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  1. Hi there, happy new year! Paypal 3.6.2 is not working in my website. I recently change the theme, but I don't know if that is the issue. When you click on express checkout or try to checkout with paypal as method of payment, it simply loads you to payment.php and its all blank. When you refresh the page, sometimes it loads it to an error page in which the logo becomes a big grey question mark square. My website is www.tiempoerotico.com
  2. I installed the ssl and now my paypal module does not work properly at the last step, it can not be directed to paypal page successfully, however, without the ssl, it works just fine. Anyone could suggest how to fix this issue? Here is the ssl page:https://www.androidshopa.com/modules/paypal/standard/redirect.php Here is the usual page:https://www.androidshopa.com/modules/paypal/standard/redirect.php When using the usual page it works fine and can be directed to paypal page for payment, but using the https one, we got stuck on this page: Please wait, redirecting to Paypal... Thanks. Cancel We are using PrestaShop™ Any good advice will be welcomed here. Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi, I am using prestashop and paypal module 3.5.0 on a remote sever. I have tried to checkout as a guest and get redirected to the paypal site, but when I was going to confirm payment in the paypal site, it just redirected me to my home page and the cart was not empty! The address and account was created in the database, but there were no order! When I tried to click on the cart, it just reloaded my home page and I did not have access to the cart page, until I clear the browser's cache. The paypal module is by the way working, if I create an account. I am now going to disable the guest checkout, but it is not a good idea to do not have a guest checkout in the site. Best Regards, Mojtaba
  4. My version of prestashop is (I'm not going to update it because I made a lot of changes so I keep it like that) and I updated the paypal module to 3.5.5 It doesn't works, at the time of concluding the order and then selecting the payment with paypal gives me an error page with code 500: Internal Server Error I searched for a solution, I tried to change the configuration of the module but nothing, the problem persists. I therefore went back to 3.4.5 and running again. If anyone has a solution or point me know how to resolve would be grateful. Is not decisive, since the form "old" works and allows me to sell but would like to have the latest release or know if it is a bug, and then wait for the next.
  5. For some reason, lately had a problem in a checkout process. When my customers are sent to paypal, it all goes OK, they enter the credit card number > paypal confirm the card number > then the customers get the error message Fatal error (Address -> address1 is empty) At this point, the transaction did not complete, paypal did not charge anything, and no order in the order history from back office. prestashop 1.4.11 Sounds like the address field doesnt transfer FROM my shop to paypal or FROM paypal TO the shop. I even tryied creating a new user account, the problem remains.
  6. How to set Currency restriction for Paypal module in Prestashop to ONE currency only (Eur), without enabling Customer currency and Shop default currency, the one of which must me selected in radiobox? Problem is that Paypal module did not convert from shop default currency (which not supported by Paypal) to Eur, the default currency of my Paypal acc. My shop default currency not supported by Paypal, and although I have two currencies enabled in Localization > Currencies, when user do checkout in non-supported currency, it get error L_LONGMESSAGE0 -> Currency is not supported. So user always need switch currency to Eur on product page before he checkout with Paypal. Paypal module simply not convert to Eur when customer did checkout in non-supported currency.
