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  1. As mentioned in PrestaShop customer group section: PrestaShop has three default customer groups: Visitor - All persons without a customer account or customers that are not logged in. Guest - All persons who placed an order through Guest Checkout. Customer - All persons who created an account on this site. [and logged in] So PrestaShop can determine if a customer is logged in or not with this built-in feature. No coding needed. So to hide prices for not logged in visitors, simply: Go to Shop Parameters > Customer Settings > Groups (tab) Edit "Visitor" group Set "Show prices" to "NO" Save Like the image below: The result when the visitor is not logged in: When the customer is logged in: The following instruction is optional: Now if you want to inform your visitors/customers that they need to login to see the prices depending on your theme you can set a banner or a text block informing them and make that module hidden for "Customer" group. In the default classic theme: Go to Design > Position and click on the "Transplant a module" blue button In the "Module" field search for "Custom Text Block" or "Banner" In the "Transplant to" field search for "displayTop" or any other hook you prefer. Click on "Save" Now you need to create a proper content (an HTML Text or a Banner). I explain the Custom text module: Go to Modules > Module Manager Search for "Custom Text Block" Enable it if it is disabled and then click "Configure" Provide a proper information for visitors (Not logged in users). For example: "To see the prices, please login to your account. If you do not have an account you can create a new one here." And you can link the words to the log in page. Save Then you need to hide this block for logged in customers: Go to Shop Parameters > Customer Settings > Groups (tab) Edit "Customer" group In the "Authorized modules" section, set the "Custom Text Block" module to "NO" Save Now what visitors (not logged in) will see: And what customers (logged in) will see: All of this with no need to edit codes, just with some configurations. I hope it helps.
  2. Hello @oktu.it Did you try the solution that worked for me? In the 'ps_configuration' table (via phpMyAdmin), I changed the 'value' of 'PS_SSL_ENABLED' and 'PS_SSL_ENABLED_EVERYWHERE' from 0 to 1.
  3. I installed PS on subdirectory demo.mydomain.com/ps1787 and SSL was enabled on my domain demo.mydomain.com. I chose "Not to enabled SSL" in the installation process. Then I had the "Admin Login Loop" problem in Google Chrome (V. 107.0.5304.106) but not on FireFox (V. 106.0.3). I needed to solve this problem so I tried several suggestions in different topics: 1. Renaming gamification module folder 2. Disabling the IP check in classes/Cookie.php (this can causes many issues with dynamics IP) : in isLoggedBack(), remove or comment the fourth condition: && (!isset($this->_content['remote_addr']) OR $this->_content['remote_addr'] == ip2long(Tools::getRemoteAddr()) OR !Configuration::get('PS_COOKIE_CHECKIP')) 3. Making the expire time shorter for cookies (IE can have issues with longest time cookies) : in classes/Cookie.php constructor, setting: $this->_expire = isset($expire) ? (int)($expire) : (time() + 3600); instead of $this->_expire = isset($expire) ? (int)($expire) : (time() + 1728000); 4. Setting PS_COOKIE_LIFETIME_BO to 480 and PS_COOKIE_CHECKIP to 0 None of them worked for me and I reverted all the changes. None of them were tested simultaneously! The solution that worked for me: In the 'ps_configuration' table (via phpMyAdmin), I changed the 'value' of 'PS_SSL_ENABLED' and 'PS_SSL_ENABLED_EVERYWHERE' from 0 to 1. I have no idea why this worked for me. I would appreciate if anyone explains this.
  4. I cleared Cookies and it also worked. I had more than 400 cookies so I don't know exactly what was causing the problem.
  5. I used Incognito and it worked! I don't know yet what in my Chrome browser is causing the problem.
  6. I used Incognito and it worked! I don't know yet what in my Chrome browser is causing the problem.
  7. I used Incognito and it worked! I don't know yet what in my Chrome browser is causing the problem.
  8. بهتره که سوالات جدید رو تاپیک جدید باز کنید. ماژول پرستاپی از پرستافا که در فراکت قابل دسترسه در حال حاضر بهترین انتخاب برای ماژول پرداخته از نظر من. آی پرستا هم یه ماژول پرداخت داره. انکدهای این مشکلی ایجاد نمیکنه نگرانشون نباشید. ولی همیشه از سایت‌های معتبر ماژول و قالب بخرید / دانلود کنید.
  9. نه داستان که نیست چون تو ایران کپی رایت رعایت نمیشه. تیکت بزنید بهشون.
  10. توصیه میکنم زمانی که به صورت کامل به جدول ها و رابطه هاشون آشنایی ندارید چیزی رو مستقیم از یک جدول جدف نکنید به پرستافا در فراکت تیکت بزنید و این موضوع رو از اون ها جویا بشید. ماژولشون کد شده است و فقط خودشون میدونن که چطوری این کار قابل انجامه.
  11. چه مشکلی ایجاد کرده این پلاگین یا واحد پولی؟
  12. دوست عزیز پیشنهاد میکنم در انجمن فارسی به دوستان فارسی زبان پاسخ فارسی ارسال کنید.
  13. سلام این شیوه کار اشتباهه. هم از لحاظ سیستمی و هم از لحاظ تجربه کاربری. برای هر کدوم از این ها یک محصول جدا ایجاد کنید. مشتری وقتی توی شاخه است باید تمام محصولات شما رو ببینه.
  14. دیباگ رو روشن کنید تا ببینید چه خطایی وجود داره. روشن کردن دیباگ در پرستاشاپ رو گوگل کنید.
  15. ماژول پرستاپلاس رو نصب کنید. پلاگین تومان رو فعال کنید. نیاز به دستکاری فایل ها نیست.
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