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  1. How to add products to the cart from the index page itself ...customer should get option to select size of the product from indexpage itself please refer www.tobi.com for reference.
  2. My client requires a notification (in the back office) EVERY time an item is ADDED and/or REMOVED from a cart. I am aware that adding a product doesn't necessarily mean it is bought, but we need an instant notification every time a product is added or removed BEFORE checkout. Is there a "simple" way to do this? I know you can immediately notify the CUSTOMER when they have added a product and they can verify the removal of a product. You also can notify ADMIN when an order has been paid/ checked out so I know there must be some way of doing it, but I can't figure it out! Can anyone help?
  3. I'm trying to figure out why the add to cart icon is above text in the button? http://garyleatherbags.se/index.php?id_product=3&controller=product Regards mbp
  4. I've a shop with name MattGeo.com and I am now stuck at a point where I need to auto save the customization just by pressing the add to cart button. My customization fields also have image upload option so the help I found on internet not helped me actually. If there is only a way to save text automatically in my version of prestashop so it will be helpful too. I am using the default prestashop theme with some customization, prestashop 1.5x with non-ajax cart. My shop address: http://www.mattgeo.com
  5. Hola, he buscado en traducciones en el archivo porduct-list-tpl etc etc y no encuentro la forma de traducir la palabra add to cart que sale en el quick view o vista rapida.adjunto imagen, Gracias a todos.
  6. Is there any hook for the insertion of an alternative to the button "Add to Cart" on the product pages, product list on category pages and homepage. In other words I wanted it to instead of the "Add to cart" button, appears another button when the product is not "Available for order".
  7. Since the add to cart function takes 15 seconds, I would like to show a message when add to cart is clicked.The message would say "Please wait while your product is being adding to cart. Product shipping information is being gathered from usps.com, ups.com, and fedex.com." Does anyone know how I could add a message that would show when the add to cart button is clicked?
  8. Please help i need assistance on how to remove the add to cart and more buttons when user hovers over a product in category view. Any help is appreciated. Cheers please see attached image for reference
  9. Hi, i'm here with a problem! i use mtstudio theme, if without Move JavaScript to the end price are fine, mega menu fine, but zoom problem (can't zoom), add to cart problem (can't add to cart), add quantity problem (press + pop to top). If i Move JavaScript to the end in CCC, mega menu will drop down problem, price become 0.00, zoom fine, add to cart fine, add quantity fine. What can i do? anyone can help me please?
  10. I am facing a quite strange problem : add to cart function is working normally when I add a product to cart while I am browsing through the categories pages. Now when I search for a product and I try to add this product to cart from the search result this is not working and returns pages not found. the funny thing is that both links appeared to be the same for example: adding a product to the cart from a category page is: http://www.shopbay.gr/el/cart?add&id_product=2146629&token=ca2a52cc4896001bab71e75009b85df8 and working. while adding a product to the cart from the search results is the following http://www.shopbay.gr/el/cart?add&id_product=2146629&token=ca2a52cc4896001bab71e75009b85df8 exactly the same link and it does not working returning page not found this is very strange think but since addtocart is basically a ajax function maybe I missing something here has anybody experience the same thing and where i should look for the add to cart function? thank you in advance PS my prestashop instalation is 1.4.9
  11. Good evening, I have a problem with combination products. When you hover over the product in the grid view, then the option "add to cart" comes into view. When I click on it, it just adds the first combination from the combinations list to the cart without giving me any option as to choose a combination. The same app[ies when using filters from the layered navigation block. When i filter on attributes, then the product nicely shows up but not in the configuration i filtered on but as the first combination from it's combination list. same problem then arises that it adds that first combination to the list when I click the "add to cart" button from the grid menu. Every other method where is can choose the options works just fine and adds the correct item. This is a weird problem and I would like to know if this is fixable. I'm running on stock with literally nothing done except deleting the standard products and adding in some of my own test products. Thank you in advance for the help.