  7. hi i have just upgraded to and i do not have paypal module anymore. how do i fix this
  8. Hi to all of you... I'm writing today to show you the improvements that PrestaShop must have in the future, but also, to express myself about a system that i use, i tell the others to use, but i have serious problems with... For a long time (since version 1.1 of PrestaShop) i'm using this system that grown up as e-commerce system but is missing a lot of things out there... My last webshop made in PrestaShop i was thinking that i should really improve the checkout process, the way products are displayed and make a good changes in the system using the nice feature called overrides... Ok, most of my code is working as expected. Some bugs, errors and other things that i'm working for the last 2 months in one personal domain redirected to my home machine, to resolve and make working even better... But, after this 2 months i start editing my checkout process and is a nightmare. Why you, PrestaShop, insists in using this PayPal module???? Did you check out the OpenCart module? or a nice 1-file Interspire Module that works like a charm? Why remove the banner url from PayPal? That was a nice feature... Well my disappointment goes to one must-have module that simply doesn't work as expected. My 1.4.9 PrestaShop store have a lot of errors with PayPal module that i cant resolve. First was missing the admin hook, after, error in payment, and another one, and another... I'm missing sales! Trying to separate the shopping cart from express checkout PayPal dont work because it get the values from shopping-cart table, why? It shouldn't work like that... Why not see the Apple checkout page, zappos and too many others, did you ever see a checkout page as PrestaShop offers? Sometimes user dont know that have to scroll down the page to fill out the form and checkout because shopping cart is there taking the whole user screen.... So, improving the checkout process, i create a new page to form only, but as expected, PayPal dont work... I saw the code and thought, well, in the second page, i put there the shopping cart (again) and put a classe hidden to hide to screen.... Ok, it works... But maybe it isn't the better way to do that... One-page checkout is a nice feature, but is it done right? Of course not... In the payment methods it should be as choose a carrier, with input buttons and one at the end telling to finalize the order... But customer click on payment method thinking that is only choosing and when pay attention to screen they are in PayPal website... It shouldn't work like that... It must be there something like input button to choose and a submit button to submit the order... I think the PrestaShop problem is the most important part of all e-commerce websites... the checkout... Well, as i cant even, override the paypal views, i need to edit manually the module core files to make it work but... it dont work! Hope a really simply solution without APIs or nothing like that... The most simplest things are the ones that works! Have a nice day!
  9. Hi, Is anyone able to help me confirm the following bug? If a customer places an order using the guest checkout, the order goes through ok & order is processed & shipped etc If the same customer comes back, but places the order in another name with another address but uses the same email address - the order doesn't complete after the Paypal stage (the customer is returned to the homepage of the site with the product still in the cart) The admin section shows the customer registered but no 2nd order? Thanks for your time
  10. Hi guys, I'm having a problem with paypal in the Prestashop. I have the latest 1.5 compatible paypal module installed. I go through the 5 step checkout process... I select "pay with paypal" as a payment option... It goes to paypal...I sign in to make the payment and go through all the confirmation steps in paypal but instead of the payment going through, I end up getting kicked back to the shipping step on my website. When I check the back office - no order came through and when I check my paypal account no payment went through either. I tried messaging the paypal module developer but I take it they are too busy to respond. I'm at my wits end. Anyone else having this problem? Any clues/tips/advice? Please!
  11. Hi, When a customer places an order through Paypal Express the order goes through correct and as standard which is working fine. If that said customer comes back, creates a new order, uses Paypal Express again... but changes their address at the checkout stage (within the Paypal login) as they have more than one address registered with Paypal... Once they select the different address and confirm the order. Prestashop still lists the order down as the 1st address and not collect the new address from the Paypal part. This is a major bug as the customer may change their address within the Paypal login area but Prestashop will only ship to their past order if ordered previous like we get alot. Anyone else have this issue with the Paypal Express? Paypal Express & prestashop_1.5.2.0
  12. Hello, I'm trying to enable the standard Paypal module in my store, but when i'm testing it, checking out, it returns an error: Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/refugiol/public_html/loja/config/config.inc.php on line 41 Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/refugiol/public_html/loja/config/config.inc.php on line 42 Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/refugiol/public_html/loja/config/config.inc.php on line 43 I've tried to install older versions off the module but the error didn't disapears. Could someone help me with this???
  13. I've updated my 1.4.8 Prestashop manually and now the image on my Front Office of the PayPal module won't show up. I checked the source of the image, and its: myShop/modules/paypal/img/logos/IL_bnr_horizontal_solution_PP_166wx80h.gif (the myShop isn't important.) Supposedly, the IL in the beginning of the .gif file stand for the language of my Presta, and it is Hebrew/Israel. I am not sure how these photos were generated, but in that folder there are No images What So Ever with the names of the images for the PayPal module. The IMG folder of the PayPal module is empty. I've checked the old version, and it had photos of different languages, none of them are for ISRAEL or HEBREW, and none of them have the IL in front of the .gif name. But it worked before. I've downloaded a fresh PayPal module, but it doesn't have any images of countries and I don't see any option to generate images for my language\country. Please help. Thanks.
