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  1. Hello All, I've been trying to search for this but i only find posts from 2009 so i thought let me ask again I want to see the company name of every customer in my customer list, as it's easier to search and it has more overview for me but i have really have no idea how. can anyone point me in the right direction/give me the awnser ? Thank you in advance!
  2. Salve a tutti, tento anche qui dopo vario postare e diggare senza risultato. Il mio Problema è questo, Installato 1.5.2. caricato e settato per il B2B, ora in 1.5.3 e sembra andare bene (almno questa) Avrei la neccessità di avere un negozio (piccolissimo) per fare solo B2B, quindi mi serve che i prezzi siano mostrati senza Iva agli utenti loggati, ma che poi venga aggiunta separatamente nel carrello, dimodo che vedano qual'è il totale che devono e peossano pagare. Sembra (va) facile, ma nn c'è storia Ho cercato in giro, postato sul forum, studiato anche questa, ma forse per la versione.. http://www.prestasho...__fromsearch__1 non riesco a venirne a capo ho il tema di default e l'unico gruppo abilitato è il customers che vengono abiilitati manualmente. C'è qualcuno che può aiutarci? mille grazie
  3. I have been asked to build a basic e-commerce where prices are visible. However, for bulk buys - 20-30-40, the user has to logon with a specific business registration to view. This is to avoid regular clients seeing the B2B structure. Does anyone know if this is possible in PS1.5? Thanks
  4. My shop is based in the United States. I activated the B2B but this gives me some Customer options that are useless to me such as: SIRET and APE. More specifically, I would like to enter my customers EIN and/or Resale No. Then If I customer has a Resale No. available, then this customer should be exempt from tax. Is this possible?
  5. Hola a todos, Quiero modificar el resgistro de los clientes, la parte que añade el modo B2B. Necesito: 1- Cambiar donde pone APE y SIRET, por CIF y Activdad. 2- Quitar la comprobación del siret y del ape y dejarlos como texto plano Lo de APE y SIRET ya lo tengo, lo he modificado desde theme/lang/es.php pero sigo sin poder solucionar el punto nº2 ¿Alguien sabría responderme? Muchas gracias
  6. Hello, I have been using the Prestashop for a couple of weeks and unfortunately have stumbled across an annoying issue I still cannot solve out. If a customer (B2B) puts in her/his VAT number in the order form, total price still includes VAT which is a problem, as I want customers having VAT number to pay the total price excluding VAT. Indeed, I have installed the European VAT number module. I use only one VAT size. I really appreciate your help. Jiri
  7. Hi guys, I'm building a site for a client who needs a B2B platform and I chose PrestaShop as e-commerce solution, but after spending two weeks on it, I still can't find the right settings. We have three different kinds of clients (dealers, wholesalers and distributors) and we need to specify three different prices for each product, so that dealers see ONLY their prices, and so wholesalers and distributors. So for example, adding a new product - like a laptop - I need to set € 700 for dealers, € 600 for wholesalers and € 500 for distributors. Every time a new client subscribes, we have to set what kind of client is, so that online he will find ONLY the correct price for each product (important: a dealer, who pays € 700 for a laptop, doesn't have to know that distributors pay € 500). I can't find how to set PrestaShop to act this way. At the moment, I created three client groups (dealers, wholesalers and distributors) and set a different discount percentage per group. Every time a new client subscribes, I add him to the correct group, so that he sees the price resulting from the connected discount. The problem is, percentage discounts are not the right move, we need three specific prices per product. I imagined I could have specified them using excel (three columns > three prices) and then the csv export, but I can't find the way. I look forward to reading your suggestions. Thank you very much to everyone for your help! Francesco (PrestaShop on Linux Hosting)
  8. Docela mě zajímá jakým způsobem řešíte velkoobchod v prestashopu verze 1.5.x Potřebuji mít dvě skupiny (velkoobchod A, velkoobchod B a standardní zákazníci). Aktuální řešení jak nastavit ceny je jednoduché, nicméně časově velmi náročné tyto ceny aktualizovat. 1) Vytvoření dvou skupin viz. screenshot 2) Nyní musím nastavit ceny u každého produktu což je šíleně časově náročné a) otevřu si zboží, kliknu na cenu nyní kliknout na : Přidat novou speciální cenu c) v prvním sloupci zvolit místo "všechny skupiny" vytvořenou velkoobchod A d) napsat cenu zboží bez DPH e) uložit - jedna cena je hotová, ale ten průběh je šíleně náročný - existuje jednodušší způsob jak tam naimportovat ceny? 3) nyní registrovaného zákazníka edituji, kliknu na skupiny a přidám mu danou skupinu Zákazník již nastavenou cenu vidí. Jak řešíte velkoobchod vy? Pomocí importu či nějakého modulu?