  12. Hi folks Im looking for at nice styled add to cart button that has a input field and on left side a -(minus) and right side a +(plus) button. the + and - btns should update cart qty via ajax, and when a customer arrive to shop all fields will be either 0 or a traditionel ad to cart button covering it until >0. I can apply a few examples if you'd like. basically I want customers always to see what qty is in cart, directly on the buttons. Anybody found a way to do that? Thanks PS I'd like to extend it, so that if there is max available 5 qty, it will show that visually so everybody can understand it just by looking at it, and maybe hovering over it or clicking it.
  13. Hey Folks, I love the new prestashop 1.6, but the only thing i dont like which seems to come standard in bootstrap is how the "light grey payment logo / add to cart / product attribute seletor /add to wishlist" is seperate from the products title block. I dont remember it being the same in 1.5, or perhaps i modified it to much and was never faced with the issue - but i find the image is a little to small in comparison to the two big large boxes next to it, and when it comes to selling clothing, its the image which sells the item, and not so much the massive "payment logos / add to cart button / social media links etc" i found the important parts are small, and the non-important parts are maximized in the layout. I would like to somehow merge the features that are inside the light grey box, into the section right next to the product, so i can then use that extra space to make the product image display larger. My initial guess is that its a positional module that i can transplant? however i want to double check with others, as i have previously moved modules in the past, and completely messed up the whole store, and started again, silly me didnt back up prior, so i started from scratch. For me to get the results as shown in the image, should i move the payment logos / add to cart etc into the short description section, or should i move the short description section into the payment logos / add to cart block? is this done through moving modules? http://www.exposeclothing.com.au/index.php?id_product=183&controller=product#/color-taupe/size-m this is the position im after
  14. Hello everyone , I need add to cart button inside cms pages of prestashop. I search a lot and one prestashop forum post recomended me to use this method : <p><a onclick="ajaxCart.add(product_id=2, attribute_id=0, true, null, quantity=1, null);">Add to cart</a> But after saving the page it becomes : <a>Add to cart</a> is left. Onclick function is removed after save. Please help . Its urgent.
  15. Hello Every one, 1. <a id="ajaxButton_8" class="exclusive ajax_add_to_cart_button" title="Add to cart" href="../cart.php?qty=1&id_product=8&token=$token=Tools::getToken(true)&add" rel="ajax_id_product_8">Add to cart</a> 2. <a onclick="ajaxCart.add(product_id=2, attribute_id=null, true, null, quantity=1, null);">Add to cart</a> The above both "Add to cart" buttons are not working in CMS page. 1st one is redirecting to "<domain>/cart.php?qty=1&id_product=8&token=$token=Tools::getToken(true)&add " and product is not getting added to cart. 2nd link is not working... Could anybody help......
  16. [english version below] Bonjour, Sur ma page de liste de produits, le boutton 'ajouter au panier' n'apparait que lorsque ma quantité minimale pour le produit est 1. Lorsque la quantité minimale est 6, le bouton 'ajouter au panier' n'apparait pas. Vous pouvez voir une exemple ici : http://www.levindefrance.com/41-achat-vin Auriez-vous une indication sur la façon de modifier cela ? Merci beaucoup d'avance, Gabriel Hi, On the product list page, the ‘add to cart’ button only appears when the quantity for the product is 1. When I have a minimum quantity of 6, the ‘add to cart’ button doesn’t appear. You can see an exemple here : http://www.levindefrance.com/41-achat-vin Would you have any indication on how I can change that ? Thanks a lot in advance, Gabriel
  17. Dear Community, I'm a total newbie to PrestaShop and have a little problem with understanding the hooks-thing. After playing around with moduls and testing their positions, suddenly the "Add to Cart"-block slides down under the short description, not longer beside it. Here's how the page look like at the moment: http://www.frei-schnauzen.de/home/2-oeko-shirt-veggie-damen.html I think it happens after trying to set the "Cross-Selling"-Module under the product's long description. But deactivating the module doesn't help Has anyone an idea how to get the block back to it's original position? Thanks in advance Tina
