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  1. Thanks moderator! The problem is that I can't see "save image" button. I can see "save and stay" button only. Something wrong with my installation?
  2. I have installed - the beta vision and still got the same issue: every time I upload an image for a product, it says "update successful" but I can't see the image at all. I used the image and loaded it to another person's demo site successful. So must bust some thing wrong with my installation? I use windows server and IIS5. Thanks
  3. I tried to use any different size of images, but no one is working. All say "update successful". Do u know why the button text is "save and stay"? But simple product has "Save image" button. why?
  4. I got "update successful" message. I can't see any error messages.
  5. I have installed prestashop successfully and I love it! It is easy to use. Just one thing is difficut - I can NOT upload the image for a product. I created a new category and then add a new product. I went to the image tab and select a image, put the description... and then click the button "save". It display the message "update successful". However, from the product list at the back office, I can't see its image as well as the shop! It displays "no image available". Here is its url: http://www.ialda.com/prestashop/ I have search on google and 1 article said its size must be 600x600px. I have followed this way but it still doesn't work. Message shows me "update successful" but displays "no image available". Any thing I did wrong or it is a bug in prestashop? Please help! Thanks By the way, I found out my product upload image screen has "save and stay" button only but other simple products has "save image" button. What is happening?
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