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  1. How would I submit my site http://www.custommadeweddingdresses.com.au to showcase? Thanks
  2. I found out the problem. My hosting company has changed my modules folder's permission without my permission!
  3. I have been overseas for a month and just came back to Australia. I was able to manage my back office during overseas. However, the below image is what I can see after I came back Australia. Could anyone help me what is happening to my back office? Thank you so much!
  4. I am having similar issue, could somebody help me this this issue please? thanks
  5. When you created a product and then you set a discount on it, it will appear on the specials block.
  6. Thank nuttis. The theme looks good but it doesn't work with IE and FF. Any other recommendation please?
  7. Hello all, My order number starts at 11, but the order's invoice number is 6. I think this is because I deleted some testing orders form database. Now, I would like the order number and invoice number same, e.g. order number #12, its invoice number should be #IN000012 as well. How can I do this? I have check database and I couldn't find a table for invoice. Please help me. Many many thinks.
  8. Could anyone give me a suggestion - what theme that it works with 1.3.1 is good for my shop please?
  9. Can't imagine that I never heard prestashop two months ago. By the time, I was thinking to get someone to build a online shop in zen cart for me. I searched on google and accidentally found the prestashop web site. I fall in love with prestashop immediately. I didn't have any experience with any e-commence software before. However, prestashop is so easy to learn and use. BIG THANKS to prestashop team and the prestashop community! Without you, I will never build a online shop by myself! After two months study and learning (using my spare time), my first prestashop is about to open soon - Custom Made Wedding Dresses. I used the default theme because my shop is latest version of prestashop, I couldn't find many good themes that support V1.3.1. I may get a better theme for the shop late. Could you please give me any feedback on my shop and how can I improve it? This is my love story with prestashop. Thank you all so much!
  10. could someone help me with this please? Thank you!
  11. at the product customization module, I would like the field name and uploading image field at same line. How could I do this? Please see the below image. Thanks for helping!
  12. I have asked a question about how to align product customization text previously. Here is url: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/63636/. Many thanks to DutchCoding and he gave me the answer was exactly I want. But today I tried to added a uploading picture fields to allow users load their photos and I found it looks so ugly. The label is under the uploading field! see blow image. My question is that how can I make it same as the text? Sorry for asking the similar question again, I don't know much about CSS. Thanks you so much!
  13. I am using the default theme and wish to change it's color. The cart color is pink and all other blocks' color are gray. I wish I could change all other blocks' color same to the cart. (pink). I am just wondering if anyone could help me with it please? Which file and where should be changed? Thanks.
  14. BIG THANKS guys. Oops, I copied the key words into each page... Another simple question, some page I don't use it (e.g. manufacturer.php) or I don't want to be searched (e.g. password.php), do I have to add the key words? Thanks
  15. I have added some key words into my prestashop index.php page from BO->preferences->meta-tags->index.php, I have also added the same key words into all other pages, such as best-sales.php, contact-from.php etc. Is it a good idea to do so? Thanks!
  16. I had similar issue, after user paid successfully and my prestashop shows "payment error". I posted here for couple of days without correct answers. So I created a new paypal account and then all issues are solved.
  17. Sorry, I don't have much knowledge in CSS. Please forgive me ask such a simple question. I am creating a CMS page in prestashop (v 1.3.1) and I can not get text align to top. Here is my code (it works fine if I save it as a html file): Bust Measure around the fullest part of the bust Below is what I can see on the CMS page.
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