  18. Job Offer To Prospective Prestashop Experts, The time has come to admit defeat in regards to being able to set up a working Prestashop Multistore. It looked so easy. I have three main Prestashop multistore issues for the moment that may be basic but are beyond me. I do not think that they will be solved via the great Prestashop Forum. The issues are probably to do with settings or a corrupted data base so I need an experienced Prestashop Multistore person to go through my application to see where I have done wrong. Issue 1: The Top Menu module does not now display the category options so you can not add the product categories to a new site's menu, or change the product root menu for the sites that are lucky enough to have a product menu attached (before it broke). This issue is not really to do with the Top Menu. I believe that it is a problem generated by the set up or a bug to do with the Multistore categories as it kicks in after I add about 30 categories and other category issues start to happen. An example of what is needed is the linking of Advantage Hardware to root category AH Products and site Super Mall linked to SM Products in the Top Menu. Issue 2: I am setting up 5 shops at the moment, 4 just roughly for the time being. The first and default store is www.advantagelife.net . The currency is Australian Dollars, there is a 10%GST, groups have been set, and all prices are tax inclusive. The problem is that the prices displayed on the default site and www.supermall.co are correct but the prices on www.advantage-hardware.com, www.advantage-lighting.com, and www.advantageplaza.com do not include the tax in the displayed prices. There seems to be a setting problem there that I can't find. Issue 3: On the earlier products I entered before turning the store into a Multistore (most of the products), the “add to cart” button is not displaying. Most though not all of these products are out of stock but I have set the system to allow out of stock orders. I added stock to a Test product but it does not show the “add to cart” button either. Now even though the advanced stock management shows the Test Product with 1000 units, the product list shows the Test Product with no units. On the product page there are no units showing for any of my original products even though they have been entered into the Advanced Stock Management system. I've tried changing between the Bootstrap and the Theme I'm using a few times to no avail. These issues are a real problem that I've been wrestling with for a while now with little luck, so I am really hoping that someone can save my Prestashop experience. UPDATE I've been informed that some of the issues were to do with a bug and that all of the products have to be re-listed. When I get a chance I will try this and then decide if I have to get more help.
  19. hi, I am installing a fresh PS 1.6. On the BO, we are able to disable the display of Add To Cart when a product has attribute (Preference>Products>Product Page). Is there a way to do the same for product that has customization fields to fill in? At this moment, if a product has customization text fields, clicking Add To Cart gives no response. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. With regards,
  20. Sto impazzendo sulla 1.6.9 non riesco a trovare il modo di modificare il pulsante add to cart che si vede in home page quando si passa sopra un prodotto con il mause. Nelle traduzioni ho provato di tutto, mi serve un aiuto se necessario anche agendo direttamente sui files. grazie in anticipo
  21. On the main page of my site I have the Homefeatured block. It was an Add to Cart button. I'd rather have it say view more and have it link to the actual product (since nobody just blindly adds a product off the homepage without reading more). I have tried to modify it in my tpl but can't get it to work. Can anyone help? My homefeatured.tpl file starting on line 26: <!