  9. Bonjour, Mon besoin est le suivant : Je suis en train de développer un site e-commerce pour une société B2B qui possède un logiciel de gestion commerciale nommé WINPRO ( http://www.inovaxo.fr/nos-solutions-winpro-pieces.html ). Cette interface nous permet de proposer à nos clients des remises personnalisés selon des familles/sous familles de produits. Nous avons près de 3000 références, et chacune appartient à une famille/sous famille. Par exemple le produit A appartient à la famille 64 et à la sous famille 70. - Le client A aura une remise de 2% sur la famille 64 et 5% sur la sous famille 70. - Le client B aura une remise de 0% sur la famille 64 et 10% sur la sous famille 70. Toutes ces donnés aujourd'hui utilisés avec winpro sont exportables au format exel. Bien que prestashop permet de proposer des remises personnalisés sur tel type de produit et tel client, ce moyen trouve ses limites dans le fait que nous avons environ 1000 clients et que les remises sont amenés à changer fréquemment au rythme des saisons. Comme la notion de "familles" n'est pas dans prestashop, j'ai trouvé une "parade" en créant des catégories/sous catégories masqués "miroirs" aux familles sous familles, mais il me faudrait un moyen de pouvoir gérer cela facilement (par exemple avec un fichier .csv). Je reste ouvert à vos propositions et suggestions et vous remercie d'avance.
  10. Bonjour à tous, Je suis actuellement en train de développer un site e-commerce B2B pour un client qui vends des peintures. Mon client utilise actuellement une solution nommé WINPRO qui lui permet de gerer ses boutiques et ses stocks. Dans ce logiciel, tous les articles sont affectés à des familles / sous-famille. (qui ne correspondent pas forcément à des catégories/sous catégories). La famille / sous famille peut contenir une référence ou plus de 100. Les différents clients ont des remises personnalisés sur les familles / sous familles particulieres. Ce qui nous donne donc : Nous avons X catégories de peintures dans lesquelles se trouvent nos produits. Ces produits appartiennent à une famille et une sous famille. Le client A aura des remises sur la famille 60 et sur les sous familles 324, 554, (etc). Le client B aura aussi une remise sur la famille de produit 60 (mais avec un % différent de client A). Il faut pouvoir mettre une date de fin sur la remise si besoin. A ce jour je n'ai pas trouvé de module qui me permettent de faire ce que je souhaite. Peut être est ce possible en natif dans prestashop. J’essaie par exemple de créer des catégories / sous catégories non visibles qui correspondraient à ces familles/sous familles. Ensuite avec les "groupes" je gère les remises. (Pensez vous que c'est une solution en sachant que nous avons plus de 2500 produits et environ 1500 clients avec des remises différentes?) Merci d'avance pour votre aide et pour tout ce que fait cette formidable communauté !
  11. How can I add a Purchase Order Number (PO No.) field for my customer to enter it before checkout? I thought this would be part of the B2B functionality.
  12. Solution: Upgrade/use a shop version that runs 1.5.6.x and follow the steps below in post #7 Hi, I am working on a shop for a customer, who wants to use the Multistore feature to set up two shops. Shop 1 is B2C displaying prices incl. of VAT Shop 2 is B2B which should not display prices until the customer is logged in. I have made a new customer group for the B2B customers. This is set to display prices excl. of VAT and the showing for prices for the default groups (Visitor, Guest, Customer) is disabled. One would think that this simple setup would do the trick, but it doesn't :-( The problem is that when changing the default groups not to display prices for the B2B group, this updates globally for the B2C site as well so this shows no prices either! According to this thread: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/187765-set-up-multistore-for-b2b-and-b2c/ and this bug: http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCFV-4273 the problem should have been solved in the latest version (which at the time was The shop was version 1.5.3., so I have upgraded it to version The changelog for this version includes a lot of fixes regarding the Multistore feature, however it seems that this rather basic feature is still unresolved? Has anyone managed to get a setup as the above to work correctly? If so, I must be missing something in my setup. If not I'm guessing this should be reported as a new bug.
