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  1. Hello, everyone, (I don't know if this is the good section so, I apologize if is not) I've just installed the PayPal payments module, connected the account, made a purchase - everything good till here. The problem is, when I'm trying to see the order details in the backend I get this error: Table 'ps_paypal_order' doesn't exist I assume the module should create some tables in the database but looks like that's not the case here. Can someone give me the dumps or data structure(so I can create them myself) for the module's tables ? (Or a solution/idea, if any) Thank you
  2. I have an issue with PayPal module and i can't seem to find a solution to it. When i get to the payment method on the checkout page, i select paypal ( it's in sandbox mode ) and log in, but after logging in it just gives me this error: I have set up the module with sandbox account, created a sandbox account for the "buyer" with enough money. I just can't figure out what's happening. Could someone please help me out?
  3. hi, i have installed presta and everything was working fine, i then installed pay pal module the official one and configured the module to accept my API details, configure the pay pal to allow the use of the express checkout on the product page and also the checkout.. the issue is when i hover over the express checkout button the icon changes like its linked then when you actually click on it nothing happens i have tried everything and even look at the code and i am unable to find any solution i have uninstalled the module and reinstall it and also re inputted the API details the final checkout button on the very last page of the checkout process works brilliant just the express button nothing is linked and i cant understand why many thanks and hope someone can help
  4. Hello, I have problem with Paypal module. Why show "?" symbol?
  5. Hello everyone, Setting up the PayPal module It keeps asking me the "Client ID" and "Secret". I've been looking for it for two days and I can't find !! Please Help Many thanks
  6. Dear Sirs I have an Issue with the PayPal Module in my prestashop platform Ver. I just done all the requested actions to activate the PayPal payment but when I make a test purchase the module is not working I click and nothing happening The Link Of The site that I am working is: http://www.polisbikes.gr
  7. As we are using prestashop paypal module 3.8.1 please go through below points, 1) Got error for prestashop paypal module 3.8.1 after login in paypal it is giving error like " An appropriate representation of the requested resource /ggdev/modules/paypal/paypal_login/paypal_login_token.php could not be found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. " 2) Applied this solution : http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/380185-paypal-modification-ssl-v3-to-tls/ to prestashop paypal module 3.8.1 please help us to fix this error for paypal module.
  8. Hi all, Since the SSL v3 issue (also known as POODLE) was identified on October 14, PayPal has decided to completely disable SSL 3.0 support at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on December 3, 2014. POODLE is an internet security vulnerability that impacts the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 3.0 protocol, which was designed to ensure secure connections when surfing on the Internet. As a consequence all PayPal merchant customers using PrestaShop need to update their PayPal integration by upgrading their PayPal module on PrestaShop before December 3rd disable SSL 3.0 for their client interactions. If you do not upgrade your PayPal module on PrestaShop by this date, you may face interruptions to your ability to accept payments with PayPal. To make sure your integration is protected against this vulnerability and to keep accepting PayPal payments beyond this date, you need to upgrade your PayPal module to version 3.8.0 by following these steps: Users of version 1.5 and 1.6 of PrestaShop 1- Go to PrestaShop back office in the list of modules installed 2- Click on the « Update it » button next to PayPal module If this button doesn’t appear, please follow the same steps as the ones described below for “users of version 1.4 de PrestaShop” The upgrade to version 3.8.0 will then complete. If it doesn’t, please follow the steps below. Users of version 1.4 of PrestaShop 1. Go to the PrestaShop Addons website and download the latest version of the PayPal module (version 3.8.0) 2. You need to carry out a manual update of the module. Please go to the “Modules” section in the Back Office of your store 3. Click on “Upload the module from your computer” , you should get the screen below: 4. Insert the downloaded file in zip format 5. Click on « Upload this module » The upgrade to version 3.8.0 will then complete. Caution: If the message "Before using the module, you must install the compatibility Retro Module" appears after your being updated, thank you download and install the "Retro compatibility" module at this address: http://addons.presta...patibility.html We make every effort to help you as quickly as possible and we apologize for any inconvenience due to this problem. Regard, PayPal Iberia
  9. Hola. Para todos aquellos que están teniendo ese problema. Intentar lo siguiente: 1. Opción pedidos. 2. Estados (Estatus, Etats, o cualquier otro idioma). 3. Agregar nuevo estado de Pedido. 4. Pago PayPal (o como le quieran poner). 5. Escoger un color. 6. Marcar las siguientes opciones: Considerar el pedido asociado como válidado Permitir al cliente descargar la factura en formato PDF. Enviar por e-mail al cliente cuando el pedido se cambia a este estado Marcar las órdenes en este estado como pagadas. 7. Plantilla payment. 8. Guardar. Eso es todo.