-- MODULE Home Featured Products --> <div id="featured-products_block_center" class="block products_block clearfix"> <h4 class="title_block">{l s='Featured products' mod='homefeatured'}</h4> {if isset($products) AND $products} <div class="block_content"> {assign var='liHeight' value=250} {assign var='nbItemsPerLine' value=4} {assign var='nbLi' value=$products|@count} {math equation="nbLi/nbItemsPerLine" nbLi=$nbLi nbItemsPerLine=$nbItemsPerLine assign=nbLines} {math equation="nbLines*liHeight" nbLines=$nbLines|ceil liHeight=$liHeight assign=ulHeight} <ul style="height:{$ulHeight}px;"> {foreach from=$products item=product name=homeFeaturedProducts} {math equation="(total%perLine)" total=$smarty.foreach.homeFeaturedProducts.total perLine=$nbItemsPerLine assign=totModulo} {if $totModulo == 0}{assign var='totModulo' value=$nbItemsPerLine}{/if} <li class="ajax_block_product {if $smarty.foreach.homeFeaturedProducts.first}first_item{elseif $smarty.foreach.homeFeaturedProducts.last}last_item{else}item{/if} {if $smarty.foreach.homeFeaturedProducts.iteration%$nbItemsPerLine == 0}last_item_of_line{elseif $smarty.foreach.homeFeaturedProducts.iteration%$nbItemsPerLine == 1} {/if} {if $smarty.foreach.homeFeaturedProducts.iteration > ($smarty.foreach.homeFeaturedProducts.total - $totModulo)}last_line{/if}"> <a href="{$product.link|escape:'html'}" title="{$product.name|escape:html:'UTF-8'}" class="product_image"><img src="{$link->getImageLink($product.link_rewrite, $product.id_image, 'large_default')|escape:'html'}" height="200px" width="200px" alt="{$product.name|escape:html:'UTF-8'}" />{if isset($product.new) && $product.new == 1}<span class="new">{l s='New' mod='homefeatured'}</span>{/if}</a> <h5 class="s_title_block"><a href="{$product.link|escape:'html'}" title="{$product.name|truncate:50:'...'|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}">{$product.name|truncate:35:'...'|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</a></h5> <div class="product_desc"><a href="{$product.link|escape:'html'}" title="{l s='More' mod='homefeatured'}">{$product.description_short|strip_tags|truncate:65:'...'}</a></div> <div> {if $product.show_price AND !isset($restricted_country_mode) AND !$PS_CATALOG_MODE}<p class="price_container"><span class="price">{if !$priceDisplay}{convertPrice price=$product.price}{else}{convertPrice price=$product.price_tax_exc}{/if}</span></p>{else}<div style="height:21px;"></div>{/if} {if ($product.id_product_attribute == 0 OR (isset($add_prod_display) AND ($add_prod_display == 1))) AND $product.available_for_order AND !isset($restricted_country_mode) AND $product.minimal_quantity == 1 AND $product.customizable != 2 AND !$PS_CATALOG_MODE} {if ($product.quantity > 0 OR $product.allow_oosp)} <a class="exclusive ajax_add_to_cart_button" href="{$product.link|escape:'html'}" title="{l s='Read More' mod='homefeatured'}">{l s='Read More' mod='homefeatured'}</a> {else} <span class="exclusive">{l s='Add to cart' mod='homefeatured'}</span> {/if} {else} <div style="height:23px;"></div> {/if} </div> </li> {/foreach} </ul> </div> {else} <p>{l s='No featured products' mod='homefeatured'}</p> {/if} </div> <!-- /MODULE Home Featured Products -->
  22. Hello! I download this great module loffeatured http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/247228-free-module-lof-featured-products-carousel/ but I have a problem, when user is logged is not adding product to cart, any idea why? When Im not logged it adds to cart perfect web link: http://tecnostores.com.ar/testing/ is pass protected User: tecnotest / passw: paysandu1527 thanks
  23. Hello Can anyone help me please. I am configuring a new install of prestahop (1.5..6) but cannot get the Add to Cart to work. I have: ticked allow orders when out of stock tried it with theme and default theme enabled and unenambled Ajax tried adjusting quantities (0 and 4) disabled and reinstalled Cart block Although this is a new multishop site I am using a database backed up from another site as a starting point (version of 1.5.4) On this site everything works fine (www.brightgreen.co.uk) but cannot see why it won't work on the new site (www.greeninterior.co.uk). Any clues? i am a merchant so words of one syllable please Sarah
  24. Hello I would make some changes to the Leo Mega Store theme that I'm using in Prestashop, but it's too difficult for me: 1. I want to remove the ADD TO CART button in the main page and others (not on the product page) 2. Also I want to remove the short description that is above the ADD TO BASKET button Thank you Regards (SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH)
  25. Hi Techies, My prestashop Version is I have installed Crossselling with custom hook as displayCrossSelling. My module is working perfect, it showing its tpl file contents, but products are not showing. here is the link http://store.unikmobil.dk/da/quick-order Its working perfect on product page, and its showing products for all products. Please check this and help me for getting products. Thanks in advance.
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