  13. Ik ben bezig met een online B2B shop op te zetten voor onze klanten Wij zijn een Belgische groothandel en leveren uitsluitend B2B aan professionelen, voornamelijk in landen België, Nederland, Duitsland. Nu merk ik dat er bij het berekenen van BTW toch nog e.e.a. niet helemaal juist verloopt bij een aantal scenario's. Er is een keuze om de BTW te berekenen op basis van factuuradres of afleveringsadres. Voor alle duidelijk, onze klant (professionelen), kunnen hun bestelling wel apart/rechtstreeks laten leveren bij hun (particuliere) klanten. Ik schets hieronder even de scenario's die bij ons kunnen voorkomen op basis van BE <> NL BTW op basis van factuuradres levering in BE & facturatie klant in BE = +21% BTW = OK levering in BE & facturatie klant in NL = 0% BTW volgens Prestashop = FOUT hier moet 21% BTW komen omdat de goederen binnen belgië blijven en niet intracommunautair geleverd zijn. levering in NL & facturatie klant in BE = +21% BTW = OK levering in NL & facturatie klant in NL = 0% BTW = OK BTW op basis van afleveringsadres levering in BE & facturatie klant in BE = +21% BTW = OK levering in BE & facturatie klant NL = +21% BTW nu wel OK levering in NL & facturatie klant BE = 0% BTW - TWIJFEL?? Is dit wel correct? Het is een IC levering. Ons accountancy kantoor beweert dat hier toch 21% BTW moet aangerekend worden, maar ik twijfel of zij de vraagstelling en situatie wel goed begrijpen. levering in NL & facturatie klant NL = 0% BTW = OK Is er iemand die mij kan bevestigen of dit klopt of niet? Waar en hoe kan ik eventueel dit aanpassen? Ik heb mij al suf gezocht in de menu's belastingen en BTW regels, maar alles staat hier correct ingesteld. Een andere optie die we achter de hand houden (maar niet onze voorkeur is), is gewoon altijd BTW aanrekenen zodat onze klanten in EU dit zelf maar moeten terugvorderen bij hun BTW-dienst. Hoe zou ik dit moeten instellen binnen Prestashop? Alvast bedankt voor de feedback en support!
  14. Hi there, I am trying to include the b2b fields on the new account form in the one page checkout (Prestashop 1.5.5)... + Can somebody tell me if it is already possible ? + Can I simply copy paste the b2b code on authentification.tpl to order-opc-new-account.tpl ? + Does anybody has an exemple or a free theme which would include the b2b fields in one page checkout ? Best regards, Clem [edit] Thanks to PhpMadMan code on github I tried to add the b2b block of html fields in the opc new account file... And so far it works ! You can directly copy the b2b block in the template and it will be taken in account. [/edit]
  15. Bonjour, Je teste actuellement PrestaShop 1.5 et sa nouvelle fonctionnalité "multi-boutiques" dans le but de mettre en place 2 boutiques (Business-to-business et Business-to-customer) utilisant les mêmes produits et les mêmes stocks mais avec des prix différents pour les revendeurs. Tout se présentait bien jusqu'à la configuration de l'affichage des prix : PrestaShop possède maintenant 3 groupes de clients par défaut (visiteur/invité/client), qu'il est possible de configurer pour afficher ou non les prix. Je voudrais cacher les prix aux visiteurs non-connectés sur le site B2B mais lorsque je sélectionne "Afficher les prix" > Non pour le B2B il se change aussi pour le B2C ! Il faudrait pouvoir modifier cette valeur par boutique ou nous permettre de créer plusieurs groupes "visiteur", un pour chaque boutique... Des idées ?
  16. Is there a clean way to allow a Group to be Tax Exempt? Or even at the Customer level? I refuse to think that this functionality is not available in PrestaShop I thought it would be incorporated in the B2B feature but it's not. If anyone has any solution please let me know! Thanks.
  17. Salut, J'utilise Prestashop et les modèles de facure b2b afin que les détails de taxe s'affichent. Je remarque un problème, lorsque le client à déja payé une commande, son paiement est accepté et la facture est générée et jointe à son email par Prestashop. Le problème est que la facture générée affiche une ligne en rouge indiquant que le montant de la facture reste du . Comment faire pour que cette ligne disparaisse puisque le client a djà payé sa facture ? Merci à vous.