  10. Hi All, We recently experiencing issues in payment processing using PayPal Europe module. Here is the error Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 523800 bytes) in /var/sites/p/domain.com/public_html/tools/tcpdf/tcpdf.php on line 8645 Our php.ini is currently set to 256M memory limit and our website was working find until last week. I've tried setting the php.ini to 512 and 1024 but seems our server default is only up to 512. The error will display after the customer successfully logged in to their paypal account. Below is the code in tcpdf.php on line 8645 which I think is related to images and I don't have any idea why it's causing the error. // embed mask image $imgmask = $this->Image($tempfile_alpha, $x, $y, $w, $h, 'PNG', '', '', $resize, $dpi, '', true, false); Before the error happened, our last modification to the website was uploading products. So we deleted couple of products as it reached beyond 3k and now it's below 3k but still having the same error message. By the way, paying card works fine. Anyone who has experience the same error or know some fixes that might help? It's been almost 2 weeks now and we haven't found the right solution. Thanks! Using Prestashop 1.5.2
  11. paypal error - my paypal module is sending thousands of same message to me Error reporting from your PayPal module it is from my email to my email. I am getting thousands of this email Error reporting from your PayPalAPI module A client has encountered a problem with the module PayPalAPI, see the report: customers can pay with paypal now but I am getting this message My host company said /public_html/modules/paypal/express_checkout is sending the email. We can quarantine that directory to prevent it from sending email. the payment.php script is sending the emails. My store is prestashop version Previous paypal version was 3.4.8 and I have some problems And to solve this problem in installed latest prestashop PayPal Europe - Official Modulehttp://addons.prestashop.com/en/payments-gateways-prestashop-modules/1748-paypal.html But I am getting error message PayPal response: TIMESTAMP -> 2014-10-31T06:19:10Z L_ERRORCODE0 -> 10472 L_SHORTMESSAGE0 -> Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details. L_LONGMESSAGE0 -> CancelURL is invalid. L_SEVERITYCODE0 -> Error What should I do??? Please help
  12. Hello. I am getting thousands of this email in a day Error reporting from your PayPalAPI module A client has encountered a problem with the module PayPalAPI, see the report: Sender is my email. it means my store or my paypal module is sending this message. I am getting ten of this email in a second. It is big problem. Because of this, my store performance is bad. PrestaShop™ My prestashop is And paypal module is v3.4.8
  13. I got thousands of this emil "Error reporting from your PayPal module" . Please help Sender email is my store's customer service email It means my store or my paypal module are sending that emails to us I got that email not that much ( less then 10 a day), so I just ignored But nowadays I am getting that message per a second. That makes problem. My email box is full in a day for that message My shop is prestashop version My paypal modue is PayPal v3.4.8 I Error reporting from your PayPalAPI module A client has encountered a problem with the module PayPalAPI, see the report: this is message. there is no error code.
  14. Iv been doing some searching and there doesnt seem to be many responses to the Paypal issues been faced with prestashop 1.6 ... I DID plan on using paypal as my main payment method. *I have a Business account set up with paypal *I have configured the module in back office to obtain my API details from paypal *i have also setup my client ID and secret i removed the module from being on the product page itself (as it showed at the bottom, and i planned to use the "add to cart button" and display the paypal button during checkout Anyway, in my shopping cart (aswell as when the "checkout with paypal" logo was shown on my product page) the logo/image is simply a dead link. It can highlight when the mouse runs over it, yet its treated as an image (right click im shown save image options) when clicking it does nothing and goes nowhere. i following the paypal intergration guide and cant figure out where i have gone wrong - im hoping its something basic iv missed? www.exposeclothing.com.au
  15. Hi there, brand new to prestashop. I am using the lastest Paypal Payments module. I have Express Checkout only enabled. I would like to allow customers to pay without setting up a paypal account. I have found the code needed to allow this to happen, but I am not sure which file to actually insert the code into. Here is a reference that I found, but it is very slim in detail. http://www.prestasho...ype#entry781842 Could you please direct me to the location and specific line in which I need to edit? Thank You Tom This is the code: if ($this->_pp_integral) $request .= '&SOLUTIONTYPE=Sole&LANDINGPAGE=Billing'; else $request .= '&SOLUTIONTYPE=Mark&LANDINGPAGE=Login';
  16. I just configured my paypal business account and entered the API, signature, code into the paypal module in the latest prestashop version ( I went on my web site (www.accademianutraceutica.com) and made some shopping. When I choose pay pall payment method, the web opens a new page with 404 error code (the page you are searching is not available). I am using the prestashop on line version. Is there anyone with same issue? I saw some post but I haven't found any solution. Thanks
  17. Looking for some help with out modifying the paypal module code. Prestashop v PayPal Module v 1.3.8 The issue appears to be that PrestaShop uses the PayPal profile information to tie the order to a user in the PrestaShop database. This may be by design, but this doesn't work if a user has a paypal email address that differs from their registered PrestaShop email address. So when a user goes to pay PrestaShop will create a new user using the PayPal profile information and also an order. When directed back to PrestaShop how ever the user will be directed to the Order History page with no orders because of this. Does anyone know of a work around? I've tried various settings in the module in hopes to getting it to work.
