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  1. What are you trying to explain here actually. Of course they (the envanto team) suggested to download the module after we have purchased via email because once a developer (you) removed it, so user will have time to download the module before it is completely gone for download BUT they did not remove the license key. People are still able to access the license key there because this license key is the full activator for Slider Revolution version 5 to have full feature of template and addons. So, let me explain further what I said: The MAIN ISSUE is you revoked the previous activation license for version 5 to have full features. You cannot explain on this and pointing me to Envanto license policy which does not even have a single line that explains about license revoking policy. There are only 2 most common reasons why the item is deleted (https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202500244) 1) The file may have been temporarily disabled due to a technical problem or bug. 2) The item is pending an update from the author and is temporarily unavailable. 3) The author may have decided to permanently delete the item from Envato Market. And you fall on the category of number 3 here. It is not the issue about not being able to download previous module. I also still have the version 5 module I downloaded before as backup. It is about you are revoking an existing license that should work as it was before and now it cannot be activated unless we have to upgrade to version 6 (and this is not free).
  2. Actually this is not clear enough. Version 5 is actually is working but it is not fully activated. That is not what you said to me last time (and yes I just purchased the new license for version 6 from after too much arguing). I do believe most of the module and theme that are selling in envanto 100% can be freely upgraded (but without any supports unless you did mention that you don't support the module). You only make money for providing support if customer has issue with the module. The main issue is, you deleted the module there, and we understand your move (the money issue). Following your analogy with the iPhone case, we as developer understand when you upgrade a version to version 6, we might have to pay for IF WE WANT TO UPGRADE but you are forcing people to upgrade to version 6 and revoked all the previous license! So the previous user that purchased your license before could not use the ultimate template like what they had before. When I asked this question, you simply said 'we did not promise to provide the template for lifetime' and I still have this chat transcript with you. What people are complaining is, the previous key couldn't be activated and you force them to upgrade to version 6 and they need to purchase new key, and of course they have to appeal so you can give discount.
  3. Old post, but to help others on this matter you can actually navigate to their (wappalizer) open source code here: https://github.com/AliasIO/wappalyzer/blob/master/src/technologies/p.json And you will see the following piece of information: "PrestaShop": { "cats": [ 6 ], "cookies": { "PrestaShop": "" }, "cpe": "cpe:/a:prestashop:prestashop", "description": "PrestaShop is a freemium, open-source ecommerce solution, written in the PHP programming language with support for the MySQL database management system.", "headers": { "Powered-By": "^Prestashop$" }, "html": [ "Powered by <a\\s+[^>]+>PrestaShop", "<!-- /Block [a-z ]+ module (?:HEADER|TOP)?\\s?-->", "<!-- /Module Block [a-z ]+ -->" ], "icon": "PrestaShop.svg", "implies": [ "PHP", "MySQL" ], "js": { "freeProductTranslation": "\\;confidence:25", "prestashop": "", "priceDisplayMethod": "\\;confidence:25", "priceDisplayPrecision": "\\;confidence:25", "rcAnalyticsEvents.eventPrestashopCheckout": "" }, "meta": { "generator": "PrestaShop" }, "oss": true, "pricing": [ "freemium" ], "website": "http://www.prestashop.com" }, As you can see the current detection for Prestashop is, for example it will detect if your public js file contains the word freeProductTranslation (25% condifence level), prestashop (100% confidence; without percentage value), priceDisplayPrecision word (25% confidence), The powered by Prestashop word in html header and so on as mentioned in the source code. So, in order to bypass the detection, you need to rename each value (mostly the one with 100% confidence level). So, you need also to override some Prestashop default file or any 3rd party modules that has the detection regex above. It is a little bit work.
  4. Old question but just to inform you, big company like ebay does not care about this privacy.
  5. Having the same issue here, the translation has bug. If you need a temporary workaround, you can override ps_emailsubscription.php and change the translation string there until they fixed the bug.
  6. Current version of ps_emailsubscription has bug where you cannot change the translation for that specific word. The other string translations are working fine. EDIT (found someone who also mentioned this bug here):
  7. I have seen a 2013 post where @rethus has mentioned that we need change the asset path. This seems like a design flaw to me for 'overriding' modules and you have to change the original structure of the assets. He does not like it so do I.