  18. I need an Order Form to allow my wholesale customers to quickly order without cart functionality (only when a wholesale customer logs in) I've found two options below. But they apply to all visitors and groups indifferently. http://addons.prestashop.com/en/checkout-modules/8065-order-form.html http://addons.prestashop.com/en/checkout-modules/5498-quick-order-form.html Are there any modules to achieve this type of functionality in PS? Thanks,
  19. Hej forum. Er på jagt efter et B2B - B2C Modul. Altså en som kan switch mellem med moms og uden moms. Findes der noget overhovedet. Til den nye version
  20. Hi there, for many reasons our future Prestashop Webstore is completely disconnected from our ERP. That's why PS is only used here to send payments and orders. We receive orders manually entered in the system. So the Email confirmation sent using mail alerts module to our client support is crucial. I'm getting mad trying to find a way to display the B2B infos on new_order.html template. I can't find what constructs {payment}, {order_name} etc. values. Could any one put me on tracks please ? Thx PS : next questions are how to display phone numbers and taxes exclude prices on email confs....
  21. Bonjour, Je crée un post car je n'ai pas trouvé de réponse en cherchant et parcourant ces forums, même les anglais. Je veux donc créer ma boutique Prestashop, en B2B, et de préférence avec le module TVA Intracom (vatnumber) activé. Je fais donc une fresh install, j'active juste le mode B2B, et je vais voir la page de création de nouveau compte client (.../index.php?controller=authentication&back=my-account#account-creation). Type de processus d'enregistrement fixé sur "Standard". Chose importante, la boutique est installée avec le pays par défaut "Belgique". Et là, je vois plusieurs choses étranges: il y a deux fois le champ "Société" on me propose SIRET et APE, alors que le seul pays activé est "Belgique" et que ces champs sont inutiles en Belgique (et les autres pays hors mis la France si je ne me trompe). et en bas de page, le champ "Numéro d'identification" (DNI / NIF / NIE) pour l'Espagne est visible, alors que dans les propriétés du pays "Belgique", l'option "Requiert un numéro d'identification fiscale ?" est désactivé. Ca, c'est la première partie seulement... parce que si j'active le module TVA Intracomm, je le configure, il se passe d'autres choses incohérentes: il y a donc tjs 2 fois le champ "Société". si je remplis le premier, le champ TVA s'affiche bien, mais, en dessous du 2ème !! si je remplis le 2ème, le champ TVA ne s'affiche pas. il y a toujours le champ "Numéro d'identification" (DNI / NIF / NIE) non demandé et donc inutile qui est apparent. Après avoir cherché un peu: en activant d'autres pays, rien ne change. par contre, en ayant activé d'autres pays, si vous changer le pays (ici par défaut c'est sur Belgique), vous avez la possibilité de le modifier via le select, et là, quand vous sélectionnez un autre pays (et que "Requiert un numéro d'identification fiscale ?" n'est pas activé pour ce pays) le champ non désiré "Numéro d'identification" (DNI / NIF / NIE) disparait. Si vous revenez sur "Belgique" (ou le pays par défaut), le champ reste bien caché. Cela ressemble donc fort à un bug (ou me trompe-je ?) pour le champ TVA en relation avec le module TVA Intracom, aucune option pour modifier le comportement. Donc, serait-il présomptueux de ma part de penser que le formulaire d'enregistrement de PS1531 n'est pas du tout optimisé (ni même adapté) à l'option B2B native de PS ? Que faire pour régler ces problèmes ? Suis-je le seul dans le cas ? Je trouve également que demander deux fois le nom et le prénom du client lors de son enregistrement est particulièrement fastidieux, alors que c'est une procédure sensée être voulue simple afin d'encourager la venue de nouveau clients (ce qui est vital pour une boutique...), mais là, je suppose qu'il s'agit de la volonté de séparer le compte et l'adresse (de livraison par ex). Il n'en reste pas moins que cela est très peu ergonomique... Je pourrais en parler encore davantage, mais je pense que l'idée principale est passée, je joins une capture d'écran de la page d'enregistrement telle qu'elle est de base avec juste l'option B2B activée. Personne d'autre dans le cas ? Des solutions pour contourner ? Des améliorations prévues ? Le team Presta est-il au courant de ces incohérences ? D'avance merci pour vos retours.