  18. Hi, We are using prestashop 1.5.6 and paypal usa,canada 1.3.6. We use the standard mode of paypal. 1) We have problems with the return url which cause major issue for statistics and user experience. No customer is returning to the order-confirmation page as it should. They are returned to guest-tracking instead. We have been trying to figure that our for weeks. 2) Also, while we are at it, paypal write "your order" on the bill when there is more than 1 product in the cart. Is there a way to have Paypal detailling the order? Thanks for your help!
  19. Hi, I've Prestashop at v1.6.0.6 and Paypal module at v3.7.1 installed. When I try to capture my buyers payments, I will return the following error message: "Capture operation result: HTTP Error 400 - Bad request: HTTP Error 400 - Bad request" It happened to someone else? What can be the problem? Thanks a lot, Daniel
  20. Hi there, I wish to redirect my customers to a different page than is default when they finish/cancel their order with PayPal. I have to make sure that any hidden data is still sent to prestashop, to ensure that all orders are coming in. I've found some code in /express_checkout/process.php, but i'm not quite sure how to change it properly: private function _setPaymentDetails(&$fields) { // Required field $fields['RETURNURL'] = PayPal::getShopDomainSsl(true, true)._MODULE_DIR_.$this->name.'/express_checkout/payment.php'; $fields['NOSHIPPING'] = '1'; $fields['BUTTONSOURCE'] = $this->getTrackingCode((int)Configuration::get('PAYPAL_PAYMENT_METHOD')); Best, Dave
  21. Ian so

    Paypal UK

    Hello I have a fresh install of Prestashop 1.6, and I want to sell goods in the UK via Paypal. I can't see where this is available. I have read other posts of people copying in modules from previous versions. Does anyone have this that works in the UK? Many thanks!
  22. Dear All, I successfully installed PayPal Europe module for my UK website: www.easywares.co.uk During testing out with my dummy item order placement, It took me to the PayPal payment / login page successfully. But after successfully verifying the login credentials, it took me to the Order Summery Page, with the below text, of my website prompting to click on the "order confirmation link or button" but I do not see any such link or button on the page? The PayPal Europe Module is set for the "Standard Website Payments" as well as the "Express Checkout" options in PrestaShop. Would anyone please suggest any solution to the above problem as soon as possible and whether its the right version of PayPal module (I downloaded the "PayPal Europe" module from http://addons.prestashop.com/en/payments-gateways-prestashop-modules/1748-paypal.html ) for my website? Thank you very much! Best regards,
  23. Hi. This is my first installatioin of PrestaShop so I hope I am making some obvious mistake. I have a PayPal Advanced account. I have the latest PayPal USA and Canada module installed. I have my API info fine and the PayPal Manager info also I believe. However no customer information is being passed to PayPal when I try to use the use debit or credit card part of the template c. I am getting the item descriptions, the amounts, tax, shipping and total are passed fine. The customer name, address and shipping address values are not being passed. I have been trying to get this working for a week. I have a PayPal tech suppport guy helping but we haven't been able to figure out the problem yet. We haven't officially opened the site and must resolve this issue first. However the site is open if you want to check it out. Let me know and I will give you the address for the site. You can see when you get to the payment page that only the amounts have been passed and no name or addresses. Just click the inspect element when you get to the pay with debit or credit card block and click on the PayNow button to see what I am talking about,. I am wondering if for some reason it is because the paypalusa module is reached by mysite.com/modules/paypaluas while everything else is mostly in mysite.com/themes/mytheme. I was wondering if it had to be installed in the mysite.com/themes/mytheme/modules folder. It doesn't seem like that should matter as any theme would be the same. I have been trying to track down where the paypal module gets the values for the customer name, address and shipping address to see if maybe it was looking for the wrong variable name or something. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it. As I said I have been working on this alone for over a week. At first I couldn't even get the pay with debit or credit card block to even show. Now I have it showing but this information is not being passed for some reason I can't seem to track down. I do know some coding, html, css, js, php and sql but am by no means a master and can't seem to figure out where and how the paypalusa module is getting or trying to get values for those fields. Like I said any help would sure be appreciated. Thanks, pirate1
  24. Hi there, happy new year! Paypal 3.6.2 is not working in my website. I recently change the theme, but I don't know if that is the issue. When you click on express checkout or try to checkout with paypal as method of payment, it simply loads you to payment.php and its all blank. When you refresh the page, sometimes it loads it to an error page in which the logo becomes a big grey question mark square. My website is www.tiempoerotico.com
  25. For some reason, lately had a problem in a checkout process. When my customers are sent to paypal, it all goes OK, they enter the credit card number > paypal confirm the card number > then the customers get the error message Fatal error (Address -> address1 is empty) At this point, the transaction did not complete, paypal did not charge anything, and no order in the order history from back office. prestashop 1.4.11 Sounds like the address field doesnt transfer FROM my shop to paypal or FROM paypal TO the shop. I even tryied creating a new user account, the problem remains.
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