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  1. I have a long exiting prestashop which was created 10 years ago. It's version is still 1.4.11. I know it is not a good idea to upgrade it from 1.4 to 1.7 as they are very different. My question is - how can I install a brand new shop 1.7 on the same host and then migrate all data from 1.4 database to 1.7 database? I just wanted to keep all products and sales records. Thank you so much for your help!
  2. Thank you so much NemoPS and bellini13. This is a great pain. Not sure what to do. Any other suggestion? Thanks
  3. I have a long existing shop and it is still in V1.4. I want to upgrade it to the latest version of Prestashop. Could anyone give me advise what is the best way to do the upgrading in my case? I have lots of products and sales records in my shop and I don't want to lost them. And also, the version 1.7 is coming soon and should I wait for 1.7 for just go ahead with 1.6? My shop is here https://www.lovestation.com.au. If someone could help me with this upgrading, I am willing to pay some money (but not too much! ). Thank you all!
  4. change the web hosting company and it will solve the issue
  5. I think my shop could be the "best". http://www.lovestation.com.au
  6. In your case I can't the your visitors aer human. My suggestion is that block the 2 IP address in .htaccess file. Hope it helps.
  7. thank you so much and I will update my site by following your suggestion soon...
  8. Good news and bad news: after 2 weeks of updating my site following your suggestion, my site is on first page by key word "sexy lingerie" that is very good news. However, my site has disappeared from google if search by "lingerie" which is bad news. I am not sure why is happening like this. Could you please have a quick look? (hope this is not asking too much) Thank you so much!
  9. Good morning all, Recently I renamed one of my category in prestashop. A few days late, I found out lots of duplicate urls in my google web master tool. I am just wondering what can I do to avoid this happened if I need to rename another category? And also how can I fix this that is ready happened? Thank you!
  10. Random selection may improve your SEO as well I guess. Becuase every time google visits your site and the home contents changes... Am I right?
  11. If we could get products from all categories randomly rather than from home category would be very cool. But all suggestions in this post are much appreciated. BIG THANKS!
  12. Hi, I have a question about homefeatured module as well. Could you please kindly help me with this: how can i make homefeatured to selecte any products randomly from all my catetogies instead of "home" categroy? I think this could be done by change the query of homefeatured module but I really don't know where is the query and how can I change it. Thanks you so much!
  13. Hi all, I am think to make the products on home page (homefeatured module) randomly selected from my all categories rather than from "Home" category. It would be cool if I could do this way. I think this could be done by change the select products query at homefeatured module but I really don't know where is it and how to change it. Could someone help me with this please? Thank you all!
  14. I have updated my site by following your suggestions and I checked on google.com.au today. I noticed the page was updated (very quick) but the position is still same. page 6 for sexy lingerie and page 10 for lingeire. I am just wondering what I did worng and why it is not inproving? Thanks
  15. I have a small peise of code in .httpaccess to redirect my non-www domain name to www domain name, that is redirect http://lovestation.com.au to http://www.lovestation.com.au follow by the code from rocky. It was working fine for a while but recently I discovered that if I type http://lovestation.com.au at address bar, it will redirect it to http://www.lovestation.com. (without .au) My domain name was hijacked! Could anyone help me out with this issue please? Thanks
  16. Could someone kindly help me with this? I have hard coded this: window.open("http://www.lovestation.com.au/modules/popup/voucher.php", "", windowprops); But it still add the base URL at front. That is http://www.lovestation.com.au/stocking/http://www.lovestati...pup/voucher.php How can I remove the base rul or change the base url to http://www.lovestation.com.au only? Thanks
  17. I think the idea of radom product in home page is really cool. Could anyone help out this please? What can we change to get the radom procuts in home page? BIG THANKS
  18. Thank you very much for sharing the module. I have just intalled and it works. However, I have a problme with the module. If the user leave at hoem page, it is ok, but if the user leave at a product page under a category, it pop up the black page and says the page can't be find. I checked the js file and found out this code: var page = "modules/popup/voucher.php"; and also: window.open(page, "", windowprops); I understand that the windown open the base url + page So that if the user is at "stocking" category, the base url will be: http://www.lovestation.com.au/stocking and the window will try to open this url: http://www.lovestation.com.au/stocking/modules/popup/voucher.php which doen't exist! So, please help me how can I fixed this issue? this is my shop and you can try: http://www.lovestation.com.au Thank you!
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