  8. I have the following sample module that will add image let say that I have this view.tpl for my module file: <span><img src="{$urls.base_url}modules/mymodule/views/img/google.svg" alt=""/></span> and inside that mymodule path the google.svg's file is placed inside the folder themes/modules/mymodule/views/img/google.svg. The URL to the google.svg can be navigated as follow: http://www.domain.com/modules/mymodule/views/img/google.svg Now if I want to override the image using a child theme, I edited google.svg, saved it and then I copied the file into my childtheme. I copied mymodule to the childtheme modules the only thing different is I edited google.svg. So, I also have the same view.tpl taken from parent module as follow: <span><img src="{$urls.base_url}modules/mymodule/views/img/google.svg" alt=""/></span> And the MAIN issue here is the $urls.base_url variable above (inside child theme module) it points only to parent file of google.svg. It should point to the file inside the module from child theme that I have edited. Perhaps there is a syntax of smarty that can point the URL for the image inside childtheme? I tried to change the $urls.base_url to this $modules_dir/views/img/google.svg but this does not work. What is more confusing when I read the documentation, it said that themes can override module's assets for CSS and JavaScript only. Does this statement means, we can only override these 2 types of files and it will not work with image type? Edit: Changed title and add extra details
  9. Are you using the latest Prestashop version and module?. I tried linking and it was fixed for both Prestashop Facebook and Prestashop Metrics. They said this is related to the Prestashop native module called ps_accounts. Will test again for another site.
  10. Sorry for bumping the old thread but I actually understand what the OP want. He only want to avoid any technologies detect that he is using Prestashop framework. What he asking for is similar to a plugin called hide-my-wp for wordpress (and that plugin is considered as a security plugin, yes hiding your platform from public is considered one of the security approaches .. so he is asking a security question which he did not specify more) but I don't think this plugin exist for Prestashop as Prestashop code is harder to understand compared to wordpress. Hopefully there is one available.
  11. Hey @JulienPct, I really appreciate your reply on this. Thank you very much. Now, I learned something new that the folders above will not get replaced when the new version get released (perhaps through 1-click update?). This is something that I hardly find in the documentation. But then I think, I have the reason why I should version everything because if something goes wrong with the site, (let say the backup restoration failed). I can use this git idea to restore my site. I can create an empty server then pull the git files into my servers and finally just replace whatever sensitive files that I did not include before. The reinstallation thing is the reason why I don't want to experience when the site get deployed unless it is easy to migrate the database... So, my plan was to version everything including dumping the database. I have a ready bash script that when I trigger a command it will dump the database and automatically use git command to commit my repo. So I got database + files version in one command. The only thing that I care is, since I place this files in private repo in github (as a backup), I should make sure that I ignore the sensitive files... as to prevent those GitHub employees spy on the authentication files just for fun. Seems like from your list, you did not exclude sensitive files like password. If I use git only for local development I don't care about sensitive files but the reason is I also want to 'PUSH' it to private server. That's why I need to exclude sensitive files.
  12. Hello guys, just a quick question that I could not find it mention anywhere about building my .gitignore for sensitive data for Prestashop I want to create a git repository for my current Prestashop and I only want to exclude sensitive information from the .gitignore like username, password or any PHP session files plus the /var/cache folder. For the rest, I want to include it if they do not contain sensitive data. This is my current .gitignore that I think they contain sensitive information and cache that should be ignored to be pushed to git repository: /.htaccess /app/config/parameters.yml /app/config/parameters.php /var Is there any extra information that should be excluded in this list for example the session files .
  13. Same issue here ... Prestashop module has a lot of bug. The only thing you can do is use alternative.
  14. Hai, great plugin, I purchased your module in envanto, and you deleted the item (I'm not sure why) but the issue here is that the license key that I purchased is not valid anymore. Why you are making the old license invalid?
  15. Since we are discussing about Prestashop Metrics, I do have question. In the latest version of Prestashop Metrics, it does however support linking with Google Analytic. However, it stated in the notification saying this: It said that it only support Google Analytics up to version 3 if using Google Analytic module developed by Prestashop. But for version 4 it is a paid module. When I click on Google Analytics module link above, it automatically install Google Analytics version 4. This is kinda bug here regarding to this notification. Perhaps the version 4 is working fine now? The reason I say this because Prestashop automatically install GA version 4 not the version 3. Anyone have thought about this? EDIT: It's ok, I misunderstood the previous notification. It did not say that the module is version 4 but it said the module only support version 3 and under. So, the module is working fine but it does not support GA 4 tracking code.
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