  14. Γεια σας. Είναι το πρώτο post μου και δυστυχώς ξεκινάω με πρόβλημα. Προσπαθώ να κάνω μια αγορά ο ίδιος στο κατάστημα μου, για να δώ αν λειτουργεί σωστά και μου επιστρέφει λίγο πριν την πληρωμή σφάλμα: ------------------------------------- Authorisation to PayPal failed Please refer to logs: PayPal response: TIMESTAMP -> 2012-08-18T13:40:33Z L_ERRORCODE0 -> 10002 L_SHORTMESSAGE0 -> Security error L_LONGMESSAGE0 -> Security header is not valid L_SEVERITYCODE0 -> Error PayPal returned error --------------------------------------- Τι μπορεί να συμβαίνει; Τσέκαρα πολλές φορές κωδικούς API και signature κλπ. Ευχαριστώ προκαταβολικά!
  15. Hi, So I have a problem with the paypal module. I have created 2 addresses, one called 'My Delivery Address' for delivery address, and one called 'My Billing Address' for billing address.. when I check out and click on the button 'I confirm my order' I get to paypal website to fill out my info and pay.. so the problem is on the paypal page where it sais billing information: it is displaying 'My Delivery Address' instead of 'My Billing Address', and this is not what I expect. An example would be, if I send a gift to a person, that person's address will be the delivery address and my address will be the billing address, so on the paypal page will have the delivery address to be billed for and that is not correct. Can anyone help me with that please? Thanks,
  16. After upgrading to 1.4.7 from 1.2.5 successfully I got a phishing notification email from google telling me that google has detected some of my pages looking a like a possible phishing attack, in which users are encouraged to give up sensitive information such as login credentials or banking information. Example url that maybe part of phishing attack being http://mydomain.com/...aypal/about.php A link to a sample warning created here: http://www.google.com/interstitial?url=http://mydomain.com/site/modules/paypal/about.php I have followed all the steps google has suggested to verifying that my site is not hacked and that neither of my pages are corrupt. I have then emailed google to ask for a review but no response until now. My paypal module is working properly and people can place orders without problem, only that the paypal banner on mysite when clicked displays that scary phishing detected message and am worried how these warnings might impact my rankings on search engines and even my sales. I will more than appreciate if someone can help me into proper steps to solving this issue. Many thanks.
  17. Hi, I installed and configured correctly PayPal v2.8.2 on my website (the free version by PrestaShop). I made sample purchases which were successful, except for one thing - I wasn't charged the tax even though I set it up on PayPal SetUp page. So I called PayPal and asked them to check this problem and troubleshoot it. They said that my PayPal account is set up correctly, it is the coding of the button on my website which misses the tax charge. There is no actual button though with the module provided - It looks more like a link confirming that the customer wants to use PayPal gateway. Did anyone incur this problem also? Is there any way to fix it, without buying any additional paid modules? Thanks in advance, Yuliya.
  18. Hi, I have entered the settings for the backend paypal module. Sandbox mode is inactive so i am trying to buy as a customer. On the frontend when i am ready to checkout. I get an error message "Page not available. We're sorry, but the web address you entered is no longer available" when i click on Paypal button (~/modules/paypal/payment/submit.php) Can someone pls advise me what should i do? Using prestashop and Paypal module v2.8.2
  19. I've searched the forum and have not been able to figure out how to get the free paypal module to work! I am experiencing the "Security header is not valid" error. I realize this means my credentials are not valid, but I have copied and pasted them without luck. I initially tested with a sandbox account successfully, but now that I've changed to the business account API settings this is happening. I'm using the free paypal module, 1.4, the one that was included with prestashop when I downloaded it. I have done the following: 1. reset the module 2. created a new paypal business account 3. It's currently set to Inactive in Sandbox mode 4. the payment type is Authorization/Manual Capture (is this correct?) 6. PayPal Express and Debug only is not checked 7. For the Solution section, I have chosen "Payments by credit cards: CB, Visa, Mastercard and PayPal account" 8. Also, the paypal business account is set to Website Payments Standard What should I do? My client is becoming very frustrated and wants to go live. PLEASE HELP! THANKS IN ADVANCE!
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