  22. Hi to all We've Choose Presta because of it's ability to hide prices to guest by default and now we are ready to go online. After a long research I had to post this question. Is it possible to have the store (1.5.2) set in B2B mode And to add Vat on checkout ? I have to admit none of us is 'skilled' in Presta, and we really can't get out of this. We are in Europe and have to sell in europe and so we have to Add the Vat (separately) Store actually 's set on B2B mode, prices are all without Vat, we look forward to find the way ( we were sure Presta does it) to have VAT added on checkout and on automated Invoces too. Any tips would be welcome, also a link, a picture ... or else Thanks
  23. Hi. I recently joined GitHub and started to help to develop PrestaShop. Hopping they add my ideas... I'm currently working on a improved B2B Feature. Yesterday I added to my local install, options to enable / disable APE and SIRET. I plan to add a field called Company Nr, where customer should add the organization number. To make it backward compatibility, I'll look in to if a siret call is made, change it to company nr if enabled. And also a "Siret to company nr", for customer already registered, so store owners can with one button, move there registerd customer's nr from siret to the new company nr. That's my thought's on what is needed for it, so far. I know it's a much requested feature, so I thought, those who use it, and have modified it, what did you change? What do you want to change / add? And since it's a change that this thread gets big, if someone posts a feature you want to, instead of making a new post, telling you second that feature. I ask that you just Like the post.
  24. Ciao, dovrei realizzare un ecommerce che in base al gruppo di utenti dovrebbe mostrare diverse caratteristiche dello stesso prodotto, mi spiego meglio: Nel caso specifico si tratta di un negozio di calzature che vende sia ai privati che ai rivenditori, il mio problema è quello di differire gli attributi dei prodotti in base a queste 2 tipologie di utenti, i colori per esempio, i privati devono vedere tutti quelli disponibili, i rivenditori invece ne devono vedere solo 2 o 3 perchè acquistano in confezoni assortite. Per differire gli utenti, vorrei utilizzare i gruppi di Prestashop, ma vedo che non è possibile associare gli attributi ai gruppi di utenti. Esiste una soluzione? un plugin per esempio. grazie
  25. Looking for Beta Testers! Our company has paid for development of two new modules that we are considering releasing for sale as a Presta Shop Addon. We are looking for some individuals interested in beta testing the module. In exchange for your assistance with bug finding and feedback, you will receive the modules free of use for your company. If you are interested, please contact me at [email protected] with a subject line titled “Beta Tester” and provide a brief description of your business and why you think the modules would be beneficial for your business. Purpose of the modules: The two modules include what we are calling the “Business 2 Business Documents” and our “Business Quotation” modules. Business 2 Business Documents: This module is designed to ease in the transfer of vital business documents between customers and manufacturers. The ideal company that might use this module is a company that drop ships straight from their manufacturer. This module will add a couple of new features to the “Order page”. 1 - E-mail Sales Invoice: under the documents section a new e-mail button will be added that will allow for easy e-mailing of the sales invoice to the customer. No more downloading and opening an e-mail client to e-mail the sales invoice. The module will use the contact e-mail provided by the customer. 2 – Generate Purchase Order: underneath the purchase order box, a new box will appear titled “Whole Sale Purchase Order” with a “Generate Invoice” button. Clicking on this button will generate a purchase order that is used to notify your manufacturer of a new order and to request production of the order. When the document is generated, you can preview the document for accuracy and if satisfied, click on the e-mail button to have the purchase order sent directly to the manufacturer of the product. Note! In the current iteration of this module it can only send to the manufacturer listed for the product, it does not yet have the capability to send to a supplier. The contact information for the manufacturer including shipping address and e-mail address must be completely filled out in order for this functionality to work correctly. Also of importance is the manufacturer must be specified for a product otherwise it will generate an error message. 3 – Generate Ship Authorization: this box will appear underneath the purchase order box. It will function in the same manner as the purchase order box with the exception that it will generate a ship authorization document that can be e-mailed to your manufacturer to authorize shipping of your merchandise. This feature is handy for businesses that many have a long lead time on manufacturing and need to verify that the order is still valid before shipping products to the customer. This module again uses the information specified under the manufacturers menu and the manufacturer for a product must be specified. 