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  1. thanks for shearing this module. It is good and I think it is a good idea. But unfortunately, it doesn't work with both v1.3.1 and v1.3.2. I tried to install it on both of them and got exactly same error message: The following module(s) were not installed successfully: * feedback Please help! thanks
  2. Hi mehdi2405, could you be able to share your free module with this comminity? thanks
  3. when the user click the pdf invoice at "My Account", it display an error to user: FPDF error: Not a JPEG file: /home/lovestat/public_html/img//logo.jpg Obviously, there is a "//" before the logo.jpg. I am wondering if somebody knows how to fix this? thanks so mcuh!
  4. i have found out how this is happening. when Reduction amount available from today to a feature date, it will not show the original price and "lowered". But if you leave the from date same to to date, it will display the "lowered" and original price. It is a bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I installed the latest version of prestahop - v1.3.2 and found out there is an issue with the price. e.g. I have put the price (inlc tax) $20 and make Reduction amount 25%. The final price shows $15 but doesn't show the original price $20. V1.3.1 was fine for this. When you put any values into Reduction amount, it always shows the original price $20 as well. Anyone else has same issue as I having? Please let me know how did you fix it. Thanks
  6. anyone else is interested put our shop in the unofficail "Prestashop Showcase"? It just takes your couple of minutes and then you will get a free link. Why not?
  7. I had tried to put my shop on prestashop showcases but unfortunately I couldn’t make it. I understand that lots of prestashop owners have same experience as I had. So I created place for those prestashop owners to displayed your lovely prestashops if you are unable to put your shops on the official Prestashop Showcase. Please visit http://www.ialda.com/forum to add your prestashops on the “prestashop showcase”. Please note this is an unofficial “Prestashop Showcases”. If this post is against the forum rules, please remove it. thanks
  8. Thank you very much PrestaShopic! It is excellent theme and works very well with v1.3.2. Every thing is just perfect for me but just one thing - I would like to change the color from blue to pink. How could I do it? BIG BIG BIG THANKS!
  9. Sorry for asking such a simple question. But I have searched on google and can't find any answers. Below is the image. I hooked the quick search module on right column. I need to remove "Enter a product name" from quick search module so that it can be fit into the right column. Thanks a lots!
  10. If someone could build a good theme for lingerie shops (prestashop v1.3.2), I would like to pay a reasonable price! Thanks.
  11. I am looking for a theme for my new store too. My store is a lingerie shop. Same as SK01, I can pay up to $150. my online shop url is here: http://www.lovestation.com.au. I have installed prestashop v1.3.2, but I don't want to use the default theme... You may be interested my story about buying a theme at http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/73295/general_discussion/have_anyone_bought_a_theme_form_httpaddons_dot_prestashop_dot_comen3templatesprestashop
  12. I am looking for a theme for my new shop currently. I have tried lots of themes but no one is working for v1.3.2. I thought that it might be a good idea to buy a theme form http://addons.prestashop.com/en/3-templates-prestashop. Because, firstly, I love the prestashop and I think buying a theme from prestashop is the only contribution I could make to the company. Secondly, I am disappointing all themes from other individual or companies. So I am assuming the theme from prestashop should be good because they developed the software. However, the problem is that all themes from prestashop don't have a live demo. Only have few pictures are not good enough. I send couple of messages to prestashop team through the site contact form (the only way I could communicate with them). Unfortunately, I haven’t heard any thing from them yet so far. I am just wondering why them don't care about customers? Have any one had same experience as me?
  13. Hello fluidwebdesign , I am just wondering if you could let me know what is fashion_white theme? how is it looks like? I am correctly after a good theme for fashion store. Thanks a lots!
  14. I have just installed latest version of prestashop - v1.3.2. This is what happened to my BO - click on any tap, and got an error message: Tap doesn't exist. Can any one has same problem with new version of prestashop?
  15. Thanks for shearing. I am just wondering is it working with v1.3 ?
  16. I am also interested. If you have found one, would you please share it with our community?
  17. It is very easy to switch between themes. you need copy the whole folder of theme and upload it into your theme directory. After that, just simply login BO switch to any theme you like...
  18. Hello, I am wondering if any one has installed v1.3.2? How good it is? By the way, is it safe to upgrade prestashop from v1.3.1 to v1.3.2? thanks
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