 2 means the price is halved) Support multiple languages Support multiple stores The price value supports background configuration:General ---> Preferences (Round mode,Round type,Number of decimals) What's New in Version 1.0.0(11/03/2020) Upload the module for the first time. Support and updates You automatically get 3 months of support for this product. For 90 days after your purchase, you can enjoy technical and feature support, as well as access to updates available for this product. [MODULE] Advanced Bulk/Mass Set Product(Category,Price) Pro
  15. Hello, I currently have a problem on my web site... (sorry for my translation) On any page where there is an option: "Sort by price ascending/ descending:" or you can select "Relevance", "Name, A to Z", Price, ascending"... but here, all steps except "Price, ascending" and "descending" which loads infinitely without filtering me products, how can I repair its please? Attached are the screenshots. Regards Waiting for an answer.
  16. One of my multistores doesn't show price or the possibility to order. Just yesterday all these things were working as intended and I could see all prices. Working default store: https://store.mob.co/index.php Non working multistore: https://store.mob.co/joyn/index.php Does anyone have any idea as to why these prices or the possibility to order could suddenly have dissapeared? Thanks in advance, Nick
  17. Hi! So I use PrestaShop together with a module called "tshirtecommerce". And I've written a code that calculates the amount of custom text and updates the price accordingly. The problem is that I would like to save the custom calculated price to the product so when the product appears in the checkout stage, the custom price will be combined with the basic price. For example: A shirt costs 10 dollars. The user adds custom text that amounts to 4 dollars. When the user adds the product to the cart, the product should be 14 dollars instead of 10 dollars. Thank you in advance!
  18. Hi Prestashop Community, I have an issue with the prices wich are shown on product. On first visit to a product on frontpage I only see the net price. After reloading the page it shows the price including taxes. How can I fix this so that on first visit the price including taxes is shown, without reloading it. I have tried it with tor browser because it does not cache anything. Link to product: https://er-software.shop/office/2126-microsoft-office-2019-home-and-student-windows-deutsch-multilingual-79g-05018-er-software-er-softwareshop-0889842326659.html I hope you can help me.
  19. Hi, is it possible to create a new price group where you can add the shipping costs of each item in the product price? Thanks, Rebeka
  20. How much is the price for an e-commerce developed by a freelancer ? The e-commerce , in particular , has the following requests: -payment with credit card, paypal, postepay -link to ebay and amazon stores -section for special users ( VAT number users) -more than 10k products I ask an estimation.
  21. Hello! i wanna ask something, anyone can help me? When i try to export my product to CSV report, the base price become to0 damn high. like, with six zero and become million. How to fix that? When i try to change the currency and delete the six zero in retail price. It cant change.
  22. Bonjour la communauté, Je rencontre un souci sur certaines commandes passées avec mon Prestashop J'ai une grosse différence entre le prix total commandé et le prix total facturé. J'ai vérifié la table ps_order_detail et celle -ci contient les bonnes informations. Par contre dans les tables ps_orders et ps_order_invoice les prix HT et TTC sont faux... Je retrouve l'erreur dans mon back office et sur la facture pdf 😞 Rien n'est juste.... Si l'un d'entre vous à une idée, je suis prenneur car je ne vois pas d'où peut provenir mon problème. Merci pour votre aide :-)
  23. Hi, I'm going to go crazy with this and looked at everything in the override folder. Attached image in case anyone can help! Thanks.
  24. Hi, My shop is selling on Ireland. Now I added UK. But when going to checkout page price reduce except Ireland. Such as Ireland price 179 euro but when select Uk price goes 104 euro. Why this problem occurred? How to solve this? Prestashop Anyone can help?
  25. Hi everyone. I'm going mad over some catalog price rules that suddenly stopped working when I re uploaded my whole catalog through .csv My rules were working just fine before that, but now none are showing. The curious thing is they come back if I go into the catalog and manually hit save without making any changes, which is driving me crazy because it makes me think the solution should be trivial but I don't know what it is. Entering product by product isn't a scalable solution even-though I don't have a huge catalog. Has this happened to anyone and can point me in the right direction? I'm using Prestashop and everything was working fine until a few hours ago. Thanks in advance, Javier.
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