4 – Business 2 Business Documents: This module has its down default invoice, purchase order and ship authorization document templates. They are modeled after the Quick Books formatted documents. The known limitations for this module include: The module currently uses the manufacturer’s field for a product, not the supplier’s field. If you drop ship your product from multiple suppliers, this module will not work for you. If there is strong demand to be able to use suppliers in addition to manufacturers, we made add this functionality in future versions. Documents are defaulted to appear similar to Quick Books generated documents. There is no way to specify your own templates for invoices, purchase orders and ship authorizations. “Business Quotes” module. This module allows for quotes to be sent to customers or for customers to request quotes for your products. There are already a couple of quote modules available but this module is different in its purpose and functionality. The target business for this module is a business that does not display their product prices (probably running in catalog mode) on their website. The Business Quotation module will allow a new option to be set that will display a “Add to Cart for Price Quote” that will appear in place of the standard “Add to Cart” button on a product page. In this manner, a potential customer will be able to fill their shopping cart up with a list of products they are interested in receiving a quote for. When the customer has filled their cart with the products they want a quote for, they will begin the checkout process as if they were purchasing the product. However, in this case, the customer will only be asked to provide basic contact information and a delivery address for estimating shipping charges. The customer will then submit the shopping cart for a quote request. Once the cart is submitted for a quote request, it will appear in the back office under “Orders -> Quotes” tab. Here, all quotes requested from customers will be displayed. The admin will be able to click on the new quote and it will be displayed very similar to an order with a few minor differences. The admin will be able to verify the quoted products, quantities and shipping charges as well as to make modifications to the order if necessary. Once the admin is satisfied that the quote details are in order, the admin will be able to click on a button that will send the quote to the customers e-mail address. The admin can specific how long a quote will be valid for and the module will track automatically if a quote has expired or is valid. The customer will then receive an e-mail with the quote attached as a pdf document as well as a link in the e-mail that the customer can click on to take the customer back to the website and pull up their quote. The customer will then be able to review the quote and if satisfied, click on a button to turn the quote into an actual purchase. The customer will then be guided through the standard checkout process and this time be presented with a method for payment. For businesses that provide quotes to customers over the phone, the admin is able to generate a quote on the backend as well and have it e-mailed to the potential customer. There are some limitations to this functionality that will hopefully be addressed in future versions of the module. The first being that in order to generate a quote from the back office “orders –> quotes” screen, if you have a multi-store setup, you must select the appropriate store you wish the quote to be from. When generating a quote from the back office, it is necessary to create a “guest” account for the potential customer. Essentially this means that you will be creating an account for the customer to include a password for the customer. Unless you intend to allow the customer to login to your website, we suggest using a strong default password known only to the admin and disabling the customer from being able to login when creating the account. (We hope to change how this functionality works in future versions of the module). Once the customer information has been entered, the admin can build a quote for the customer by selecting products from the store and adding them. When the admin is done building the quote, he can then specify the period of time the quote will be valid for and then have the quote sent to the customer as a pdf. The rest of the functionality from this point forward is the same as what was described above where the new quote will appear in the “orders -> quotes” menu and an e-mail with pdf and link will be sent to the customer. There are a couple of known limitations to this module in its current form. Single Page Checkout will not work, you must use the 5 page checkout method. Quotes created from back office by admin will require a customer account to be created necessitating a password for the customer account. Other stuff not thought of… Documents are defaulted to appear similar to Quick Books generated documents. There is no way to specify your own templates for invoices, purchase orders and ship authorizations. If you are interested in trying out these modules on your website, please send me an e-mail. Note that the modules are being used on our own companies website http://www.atlasamerican.com if you want to see how the functionality works from the front end. So far we have found the module to work for our setup but before we release the module for purchase, we want to broaden our sample size to ensure we have successfully squashed all of the bugs. We also expect to have many suggestions for feature requests. While we are open to additional feature requests, note that we have to pay a developer for all work and thus it is not a trivial matter or cost to add every feature requested. If the modules are well received and successful, we will then be able to add more features. Right now though, the focus is on core functionality and ensuring that they work as intended. Again, if you are interested in participating in this beta test, please send an e-mail to Robert@vandalstop.com with a subject line titled “Beta Tester”. Note that as a beta, we cannot ensure that there will not be problems with adding these modules to your website. We suggest doing a full site backup before installing the modules and we recommend only people that are willing and able to help work through whatever bugs may be found. In exchange for your testing and feedback, we will provide the modules to your company for free. Note that this is a limited beta test, we are only seeking a few people to participate at this time.
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